Tashan-e-Ishq 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle is enjoying party and dancing, she feels dizzy, Yuvi and Kunj are tensed. Yuvi asks Twinkle if she is fine? Kunj says this is not right place for you, lets go from here, Twinkle says who are you to tell me that? why should i keep listening to everyone? i want to live like free bird, i used to live like that earlier, Twinkle was free bird, i will live like that, leave now, she pushes him away and continues to dance. The boys who spiked her drink comes on dance floor and approaches Twinkle, its dark on dance floor, they takes Twinkle from there before Kunj and Yuvi can see them.
Boys bring Twinkle in corner of bar, she says i will call manager, boys says you have habit of two boys, come with us, Twinkle tries to beat them but then hold her and tries to take her from there.

Yuvi and Kunj are finding Twinkle. Twinkle shouts Kunj.. Yuvi.. Kunj says to Yuvi that Twinkle is in some problem, they are finding here. Waiter who gave her spiked drink is tensed, Yuvi notices it and says you seem off, he says i dont know anything, Yuvi says tell me truth else i will punch you.
Boys pin Twinkle to couch, one boy takes off his shirt to molest Twinkle, Twinkle says please let me go, they try to molest her. Yuvi comes to store room of bar, Kunj comes there too, they look around for Twinkle. Kunj asks what you are doing here? where is Twinkle? Yuvi says i am finding her, Kunj says what this is this new trick? Yuvi says i am trying to find her, i listened she was calling me, she is in trouble, Kunj says Twinkle called me, i heard it, Yuvi says did you try to save her? no you were busy to follow me, Kunj holds his collar and says what did you do? did you find her? Yuvi says atleast i am searching her, you are wasting time, Sonia comes there and says did you find Twinkle? i need you help, Kunj says i cant stand you Yuvi but we have to do this together, Yuvi says only for Twinkle, Yuvi says lets ask waiter, he must know, they leave.
Boys are trying to molest Twinkle, one boy says you wanted to touch us, now touch. Yuvi comes there and says as you wish, Kunj comes there too, Kunj and Yuvi beats boys, both say how dare you touch my wife, Kunj says how dare you touch my wife? Yuvi says you touched my wife? Sonia says what is this? two handsome boys and both your husband? you really need a holiday, manager throws boys out, Yuvi gives water to Twinkle, Kunj says Yuvi this all happened because of you, lets go Twinkle, Yuvi says Twinkle will go with me, Kunj says you lived my life for 5years in my house only with my wife, Yuvi says your wife? whom you left because of a small misunderstanding? Kunj says Twinkle is mine, Yuvi says she is my wife, Twinkle says enough, you both dont understand that i am running away from you both to get space, to get peace, Yuvi says Twinkle just clear that i am your husband, Kunj says yeah right thats why you were her friend only for 5years, Twinkle says stop it, Kunj says lets go home with me, she says no, Kunj says you are choosing Yuvi? she says no, i am not choosing either of you, Kunj says whom you are choosing then? Twinkle says i am choosing myself, i dont choose anyone, Yuvi says you have to atleast choose one of us, this is not fair, Twinkle says why i have to choose one guy? yes because i am a girl and i cant live for myself, i have to be someone’s wife to live right? am i some disputed property that you both are fighting for? enough, now i will live life as per my terms, neither i am Yuvi’s wife now Twinkle Sarna, i am just Twinkle Taneja, and i will live life according to my terms from now on, i am a free person now and i will live like that, i dont want any restrictions, she leaves, Yuvi and Kunj are tensed.
Sonia says to Twinkle two husbands? Twinkle says my life has played twisted game with me, problem is that we girls are taught to give priority to husband and his family but we have to deal with our problems ourselves, nobody gives you priority but we understand our problems and have to fight, like i have got to know too what i want in life.
Kunj and Yuvi are sadly sitting in bar. Tai song plays, Kunj recalls his time with Twinkle. Yuvi recalls his time with Twinkle.
Its morning, Usha and Pallavi are working in kitchen, Usha says its good that you came here, i enjoy time with you, where did you go? you saved so much for Kunj, you saved his life, left your job for him and we couldnt say thank you to you, Pallavi says you are like my mother, dont say thanks, Twinkle and Kunj met after years so i thought to give them space, when is Kunj coming back? Usha says he will come soon.
Pinni shows Yuvi and Twinkle’s pictures to Raman and says i have made this collage for them, i will gift them when they comeback, Yuvi and Twinkle are perfect couple, Yuvi almost gave life for her, love should be like that. Raman shows her Kunj and Twinkle’s pictures, he says there is someone aside from Yuvi, he is nice and good man, Kunj loves Twinkle, they look good together, Pinni says if its about looks then we wouldnt have got married, Yuvi and Twinkle are perfect, Raman says Kunj and Twinkle are perfect. Leela comes there and asks what is happening? Raman and Pinni shows collages to Leela, Pinni says mine is good, Raman says see mine is good, Leela says both are good but i dont think Twinkle will like either of them, Pinni says no problem, i know what Twinkle will like, we will make new collage, we will have her solo pictures in it, she will like it, Leela gets tensed thinking it.
Kunj comes to Sarna house, he says to family that Twinkle is still miffed, Babee says where there is love, there cant be anger for much time, she will be fine, she cant live without you for much time, Usha says to Kunj that no need to bear her tantrums, why you are running behind her when she doesnt care? Kunj says its not about tantrums, i have destroyed her life, i cant ask her to forget everything suddenly, i can give her time if she wants that, Usha says we never agreed on topic of Twinkle and its still same, Kunj leaves, Pallavi says i will make him understand, she thinks that i will make Kunj understand in such a way that he wont like to see Twinkle’s face again, my mission is to separate them.

