Tashan-e-Ishq 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Yuvi says twinkle will go on a date with me. Its husband and wife’s date so I want no disturbance. Kunj how can you even think I will send her with you. Yuvi says be a sportsman. You are a loser. And who the hell are you to stop a husband from taking his wife out. Now see twinkle how I take out in front of all of them. In one hour, come back dressed. you should look hot like you used to. This is our first date after marriage, should be romantic get ready.
Twinkle says maa he has won this match with cheating. He got me with cheating. I won’t go with him. Leela says I am more angry. How dare he. But I trust kunj he will take out a way. He wont let you go out with yuvi alone. Kunj texts twinkle. She says he asked me to come near car. Twinkle leaves.

Twinkle comes near

car.She asks why have you called me here? She sits in the car.Its yuvi on driving seat. he grasps her hand. Twinkle is dazed. Kunj comes out of house. he collides with leela. Leela says you asked twinkle to come near car. Kunj says I? I never texted her.
Yuvi says hi wifey, your husband. Your kunj leaves his phone anywhere. He can’t take care of phone how will he take care of you? Twinkle says leave my hand.He says lets go on a romantic date. Kunj says where can he take her? He follows Yuvi’s car. Twinkle says why are you taking me forcefully. Yuvi says you two lost the bet. Now running form me? You can’t. Twinkle sees Kunj’s car following them. Twinkle says look back. He is coming. You can’t date me but will get hit.
Yuvi speeds up his car. Twinkle says kunj won’t give up. Twinkle says when he had our first date I and Kunj it was so special. Yuvi sees the kunj’s car is not coming anymore. He says saw wifey? He has gone. I can’t even see him. you look shocked? Drink water. She says no thanks. He says in heart I knew she won’t drink water from my bottle. Twinkle takes the bottle from the back of the car. She says in heart it looks okay but I can’t trust yuvi. He might have mixed something. This is kunj’s car but yuvi can do anything. She drinks the water. Yuvi says in heart who will save you from me now twinkle? After a while twinkle faints. He says superb now I will do something you never even imagined. He says will celebrate our wedding night today.
Yuvi takes twinkle out and takes her inside the house. he takes off his shirt. Yuvi says finally today we will be one. Some thugs come in and grasp yuvi. They say oh we never thought item like this would come to ourselves.

Yuvi says don’t dare it. I won’t leave you. They hit yuvi. yuvi says don’t touch her. The thug goes near Twinkle. Kunj breaks in. He starts beating the thug. Yuvi beats the other thug. One of them is about to hit Kunj but kunj stops him. They run out. Kunj picks up twinkle and says nothing will happen to you. I am here for you. Kunj looks in anger at yuvi. Yuvi says you are responsible for this. You did this to her so you can use her. If you try something like this again I will kill you. You thought you would keep doing this and I won’t do anything? This is one last warning for you.

Precap-Twinkle says to yuvi swami you came to take me? You are my swami. Everyone is shocked. Leela slaps twinkle. Twinkle shoves her hand away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. That dialogue of Kunj:” maar doonga” was just muuuah, god that true feelings, that sudden difference in expression. Hats off sidhant sir.
    I didn’t got the precap as twinkle saying: tumi mere swami I mean really, is there a memory loss or a plan?

    1. i think she is under black magic

    2. Yaar kunj jab gussa hota hai tab kitna dangerous lagta hai na?? Akh ekdum red red ho jate hai…

  2. dimaag kharab ho gya hai ab inn logo ka memory loss to twinkle r dey stupid n yah also now she is speaking marathi or something pagal ho kya aap sab n issliye now she ll do swami swami to uvraj luthra pagal log oh god wat 2 do inn director logo ka sch mein kuch karo

    1. ya baby i totally agree wid u…. the word swami nd too frm twinkle is arghh! cvs r trying to make us laugh but we r going more nd more irritated…. i m surely nt watching tmros epi.
      hope its all her plan

  3. What happened to twinkle

  4. why twinkle is behaving weird

  5. yr aise ghatiya twists kun late ho aap log hum aapko kch nhi kehna cahte par aap log directors n producers aise changes late ho ki we becum angry really sry if it hrt sum1 bt still srsly so stupid now how ll twinj uniteaghhhhhhhhh phele how ll dey reunite

  6. Twinkle!! What’s wrong with u??? Precious is shocking

  7. Precap shocking*

  8. i mean yah cutie can dis b a plan do u thnk so if it is den dont no bt i dont thnk so jst hope its a gr8 plan of r twinj

  9. Pls director don’t make twinkle memory loss…

  10. Oh gosh if twinkle has srsly got memory loss then it wd b like
    :-X :’-(

  11. Well according to the promo 2 days back twinkle was all fine, I think its a plan or just a kind of explanation to everyone but for what… Who knows?

  12. bhai ho kya raha yeh hai peh.twinkle saying to yuvi u r my swami.new story i think so

  13. I am so confused about the precap

  14. Twinkle gone crazy.

  15. Kunj you are too good , Twinj is too good just love this pair enjoyed TEI last week only because of Twinj scenes 🙂 but this Yuvi someone please throw him out if I was there khich ke ek tappad marti main, uff pagal ladka but today’s episode later parts are so shocking what happened to Twinkle??????? And can someone tell me what swami means?

