Tashan-e-Ishq 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Leela says to Twinkle that i know you didnt do wrong but Kunj is your husband, you shouldnt have hidden anything from him, marriage is a relation in which you have to trust your partner and then no problem will happen, Kunj is understanding, he would have understood, Twinkle says i didnt want Kunj to get hurt, i was protecting him only but he is not understanding, he didnt stop me when i was leaving home, Leela says his mother was threatening to take her life, he is miffed with you and rightly so, also his father is in ICU, Twinkle says we are started getting along well now only and this happened, Leela says trust God, everything will be fine.
Yuvi drinks wine and says finally i won today after so much failure, Mahi comes there and says Yuvi? you are drinking wine? you said, you

dont drink, she takes glass from him and says its not good smell, Yuvi is drunk and pushes her away, he says who the hell are you to snatch glass from me? you understand that you should do anything when i ask you to do, let me celebrate my victory, today your sister got to know her real place, he asks her to drink too, he says your sister was thrown out of house today, your problems are gone too, you can roam in house like free bird, he asks her to drink, she says i dont drink, i didnt know you drink wine, Yuvi says now you know, Mahi gets tensed seeing this side of him.
Twinkle comes on terrace, she looks at Kunj’s room from balcony, she says Kunj come to balcony, show me your face once, make me listen your voice once, i am missing you alot, i know you are angry with me but just come out once, i will do anything you say, she sees shooting star, she prays that Lord show me Kunj’s face once, Kunj comes on balcony on his room too, Twinkle sees him and smiles, he looks on surprised, Sajna ve plays, Kunj looks away and turns to leave, Twinkle gets sad, Twinkle’s dupatta falls on Kunj’s face, he looks at it emotionally, Kunj throws away dupatta, it falls on Twinkle’s face, Kunj leaves, Twinkle takes off dupatta and looks on sadly, she says you are tensed because of me Kunj, you are hurt because of me, i am in pain too seeing you hurt, i am sorry and i really miss you, i love you Kunj.
Its morning, Kunj is in sleep, he calls out Twinkle’s name. Twinkle is sleeping in her room and says good morning Kunj, i will get ready and bring your coffee. Kunj says in sleep that dont take time in washroom, bring my coffee. Twinkle says in sleep that i will not take much time in washroom. Kunj wakes up and doesnt find Twinkle beside him on bed. Twinkle wakes up and sees herself in Leela’s house, she gets sad, she says i will message Kunj, she messages Kunj. Kunj reads Twinkle’s message, it says sorry, Twinkle waits for his reply and says atleast send me a smiley, Kunj deletes Twinkle’s message.
Babee says to Leela that i dont have words to explain anything, everything happened so fast, Manohar is in ICU and Usha took knife to kill herself, i couldnt do anything, i am sorry for not stopping Twinkle from going, Leela says its not your fault, i understand Usha’s anger, she will understand, i just want Kunj to forgive Twinkle, they need to talk, Kunj comes there, he asks Babee who is in hospital? Babee says Usha and Anand have gone there, we need to talk to you. Leela says to Kunj that i know you are miffed with Twinkle and rightly so, she hided big thing from you and its not good but she didnt do it deliberately, she didnt want to hurt you thats why she didnt tell you anything, forgive her else she will be tensed there and you will be tensed here, Babee says its not good that daughter in law of house is not here, she did mistake but you did too, remember when Yuvi was doing drama of being kid, Twinkle kept telling you that Yuvi is acting but you didnt listen to her, but she didnt get angry with you, now go and bring her back, Kunj thinks.
Twinkle prays to Lord for Manohar, she says maybe everyone will forgive me when he becomes fine, i know this is testing time for me and Kunj, what i did was to save Kunj from getting hurt, i didnt do anything deliberately, i am sure, Kunj will understand me soon, he cant be miffed with me for long, when he will calm down, he will come to talk to me. Kunj comes there, Twinkle turns and smiles seeing him, she thanks Lord. Twinkle comes to Kunj and says i knew you will forgive me, i am sorry, Kunj says i have come here on mom’s insistence, Leela and Usha are same for me, i respect her alot and cant see her tensed, Leela wants me to forgive you and take you back, i cant forget what you did with me, i have come here for them but i think our relation need space, we need space from each other, Twinkle asks what you mean? Kunj says we need to be away from each other to deal with things, to handle our families, what you did, i cant forget it, i dont know when i will be able to forgive you, i dont know what will happen next but for time being we should not stay together, we need break from each other, Twinkle is shocked and hurt listening this, Twinkle thinks that i never thought that space between us will increase so much that you would want to make me away from you, Kunj starts to leave, Twinkle thinks that give me hope Kunj, just turn once and see me so that i can have faith in our relation, Kunj turns and looks at him, Twinkle emotionally looks at him, Kunj leaves, Twinkle stands there in tears.
Twinkle comes to Guradvarah, Twinkle says to priest that my father in law is ill so me and my husband want prayers for him, can it happen today?, priest asks where is her husband? for this ardas(prayers), he needs to be here, Twinkle gets silent, Kunj comes there, priest says here he is, Usha is with him too, Twinkle greets her, priest asks about Manohar, Usha says he is not fine, priest says he will be fine, your daughter in law wanted to do ardas for him, Kunj looks on surprised.

