Tashan-e-Ishq 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj shouts on Twinkle and says what you think of yourself? that you do everything correctly? such big thing happened and you didnt inform us, atleast you could have informed me but you think you are always right, you want to become great in everyone’s eyes, because of you we are in this trouble, my father’s respect is in trouble, Twinkle says i handled everything, i dont know how this happened, Kunj says what you handled? papa is in ICU, media is talking about us and you are swaying you handled it? Usha says why you are even talking to her? because of her Manohar is in ICU, Kunj says why you didnt tell me? because i would get angry on papa and would not talk to him? but atleast this situation wouldnt have come, Kunj says its about my father’s respect and as son i have

to maintain his respect and as wife you should never hide anything from me, Twinkle says i thought matter was solved so i didnt inform you, Kunj says whats solved? papa is in ICU. Usha comes to doctor and asks about Manohar, doctor says he had major heart attack and he fell in coma, till he doesnt come out of coma, we cant say anything, Usha feels dizzy, Babee says to Usha that you need to go home, they take Usha from there.
Kunj and Twinkle are in hospital, Twinkle asks Kunj what doctor said? Kunj doesnt answer. Kunj comes out of hospital, he sits in car, Twinkle says listen to me, Kunj drives away from there, Twinkle cries and says whatever i did was for to save Manohar’s respect, she cries and says comeback Kunj, i am sorry, Yuvi comes there and sees Twinkle crying, he says i told you Twinkle, Kunj will leave you crying and your Yuvi will come to you, you lost to me and my junoon(craze) won, what will you do now? he leaves, Twinkle cries on road. She sees a car coming towards, she says Kunj? she says i knew you would not leave me in middle of road like this, you would forgive me, you cant stay angry with me for long, she sees driver coming out of car, he says Kunj sent car to pick you up, Twinkle gets sad, she sits in car.
Anita says to family that i cant believe Twinkle can stoop so low, it need guts to leak your father in law’s pictures, i cant imagine Usha how you must be feeling, if we had not seen the video then we wouldnt know about Twinkle’s truth, Babee says shut up, did anyone see Twinkle’s face in video? then how can you blame her, Anita says i accept this but Twinkle knew about all this from start, if there was no twist then why she kept photos hidden? first she was behind kids of this house and now behind Usha’s husband, Babee asks her to shut up, Kunj comes there, Usha asks about Manohar, he says doctor has called tomorrow, Anita says i am sure Twinkle have done this, Kunj says you have problem with her from start but even you know Twinkle cant do anything like this, she has childishness but she cant do anything like this, Twinkle comes home, all look at her Usha gets angry, she says for what you came here? because of you my husband is fighting for life and you dont have shame to not show us your face, you dont have right to live here, just leave from here, she pushes her away, Babee comes there and says what are you doing? she is daughter in law of this house, she asks Twinkle to go to room, Usha says to Babee that i respect you alot but dont come inbetween this matter, Twinkle is my daughter in law and i have right on her, my decision is that Twinkle has to leave this house, Babee says as far as rights are concerned, i am elder to you and you have to listen my decision, Twinkle wont leave from this house, Usha says i cant go against you Babee so you have to decide either Twinkle will stay in this house or i will stay in this world, all are stunned, Usha takes knife in her hands, she says no one come near me else i will cut my nerves, she says you all decide if Twinkle should stay here or me, i will coutn till 10, she should leave before that, Babee says you cant blackmail us like this, leave this knife, Usha says i cant bear this girl in my house now, she starts counting 1..2..3..8.9.. Twinkle says stop Mummyji, she says to Usha that i will do as you say, if you want me to leave then i will but dont hurt yourself, i have always wanted happiness for this family, trust me i did everything to save Manohar, i beg you to leave knife, she takes knife from her and says if living here hurts you then i will leave, this house needs you specially Kunj, i am leaving, forgive me if you can, she sadly looks at Kunj, Babee cries. Twinkle starts leaving, she recalls how Kunj brought her home back with full respect, she looks at family, Kunj is in tears too, she recalls time spent with Kunj, their date, their marriage, Humari Adhuri Kahani plays, Twinkle leaves.

Scene 2
Anita and Yuvi tears Twinkle-Kunj’s marriage picture, Anita says finally this couple ended, i love that, they dont have idea that you are behind all this, i am super impressed, you used trump card, Yuvi says i am your son so i cant fail, Yuvi always win, Anita says i never thought that you can separate Kunj and Twinkle but you did great, you took my revenge, i am proud of you, Leela must be crying in some corner as her daughter’s home is broken, Yuvi says Twinkle cheated me so how could she be happy? Anita says her both daughters are destroyed, what about Mahi? she is of no use, Yuvi says i will handle her too, for now i have to celebrate, this day is happiest, i freed Twinkle from loser Kunj, everything is fair in love and war, sorry Jaan, he kisses Twinkle’s picture.
Kunj comes in his room, he recalls what happened today, he gets angry. Kunj opens cupboard and sees Twinkle’s clothes there, he throws them away and says why Twinkle? why you did this with me? we started trusting each other and you had to break it now, because of you my father is in ICU, i told you my family comes first to me, because of you they are in trouble, i dnt want to listen your voice, i dont want to see your face, he take off her photo frame from table.

