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Thanks to our visitor, Zai, here’s the update.

Epi starts with Yuvi coming back home and calling out Twinkle.
Yuvi- twinkle, where are you?
He said that the Mumbai manager was quite impressed by him. He continued to call her but no answer.
He started to get worried and searched for her but didn’t find her
He went to Usha whi was in the kitchen and asked about twinkle.
She tells him that if twinkle is not at home the. She must be at Gurudwara and he leaves for gurdhwara

Rocky’s office:
He was angrily throwinbg a ball against the wall. Pallavi watches him.
Rocky says: that even after going to his house, he doesn’t feel at home like before.
And again throws the ball angrily.

yuvi has become the son of the family and whenever i am near twinkle i get angry ( i am not sure about what he says)
Pallavi: relax kuni, you have to control yourself. This fight is not a small one, it’s a long fight, at this time we cannot lose our patience
Rocky continued to throw the ball.

Yuvi prayed and then searched for twinkle. He spot a girl and misunderstood her to be twinkle, he went to her.
He pat her shoulder but he saw that it was not twinkle and apologize to the girl.
Yuvi, woriedly, called twinkle but no answer. He gets more worried and then left thinking that twinkle might have left to go home.

Sarna house:
Leela called out twinkle. Yuvi comes there and Leela asked him about twinkle. She said that she has been continuously calling her but she didn’t answer. She had to tell her something about license renewal or something like that.

Yuvi says that he went to Gurdhwara but she was not there, Leela says that she might have gone for license renewal office.
Yuvi says he will call her, leela stops him and said that she has been trying since long but twinkle didn’t answer
Yuvi says this girl is impossible
He assures Leela and tells her not to worry. And that he would go to the license office.
He was about to leave when Leela stopped him. Leela says to yuvi that he can’t live with her right?
Yuvi laughes and said to Leela that she has become naughty. They both laughed.

License renewal office:
Yuvi searched for twinkle.
Yuvi- such a long queue, how will i see her?
Yuvi was about to go in but was stopped by the people in the queue as they thought that he was cheating and going before them.
Yuvi says that he was searching for his wife and went ahead.
He reache the counter and asked the man if a girl named twinkle sarna came there.
The man checked the register then said no
Yuvi got worried.

Sarna house:
Leela and bebe were in twinkle’s room.
Bebe: i came here to check if there is anyone upstairs.
Leela:”even i came here hearing a noise.
Bebe conplained that twinkle was not picking up her calls and asked Leela if she talked to her.
Leela said that twinkle is not picking up her calls and that yuvi went to pick her so they must be coming.
Bebe said let them come, i will scold them today. And both smiled.

Rocky’s office:
Yuvi was there.
Rocky: brilliant, now there is a new dramathat twinkle went missing. He says to yuvi why don’t you and your wife open up a drama conpany and that it will work more than the wedding business. He also says that they have put up all this drama so that they don’t have to pay him back his money.
Yuvi got angry and said that you have fit a machine instead of a heart. Here i am worried for my wife And you are worried about your money. Listen to me carefully, Yuvraj Luthra doesn’t keep anyone’s favour nor does he steal someone’s money. I will see you afterwards, for now i am worried for my twinkle.
Pallavi, putting her hand on Rocky’s shoulder: Yuvraj, but where can twinkle go, any idea?
Yuvi- i just hope that twinkle reached home by now. He stared angrily at Rocky.

Sarna house:
Yuvi tells Usha and Leela that he checked every place where twinkle could go but didn’t find her. He says that twinkle could have call once and that she didn’t even checked her messages till now.
Yuvi- how can she be so irresponsible? He called her again.

Leela says that its now afternoon and there is no news about twinkle and prayed that she is fine.
Yuvi worriedly call her and says that there is a limit of irresponsibility. They saw a phone vibrating under/near the bed.
Yuvi bend down and saw the phone, he took it outamd says that it is twinkle’s phone.
Usha says that if her phone is here then something mighy be wrong as she always carried her phone

Leela says how can twinkle be so irrespinsible. Last time also she did the same when she….
Everyone was shocked.
Usha wondered if twinkle went to the resort again?
Yuvi- possible, i will go and bring her back. And once she is found, you two take good class of het. She is crazy girl, she taken our lives by tension.

He assures them and said that he will bring her back.
Leela- go fast
Yuvi left.
Leela trying to reassure usha and herself- nothing happened to her, she would be there only. God is here, He will protect her.

