Tashan-e-Ishq 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Twinkle records video that i love my boyfriend and Kunj loves his girlfriend and to save our love, we had to do deal, we will do fake drama f our marriage rituals, Kunj says i accept in full consciousness that these marriage rituals are just deal, before marriage we will break our relation, Manohar comes there, Tiwnkle gets and strikes with with Kunj, her phone drops, Manohar ask Twinkle are you fine? she says yes and thanks, because of you my problem got solved, Manohar ask Kunj to give her phone back, he gives it to her, Twinkle thanks Kunj and leaves from there, she makes face towards Kunj to irritate him and leaves.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that i got proof, she shows him video of her in which she accept that she will break her marriage, video ends, Yuvi ask where is Kunj in

it? Twinkle says i recorded his statement too, Yuvi ask her to stop her drama, Twinkle says i swear i did recording, Kunj comes there and says you think you are smart? you can make me afraid of my dad’s name and i will do what you say? yes i did record video but then i dropped your phone and deleted video while giving you phone back, Yuvi ask them to stop all this, he says to Twinkle that i dont know what you want, you have made fun of my love, you cant fool me now, Twinkle ask him to listen, Yuvi says just shut up, you were with me all the while but now you are with this Kunj and not breaking this marriage, if you wanna marry him then go but i wont let you play with my love, he holds Twinkle tightly, Twinkle says you are hurting me, Yuvi says i am hurt too but it doesnt matter to you, now i dont care if you live or not, do what you want, i dont care, he starts leaving, Twinkle cries and says you know how much i love you, i wanna live my life with you only, i cant think about anyone, listen to me, i swear i recorded Kunj’s video, its not my mistake, trust me please, Kunj says anger eat your brain, he ask Yuvi what kind of man you are? she is your gf, she is crying and begging you but you are not listening, cant you see truth in her eyes? you cant see it as you have only anger in your eyes, you want proof right? i will record it now, he record video that i kunj accept that i and Twinkle have deal, this deal is for 3 months, we will follow all rituals then we will break our marriage at end, he gives phone to Yuvi and says are you happy now? what i said on phone was lie as i dont like your face but i also dont like to see tears in Twinkle’s eyes, Yuvi says you dont like my face and i dont like your face but i wanna know one thing, what will you get by this deal? Kunj says i also love someone else, like Twinkle have done this deal for you, i have done it for my love, he shows Alisha’s picture and says i will marry her only, dont stress yourself and others too, he says to Twinkle that its enough of tears for today, he gives her tissue and ask her to wipe her tears, she emotionally looks at him, he says you dont look good while crying, Sajna ve plays, he leaves.

Scene 2
Manohar has called photographer, she is Sunny’s mom Mrs. Bhalla , Sunny(was Twinkle perspective groom whom Twinkle shooed away earlier) is there too,, Manohar says we want to frame a picture, Usha gives Twinkle’s picture, Sunny is shocked to see her picture and says Twinkle? he recalls how Twinkle said that she drinks alcohol etc, he faints there, driver takes him, Manohar ask Mrs. Bhalla what happened to her? Mrs. Bhalla says you wanna make this girl your daughter in law? she is not good, she has made my son mad, dont marry your son to her else he will become mad too, Manohar ask her to leave, she leaves, Usha ask her to think about this relation, Manohar says if i start listening people then there is no difference between me and cheap people, some people are just jealous, i have decided that Twinkle will become daughter in law of this so she will become. Mrs. Bhalla calls Anita and tells her that i have done your work, my son acted like mad but it didnt affect Manohar, he doesnt listen to others, he asked me to bring proofs against Twinkle, Anita says thank you for doing all this, we are telling truth only so that this relation break, you have done your work, now i will do my work, i promise i will take revenge for you amd me from that Leela, she ends call, Anita says to herself that Leela is flying so high but i will cut her strings, i will break this relation, i understand that Manohar doesnt listen to others but when i will give proof to him then he will break this relation in a minute.

Scene 3
Manohar family and Leela family are together, Raman is telling jokes, Leela says we will have many chances to joke, she says to Manohar that dinner plan was good, she ask where is Kunj? Anand says Kunj has habit of entering late, Usha says Kunj is very serious about work so he will return after finishing work, Pinni says even Twinkle return late when she goes out, Leela says to Manohar that we should appoint wedding planner, Manohar says i have already appointed wedding planner and she is best. Wedding planner comes outside house. Manohar says to Leela that she is modern, stylish and elegant and she perfectionist, she should be here any minute, planner enters in house and says i am here, all look at her, Twinkle is shocked to see her and says she Kunj’s love interest Alisha, Manohar welcomes Alisha, Nikki meets her too and says finally someone is here who has same class as me, Manohar says you talk to her later, he introduces Alisha to Leela, Raman, Nana, Pinni, Twinkle thinks that i must say she has style but she seem elder to kunj but it doesnt matter, Manohar introduces Twinkle to her, Alisha meets her and says you are Kunj’s would be bride, i must say you are pretty, Twinkle says you too, Twinkle thinks that Kunj’s gf has come too, now we all will get our love.
Twinkle calls Yuvi and says Kunj is always ahead, we are together for many years but cant meet openly and here kunj brought his girlfriend as wedding planner in house, now he will romance with her openly, he has gut, girl is hot, successful too, Yuvi says really he did that? Alisha comes there, Alisha congratulate Twinkle for marriage, Twinkle says dont act here, there is no one here, Alisha says i dont understand? Twinkle says Kunj must have said you to act, Alisha says why will he tell me to act? Twinkle says Kunj must have told you about deal, Alisha says i dont know about any deal, Twinkle says i dont understand this Kunj, if you and Kunj love each other then.. Alisha says how can you say that i love Kunj? i dont love him at al, there is nothing like that between us, she leaves,Twinkle is shocked, Yuvi listens all this on phone.

PRECAP- Kunj holds Alisha’s hand in his room. Usha reads that letter that I Twinke Taneja have some conditions that after marriage i will drink alcohol and i dont like kids so i will not have them after marriage. Yuvi says to Kunj on call that i give you one more chance, meet me at godown in half an hour, Kunj agrees, Twinkle is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Jaya

    Yovi is going to do something bad to kunj yovi needs to be patient and poor kunj does not know anything about this with yovi and twinkle ????????

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