PRECAP- In Mahasangam with Yeh Vaada Raha. Survi asks Twinkle about a thing, Twinkle says its snake’s den but whats its doing here, they open it and are shocked. Mahi comes to Yuvi and says you are drinking wine? you said that you dont drink, she takes glass from him, Yuvi says who the hell are you to take glass fro

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. hazel^bubbly^

    Am reallly really sad !!!!
    Though dis is a fictional thing I felt like bursting out crying watchingtdays epi…
    I am so very obsessed wid TEI..

  2. tara

    well guys if you want to get rid of twinkle just threaten to cut your wrists! anita, mahi and usha have all succeeded with this move…poor twinkle

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Feeling sad for twinkle….????
    This yuvi and anita ????????
    But i don’t get kunj ko bhi bharosa nhi hai twinkle pr…???

  4. Harshi

    Touching episode
    No matter how much I love Twinj
    I have to admit saying that Sarnas dont deserve Twinkle afterwards they are gonna beg Twinkle to come back I am gonna truly enjoy seeing that especially usha.

  5. kripa

    twinkle is again thrown out of the house? -_-
    that’s enough now…no matter how much she does for her family,it will never be enpugh for them…
    I just hate it when everyone keep slapping and insulting her -_-
    she should just leave that house forever because nobody respects her…ever her own father doesn’t trust her :/
    and btw,loved the precap….yuvi is misbehaving with mahi…may b slowly she will see her beloved husband’s reality -_-

  6. I don’t like kunj his behavior. You are a married man how can you put your family on the first place. And this usha,I Will throwing a big stone on her head

  7. ritu

    Feeling very bad for twinkle …i think she must had told to kunj earlier only……………now one more siyappa……..

  8. Simi

    I m jus waiting tats it coz d matter will solve but will take some tym . but twinj r ryt on their own sides . but twinkle did a mistake by not telling kunj . now d only hope is mahi , she only can save their relationship as we saw in d precap she herd UV saying that all shit . I hope she brings twinkle back soon………. Love twinj ?

  9. Anubha(Rakshita)

    Today’s episode was really emotional but today I m feeling lyk hitting kunj instead of Uv how cld he behave like did with twinkle…….now it would be a lesson for kunj if twinkle leaves him forever……and then he will realize her importance….. Nd precap is awesome as mahi will gradually come to know abt uv’s truth!!! Nd this kunj I m really annoyed with him☺☺☺

  10. Its partially fault of twinj only
    . Twinki shud hv told kunj earlier only & he shud also trust her a bit. He has already faced the consequences on yuvis memory loss wala case

  11. This is exactly what I said the other day. Kunj is right, twinkle should’ve told him. Twinkle is also right in a way, she tried her best to make the family happy but now they all hate her because of this. So sad

  12. sudha

    i think besides this melodrama they should go in search of truth who sent pic to twinkle,who is sending videos that showing twinkle as culprit kunj u believe ur twinkle na then go and find who is behind ur beloved wife and family dont be emotional and twinkle every time u supported ur family ,and go through same path of truth,u will get success and ur beloved kunj back friends, dont blame kunj yaar he is trusting her but upset with her if she said earlier then they had given a complaint or do something so that those photoes are not leaked and manohar being safe such a drama happend and she know every thing in before hand (when every thing will be in their hands),hw kunj feels what happens to his trust

  13. Fatarajo

    I hope Kunj understands soon that Yuvi is evil how can he just think that Twinkle did all this despite knowing Yuvi is yet to be exposed, so he should have at least supported Twinkle

  14. nayana

    O god ….. plz uv ki real face stupid mahike samne lavona….. & plz jaldi twincal ko inocent pru kijiye……… plzzzzzzzz

  15. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Zee writers n producers cam never see happy loving n joyous couples.tk so long to get together thrn boom one bullshit call back to wer they start? Just got back watching ti for K/T nw gggrrrrr.I stop n read only.

    • Fatarajo

      Hahaah lol bilkish ya zee tv shows will show like the awesomeest scenes in one week if a show and then show the wortst scenes in other week

  16. No words can describe my feeling toward Twinkle situation. It so bad to been put down by our love one’s!! Now I’m getting ONE MILLION PERCENT mad at KUNJ!!! What’s wrong with him. He reacted like he just knowing Twinkle although he know very well Twinkle won’t do such a thing…! If I was Twinkle, I will Slap Kunj 1000 times for insult her everytime she trying to explain her decision…., and I will Punch Usha 10,000 times for being such a stupid Mother-in-Law and lastly I will shot Lutra’s by Bazooka!!! HA…! That what I will do if I was Twinkle ????? ?????

  17. Plz…don’t bring the twist plz …because kunj start hating twinkle and twinkle in alone so….plz and s don’t make the serial dabba as u go father….. Plz.. Its a nice serial so plz don’t spoil it I read that in telly updates so….plz na…..

