Tashan-e-Ishq 9th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi takes vase and breaks it, all listen noise from Yuvi’s room, Anita says it seems like something is wrong, we should check. Yuvi holds Twinkle’s dupatta, Twinkle says let me go, Yuvi puts Twinkle on bed and tries to fight with her, all come in room, Twinkle hugs Babee, Yuvi says thank God you all came, she came in my room and started to flirt with me, she said that she misses me and she loves me not Kunj, i tried to stop her but she tried to come closer, see she tore my shirt too, Twinkle slaps him and says just shut up, you are lying, this is your drama, Anita says enough of your drama, we saw everything, we saw your truth, arent you ashamed of doing all this, family did you see your innocent daughter in law? till when we will keep ignoring her cheap antics? she is behind

my son, i will not leave her today, Leela says dont do anything, Anita drags Twinkle out of room, Kunj comes there and says enough Anita aunty, Twinkle is elated to see Kunj there, Kunj comes to Anita, he stares Yuvi, Anita is Twinkle’s hand, she leaves seeing Kunj there, Kunj says you wont bring my wife’s truth out but i will bring your son’s truth out for sure when that girl will tell us truth, Yuvi’s girlfriend comes there, all look on, Anita recalls how she threw that girl out of Yuvi’s room, Yuvi says i dont her, Twinkle says she will tell you everything. Twinkle asks Yuvi’s girlfriend Survi to tell truth of Mahi’s death to everyone, dont worry about anything, Survi says truth is that.. she looks at Yuvi who gives her evil look, Survi says i dont know anything, Twinkle gave me money but i cant falsely blame an innocent man(Yuvi), i dont even know him, Anita says Twinkle you have gone so cheap that you are buying people to blame my son, Yuvi recalls flashback how Survi called Yuvi and told him that Kunj wants her to tell truth to everyone, Yuvi says to her that if you tell my truth to everyone then i will do same with you what i did with Mahi, just think what you want, he ends call, flashback ends, Kunj says to family i had a feeling that this Survi will cheat us at last moment so i went her house and collected some photos, he shows photos to family, photos are of Yuvi and Survi together, Kunj says this Survi is weak player, Yuvi says photos can easily be morphed, i can make them too, Anita says when Manohar’s video with a girl was leaked then all said it was fake and was made by someone else but now all are blaming Yuvi to be with this girl, this is double standard, guests say Yuvi is right, these photos cant prove anything, Anita says seeing Survi its clear Kunj have brought her here after threatening her, we all have seen Twinkle’s character, Kunj says enough, dont point fingers at my wife, all know about your son and his character, he should not stay here, Yuvi says this is my house and i will not leave from here, guests say what was Twinkle doing in Yuvi’s room? Mahi never liked Twinkle and was always happy with Yuvi, Usha says this Yuvi is trapping Twinkle, he always create problems for her, babee agrees, Twinkle says you people can say anything but i will make sure that my sister gets justice, i will make sure Yuvi gets punished for killing her, RT says enough of your drama, i know you never liked Mahi and she is not in this world because of you Twinkle, he leaves, Twinkle is hurt listening his bitter words, Yuvi smirks, Twinkle leaves.
Its night, Babee says how can Yuvi blame Twinkle for everything? Kunj says Yuvi can do anything, Surjeet loves Anita so much that he wont let Yuvi go from this house, Leela says to Twinkle that i know you are hurt from RT’s words but when he will see Yuvi’s truth out then he will be with you, i am with you in getting justice for Mahi, Babee says we all are with you, i was thinking that you and Kunj should go away from here on vacations to get time off and have relief, Kunj says idea is good but i wont force Twinkle, its her decision, Usha says you both should go on vacations, it will refresh you both, Leela says you should go, Twinkle says okay i will go, Kunj says where should we go? Twinkle says i was thinking to go to Mumbai.

Scene 2
Yuvi is playing with glasses, he says Twinkle is not at fault but Kunj has snatched her from me, from the time Kunj have come in my life, everything is finished, Anita says dont worry, when they will comeback from Mumbai, we will torture them again and will keep torturing them till you are not satisfied, Yuvi says they can go to Mumbai, two people will go but only Twinkle will comeback and that too with me, he gets angry and breaks glass, his foot gets hurt by glass piece, anita is shocked seeing it.
Kunj and Twinkle arrives at Mumbai airport, Kunj says i hate airports but today my luggage came on time as my lady luck and love is with me, he says you remember last time you came to airport when you wanted to sacrifice for me and Maya to be together, i had to stop you, Twinkle says dont embarrass me, i was so stupid, Kunj says you still are stupid and will remain stupid, Kunj sees air-hostess and eyes her, Twinkle says you are checking her out? Kunj says she is so beautiful, i praise beautiful things, Twinkle says you liked her? your choice is so bad, Kunj says my choice is not bad as i chose you, Twinkle says your choice is bad and i am exception in your life, i am the best, Kunj says this is like my Twinkle, Maa would have been happy seeing you happy, Yuvi sees them happy together, he throws luggage trolley towards Kunj, Twinkle sees trolley coming towards Kunj, she pulls Kunj away and says who is this idiot who threw trolley towards? did it hit you? Kunj says no i am fine, Yuvi gets angry. Yuvi tries to follow Twinkle and Kunj but security stops him and asks him to clear way for VIP Divya Khana, A new entry is shown, she comes out of airport and has security guards around her, she leaves.
Twinkle comes out of airport, she says to Kunj that there are so many guards here, seems like some VIP is arriving, Kunj says it seems like there is some special person coming. Twinkle finds Divya coming out of airport, she doesnt see her face, she says to Kunj that i am feeling weird, like something is going to happen, Kunj says lets leave, nothing is going to happen, Twinkle starts to leave, Divya is behind her, Twinkle feels something.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that i am feeling Mahi is here, she was around me, Divya sits in car and leaves before Twinkle can see her, Twinkle says to Kunj i am feeling Mahi is alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sorry jasmine my mobile net was not working soi didn’t comment sorry once again i will definitely tell u today about it okk and sorry once again.

  2. The episode was awsm i think that she is mahi only.

  3. Nadiya how did u get kunj watsapp no.. I mean how u hve messaged him….

  4. Nadiya how did u get kunj watsapp no.. I mean how u hve messaged him………..

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