Tashan-e-Ishq 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Usha asks Twinkle what was Yuvi doing in college with her? Twinkle says he was not with me actually.. Usha says you think that i would not know what you are doing? people call me and tell me about my daughter in law and her antics, my friend’s daughter called me and told me that Twinkle is with Yuvi, you cant stay away from Yuvi for day? Babee says what are you saying? Leela says you have misunderstanding, Usha says no i am right, i wont allow her to malign our respect, Twinkle if you meet Yuvi again then this house doors will be closed on you. Yuvi comes there and says to Usha that Twinkle didnt do anything wrong. She didnt cross your family’s limit, i know you hate me, you dont like my face at all but please listen to me once, i listened girls gossiping, i knew they would

call you and complain about Twinkle but Twinkle is your daughter in law and you should trust her, what she did today, you should be proud of her, she fought with two guys for Kunj’s name, i was just passingby and tried to help Twinkle, forgive Twinkle and i am sorry for my deeds, i am changed Yuvi, i am not that old Yuvi, i have no realized that when you get hurt, you feel different kind of pain, forgive me if you can, please, Usha looks away and weeps. Yuvi sees heavy wooden stick, he brings it, Twinkle hints no. Yuvi says to Usha that you are angry on me right? beat me, give me punishment but spit this anger away, think if it was old Yuvi, i wouldnt care about all this, i would be happy to create rift in your family but i am trying to tell you that i am not that old Yuvi, i have changed, i have done many wrong things thats why i want you to beat me, punish me, Babee says this is not needed. Usha looks at stick, she takes it and starts beating Yuvi, Yuvi bows his head down and keep standing there silently, Usha cries and says you killed my Kunj? Babee says stop it Usha, Usha keeps beating Yuvi, stick gets broken, she throws it away and says just go from here, Yuvi says i am sorry, forgive me, and i promise i will make sure my mom get punished for her deeds, if you dont want then i wont be seen near Twinkle now, dont question her character, if you get angry then beat me but dont do anything with Twinkle please, USha leaves from there, Babee is in tears. Yuvi says to Leela and Babee that i understand Usha aunty is upset, forgive me if you can, he folds his hands, Leela looks at him tensed, Yuvi leaves from there.
Twinkle is sitting her room and looks at Kunj’s trophy and how Kunj dedicated it to her, she says i never thought that i would live with your memories, i miss you alot, she hugs his shirt and says whatever happened today wouldnt have happened if you were here with me, she looks at his watch, she says your memories are everywhere, she wears his wrist watch and says comeback please, please comeback Kunj.
Pallavi comes to Kunj and says i got green signal for your surgery, we will do your surgery after one week then you will go back to your Twinkle, i am so happy for you. Twinkle hugs Kunj’s shirt and sleeps on his side of bed.

Scene 2
Its morning, Leela says to Twinkle that i know you are going through rough phase but still you are keeping family united, this is big thing, we need to fulfill our responsibilities, Usha has lost her young son thats why she is behaving like this but its your duty to become daughter of this house and walk ahead with your family, i understand you want to give justice to Kunj thats why you are running to catch Anita but if your family is angry that Yuvi is helping you then leave him, i know there are changes in his behavior but we cant trust him, he may ditch us at last minute, you cant hurt your family for Yuvi, now you have to make sure that your family remains happy and with peace, Twinkle hugs her.
Twinkle comes out of her house and sees from window that Yuvi is trying to cook food in kitchen, he is injured and is not able to make it. She says he is injured, i should help him to cook food. Yuvi sees her and says not again, God please give me strength to bear this girl. Twinkle comes to his home but Yuvi comes out and says go back from here, Twinkle says i came to help you, Yuvi says you are breaking your rule only, you said that you dont need my help, sameway i dont need your help, tata bye bye, Twinkle says i can see that you dont need help, you never drank water yourself and you are trying to cook? we are getting disturbed thats why i came to help, Yuvi says i have already get enough beating in this week, i dont want to get beaten more so please leave, he tries to push her out, she says dont touch me, if you dont need my help then do yourself, i dont care, she leaves.
Twinkle says to Usha that i dont like that you are miffed, if you want then i will do sit ups for you, forgive me please. Babee says forgive her, i know you dont get angry so soon, Twinkle says please.
Yuvi gets call, he says i am coming. Yuvi calls inspector and says i am giving you address. he sits on his bike and starts leaving but his bike sprinkles mud water on Twinkle’s face, Twinkle’s face gets smeared, Twinkle says Yuvi i wont spare you, Yuvi says nice mud pack, Twinkle says i will not spare you, Yuvi says you are looking like wild cat, go wash your face first then catch me if you can, he leaves, Twinkle is angry on him.
Yuvi is going on bike, he is hit by car and falls on road.
Man comes to Anita and says Yuvi had accident, he has died, police will do his last rites if you dont go to get his body. Anita says no this cant happen, she shouts Yuvi.. she says i want to see my son, where is my Yuvi? i want to see him, she leaves.
policeman comes to Manohar’s house, he asks Manohar if he knows Yuvraj? Manohar says yes, but what happened?
Anita comes in hospital wearing burqa and hiding her face in veil. She sees policeman there and covers her face. She sees morgue room and goes inside, she sees Yuvi lying there dead, she stands there in tears.