  18. For me, if Kunj kept blaming Twinkle like this, Then there no way I wanna support TWINKJ anymore !!! It should be call Twink only! There no need to kept such a weak and stupid husband in your life!!! Kunj, you Should Know that Everything Twinkle Did is for her family goods only! For Kunj, Stop insult Twinkle And start your Brain to work rapidly on finding the culprit Just Like Siddhart from Jamai Raja !!!! Be like Him, Kunj !!!!!

  19. While I was reading today’s episode I started hating kunj for his childish behaviour towards twinkle and it’s for the first time I didn’t like kunj . One thing I like about precap is yuvi ‘s part

  20. Lisa

    Kunj is the worst husband i ever seen in any serial he never support his wife in bad times n wats worst he lets yuvi plan success such a stupid serial

  21. prit

    Very sad episode of today kunj is really wrong i know that he us hurted by twinkle but he trown twinkles clothes i really felt bad kunj today u were disgusting. Now i think that twinkle should tech u a nice lesson when she will be proved innocent and precap was interesting now i think that mahi ko uv ki sachhaai pata chal jaaegi usha i just think that u will be sorry for today’s behavior after knowing that twinkle is innocent. And eagerly waiting for next episode

  22. prit

    Feeling very bad for twinkle no one is supporting her she is alone this is only becoz of uv i just hate u uv just get lost now ur time has been come when twinkle will expose u soon

  23. tara

    So what if she didn’t tell kunj about the blackmail…? Would it have made any difference? The outcome would have been the same…purvi would have been locked up and the video deleted. What would kunj do differently especially since no one knows yuvi is involved….kunj is just overreacting

    • muski

      yes tara i think d same and kunj shud also understand the situation of twinkle as he had also gone thru same pain during rt’s drama
      bt twinke forgave him so easily bt kunj cant why ???god knows

  24. Yes Carol Ann you’re right.Siddharth is a good husband. He always trust his wife and he support her also. Kunj is like abhi of kumkum bhagya.the writer of producers of zeetv don’t like married. They love only the villains.

  25. Stupid episode why is twinkle always have to be the one proving n pleasing thing to people and when done she alwayz end up being the most hurt one ….she need to speak up for her rights if i were amount i would left usha to get kill her damn stupid self she think she alone get right over that house it look like she forget that twinkle is kunj wife so that mean twinkle have every right over that house too twinkle n other shld let her kill herself at least one of twinkle haters will be gone……i just wish if manohar wake up and ask where twinkle is then some one shld tell that usha drive her out of the house because she usha think twinkle is responsible for his conditions then i want manohar to open his mouth on them and ask usha what right she have to drive twinkle to of his house n give kunj a mouthful for not trusting twinkle

  26. One thing i just can’t flipping understand why when Anita n yuvi talking bad thing n plotting evil thing how come no1 is not around to hear or see anything
    Kunj need to stop getting hyper n ovrreacting he is talking pure nothing at the of the episode u will see how he will regret it later when he will get to know the whole truth

  27. jaya singh

    Lisa i have to agree with you. What kind of a husband is Kunch? How could one blame his wife who tried to save her family and hide something to keep them from hurt. Twinkle is a good wife and daughter – in – law. Kunch nor his family don’t deserve her. She should leave. Kunch made yuvi looks like an angel because although twisted he still fought for his lady love while Kunch on the other hand left twinkle by the road side. Even a drunk husband wont leave his wife alone on the road side then send some other man to pick her up. Next he stood there like a wet chicken while his mother threw her out of the house and as if not enough he had a bunch of stuff and nonsense to say. He might as well find out the truth soon so he can suffer like a drowning rat.
    Even that wont be enough shameless husband he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ideal husband my foot!!!!!!!!
    Sidharth is a a husband every girl/ woman dream about Geeta.

  28. sheena

    I think twinkle shld have told kunj..afterall it was about his father..
    N why isn’t anyone paying any attention to that msg bcoz of which manohar got heart attack?????!!!

  29. arshi

    what this.. anything good should happen… always evil wins…

    guyz… click here and read my story u will like it


  30. Sofy

    Twinkle deserve this.. Bcz usko mahaan banne ka aadhath he.. In a relationship Sharing everything is important. And this is the matter of kunj s father

  31. Sarvat

    Shit yrr…??
    Feeling bad for Twinkle
    Lekin ab I thnk Mahi wilk do smthng 4 her sister☺☺
    Kunj ko Twinkle pe gussa ni hona chahie tha???

  32. Yaar guys how can blame kunjjjj. His popsi is in icu and the reason was shared b/w twinki and manohar only . he luvs her so he expected truth ! We just can’t give him clean chit of ABaD HUSBAND!!! We shus also use our brains instead of suggesting kunj to do so!!:-(

  33. prit

    I agree with tara and i also dis agree with sofy becoz usne isliye kunj ko nhi bataaya kyu ki uske dad or unke bich me pehele se hi problems chaalu thi or twinkle thought that kunj ne uske liye kitna kuch kiya toh ab meri baari h uske liye kuch krne ki isme twinkle ki koi galti nhi h

  34. Sony

    Ohh it was really very sad episode when all mater will be solved and twinki and kunj will be together.

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