Yuvi asked the manager the keys of twinkle’s room. The manager checked and said that there is another family staying in the room that twinkle always booked for herself whenever she stays here.
Yuvi- maybe she took another room, plz check once more.
Manager:”no sir, sorry, there is no one by this name”
He gets worried and thinks of her.
Yuvi- last time i spoke to her she said that she has to say something important to me.
He wishes to talk to her once
Yuvi- God, i just hope that twinkle is safe, she is not in any mess, God, twinkle, plz call once to tell tgat you are fine, then only my heart will be at rest
Yuvi- there is only one way left, i should call Leela maa

Police station:
Inspector: did she leave being angry?
Yuvi- no sir
Ins-ok, tell me one thing, was there any conflict between you, any fight or violence?
Leela-what are you saying? My son-in-law os not like that. I trust him completely. He takes very good care of my daughter.
Ins- tell me you said that she webt missing before also and went to a resort.
Yuvi- yes, i checked there but she isn’t there
Ins- she might have gone to another resort.
Ins- it is not yet 24 hours since she went missing, so missing complaint cannot be filled and maybe she comes back by herself. And if she doesn’t come back after 24 hours then you can definitely comr here and file the missing complaint

Leela and Yuvi looked at each other worriedly
Leela put her hand on Yuvi’s shoulder to assure him

Rocky and pallavi come at Sarna house, where bebe and Usha were sitting worrirdly
Rocky: what happened? I heard you DIL has run away from house.
They felt bad listening to this
Rocky- i mean that she is missing from home. Any news where she went? Any call or message? Anywau if you want, i can help you searching for twinkle.
Pallavi- yeah
Rocky- i have some good contacts they can help us, if you guys want.

Yuvi, from behind- no need
He came in with Leela.
Yuvi: thanks but no thanks, this is our family matter and we don’t want any suggestions nor help from an outsider. So it will be goodif you stay out of this matter. In fact, i feel that you have kidnapped my wife.
All were shocked hearing that
Rocky- seriously? Do you think that i am a small criminal that i will target a girl? If i had to do something, then i wiuld have proudly attacked from the front. Then be it in boxing ring or in real life. Stabbing in someone’s back is not my habit.

Yuvi- whatever. For now, it would be better if you give our family a little space, actually i have something important to discuss to them. So can you guys just leave and excuse us. Go ahead
Rocky was about to do something when pallavi stopped him

Rocky’s room:
Rocky: what do you think pallavi? Is this all a drama or is it genuine? Has twinkle doubted me and now Yuvi and twinkle are playing games with me?
Pallavi: Knuj i don’t trust them but why would the entire family do drama? I mean that i felt they were in stress for real.

Rocky: i agree that my family is not as smart and mean as twinkle and Yuvraj they are clean conscious people, but at this moment whatever twinkle and Yuvraj would say they would believe ir to be true. Anyway, whatever Yuvraj and twinkle are planning, whatever games they are playing, they would not succeed. Because i am not that player who lose. I will surely take revenge from them by hook or by crook.

Next morning
Yuvi is worried- damn this 24 hours rule. Who made this rule? They cannot file missing report within 24 hours but if i this 24 hour that person is hurt then who would take the responsibility? No one knows this answer.
He sat down furiously
Yuvi- where are twinkle? Plz call me once to tell that you are fine.
All were worried
Yuvi- once i hear your voice, i will be at peace.
Police inspector comes there
Ins- that they can carry out personal investigation
He asked for twinkle’s details so that they can start the investigation
Rocky and Pallavi came there and the inspector greet him
Everyone looked on surprised.
Rocky: don’t be surprised, i have call the inspector.
He said that poloce commission is his fan so he call only once and he sent the inspector.
Ins-yuvraj sir, you should have said that you know Rocky sir, we would have started the investigation in 2 minutes and maybe we would have something till now.
He asked his junior to take the details and some pics of twinkle.
Rocky comes to yuvi- don’t worry Yuvraj we will find twinkle together. I can do this imon humanity sake
And come we will help police
They checked her room,
The junior one says that there are some scratches at the corner means that there has been some srtuggle here.
Ins asked yuvi what he talked to twinkle the last time.
Yuvi says that she wanted to tell something inportant but he couldn’t talk to her as he was boarding the flight.
Ins said that he thinks twinkle has been kidnapped.
Yuvi, shocked- what?
Rocky was also shocked
Ins- someone must have came here and your wife has struggled with him to save herself.
Yuvi- but who can kidnapped her?

Yuvi received a phone call from an unknown number and he went aside.

The person- if you want to see your wife alive then go and release you mom, Anita Luthra or else…
Yuvi was shocked- who the hell is this? Do as you are told and make the police go away, those who are roaming in your room or else… And one thing more, police shouldn’t be seen here and explain that boxer bot to fly much
He cut the phone
Yuvi was shocked and tensed.