PRECAP- Usha says to Twinkle that my house doors are closed for you permanently, from the time you have come in our life, only wrong is happening, you are bad omen for us, Kunj leaves with Usha from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Shipuuu

    Thanks a lot for fast updates.
    TEI is awesome, n so is the cast.
    Even separation track is interesting to watch.

    • Maham

      Oh god this is crap now I cried so much..and I just want to hit usha so much..she is a drama queen..everyone please check out new ff “music sheet” by bella..???

      • Sue

        No wonder Manohar couldn’t stand her! Stupid Bhudiya.
        and Kunj! are you first waiting for the truth to be revealed. If that is the case, you’ll be too late. Then again that’s what you deserve.

  2. kripa

    poor twinkle πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
    i don’t understand one thing!
    agar twinkle kunj ko sab bata bhi deti to kya ho jata?
    pictures whould have been deleted,purvi would have been in jail…then what?yuvi would bail her and all these would happen for sure…
    so basically twinkle did everything that kunj could do…so kunj’s anger is baseless… -_-
    and why isn’t kunj thinking about the evil luthras?it’s obvious that whatever bad happens in the house most of the time they r responsible for it…
    anyways,i hope manohar gets well soon…then he will definately support twinkle

  3. Harshi

    Twinkle come on you have to speak up . What happened to the twinkle before marriage she was a strong feisty punjabi patakha and always speaks up for the right thing .Even kunj hid the truth about her father that was an even bigger one but twinkle forgave him. Now Even if Kunj comes to say sorry I wish Twinkle doesnt forgive him he has to know her value. I wish there is a new entry like Twinkles best friend or something like that I want him to feel jealous.

    • twinkle

      No he will not die I saw a post where he is fine and attending a pooja twinkle was also present in that but kunj was not seen in that pic

  4. I hate you right now, Kunj!!! Why you start to acts just like Yuvi when you are the one who kept giving Twinkle hope in downfall time ? Why you torture Twinkle feeling?
    What going on with Kunj right now? He is not the same Kunj we adore before who give hope in dark side. If Kunj kept acts like this, I can guaranteed that I will turn to watch others serial……..
    I’m really dissapointed with Kunj for today episode ????

  5. lara

    Omg..? I crept crying while watchin yesterday’s episode n todyas epi is so sick.. I feels dat he Luvs twinkle den how can anyones luv b so weak Dan he cant even trust her.. N she just hid the truth from him so that he doesn’t get hurt.. None cares bout that sick usha.. But kunj at least u… K dnt forgive her but at least talk to her properly yaar.. It really hurtzz a lot… It’s like someone stabbing your heart.. Plz.. If any tei crew I reading dis cmmnt dan plzz suggest the director to make twinj together soon.. At least not in sarna house but at least deir hearts.. Plzz…??

  6. Ff reader

    Today’s episode was very sad. And especially the Precap where usha mentins twinkle a bad omen and kunj even dont react fot it..?

  7. Fariha

    Oh so emotional episode. Now I feel that I am crying. Miss u twinj. I hope soon both of you will come together.

  8. Shraddha Sharma

    Very very sad for twinkle… ?????
    Kunj ko to kam se kam twinkle pr bharosa krna chiye tha ya kam se kam sach to pta krne ki koshish kre..

  9. Simi

    D promo was hurting. I mean usha is soooooo rude to twinkle. There’s no mistake also of twinkle yaar still soo much she has to hear from dis usha . when everyone will know tat she din do anything she toh shouldn’t forgive dem soooo easily not even kunj . he should understand when they are together only then then they have power not by separating from each other ………..a sad episode?

  10. diya

    it is really boring. why did Kunj doing this. poor twinkle.but uv’s scene was good. mahi has to be knew the truth fast.

  11. Sarvat

    Wen will Kunj be able to understand Twinkle yrr…..??
    I hope evrythng gets well soon…..???

  12. cs

    hey guys….m new here πŸ™‚ i think every thing will get sorted out till holi …..
    dont u think so ?

  13. i was not able to stop my crying….

    usha manohar sarna…i want to tell u that…..i want to kill u idiot lady….how can u say that twinkle is a bad omen…actually u r bad omen….who always does drama’s…..and what did u tell
    the house door is permanently close for twinkle……u don’t know ur son properly…..twinkle’s kharoose sarna will surely break that door…when t problems get’s clear……

    kunj….plzzz forgive twinkle…ya she have hidden the truth…but it is just because she doesn’t want to see u pain…plzz understand kunj…

  14. AmandaS

    I’m hurt but I’m enjoying this storyline because I know alot will happen to make their relationship stronger. Mahi will also find out what trash her husband is and hopefully some change in her character and fight against Yuvi.

