Tashan-e-Ishq 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yuvi says to Pranav that dont force me to bring older Yuvi back, he holds Pranav’s collar and asks him to tell about Anita. Twinkle is sitting on floor and busy in preparing something. A decoration piece is about to fall on her but Yuvi sees this and runs, he comes to Twinkle and pulls her away in time, decoration piece falls on floor, Twinkle falls on top of Yuvi, she angrily looks at him, all family members see this, Twinkle gets off from top of Yuvi. Yuvi asks Twinkle if she is fine? Twinkle slaps Yuvi hard and says how dare you touch me? why you keep following me? why dont you leave me alone? Yuvi says Twinkle Taneja enough is enough, you said i listened everytime but you are behind my life now, you think that i dont have any other than you? i have many things to do other than

following you, and i today touched as i wanted to save you, cant you see decoration? it was about to fall on you, you could have gone to hospital, Twinkle says i didnt ask you save me, it was better to go to hospital, stay away from my life, Yuvi says you are right for first time, i will stay away from your life, he starts leaving. Pranav says to Yuvi that why you keep torturing me? i dont know where your mom is but you dont listen, if you try to warn me about your mother again then i will complain in police about you, he leaves. Twinkle thinks that it means he came to find out about Anita, he wasnt following me, Twinkle says to Babee that lets leave from here, she leaves with her family, Yuvi looks on.
Nurse asks Kunj to eat medicine but he doesnt take it, Pallavi thinks that if he remains disturb then he wont recover, she comes to Kunj and says this hospital is boring, lets go out.
All family members are at dining table, Twinkle comes and says it was hectic day today, she asks Usha to sit, she will serve food, Usha says i will eat food in room, she leaves, Manohar says i will eat in room too, he leaves. Twinkle asks Babee if she also thinks that i called Yuvi there? Babee says you didnt eat anything today, eat something, Twinkle thinks that i am trying to control things but its going to worst, i wish Kunj was here with me.
Pallavi brings Kunj to children ward, she says to kids that we have new member in our gang, Kunj’s whole face is covered with bandage, kids shakes hand with him and asks what happened to him? Pallavi says he is little injured, he will be fine. Pallavi serves food and drinks to kids. She says to Kunj that these kids are so cute but they dont have much time left, they have serious health issues, some have life threatening issues, these candies which they are eating is their medicines, but can you any tension on their faces? they always smile, if they can do it then why cant you? whatever it is, it is today, this moment only, its on you how much you make out of this moment, she keeps hand on his shoulder, Kunj nods.
Yuvi is at terrace of his home. He sees two man climbing Twinkle’s house and going in, he says who are they? he tries to call Twinkle but she doesnt pick call, he says i have to go there. Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s rooms after climbing wall. He asks Twinkle to wake up, Twinkle wakes up from sleep and says you? he says dont shout, i saw robbers in your house, Twinkle shouts Babee, mummy, papa come here, Yuvi says let me catch thieves then you can fight with me, Yuvi keeps hand on her mouth and says let me see where they are hiding. Manohar, babee and Usha comes to Twinkle’s room, Manoahr breaks door, he says you? how dare you come to my daughter in law’s room? he slaps Yuvi, Yuvi says listen to me, i saw someone coming here, Manoahr doesnt listen and beat him, Usha thinks that first Twinkle freed Yuvi from jail, then called him to wedding, then he is in her room at night? i think something is fishy. Manohar is beating Yuvi, Yuvi sees thieves hiding in cupboard, he pushes away Manohar and brings out thieves, he starts beating thieves, they beat Yuvi too, Manohar fights with them too. Yuvi asks Twinkle to call police, thieves try to run with Kunj’s medal, Usha says his medal, they are taking away it, Yuvi runs behind thief and brings medal back, he gives Usha medal and asks Manohar if he is fine? he says i came here just because i saw someone coming in house, i didnt have any other intention, Yuvi’s hand is injured, Yuvi says to Twinkle that if you want to take responsibility of your family then use your mind, smartness it needed too, please lock your balcony before sleeping and keep your phone with you, he leaves from there. Manohar, Usha, Twinkle are embarrassed.