Precap: yuvi received twinkle’s Mangalsutra in a packet with a note saying to make the police and the boxer go and to go and release Anita Luthra. He reads further and it said that you are taking time by talking to some goon(didn’t wuite get it) if you don’t hurry up, till now we have send only her Mangalsutra later don’t know what you will find in gift wrap.
Yuvi looked at twinkle’s Mangalsutra and says hope you are fine and safe

Update Credit to: Zai


  1. riya

    hi guys i have been catching up on TEI lately….and no offence but its atotal diappointment… i honestly love twiraj and support it but it doesnt mean im against twinj … i just favour twiraj more…
    the writers have to do something abt the storyline as the current track is portrying Kunj in a very bad manner….change is possible but this is unacceptable…becoz all TEI fans know that our kunj will never do something as despicable as what Rocky is doing….coz Kunj loves his family and never did anything as this even when he knew Yuvi and Anita were spoiling his life…… Pls this new Kunj aka Rocky is really not what our Kunj would have been
    moreover, i really pty twinkles character coz she couldnt enjoy her life with Kunj due to uvi and anita. now kunj is no more and she is married to uvi helping her family to stabilize and overcome thier grief and in comes rocky and pallavi….closely followed by anita…..seriously how much torture is one supposed to be subjected too…before the HAPPILY EVER AFTER

    a concerned TEI fan

  2. Zai

    Epi starts with Yuvi coming back home and calling out Twinkle.
    Yuvi- twinkle, where are you?
    He said that the Mumbai manager was quite impressed by him………………….

    Full update done, read above.

    Msg from Team: Thank you.

  3. ???Carol Ann ???

    I give my full hope that one day twinkle can reunite with Kunj again. All I wanna see is TwinKj. Please understand that I don’t mean that I hate Yuvi, instead I’m happy to see Yuvi changed for his own good. But, as a loyal fan, I will be happy if this two lovey Dovey couple can reunite again.

    Full support from Malaysia

  4. Naina

    Twinkle get kidnaped by some one sb twinkle ko duoond rhe h or uv ko ek call aata h ki jail se anita ko nikle va nhi too twinkle ko mar dege or kunj ko lagta h ki ye sb twinkle or uv ka koi plan tu nhi h .pata nhi kon kr rha h ye sb.ye writer kya chaah ta h ab.plz reunite twinj.

  5. voice

    i love siddhant gupta a lot…….more then that i love the character “KUNJ”
    but now the writers is showing “kunj” in a negative role…and i am just hating that…..don’t know how can a person change this much….as i know the kunj before the leap…
    ..is the one who cannot see others hurt…
    ..the one who loves his family a lot….
    ..who is quite childlike behaving naughty…
    ..person who does not fear failures…
    ..person who aims at doing work with love for others…
    ..who loves to do thing which her mother wants, so that he can make her happy….
    .. a fun loving person…
    .. someone who will go through many adversities by forces that might internal or external in order to do the right thing…
    ..who respects women…
    …who balance family, love and career like a pro
    …one who is loved by all….
    ..who take up all challenges with open arms….

    but know kunj is just opposite of what he was before the leap…how can a person change this much???…..unbelievable…

    And is that “pallavi”… a doctor…..i don’t think soo …..does she know the duty of a doctor towards a paitent or a person who comes infront of her……the doctor should actually make them show the right path…the doctor should never encourage a person to go to wrong path whatever may be the paitents situation…ya…pallavi has shown some of her duty by saving duty…moreover saving a paitent the doctor should be good by heart …so that he/she can show a right path to the paitent..

    ya….i am really happy by the change in yuvaraj {yuvi}…..i loved the yuvi’s positive side…he is really doing a great job…now he is a left hand of twinkle…the support of twinkle….but i don’t think marrying twinkle is good…just because of “mahi’…what must mahi feel…

    twinkle is the only character which i am loving from the start to the present….she is amazing♥

    naman is doing a great job…..ya there are many opinions…but personally like naman’s acting…but i love♥ siddhant gupta{bunny}…and his acting…

    wishes the rocky track ends soon….ya i know that 99% there is only the chance for twiraj…but i personally love kunj and twinkle to patch up like before …

    {sorry if i hurted anyone}

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  7. Zai

    Sorry i took a lot of time to update it ad i am not used to it. Really sorry

    Msg from Team: You did a really wonderful job. Thank you! Update is posted in main article, so more people can notice it.

  8. nuren

    tei is become totally disgusting day by day….illogical and bakwas..the show is not at all enjoyable now.totally nonsense…

  9. Naina

    I just hope ki ab shaayd kunj ko samaj aay or vo twinkle ko tourture na kre or positive ho jaay.plz jis tarh se kunj ko twinkle ki chinta ho rhi h use dekh kr lgta h ki kunj ka dil peegal jaay .i m twinj fan and want twinj forever i also like uv but in negative bcoz jb uv -ve role krta h tu comdey bhi krta dekhne me bada maja aata h or bahut mast lgta h jo or koi kbhi nhi kr sakta.realy miss uv character love that seriously .and also love my twinj.

  10. Geeta

    I miss Siddhant. TEI is without him nothing. TEI is about twinj and not twiraj. I hope and I believe they reunite one day

  11. Ragini desai

    So sad..they want to unite twiraj. Not twinj. I love the ub positive side. But doesnt mean their pair. TeI is about true love between kunj n twinkle. From the starting how they met in gurudwara. The hurdles they are going together. Why???whyy???? Twinkle should firm n loyal with her love. Because be4 kunj was lost he said yo twinkle true love never die n no one can separate them but nowwww???!!! Writers are separate them. I have stopped wathed this serial so far. Because of dissapointed with this track.

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