Tashan-e-Ishq 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
one women says to Leela that he is in Yuvraj? anita’s son, he was behind Twinkle before and now he is behind younger sister, its like buy one sister and get one free, Mahi says please people dont say like this, we are already married, we did marriage in London, one women says that Leela have given too much freedom to daughters, if Mahi is pregnant too? Leela ask them to not say like this, Yuvi says i wont let Leela or Mahi get insulted like this, i agree that Mahi and me married but Mahi is pure, she was in london but she never crossed her lines like her mother, i didnt touch her, see Leela, she remained without her husband till now but no one pointed fingers at her, Mahi is very homely and innocent girl, what if your daughter was in this position? you all should think how Leela

must be feeling, you are women and insulting another women like this? Leela is surprised, women says we should leave, Yuvi says just listen one more thing, i and Mahi are getting married again, women leave, Yuvi says to Mahi that see how this lover will take his lover by getting married to her, he looks at Leela and thinks that my mission is a success, Leela will bring Mahi’s proposal for me.
Anita asks Twinkle if she is ready? Twinkle says i will make trump card with me to break Yuvi and Mahi’s marriage, Anita does hi-five with her and leaves, Twinkle says i know its bad to break anyone’s marriage but i have to save Mahi from Yuvi. Kunj comes in and thinks that i have to talk about canada to Twinkle, Twinkle asks Kunj to wish her luck, he asks why? she says i am going on some work, Kunj says i have to talk about something, Twinkle says i am in hurry, jsut wish me luck, Kunj wishes her luck, Twinkle says we will talk later, she is about to leave but Kunj holds her and moves his hand on her back, Twinkle thinks why Kunj is getting close to me? and why am feeling goosebumps again? whats happening? Kunj closes her shirt’s zip, Sajna ve plays, he whispers to Twinkle that you should eat less, you are coming out of clothes, Twinkle pulls him away and says this is your serious talk? she thinks why he is so irritating? she leaves, Kunj says i couldnt say it even now.
All come to Sarna house, Leela asks Kunj why did Twinkle call us all here? Kunj says even i dont know, Yuvu comes there too. A pregnant girl comes there, Babee asks her who is she? Twinkle says this is Yuvi’s truth which Yuvi wanted to hide, Yuvi had affair with this girl, Yuvi used her, took advantage of her and when she became pregnant then Yuvi left her, she asks girl to speak up, girl says its true, this is Yuvi’s child, Yuvi is confused, Mahi says no, this is all lie, this cant be true, Twinkle says Yuvi is fraud and liar, its good that you know the reality, he made this girl pregnant and ranaway to London, Mahi says no i dont agree, Yuvi cant do this, Twinkle says dont worry, i am with you, you throw this Yuvi out of life, Mahi hugs Yuvi and says my Yuvi cant do this, this is lie, Yuvi says you have to be strong, Yuvi says to Twinkle that if you have said it then how can i deny it? this child is mine, all are shocked, Yuvi says if i agree that this child is mine then if i kiss this girl infront of everyone then it shouldnt be problem for girl, girl says infront of all? Yuvi says its very normal, give me a kiss, he moves closer to girl, girl says stop it, this is not your child, i am sorry, Yuvi asks girl to say truth, girl says Twinkle asked me to say this lie to everyone, she gave me money and i agreed to do this drama, Twinkle says i didnt give you money, girl says i am saying truth, Yuvi asks girl to leave, girl leaves, Mahi asks Twinkle why you wanna separate us? why you are behind Yuvi? Yuvi think that i wont let Twinkle destroy my plan, Twinkle says trust me Mahi, that girl told me Yuvi made her pregnant, Yuvi takes off this shirt and starts beating himself with hunter, all are shocked, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i have given you pain thats why you are doing this with me, so pain for pain, i will pain to myself so that you will allow me to be with Mahi, he beats himself and says to Twinkle that i am sorry, give me chance to prove my love for Mahi, Mahi asks him to stop it, i have done mistake of loving you too, your family didnt accept me too so beat me too, Yuvi says i cant beat yoy, i love you alot, he says to Twinkle that forgive me, he beats himself more, RT asks Yuvi to stop it, RT says anyone can think whatever they want about you but for me, you are like my son from now on, i will do Mahi’s marriage with you, Twinkle says you cant do this, Mahi’s life will be destroyed, Yuvi is fraud, Kunj asks her that we should leave, Twinkle says to Kunj that tell RT this is all all wrong, Yuvi smirks to her and thinks that you cant play with me, i couldnt be your husband but now i will make you mine by becoming your brother in law, Mahi says let us live, when i came here, i thought emptiness of my life will go away after meeting you but now i feel i shouldnt have met you, Twinkle says dont say like this, i love you alot, Mahi says my sister wants to break my marriage, what should i say? it would have been if i didnt have any sister, Twinkle runs from there, Leela asks Kunj to go behind her.