    1. Swami means husband.. Pati dev.. But, don’t worry I watched a promo stating that Yuvi is gonna bcum a +ve character now.. Though idk..but, mostly it’s a plan.. And, how can you lose your memory drinking an adulterated drink.. Most probably it’s a plan of TWINJ

      1. I also think so I got confused thanks for clearing my confusion I hope uv turns positive for real this time and he with his own hands unite Twinj and some girl like Mahi or someone else comes in his life that would be gr8

  16. i think its twinkle’s plan to trap yuvi .

    1. It will nice if yuvi and mahi married again and this time love marriage

  17. wow tw talking cute in tamil but twinj should not separate and tw shld not loss her memory allso i think that is tw plan to take revenge from uv as the promo is showing of 12th&13th may that uv is asking forgiveness but in that she is correct i hope it shuld tw plan …..waiting eagarly for tomorrow epi what is going to happen suspense…..

  18. Seriously what happened to twinkle. In the promo she was fine.

  19. it’s all to fool yuvi with her fake love.
    but want to praise yuvi since if it matters about twinkle he mingled with kunj and saved her fulfilling his responsibility towards twinkle

    1. Yeah… But he was raping her…

  20. i hope twinkle has no memoryloss nd it should be twinjs plan to get rid of uv nd pls we cant see uv with twinkle anymore pls nd i wish cvs should unite twinj as soo as possible nd am eagerly waiting for twinj reunion luvvvvvvvv u so much twinj

  21. i think its twinkles plan cz in d promo wer uv was accepting his defeat twinke ws alryt…n more over twinkle using d wrd swami is weird…its all a prt of d plan…hope so ..fingers crossed fr no memory loss trck..

  22. Ilove this episode…

  23. Yuvi twinki tashan

    Sriusly kya hamein yuvle trck dkhne ko milega? Wowww damn exictd yuvle

    1. Hamein nahi sirf tumhe… All r twinj fans here….

  24. God wht is this how can tw lose her memory by drinking spiked drink n if she has memory loss also how she remember uv if tw loses her memory thn iam gong 2 quit d show

  25. She will have memory loss.❓❓❓… plzzz tell me latest news plzzzz…….

  26. Omgg m so xcited for tomorrow.. twinkle is surely goin to irritate uv by such a tamil language.. he is gonna get irked listening to swami swami.. m sorry if I hurt sme1 bt truly it was very funny hahahahahaha…????? n guys b positive.. it is surely goin to b interesting.. coz wen tw got married to uv then also we showed anger n then we njoyed it to the fullest…

  27. i am dam sure it will be twinkle’s new trick to defeat uvi.i think something interesting and funy track going to be happened..so i am so much interested…???


    Wonderful fight done by kunj….
    I liked yuvi thinking today infront of goons, atleast he tried to save twinkle (though he was responsible for all this) but Kunj is a hero of our Heroin Twinkle…
    But when twinkle had doubt and she only touched botle infront of yuvi, how came she fainted???
    And i loved expression of yuvi when kunj warned him, he was so horrified…☺☺☺☺☺
    And what the hell is the precap they are showing??

    1. u r r8..i think twinkle didn’t fainted..it was her drama..and the precap was also her trick to defeat uvi..i am dam sure..now it will be interesting to see how twinkle defeat uvi and save her and kunj’s marriege..


        May be

    2. Yes shradd here I must agree to u

  29. This track should end immediately.

  30. Well i hope it’s a plan because it would be a weird twist added especially at this time too plus just today i saw the show in a while i wanna see more of twinj

  31. So irritating yaar…
    Plz end this track soon and unite our twinj.And twinkle dont lose your memory.

  32. If twinkle got a memory loss then she can forget about babe,kunj etc but how can she forget her mom.
    If her half memory is lost and how can she just remember uvi as her husband
    Think practically writers, use your common sense

    1. yaar memory loss hone se b koi kese bengali ban skta hai??? memory loss means apni life ki memory mese ku6 part ku6 wakt ka miss ho jana. par thode hi koi punjabi se bengal iban jayega :/ 😀 hhahahha

  33. siddhant and jasmine

    Twinkle is really planing something she is totally f9

  34. siddhant and jasmine


  35. supper

  36. yr guys i saw in d promo kunj saying 2 twinkle dat u finishd r rishta b4 starting tw den uv cums n says ek hi cahaal mein check mate n den twinkle says baazi khatam nhi hui bas badal gyi hai n den she cums in doli wid band bajas n says pure band baja barat ke sath aaungi apne pati ka vishvaas doobaara jitne wats dis is dis promo true ???? fingrs crossd ab jo ho acha ho ek baar glti kar chuki hun serial naa dekh kar bich mein chod kar sab thik ho gya tha phir ab yeh hai par i hope sab kuch thik ho gaa n den i luv twinj so i ll continue watching d show guys i thnk u shuld also watch it mayb sumthing interesting hahaaaaaaaha

    1. ye promo to bahut poorana hia 2-3 mahien poorana :/

      1. #baby… yeh track toh khatam bhi ho chuka hai…

      2. Appy r u happy ?

      3. lol. yes baby doll 😉

  37. twinke bengali kese ban gyi :/ kya serial me ku6 b dikhate h :/ mtlb agr koi kisi ko behoshi ki dawa pila de to wo insan hosh me ane par bengali ban jata ha :/ pehle b bakswas story line ki wajah se ise dekhna chhor dia ab , aj se fir se dekhna band :/ x(

  38. Really bakwas bata rahe h but comedy acting h or kunj i just love u and ur acting. Kya dialogue the. Wow eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  39. Guys I am a bengalee… Twinkle became neither a tamilian nor a marathi… She became a bengalee…. Now how will yuvi, kunj & family ? understand bengali…??


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