Tashan-e-Ishq 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Twinkle is with Yuvi, she says to Yuvi that there is nothing between her and Kunj, they have done deal that till 3months they will extend this alliance then at time of marriage, they will back out, Yuvi ask if Kunj will back out or not? Twinkle says i will make you talk to Kunj then you will know about deal.
Kunj looks at his girlfriend’s picture and says i want you to come here so that mom can meet you, Twinkle calls him and says that Yuvi is with me so tell him about our deal, Kunj says to Yuvi that your girlfriend is saying right, Kunj thinks that Yuvi doesnt trust his gf, i should teach him lesson, Kunj says to Yuvi that she asked him so i am saying about deal, there is no deal from my side as i believe in emotions and love, i will marry Twinkle and why not, she is

very hot, Yuvi is about to break phone, Twinkle stops him and ask what happened? Yuvi says that Kunj is very cheap, he is saying there is no deal between you both, Twinkle says he must be joking as he love someone else too, he will himself tell you about deal, dont worry.
Anita says to Leela that this club’s owner died so i bought this club from his wife, Anita says to Leela that you are important member of this club so you will follow my rules, she says i have bought this club for 50crores, i have one deal to finalize which is of 500crores, let me do it here first, dealers says to Anita that we are sorry, we dont want to do this deal with you, we will do deal with Leela, its business decision, your and her share price were same but now she is Manohar’s relative so her share value has increased and we changed our decision, they ask Leela will she do deal with them? Leela says ofcource, talk to my manager Bedi, Bedi leaves, Leela says to Anita that this is loss, you bought this club for 50crores and i got deal of 500crores easily and you follow your rules because Leela make rules not follow them, i am resigning from this club, she leaves, Anita thinks so much insult, i will destroy her.

Scene 2
Pinni is dancing in house, Raman ask what are you doing? Pinni says i am praciting for Twinkle’s marriage, i am best in dance so i will cheorograph it, Nana comes and says you cant do it, i promised Preeto to do it, Preeto says no dont take tension for me, let Pinni do it, Raman’s daughter says we should toss coin, Nana tosses coin in air but it doesnt come back, Leela comes and says Pinni and Preeto can cheorograph together, all agree.
Manohar is looking at Roka pictures, he finds Twinkle’s picture and says to Usha that this is best picture, we should frame it, he ask why you are making weird faces? your son who cant even wear proper clothes and i have selected such a nice girl for him, Twinkle comes there and greets them, Manohar ask something important? Twinkle says i wanna meet Kunj, i want to talk to him, Usha says this is not good, you should not meet before marriage like this, Manohar says they are going to marry, he ask Twinkle to go in his room, Twinkle thanks and leaves, Manohar says to Usha that you will never say no to Twinkle, do as what she say, she is very lucky for this house.
Twinkle comes to Kunj and ask why you didnt tell about deal to Yuvi, Kunj says i was not in mood, i dont like your boyfriend, he has so much ego, i dont need to explain anything to him, he is your boyfriend so you explain to him, Twinkle says dont say a word against him, Kunj says i said what i wanted, Twinkle says Yuvi is best, you wont understand, Kunj says why should i understand he is not my boyfriend, i am straight, Twinkle says you think so high of himself, Twinkle records video that i Twinkle Taneja accept that i have a deal with Kunj that we will do all marriage rituals but will back out from marriage at last minute, she ask Kunj to record video too, i have to give proof to Yuvi, Kunj ask her to say sorry for teasing him before, she says sorry, he ask her to say it loud, is screams sorry in his ears, he says fine, she says record video now, Kunj says i am not in mood, Twinkle says whats this drama? record it now else i.. Kunj holds her tightly and says dont give warnings, i will not record anything, do whatever you can, Twinkle says you will record at any cost, Twinkle leaves.
Manohar ask Kunj why he is not agreeing to Twinkle’s talk, Kunj ask you know about it(deal)? Manohar says yes i know everything, do what Twinkle is saying, Kunj says this means Twinkle told you everything? Twinkle says i told uncle that you are not helping me in my college’s play rehearsal, Manohar ask Kunj to help her, Twinkle thinks now his attitude will go away, Twinkle gives script to Kunj and ask him to say it, Twinkle reads her lines that i love my boyfriend and Kunj loves his girlfriend so we have deal, we will not marry, Kunj reads lines that i have deal witk Twinkle, we will do all rituals then we will break this marriage, Manohar listens this.
PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that you do whatever you want i am going away from you, Twinkle says no i wanna spend my life with you only, Anita says to herself that she insulted me alot, now i will how this marriage will happen.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that you do whatever you want i am going away from you, Twinkle says no i wanna spend my life with you only, Anita says to herself that she insulted me alot, now i will how this marriage will happen.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. narendran

    Guys I heard news that yuvraj Is doing this my his mom saying to destroy lella..if twinkle know about this truth will she fall for kunj???

    • When he said he made a promise to someone, I knew it was his mother. From that day onwards I didn’t want him to marry Twinkle. I also didn’t understand him telling his mother he got Twinkle drunk. If his mother hates that family, he would never discuss going over there at all. Anyway, the deal between Kunj and Twinkle will make them get married, they won’t be able to back out.

  2. Jaya

    I don’t understand why twinkle don’t love kunj he is so hot well yogi is not that bad but kunj rule?❤️?

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