PRECAP- Yuvi tells Leela that my man has given information that that Sonia is a drug vendor and she is going to do something big in city college. Twinkle is in car with Twinkle. Kunj is sitting in his car near their car but doesnt see them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Twinkle is in a car with Twinkle? What is this nonsense ? We will meet with Twinkle twin in the next episode? Two Twinkle… LOL

    1. typing mistake tw is with soniya in the car:-D

    2. Elena Persaud


  2. Hi!I’am new here.Hai all tei fans no my tei frnds.Nice to meet u all the TWIRAJ & TWINJ fans.I’am a daily viewer of tei and a mad fan of SIDMINAIN/TWIRAJNJ.All day I read ur comments and ff.I’am a silent reader.It’s great.But now I think I’am a part of urs.I feel I got so many frns.Can I join na?

  3. Nice eps.I want this poor YUVIE who make me cry.As a dieheart ZAIN fan I love it and TWINKLE I support ur decision and speech.U speak for girls.Nice precap after many days. Guys pls support tei.Miss u SIDHU a lot.In Kunj’s memmories u r stunning SIDHU.Miss SIDMINAIN combination a lot.

  4. Day by day this serial is becoming worst. Realy miss u sidhant only u r the best one no one else. Plz sid come back we all miss u so much.

  5. Barbie welcome and we can surely join and I’m also a big fan of #yule they are so adorable love uv tw and l love this show too

  6. This episode is so nice but what does twinkle meet twinkle mean? Neva mind maybe typu

  7. Twinkle plzzzz choose yuvi….he z d right guy for u


    Right decision taken by Twinkle…. she need to find who is she actually and taking decision in hurry will only ruin 3 lives…

  9. I think it’s a typo. Its should be that new gurl named Sonia instead of twinkle.
    Ofc u can join to this convo barbie hun :333
    I hope yulve will be the end game.

  10. I have a feeling that selfish usha will convince kunj to leave tw and marry pallavi.dumb lady.wo kaise bul sakhte hai Apni beta wapass mila sirf tw ki wajase.I think she has bulne ki bimari:@

    1. Nrk may your words be true kunj should be away from my yule and marry whoever he wants I only want yule I don’t like kunj nowadays he’s too annoying

  11. y still they are showing our bunny. even in the collage made by raman sid’s pic was there. these cvs are trying to hurt our emotions. I starts to cry whenever they show sid.I really miss him as kunj :'(

  12. Siddddddd I really miss you as Kunj. Come back please. We accept only you ? ?

  13. Ameesha narein

    Hi Barbie, welcome.ot great having you around.oh and I hope u like yuvi because if you like kunj aka naman u are going to sorry ??

  14. sid ki flashbacks dekhake ye log hume aur v pain dete hain..???thank god kunj ki character ko ye log samajhdar bana dia..now pallavi will try to create prblms between twinj.actually in this way she will bring them closer..?but now faltu me hi show ko khichenge college wala drama show karke…bakwas..?without sid sab faltu and bakwas…

  15. Sid plzzzzzz come back plźzzz we miss u

  16. Boring….

  17. Plz sid come back,missing you very badly.
    I feel very sad when they show the flashback of sid.or
    Plz reunite twinj.Why twinkle is not choosing kunj.If she have to be alone then what was the need of bringing rocky real identity infront of all.
    I also think that pallavi will bring twinj closer by her cheap and evil things.
    Waiting eagerly for twinj reunion.

  18. Hai,Allisha,Manny and Ameesha.Thank u so much.Allisha it’s for u-I replied sunday for ur comment and Twinkle is in car with Sonia.Hope it clear? Ok?I never want to destroy ur trust. Ameesha it’s for u-I like Naman.But I only watch tei for ZAIN.He is my most favourite actor and YUVLE is my heartbeat.Now can I shake hand with u? Manny it’s for u-Thanks for supporting me and I also hope YUVLE will end the game.I’am waiting for that and ZAIN told that na? The show started with Yuvle and end with YUVLE.Bye guys.Have a nice day.

  19. Hey Samiarahman yr how can u be so sure about that they bring kunj and twinkle close becoz mane sona h ki uv bhi collage main ek nay look m aayga or ho sakhta h ki vo twinkle close aay.

  20. Hai everyone,, in this whole serial only stupid and selfish lady i see is usha, she dont have brain at all.. and i support twinkles decision. Kunj deserve it and hope twinkle wil feel uv’s love and select him at the end

    1. Hi shadi I’m totally with you yuvi and twinkle should be together and how long will she take to feel yuvi’s love. ? Yuvi once said that his story started with twinkle and will end with her I hope they don’t break our hearts again and unite yuvi with twinkle they are the only reason why I watch this meaningless show

  21. Miss u sid, he is shining in jalak.

  22. Plz God Twinkle Yuvi ko choose kar de

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