Tashan-e-Ishq 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle says I knew you can never change so I fixed a camera in your room, yvi. Now everyone will know that you destroyed those photos. This time i will see the video first and expose you in front of my sister. Your game is over.

Leela says to Kunj that Yuvi will destroy Twinkle’s life and Twinkle will keep trying to protect Mahi, he should take Twinkle away from all this, he should shift abroad, Kunj says Twinkle will not agree, Leela says you have to take her from here.
Anita comes to Twinkle and says it was me who had put dry fruits in kheer and burned photos, i wanted Mahi to think that you will create problems between mahi and Yuvi so they will part ways but i got worried about recording, Twinkle says i didnt do anything recording, i wanted to trap Yuvi but

you came to get recording instead, Anita says but its good that i came here, you also want to break Yuvi and Mahi, Twinkle says i dont think Yuvi deserve my sister. Anita says and i dont think your sister is good for my son, we both want one thing so we should shake hands? Twinkle says but you and me? Anita says our mission is one, its better to be two than one.
Leela says to Kunj that take Twinkle away from here, i will handle Mahi, Twinkle is all the time thinking about Mahi, Yuvi will destroy her life, i will take care of Mahi but Twinkle have seen many problems in life and only you can bring happiness in her life, please take her away, she cries, Kunj asks her to not cry, he will take Twinkle away.
Twinkle says to anita that even if i have to shake hands with you to save my sister then i will, Anita says great, now you just keep listening to my plan and Mahi will herself break her marriage with Yuvi, she tells her plan to Twinkle(which is muted), Twinkle asks if she is sure? Anita says till now only i knew about Yuvi’s this secret but now you know it too, Twinkle says i will be with you to save my sister and i am sure after knowing this secret of Yuvi, mahi will break up with him, Anita agrees.
Its morning, Yuvi comes in house and says i did everything to take revenge for my mom but now it will be my revenge, Twinkle you and your family did everything to destroy my life, you had to make me runaway but now its my time, i will make you away from everyone, it will be Twinkle and Yuvi in future, let the game begin.
Yuvi comes in house, he sees Leela coming in hall and hides behind staircase, Leela go from stairs but doesnt see Yuvi. Yuvi comes out, he comes in Mahi’s room and sees her dress on bed, he says i am sorry but today i will insult you so much infront of family that they will be helpless and will themselves agree to make me marry you. Mahi comes out of shower, Yuvi drags her closer, they share eyelock, Titli song plays, Yuvi says you are beautiful, no you are gorgeous, he pulls her closer, Mahi says you never did this before, Yuvi says its your magic, you look so good in wet hair, i couldnt control myself, i love you, i wish these two years pass faster, Mahi pushes him away and says leave me, Yuvi gives her shopping bag and says i bought gift for you. Mahi sees its a short dress, Yuvi says i wanna see you in this dress, do this for me, Mahi says how can i wear this dress? i never wore these kind of dresses, Yuvi says people are right, i dont know you well, i have no right on you, when i will marry you infront of everyone then i will have right on you, Mahi says dont say like this, we are married and you have right on me, i will try this dress for you but i wont go out wearing this dress, Yuvi agrees, she goes to change, Yuvi waits and says Taneja family’s respect will be gone now.
Kunj comes to Twinkle and thinks how to ask her, he says to Twinkle that i made coffee for you, Twinkle asks if she is seeing dream? Kunj says let it be, i will drink it, she says i was just surprised, she takes coffee from him, he thinks how to ask her, Twinkle asks him to sit down, its his house afterall, Kunj says whats going on in life? Twinkle is surprised and asks if he wanna ask something? Kunj says we should go to Switzerland? Twinkle thinks that did he see me watching honeymoon packages? Kunj says we should go out before my exams, Twinkle thinks that we cant share one room and he is asking about going out, Kunj says we should spend time. Twinkle asks with me? he says yes, Twinkle thinks if Kunj is in right frame of mind? what he is asking for? and why i have goosebumps in my tummy? Kunj says if you want to go to some warm place then we can go to Kenya etc, Twinkle says i will think, she leaves, Kunj says i couldnt ask her that we should shift to canada, but why was she behaving as if i was asking for honeymoon?

Scene 2
Mahi comes out of changing room in red short dress, she calls out to Yuvi, he looks at her and acts mesmerized, she is shy.
Some guests come to Leela’s house, they say to Leela that you called us to meet your younger daughter, she says i didnt, they say we will go then but Leela stops them and says its good that you people came.
Yuvi comes to Mahi, Mahi says this dress is very.. Yuvi says its very s*xy, you look stunning Mahi, beautiful, Mahi looks at him in surprise. Leela calls out Mahi’s name and says my friends have come to meet you, come down. Mahi says to Yuvi that what will i do now? they will know that i am here with you, maa is calling me down, what should i do? Yuvi thinks that i did my work by calling these aunties here, now they will make big issue here and i will just watch it.
One lady says to Leela that we will go to her room, its like our own house, Pinni says true, let me show you her room.
Mahi says to Yuvi that you have to hide somewhere, mom should not see you, she tries to find place to make Yuvi hide there, Yuvi pulls her back and purposely falls on bed with her, Leela and aunties enter the room, they are shocked, Leela calls out Mahi’s name, Pinni says OMG, one lady asks whats happening?

PRECAP- Twinkle asks Kunj to wish her luck, he says i need to talk to you, she says i have important work, wish me luck, he does and says i need to talk to you, she says i will come back then we will talk, Kunj pulls her closer, Sajna ve plays, he comes closer to her cheeks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Who cares about Yuvi and Mahi 😛

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    twinj r just the best :*

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  13. I want twinj to shift but i dont think they will

    1. Ankita(twinj lover)

      Hi akanshika 😉 😉

  14. I think there will be something very wrong as leela is feeling something bad to happen…aurr yeh twinkle …is she a fool….Anita pe blv kr lia ..ab Anita ptaa nae twinkle sath kyaa kre ge..

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  17. Rishel sid bieber

    Wow precapos de bst…i m vry exited… bt 2dya epi is nt bad..

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    I hope Kunj succeed in his mission to bring Twinkle out of Yuvi sigh because my feeling says that Anita is up to something with his son based on previous experience….. 🙁 🙁
    Lets Pray For Our Twinkle Taneja Sarna .

  22. Rishel sid bieber

    I dn’t thnk li twiki nd kunj kbhi bahar ja peyenge..bcz of uv???????..goa me bhi snti se usne santi un dono ko honymn bhi manane nho diya..nd twinkle bhi nahi jayegi syad bcz aab usne jo villion ke haath mila li he aapni behen ke liye.. offf ooo twinkle kyu sab tnsn 2m apne sar par le leti hoo aur..apne tahsn e sadi pr toh cncntrte kro..besara kunj 2mhe ktni imprtnce deta hai 2mhe aur 2m ho ki………….
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  24. Ankita(twinj lover)

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  25. Ankita(twinj lover)

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