PRECAP- Inspector comes to morgue room and arrests Anita, he says you killed Kunj, you are under arrest now. Twinkle comes there with her family too, Anita is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    cant bear yuvle….kunj plz come back

  2. Precap seems more interesting☺☺

  3. ROFL hehehehehhe lol lmao hehehehehhe I can’t stop laughing hehehehehhe..???????????

    1. very funny

  4. oh dats gud if he died acha pls give more update yr atiba missing u sid madly in luv wid cute luvly cpl sidmin my dream cpl

  5. wat d hell it means it was uvrajs plan oh god it means he is alive i hate him i m missing kunj aka sidhant u ll always b kunj fr us n no1 cn replace u

  6. so after 1week there will be the entry of new kunj:-(

  7. Adeel Rehmani

    no Sid no Tashan… Serial should be nw where it started…

    Yuvi-Twinkle’s Tashan-e-Ishq…

    no Kunj plz…

  8. anita agar arrest ho jayegi then negative role play kon karega?track kese chalega?kunj bapas ayega aur twinkle ko galat samjhega but sab thik ho jayega un dono ke bech then what?show khatam????ya koyi new villain ayega?kahani bakwas ho raha hai day by day..ise accha ye hain ki show ko sid ko bapas lakar khatam karo.vase v bohot hi jeyada boring ho geya ye show.trp and rank v bohot kam ho chuka hain.new koyi bakwas hero lane se accha ye hoga ki sid ke sath hi isko end kare.otherwise it will be totally disgusting.

  9. Just hate dis serial…miss u sid bhaya ….

  10. please vote for jasmin for BEST FEMALE LEAD IN ZEE TV

    1. I have voted

      1. thanks dear

  11. The serial is becoming boring day by day no spice and love left in it;without siddhant it seems totally void the trio is incomplete.

  12. i heard new – ve will be the doctor treating kunj……she will give him her dead husband’s face and later fall in love with him. And then hurt twinkle and seperate them

  13. I don’t like the new look of sidhant gupta. it looks like he is also sad as he very well know that he broken million heart

  14. I wish this serial goes good with new kunj ….because bohot loghon ki mehnath he ye show…..we can’t blame sid nor production house they are right as per their pov!!! kunj ko ek achaa project mila aur cvs koo kunj ko another channel mein kaam karna pasand nahi…par the real problem is fans kaa kyaa dhoosh hein issmee……i am twiraj fan par logicaly twinkle, kunj se bohot pyaar karthe hein ab voo twiraj ko nehi dikha sakthee and this new kunj koo kyaa hoghayaa…….kunj twinkle see bohot trust karthaa .he won’t doubt her……yee saab kya bakwass hein……show something normal and realistic ……stop this track

  15. Yuvle ki deewani

    Wowww my yuvle love love love.

  16. Omg .alot of trouble gonna happen between twinj.is it true??

  17. I thnk the new entry in kunj’s character wl turn villain….as i heard uv n twinkle’s love story wl start…twinkle wont b able to believe that the guy is kunj as he wl undrgo plastic surgery….if there wnt b sid then i wl supprt zain n jasmine’s chemistry
    Yuvi n twinkle’s lovestory wud b the only leftover option as i wnt lyk twinke wid da new entry….
    In that case da romance btw uv n twnkle wud b da best…as zain is soo hot though in sid’s presence i wud hav preferd SID Only….

  18. loved twiraj scene but i woud love to see kunj (sid) not any other person as kunj

  19. i want yuvi nd twinkle to unite
    they’re so cute together

  20. I think twinj r best. I want twinkle and kunj unite again. They look. So cute with each other.

  21. Does anybody know who will b d new kunj

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