  15. This usha needs a stone on her face. And kunj is an idiot.he should to listening to his wife.so a sad episode. Thx atiba for the fast update

  16. wth

    Omg usha is one annoyin character…. Twinkle need to give the sarnas a break then they ll kno her worth.

  17. Swati

    guys dont u think twinkle is not caring about her dignity… sabse important toh self respect hota hai na… then comes love…. everytime she’s compromising her dignity .. not done… i want kunj to beg in front of twinkle now…

  18. Guys dont u think twinkle is not caring about her dignity… sabse important toh self respect hota hai na… then comes love…. everytime she’s compromising her dignity .. not done jst bcuz she’s a women… i want kunj to beg in front of twinkle now…

  19. Awanti Gupta

    Pls dont do this…lst 2 wk awsm the bt y boring drma kun strt kr dia…poor twinkle…

  20. Sanu

    Yrr yesterday’s and today’s episode was so sad…… yrr atleast kunj should trust her …… he is also angry with twinkle OMG wat is happening ….. I felt like crying seeing yesterday and today’s episode….. :(:(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,((u)(u)(u)(u)

  21. Sharada

    Yeah dear all….I’m missing twinj too. N this usha Sarna needs to be slapped well n truly …maybe babee can do it ???she n her cerbic words I truly hate her ?? n why can’t the luthras aka useless yuvi n mahi get out of sarnas plz n go to their mansion? Hope mahi realises yuvi s worth or the lack of it n kunj too…. I wanna c mahi ku j n that usha beg for twinkles pardon ….?

  22. Aarti

    Ya u all r right….espclly those who hate usha(character) r vry r8….yaar kunj ne kya twinkle se isi liye shaadi ki thi ki jab ek din usko mana twinkle ko ghar se nikalne k liye sabko emotional blackmail kre toh kunj ek statue ki tarah khada rhe….n us par se twinkle se gussa h ki wo usse poochhe bins chali gyi….ab kya wo usse yd poochhti ki main ghar chhod k jaoon ya teri maa ko marne doon….actually us usha ko Marne Dena chahiye tha….ek baar mein shanti ho jati….huh irritating lady

  23. prit

    I m not understanding only what should i say feeling vry sad for twinkle hating kunj for his behaviour and what to say about usha she is totally gone mad i just think that usha is only the villen in twinkles life. Kunj want break na i m telling that twinkle should give him permanent break so that use realize ho ki vo kitna galat tha aur jab kunj ko realize hoga na toh fir twinkle should also take a break for forgiving kunj aur precap me jaise dikhaaya gaya usha twinkle ko bad omen bolti h or kunj listen this but dont react i feel vry bad for twinkle uski galti nhi rehene pr bhi vo sab kuch sunkr leti h agar me hoti toh i would never had forgive kunj for this and mahi i think that now slowly mahi will get a lesson and vo twinkle ki help kre uv ki sachhaai saamne laane ke liye and eagerly waiting for the next episode

  24. twinj

    this usha i feel like slap her tightly soo tightly that she dies…….n kunj wants space fr what what that poor twinkle did i mean ek minute mein saare imotion phuss……..

    • Harshi

      ha ha ha totally agreed

      I cant believe Kunj said that
      Twinkle needs a break not him for gods sake she almost got raped saving his father that day

  25. I realy can’t see things which is so wrong about what twinkle did that can upset kunj to this lengths that he calls space for their relationship. Yes she supposed to tell him the truth but it’s not that big deal to ruin their relationship, and this exaggeration is making the script nonsense

  26. Anushka varma

    I’m not understanding why everyone is blaming kunj uski kya galti twinki ki koi galti nahein hai kya aur jo kumj nay kha woi bilkul thek hai KUNJ I AM WITH YOU :-* plz stop blaming KUNJ ;->

  27. lamat alia

    Just eagerly waiting for that epi when kunj will forgive twinkle and bring her back to home.I want to kill this usha and kunj is over reacting on twinkle.
    Plz writer reunite our twinj,we can’t see them seperated.

  28. Tanishqa

    Hello guys i am new to comment. Love this serial but at moment hating kunj
    for his rude

  29. shikha

    despite all the sadness in yesterday’s epi. m happy becoz it will make twinj’s love stronger as we know after some time they will unite

  30. Ritzi

    I agree with u harshi twinkle have to speak up and team there should be new entry of twinkle’s friend (a boy) to make kunj jealoues I mean come on yaar now every time why only twinkle will get jealous ….not fair

  31. nayana

    Bad…… episod. Kunj also blem twinkal:-) ….. and usha….o god i thing she is real villen of twinj love track….

  32. So sad for twinkle, every time blame on twinkle and each time twinkle is thrown out of house, boring now , pls twinkle stay away the sarnas house , pls be self respect, and the usha do u remember, manohar always say u r manhoos his life, idiot lady I will kill u , and disspoinment kunj behavior, and she is not criminal , here I like UV always said u r the looser pati, your first love is u r family hain na go to hell, , twinkle be strong baby, this women’s day women ki value nahi hai , ..

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