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Scene 1
Babee says to Surjeet that if we throw them out today then there will be no difference between us and Manohar, he is our blood, let bygones be bygones but from today no one will go from this house, all will live here like a famiy, Surjeet says but.. Babee says that i have said it and its final, Usha touches her feet, Babee blesses her, Kunj comes and takes her blessing, Babee says you are still same and good but you have become lean but now i have come so i will make laddos for you, Kunj says i used to miss you alot, Babee says your father is responsible for this, he broke his happy family but now i have come so i will make everything fine, Babee ask Twinkle that you are Kunj’s wife? she nods, she says i hope that you prove yourself as good wife and daughter in law, she says

tomorrow is Karwachauth so you have to wake up early in morning and have to eat sargi then you will fast for him tomorrow, Twinkle nods and thinks that i will have to stay hungry whole day?
Kunj says to Twinkle that i cant believe father did this for money, dont know why people get blind for money that they dont even care for their relations, Twinkle says we cant change what happened in past but see now whole family is under one roof and my heart says that they will become one happy family soon, Kunj says i am happy that Babee has come, i have missed her alot, he eats laddos and says it has same taste, its so tasty, Twinkle smiles at him, Kunj ask her to eat, she says i will eat later, Kunj says eat it as tomorrow you will have to be hungry whole day, i feel you cant do this fast as you are a foodie, Twinkle ask when did you see me eating whole day? if i was foodie then i would have eaten all laddos, i will do this fast and you will see, Kunj says so much love for me? you will fast for me? you made me sentimental, Twinkle says dont fly in air, i am not fasting for you but for my mother as she wants me to become good daughter in law, when she will know that i have done this fast nicely then she will be proud of me, Kunj says i dont believe in fasting and all, our marriage is just Tashan so do what you like to do, he leaves, Twinkle says to herself that i will do this fast, i will do everything which will make my mother proud.
Leela says to Raman that Twinkle married just two days earlier and she has seen so much problems, its very difficult to adjust in new family and now their relatives has come from village, they have different mentality, Twinkle is modern and they have different thinking, dont know how she will adjust with them, Pinni says she will adjust with them but first think about Karwachauth which is tomorrow, we all know Twinkle cant stay hungry for long time so think what will happen when she will not fast, Leela prays to Lord for Twinkle.
Surjeet says to Babee that why did you allow that Manohar to live in this house, Babee says Manohar lost case to us and truth has won but if we throw them out then there is no difference between him and us, elders should forgive younger brothers, now whole family is together, we should live like family, Surjeet says i will live with him but i wont reconcile with him, i will take revenge from him, Babee says i have always been on right side, Manohar was wrong and i chided him, i took your side but if because of your revenge, any problem falls on my family then i will not tolerate that, nothing should happen to my family.
Manohar comes for dinner, he is about to sit on chair but Surjeet comes and pushes chair away, Manohar is about to fall but Kunj comes and holds him on time, Surjeet says to Manohar that this chair is for head of house and i am head now so i will sit here, Manohar moves to sit on other chair, Babee comes and says to Surjeet that this chair is for head of house and your elder sister is still alive so how can you sit here? move aside, i will sit here, Surjeet stares Manohar and moves to another seat, Babee sit on head seat, she sees food and says what is this? you people have become modern, this has no oil thats why you all have become weak then you go to gyms to remain fit, these servants have made you habituated to all this, she says to servants that your work is done, you will not work here from now on, Usha, Nikki and Twinkle are stunned, she says to Usha that you have two daughter in laws so they will cook desi food from tomorrow, she says to Usha that you have see that food should be desi from tomorrow like lassi, saag etc, Usha is tensed listening this, Babee says to Twinkle that eat nicely as you will fast tomorrow, you have to wake up at 5am for Sargi, Twinkle agrees,, Nikki thinks that what will happen to my pedicure if will waste time in cooking? Babee says from now only my orders will be followed here.

Scene 2
Twinkle set alarm to wake up early, she prays to Lord that i have set alarm, please wake me up at sharp 5am else babee will scold me, Kunj laughs, she ask why are you laughing? Kunj says my wish, lioness is shivering now, i cant wait to see what will happen to you tomorrow, infront of babee you were saying big dialogues and now you are shivering, Twinkle says stop laughing else.. Kunj ask else what? Twinkle says let me think what i will do, Kunj says dont think much as you dont have brain, Twinkle says dont talk much as i am already tensed, Kunj ask her to go and sleep, Twinkle pulls Pillow, Twinkle says i need extra pillow, Kunj says first you took my bed, now you need my pillow, Twinkle says you are thinking about pillow? what about me, i left my house, my bed, my teddy bear and you are taking advantage of all this, take your pillow i dont need it, Kunj says dont blackmail me emotionally as you know i am good person, he gives her pillow and ask her to put on her mouth as she snores alot, Twinkle says me and snoring? are you mad? Kunj says you start sleeping but i listen your snores whole night, he puts clip on her nose and says this might end your snores, she says i dont need it, both stare each other.

PRECAP- Babee ask Twinkle is she fasting? Twinkle says yes, babee ask her to tell what Karwachauth means and what is history behind it, Twinkle says i dont know, Babee says to Usha that your daughter in law doesnt even know meaning of Karwachauth, Usha angrily stares Twinkle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Babee should try and understand twinkle’s situation as she is from a modern family.

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