Scene 2
Pallavi comes to Kunj and says seems you want to get fine and go from here, you dont like our company? you want to reach to one who you are missing, she says to Kunj that your Twinkle is really unique, she is very strong, she can go to any extend to protect her family, you are lucky.
Twinkle says to Chinki that Usha is miffed with me, once i find Anita then i can send her to jail and will pacify Usha too but i just want one clue to find her.
Yuvi gets calls from someone and says what? you got to know about mom? he notes address. He says mom your son is coming.
Yuvi comes out of his house, he says on call that mom’s address is found. he strikes with Twinkle, they stare each other, some people start taunting them, one man says that are lovers, Yuvi tries to beat them but Twinkle says to Yuvi that i can handle my matters, she picks up stones and says to men that what are you saying? you wanna get beaten up by me? men say sorry and run from there. Yuvi says Twinkel tigress in full form, Twinkle says what were you talking on call? where is your mom? Yuvi says this is my and my mom’s matter and if you dont want me interfere in your matters then dont interfere in my matters, Twinkle says this is not your matter anymore, you cant handle your mother, i have already seen that, she has taken away my Kunj, i am not able to live without him, i will come with you to find her, Yuvi says no, you are not understanding, my mom is very dangerous, she wont do anything with me but she can harm you easily, Twinkle says i am not scared of her, i will come with you, Yuvi says i can do this alone, you are not coming with me, he leaves, Twinkle says you wont take me with you easily but i wont move back, i will follow you.
Yuvi sits in his car. Twinkle hides in car’s back trunk. Yuvi comes to some place, Twinkle comes out from back of car too. Yuvi sees house and says mom lives here, i have already called police, i have to wait for them. Yuvi says seems like Anita is inside, i wont leave her today.

PRECAP- Twinkle comes in house and sees Anita eating food, she says this woman have brought storm in my life and sitting here peacefully? i wont spare her, she says to Anita that you are caught, Anita is stunned to see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. please update fast

  2. Koi mje btayega kunj kon h imn naya ya apna sid bhai..actvaly mje choti behen ne btaya ki us ke ankhe sid bhai se milte h vrna mene kb ka tei chod diya tha….i really miss u bhaya.plz come back…

    1. Kal se jisko kunj ki jaga dikhitye vo sid nahi uska body double hai

  3. It seems like pavill or what the hell is her name want kung cause i can’t see why she keeping him from famaily kung hart beats only for twinkle and twinkle hart only beats for kung.

  4. ohhh seems like precap is nice but twinkle shld not get in any other prblm

  5. missing those lovely days of twinj.very sad how they turned a good story into worst one.is there is any effect on trp as many has stopped watching the show

  6. Thanks atiba for ur written update. 🙂

  7. Oh God When Kunj(Sid) will come back ??? Is Sid coming back or not plzzz confirm??? I wnt to see Twinj together… Dnt make TEI boring plzzz…

    1. No sid will not come back….then in wikipedia

  8. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    boring track ever.. .:-(:-(

  9. I want to see sidmim

  10. I really like it todays episode. Cause always they beat uv but today uv speak up fr himself. I hope usha will understand uv and twinkle. Really love uv positive role.and I think that new kunj is rafi malik . Hope he will do best as kunj.

  11. For once yuvi is talking and defending himself in

  12. Yuvle ki deewani

    F*** off new kunj uv z much much btr thn rafi i alws lv yuvl

  13. awesomeeeeeeee epi

  14. Rafi malik or whatever his name is,is so not anything like Sid because I heard his voice!?????????btw I already stopped watching tei…just reading comments?

  15. please change the display picture of written updates I feel so sad seeing the pictures without sid.I want a dp with sidmin and zain

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