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Scene 1
Caller says to Yuvi that if you want to save your wife then bring your mother Anita out of jail otherwise.. Yuvi says what? caller ends call, Yuvi says how did this man know all this? Yuvi comes out of house and says no one is here then how does man knows whats going inside? Yuvi gets call from client and says we want to give you contract for party in Mumbai, you were waiting for this contract, Yuvi ends call, yuvi says this seems mom’s plan so that i bring her out of jail but i wont let her succeed, he calls someone.
Babee says to Leela that dont know what has happened to Yuvi, he is not even talking to anyone, Kunj comes and asks if they got any news of Twinkle? Leela says dont know, Yuvi is not telling us anything, he wants to kdo everything alone, he says that he can jgo

to any extent for Twinkle but not telling us anything, i feel like if he has gone to meet Anita, Babee says she has made our lives hell, dont know what her new plan is, kunj says you mean anita Luthra? i read news that she was involved in Kunj’s murder, i am sorry but why did you allow Yuvi to go alone there? i think i should go there, he needs my help, Leea thanks him, he leaves.
Kunj and Yuvi are at home, Kunj says to family that police is here, tell them if Twinkle had any enemy or she fought with anyone, policeman says give us her photo too, he asks Yuvi when he talked to her last time, was she is disturbed? Yuvi is lost and not answering policeman, Kunj calls Yuvi out and asks what happened? Yuvi says sorry, what? he gets calls from unknown number again and gets tensed, he thinks that my worker has called, he might have got any info regarding Anita maa, i cant this here, he leaves from there to attend call. Babee says Yuvi is tensed for Twinkle thats why behaving like this, policeman says we will investigate, he leaves.
Yuvi talks to his man and says i talked to Anita’s men but no one told me about her plan, seems like she has given this work to someone outsider. Leela sees Yuvi talking with man and says seems like he is Yuvi’s man to find out Twinkle but why Yuvi is not telling anything to police? Yuvi says if mom’s team has not kidnapped Twinkle then who did it? someone throws note towards Yuvi and runs from there before Yuvi can catch him. Yuvi opens envelope and finds Twinkle’s mangalsutra in it, note reads that throw this boxer and police away and ksave your wife, you are busy with your men, if you dont understand then next time it will not be mangalsutra in envelope but something else. Yuvi says dont know who is doing this.
Kunj comes home and his hand is bleeding, Pallavi asks how this happened? Kunj says i was taking information about Twinkle, man came in my room and attacked me, he knows about this house well, he said that i dont understand anything and then he left, Yuvi thinks that man told me on call too that i dont understand anything, usha says who can do this? Babee says the one who kidnapped Twinkle, they must have got to know that Rocky is helping us thats why they attacked him too, she asks Rocky to go to his room and take rest, Pallavi says i will take him, Babee asks yuvi to call inspector and tells him that Rocky is being attacked, Yuvi nods. Rocky leaves, Leela stares Yuvi, all leave, Leela comes to Yuvi and says do you want to share anything with me? anything serious? Yuvi thinks that if i tell her about extortion call or note then she will get worried, i cant tell her, he says i am worried about Twinkle, Leela says i felt you went to meet someone outside, Yuvi says no i went to get some fresh air, Leela says okay and is tensed knowing Yuvi is lying.

Scene 2
yuvi comes in police station and is dressed as policeman, he says i thought after being in jail for so many years, you would change but you are still playing games and making Twinkle’s life hell, i will accept your all demands but will save Twinkle. Yuvi gets call , caller says bring Anita out of jail then we will take her, he ends call. yuvi says fine mom, you son is coming to meet you so get ready. He sees policemen busy, he throws gas cylinder in police station, everyone gets busy in trying to figure out what is happening. Yuvi sees anita in jail and coughing, she screams to save her, Yuvi puts mask on his face to be saved from gas, he comes to Anita’s jail and thinks that i cant become weak, she can go to any extent to get what she wants, she kidnapped Twinkle to get out of here, i will do it your way mom. He steals kkey of her cell and starts opening it, she asks who is there? yuvi opens jail and thinks that if saving Twinkle requires to release you then be it, i just hope Twinkle comes back home safe, he opens Anita’s cell to free her.
At home, Yuvi thinks that its been 3hours since i released mom, why did Twinke not return till now? Babee says to Yuvi that why did you not tell inspector that Rocky was being attacked? Yuvi says i forgot it, Babee says i know you are tensed, i told police everything. Usha sees on new tv that Anita is being released by someone from jail, everyone sees it, Babee says this witch ranaway from from jail, Yuvi is tensed, Babee says what if Anita has kidnapped Twinkle? Usha says now she will try to destroy our lives, she will do anything to take revenge, Leela says first we have to kfind who released her from jail, who is behind all this, she asks Yuvi if he knew Anita was released from jail? Yuvi stammers and says dont worry, i will find out, if my mom has done this then i wont spare my mom, i will bring back Twinkle, Leela says i know you care for Twinkle, you wont let anything happen to kher but you know your mom, she can do anything to take her revenge, she can go to any extent, if we dont tell police then how will they help us? we have to tell them everything then they will be able to help us, you are understanding what i am saying? Rocky says police will be coming here soon and i am sure, yuvi will cooperate with them, Rocky eyes him, Yuvi thinks that this is such a mess, i cant share it with anything, ki cant take one step kwrong as it will increase threat on Twinkle.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What’s the precap?…..

  2. ???Carol Ann ???

    I know for sure that this is all Rocky evil tricks and PallaCheap is the Mastermind behind all this mess. I felt pity toward Yuvi but I can’t lied to myself, I adore Twinkle to be with Kunj, and whoever replaced Kunj place, I will be at his side because I don’t want Kunj character to died easily….

  3. ab ye show pura bekar ho geya…boring and so much disgusting…

  4. Precap-Bebe,usha and leela got yuvi’s letter from anita.They became angry and shocked.And they thinks of something.
    I think that after twinkle will know that yuvi had freed his mom from jail then she will break her friendship from yuvi and reveals all the truth infront of her family and kunj that they were just acting infront of everyone for being like a good husband and wife.Then kunj will realise her mistake and reveals his truth infront of everyone.Then there will be twinj reunion.
    I want this to be happen.

  5. I mean then kunj will realise his mistake.

  6. I think when the truth comes out twinkle is gonna realise how much yuvi care about her he released his criminal mom from jail just for her but before I think will be some misunderstanding I felt sorry for yuvi he’s doing good deeds but getting nothing in return

  7. Is Siddhartha performing in jhalak because,i didn’t see his promo on colors TV.

  8. Good drama

  9. Maybe it’s pallavi and Anita behind the misunderstanding.. Probably kunj is also not aware of that..

  10. Manny

    What I dun understand is that why rocky is awfully calm. I know he tried to help them to find her. But I didn’t see him being sad or upset over twinkle’s disappearing. Afterall he still loves her. I rly dunno what thoses cuz are upto.

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