Scene 2
Kunj comes out of house and sees Twinkle sitting in garden and crying. Kunj comes to Twinkle, he asks why did you come here? Twinkle says let me be alone, i wanna cry for sometime, Kunj says tension will not go away when you are lone, you wanna cry then you can in room, you can break things there too but i cant leave you here alone, Twinkle says that you think that this is joke, my sister thinks i am jealous of her, that girl twisted her words when i wanted to reveal Yuvi’s truth, you are not in my place so you cant understand, leave me alone, she starts to leave but Kunj holds her hand, he says i cant leave you alone, i have held your hand for life so how can i leave it like this? i promised you to be with you in bad and good phase, i am not in your place but i can understand your pain, you have tears in eyes but heart is my wrenching, when you are sad, i get worried, when you are restless, my peace goes away too, dont say again that it doesnt matter because it does, alot, he pulls her closer, she looks in his eyes, Agar tum saath ho plays, she looks away, Kunj leaves her, Twinkle leaves from there.
Twinkle comes to Anita, Anita says i know you are thinking that i lied to you but truth is that child is of yuvi’s only, i dont know why that girl lied, Twinkle says to Anita that i did mistake by trusting you, you are Yuvi’s mother afterall, i will do everything alone now, Anita says you are not understanding that this is all done by Yuvi only, he must have trapped that girl against us, Twinkle says what you think that you and Yuvi will become successful by making me fool? i will do everything alone now, i will save my sister from Yuvi now.

PRECAP- Mahi says to Leela that why dont you make Twinkle understand? her antics are affecting my marriage with Yuvi. Leela and RT comes to Twinkle and Kunj, Leela says to Twinkle that i want you to shift to canada with Kunj, Twinkle says how can i leave Mahi wit Yuvi here? RT says enough, tomorrow is Yuvi and Mahi’s Roka and i want whole family to be part of it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. How much excited we were for twinj scenes tat much big schok we got …… This was obvious tat twinkle would fall in some trouble. . n kunj would whisper something funny only.????tat mahi na I feel lyk jus hitin on her head ………????

  2. Feeling so sad for mahi… When she gets to know the truth she’ll be felt hurt… And kunj today your dialogues are awesome. Anyway I think its a good episode ?

  3. twinj were scenes awesome, twinj plzzz shift to Canada….I know that evil yuvi wont let it happen, good twinkle parted from that stupid anita but now she must get out of the yuhi matter too and focus on her married life

  4. Twinj scenes were superb, m always desperate for more, and this twinkle shouldn’t trust Anita, maybe she may be part of Yuvi’s plan and Mahi doesn’t seems that she stayed in London 😛

  5. Kunj was awesome today ……..?

  6. Lv u kunj

  7. hi raswitA tu parsu phy test de rahi hai kya mere saath

  8. Twinj parts were awsome…..

  9. Uv is so annoying….n Anita…..m sure WO twinkle ko double cross kr rae ah

  10. Rishel sid bieber

    Oxm….???????????❤❤❤❤????????????????????..todays epi is beeeeeeest…
    LOOOOOOV Uuu TWINKJ ???????????????
    HAAPPYYYYY CHOCOLATE DAY……..????????????????????????????????????? guys…….

  11. aww..agar kunj aisehi bolta raha..toh mujhe pakka kuch ho jayega…too good..love u twinj..

