Tashan-e-Ishq 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
It nigh, Yuvi is tensed in his room and says why did Twinkle not return till now? i did exactly what they said but why didnt they free Twinkle? where are you Twinkle? i just hope you are fine, he gets call, caller tells him address and asks him to go there and get some bag from there, call ends.
Its morning, Babee says Yuvi left house early morning and didnt even tell where he went. Kunj asks where did Yuvi go? Leela says he is not telling us anything, he doesnt want anyone to get involved, he says that he can do anything for Twinkle but not telling us anything, i feel like.. he has went to meet Anita, Babee says she has destroyed our lives, Kunj says why did you allow Yuvi to go alone to that woman? i should go there, he needs my help, Leela thanks him, Kunj leaves.
Yuvi comes

to one house, he finds suitcase there, caller tells him to take to Guradvarah and pray for your wife’s life, Yuvi says enough of this rubbish, send my wife back to my house, caller says you know your wife is still with us, dont do anything stupid, Yuvi says how do i know that she is with you? let me talk to her, caller says dont order me, dont forget we have your wife, so be good boy and take this bag from here, he ends call.
Kunj is driving car and says sometimes we have to make donkey father too, i have to help Yuvi to find Twinkle but i will take my revenge for sure.
Yuvi is miffed, he takes bad from there. Yuvi comes to Guradvarah with suitcase and prays to Lord to protect Twinkle and keep her safe.
Kunj is driving and finds Yuvi’s car outside Guradvarah, he says if Yuvi is here? He goes to check in.
Yuvi is praying, a girl tries to take suitcase from him but her mother asks child to not touch others things, she says to Yuvi that some tick tick sound is coming from suitcase, whats inside? Yuvi is tensed and says it has watch inside thats why, he leaves. Kunj comes in Guradvarah and looks around for Yuvi, Yuvi passesby him, they both dont see each other and Yuvi leaves.
Yuvi is driving car and bag is still with him, he says there is bomb inside for sure, caller calls him, Yuvi says it has bomb in bag, what the hell is wrong> caller asks him to go certain address, go there and do what i am saying, he ends call, Yuvi is miffed.

Scene 2
Kunj is driving and says Yuvi must be near here as he left Guradvarah sometimes ago, he finds Yuvi’s car on raod and starts following him. Yuvi comes to address as told by caller, he sees house there and says its same address as caller said, do they have Twinkle here? He comes out of car with suitcase. He comes inside house and says Twinkle is not even here, then where she is? he gets call from caller, caller asks him to put phone on speaker and do what i say, Yuvi does so, caller asks him to open suitcase, Yuvi says it has bomb, it can blast, caller asks if Yuvraj Luthra is scared? open it now, Yuvi hesitatingly opens it and sighs, he finds gun in it instead of bomb, caller says there is timer on gun, you have that much time left, and if this timer ends before your work is done then your wife will be dea, Yuvi says shut up, if you try to hurt my wife then.. caller says you know you are not in position to threaten me, pick up gun now, Yuvi shivers and picks it up, caller says go in room, behind you, whoever you find in that room, shoot that person, Yuvi says no way, i am not going to kill anybody, caller says seems like you dont love your wife, Yuvi says dont do anything to Twinkle, caller says then do what i am saying, Yuvi says i will get punishment for you, i am helpless because of Twinkle rightnow, caller says dotn give me lecture, you will get your Twinkle back only when you shoot person inside room, go there. Yuvi starts moving towards room. Kunj comes outside house and says how will i find in which house Yuvi is? he starts looking around.
Yuvi is going towards room to who is there. Outside house Kunj is searching for him, he doesnt find him. Yuvi comes in room, its all dark there, he points gun and sees its Anita there, he is shocked and says you? Anita is elated to see her, she says Yuvi? he says you here? where is Twinkle? where have you hidden here? why you create problems in my life everytime? where is Twinkle, he calls out for Twinkle, Anita says i dont know where Twinkle is, i have kidnapped here for sometime, i dont even know who they are, Yuvi says you are lying, you have kidnapped her. Anita says i dont know where Twinkle is, Yuvi says this is all your plan, you cant let your son be happy, cant you understand that Twinkle is my love, why dont you let me be happy, tell me where Twinkle is otherwise i will shoot. Anita says there is some confusion, i didnt kidnap Twinkle, trust me, i didnt do it, Yuvi says you are lying, Anita says you are going to kill me? you will kill me? i am begging you, dont shoot, Yuvi sees time running out on Gun’s timer, its only 2seconds left on gun’s timer, Yuvi closes his eyes and shoots but not in her direction, he breakdowns and starts crying, Anita sees it as opportunity and runs from there. Kunj comes there and asks whats going on here? Yuvi says you were following me? Kunj asks why you have gun in your hand? who was that woman who ranaway? Yuvi says why you are involving in my personal life? who are you? Kunj says your family was worried so i tried to find you, i thought i can help you to find Twinkle, Yuvi says i dont need you, Kunj says when person is in trouble then he needs to share things, i know we dont share good rapport but i am just trying to help you, just tell me what is happening, Yuvi tells him everything about extortionist, calls and everything, he asks Kunj if he is sure to get into all this? Kunj says havent you listened its better to two then alone.
Leela is calling people to find out about Twinkle. Yuci comes back with Kunj, Usha asks did you find Twinkle? did kidnappers call? Babee asks him to speak for God’s sake, say something, Leela says to Yuvi that why you dont you just tell us what is happening? my daughter is kidnapped, your wife is kidnapped, this house’s daughter in law is kidnapped, where are you going and meeting people? where is Anita? is Anita involved in all this? Yuvi is silent and looks at her.

PRECAP- Yuvi says if Anita maa has kidnapped Twinkle then what was she is doing in that house? i dont understand anything. Kunj listens Yuvi’s ranting hiding behind wall, Pallavi comes to Kunj and says one thing is clear in all this that Yuvi is not pretending or hiding anything in this kidnapping mystery, we are getting too much involved in all this, Kunj says first my revenge will complete then anything will come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i am confused..who is behind twinkle kidnaping??feeling sorry for yuvi..hopefully TwiRaj reunite soon.

    1. agree dear…i ve waited so long for TwiRaj to reunite…please dont seperate them anymore

    2. ???Carol Ann ???

      I don’t know why but my heard says that tid is all cheap agenda from PallaCheap… Opps..!! I mean Dr. Pallavi

  2. Me too,im confused who would be behind this??

    1. Rocky is behind all this I’ve noticed the way he’s behaving he made the family go against yuvi

  3. if kunj is not behind the kidnap then who is it.lot of confusion. they’re dragging the story unnecessarily

  4. Thank god we have something other than Kunj trying to ruin Twinkle’s reputation and finally a good story to look forward too. Other kidnapping stories are like one day kidnap, one day found. This Is good.

  5. shayna aka twinkle

    I hope misunderstanding between twinj should clear nd twinj should reunite soon nd i can’t see them being seperated nd twinj would make a gud pair nd pls cvs for god sake reunite twinj soon

  6. Ye drama to had se zyada bakwaas ho gya hy
    Producers ko chahiye k wo twiraj per hi drama ko end karen

  7. Omg who d heck hs kidnapped hr

  8. Maybe twinkle has set up her own kidnap as she says I have to get to the bottom of this without yuvi help in the last episode she appears or it can be that cherry father Anita luthra second husband as he had tried many ways to make yuvi bail his mother by taking back the case

  9. bakwas ho geya ye show…no story line,no morality and no entertainment.just nonsense….

  10. mast story chl ri b bhaii…aage jo b ho pls dont Unite twinj…make a great story of uvle..as the basic need of tashon isq..nice show..nice participants..like it.

  11. It’s very much confusing that who had kidnapped twinkle.I dont think that kunj and pallavi are envolved in this bcoz they are also helping yuvraj for finding twinkle.
    Then who the hell is this.
    Cvs dont drag the story and reunite twinj plzzzzz.

  12. Feeling sad for Yuvi !!!! Hopes he finds Twinkle soon and twiraj unites ?

  13. I just wanted to know who had been kidnapped twinkle

  14. Whatever is going on but i want twinj back as other fan of twinj want.plz unite them soon we r waiting for that.

    1. Crystal lemiya

      I just hate this show. l want kunj back in show .L mean old kunj.
      l and my all friends loved to see twinkle and kunj together.
      Students of Krishna Niketan. ….

  15. Hey, have anyone watch a mixed promo of TEI, JR & KKB.The promo is based on korha raaz ka.And in promo it says that kunj aur twinkle ki talaash kholegi ek gehri raaz.
    I think that now twinkle will find rockey’s true identity and kunj will find about the truth of twiraj acting as a lovely couple.This promo gives me a hope of twinj reunion.
    So I dont think twiraj will be lead.My motive is not to hurt anyone but true love is true love. And no one can change this fact.
    Love twinj.

    1. kya raaz kahi tw ki kidnap piche hamari real kunj to nahi means our bunny.just kidding yaar.there is no limitation for fantasy right 😉

  16. After a long time twinj fan will get happy.I hope so.
    What will happen, we will get to know after watching upcoming week episode.And this week will clear that who will be lead.Either twinj or twiraj.But I think twinj will be lead.Bcoz in promos they only says about kunj and twinkle nothing about twiraj.But what will happen only time will tell.
    Ab hum sab twinj and twiraj fan ka intezaar ka ghadi khatam hone wala hai.Hope that twinj will unite.Hope for the best.

  17. Oh rayna thankyou yaar for giving me hope for twinj.i want this to be happen i wish for our twinj .

  18. You most welcome naina.

  19. dorge prajakta

    i think twinkle and kunj should come together. they r perfect for eachother

  20. Wow.nrk I just imagined if it was true,but it’s not.but if it would be then I would be on cloud nine

    1. hoping that he will be back after winning jhalak

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