  12. twinkle and kunj should just leave! -_-
    enough now!
    this mahi,RT and leela…this taneja family is just annoying…everyone knows what yuvi has done in past.still nobody is supporting twinkle :/
    y does this happen always?all the people keep insulting and blaming her? -_-
    twinj should shift tocanada asap :/

  13. Episode is OK . But why Twinkle fails every time??

  14. This MAHI can’t bear her:(:(

  15. Nice episode. Love kunj and twinkle scene.where is the kisssssss

  16. I wana slap mahi irritating girl.

  17. Latest news
    Kunj have a valentine surprise for twinkle to cheer up her mood they come kind of close to each other meanwhile yuvi sees this from far and he gets fumes he said he will insult mahi and will destroy twinkle live

  18. Lov u yuvi,always de winner.yuvi is also looking more handsome than before.i think it is an effect of visiting England.yuvi is looking better than kunj.kunj need to get rid if that hair on his face.it is spoiling his handsomeness.as for yuv he is looking hot.new attitude and styles.no more “kunj de end” now we are playing a game.still love you zain??❤️???????♥️????

  19. Superb episode

  20. Twinj you r the best couple ever????

  21. I think instead of breaking mahi and yuvraj marriage twinkle should try and make yuvi fall in love with mahi .he deservers another chance

  22. Twinj its enough confess your love for eachother today episode is ok but we aspect more love u soooo much twinj

  23. Rishel sid bieber

    The girlnwas realy pragnenant of uv’s child ??????????????? Toh fir jab kiss larne ki bari aayi tab kiyu usne mana kar diya??????????? I think ki uv ko twinli ke plan le bare mein patacjal gaua hoga………
    Uv u r toooooooooooo much……

  24. i think anita and yuvi r together …they have planned to destroy twinj life..

  25. I juz luv yuvi and twnki…. Wish uv n twinkl wr 2gthr instead of kunj……

  26. ?Carol Ann ⛵⛵

    1) I hate RT and Mahi for bring such a Dumb!!
    2) I Hate Leela stupidness, she is the one who agains Twinkle&Yuvraj relationship because she aware of Yuvi evil plans, but she become dumb when it come to Mahi all because of Mahi childish attitude !!!
    3) I hate Kunj for his slow action agains his wife enemy!! He always promises Twinkle to stay together and make make everything alright, but its always Twinkle herself who make everything back in right track!!!
    Arghhh…………..!!!!!!!!! ?????
    4) I hate Yuvi characters! He think he is too handsome to win Twinkle heart back back, but he should go back to reality life. Stop your daydreaming, Yuvi!
    5) I hate Anita! She is the one who spoil Yuvi and make him bad!

    The only one I love is Twinkle!!! She always admit her mistake and improve her weakness. She is a piece of Diamond in a thousand of fake Gemstone!?????????

  27. thank god carol ann u atleast love someone..i thought u will end up telling ” i hate tei”…lol!!

    1. Hahaha Tara IKR

  28. KUnjj DIlong Waz Supperb…
    nD Twinjj …. Seen waz Supperb…

  29. I hate that dumb irritating girl and that over acting yuvi and I Knew all alone the out come of twinkle ‘ s mission with the Anita will be like this or worse . And twinkle herself was dumbest to took Anita’s plan complete worths of a trusted one, as Anita was with yuvi in every doings of his then why shall she become opposite all over sudden? I just love kunj seeing him is enough for me to watch the show and I hope twinkle allows to go Canada with kunj any way yuvi ‘ s truth won’t remain long if kunj and twinkle go to Canada as all he want is twinkle he will come out of mahi ‘ s shadow when he realises twinkle is going honeymoon with kunj.

  30. Y don’t Mahi believe her own Sis she so stupid

  31. Hahaha…tara i just felt the same….

  32. hehe…m sure whoever reads it will feel the [email protected]

  33. Then again I want yuvi to do something very bad with twinkle so that Kunj can confess his love for her

  34. Carol ann was superb we Malaysians has the same thinking except of kunj statement cuz I kind of find kunj as a very good husband so yaaaaa

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