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Scene 1
Twinkle is calling Kunj but he is not picking up, Twinkle is tensed and says dont know where is he, he doesnt talk to me much he doesnt irritate me much, she sys what i am saying? i am missing him irritating me? she calls him again. Babee comes to Twinkle and ask if she has seen Kunj? she says dont know where is he, i am calling him but he is not picking up, Babee says dont worry, he will comeback, he cant stay away from you for much time, he loves you alot, Twinkle thinks love and between us? Anita comes and ask what happened? Babee says Twinkle is tensed as she hasnt talked to Kunj, they are weird, when they are together, they keep fighting with each other and when away from each other then miss each other, seeing their Tashan, i am sure that this couple is made by God and they are

made for each other, she leaves, Anita says to Twinkle that i know Kunj must be finding new job, i think male gigolo job will be perfect for him, he is cute type, women like that type of guys and also he will get much money from it, Twinkle gets angry listening. Twinkle says stop it, he is my husband and i wont listen cheap things about him, i wont tolerate this, Anita leaves.
Leela says to herself that what happened last night wasnt good, Twinkle and Kunj had to bear so much insult, i have to be with them in this difficult, i should call Kunj and tell him to tell Twinkle too that i am with them, she calls Kunj but he is not picking up, she thinks to call Twinkle but then stops, she calls on landline, Twinkle picks it up and says hello, Leela doesnt answer, Twinkle says i know its you Maa, i can feel your breath, you are my mother, Leela says i wanna talk to Kunj, Twinkle says i dont know where is he, Leela says then find him, he is your husband, your enemies are in your house, she thinks that Kunj is responsible for Yuvi’s situation, she can hurt Kunj, find him and tell him to call me, god is always with nice people, dont worry, Twinkle says thanks Maa, i will find Kunj, i know you are tensed for us, i will do everything to find Kunj and i know your blessings are with us, Leela ends call and says my Twinkle has become so mature, i am proud of her, she is not only good wife but becoming mature and nice daughter in law too, i am waiting for day when i will hug you and will love you but till then you have to fight this fight alone and have to win, i know its difficult but you can do it, you are my daughter till then i have to keep myself away from you, she prays to lord to help Twinkle in crossing all hurdles.
Twinkle thinks to go to hotel to meet Kunj, he must be there, Yuvi comes there and holds her hand, he says lets play game, she says i am going to meet Kunj, Yuvi says i will come with you, Twinkle says dont irritate me, leave me alone, Anita comes there and says what is this way to talk to you brother in law? he doesnt understand anything then it means you will behave rudely with him? she ask Yuvi what happened? Yuvi says she is going to meet Kunj and i wanna go too, Anita says i cant allow Yuvi to go alone with Twinkle so Twinkle you better stay back at home, Twinkle says why should i listen to you? Anita says because i am elder in relation, Twinkle says but you cant stop me from meeting my husband, i will go, Anita stands in her way and says i wont allow you, Twinkle tries to push her aside, Anita scratches her hand herself, Babee comes there and ask what happened? Anita says i requested her to go and meet Kunj in afternoon but she scratched my hand, Twinkle is shocked, Anita says she is so aggressive, Babee says Twinkle must have done mistake, Babee ask Twinkle to say sorry to Anita, Twinkle says but.. Babee says i know you didnt hurt her deliberately but she is hurt, say sorry and end matter, Twinkle says sorry, Babee ask Anita fine? Anita says ask her to not to go to meet Kunj, i can allow Yuvi to go with her, Babee says she is worried for Kunj, he is her husband so let her go and about Yuvi, nobody can handle other than Kunj and Twinkle so its better that Yuvi go with her, Twinkle says but? Babee says you know he is stubborn, take him, Twinkle is irritated.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes in hotel where Kunj works, she finds man sitting in Kunj’s cabin, with his back towards Twinkle, Twinkle thinks its Kunj and says all are worried for you, why arent you picking call, he turns and is not Kunj, he ask them who are you? Yuvi says where is my friend Kunj? he starts messing up office, Twinkle tries to stop him, owner comes there, Twinkle ask about Kunj, owner says we have fired him from Kunj as drama happened in last night’s party because of him, Twinkle says how can you do this, first you hired him for manager’s post then you made him waiter, it was Kunj’s goodness that he agreed to you and you fired him? what kind of people are you? she leaves.
Twinkle comes out of hotel and says i know Kunj you are tensed and have switched off phone, why are you like this? you take my all problems upon yourself and solve them but doesnt allow me to see through your problems, where are you Kunj? we will solve everything but first i have to find you, Yuvi cries for Kunj watchman of hotel, he ask them what happened? Twinkle shows him picture of Kunj in her phone and ask about him? watchman says he came here in morning, two men came in car, he went with them, Twinkle with whom Kunj has gone?
All are tensed in house, Anita says Kunj is not kid, he will comeback, Surjeet agrees, Babee says to Usha that dont worry he will comeback, Usha says to Twinkle that what kind of wife are you? you husband left in morning but you didnt wake up for him, Babee says enough, cant you see how much tensed she is for her husband, if your son is missing then her husband is missing too, you should be consoling her but instead you are scolding her, Babee ask Twinkle to not worry, if Kunj doesnt comeback in time then we will file complaint in police station, Twinkle says i have already done it, i was tensed for Kunj so filed complaint, Anita says you didnt ask some elder? Surjeet says is it good that daughter in law of house went to police station alone, Twinkle says what i felt right, i did it for my husband and if i get to know that someone my own has tried to hurt Kunj then i will not spare him/her, she eyes Anita and leaves.
Anita calls someone, she says our secret should not come out, she says i am coming to meet you, she goes.
Twinkle is standing on terrace, she finds Anita leaving house, she thinks where Anita is going at this time? if she is behind Kunj’s kidnapping?
Twinkle tries to go behind Anita but Yuvi stops her and ask if she has found Kunj? she says no, let me go, he doesnt, Twinkle pushes him away and leaves in car, Yuvi runs behind her but Twinkle leaves house.
Twinkle is finding Anita’s car, she finds it parked outside a house, she calls someone.
Anita is meeting hotel’s owner, she says i know deal is deal, whatever happened with Kunj, that secret should remain with us only, i hope you understand, policeman comes there with Twinkle and Leela, Anita is shocked to see them?

PRECAP- Twinkle ask anita what she is doing with hotel’s owner? Kunj met him last, she says to inspector that they have done something to Kunj, first they insulted Kunj and now they have kidnapped him, its their plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today y so late atiba….?

  2. Please give spoiler alerts of tashna ishq

  3. Hi could someone please tell me what time tashan e ishq starts because i am unsure i knew there was a time change but it isn’t on at 6 anymore

    1. Zee caribbean changed the timing of tashan e ishq to 4:30 pm. Very stupid. Please change it back . I hate Zee Caribbean. They rob us of so many other shows

    2. Even in singapore they change the time from 1pm to 2pm. I think they change the timings because some zee shows are now airing from Monday to Saturday including TEI.

  4. It’s at night 8 its not changed they have made 6 days a week

    1. Um I’m from the Caribbean also known as Trinidad and the show suppose to start at 6 but it didn’t

  5. Love this show. Love Twinkle, Kunj and Yuvi’s acting even though he is the villian. I think he is faking that his brain has become like a kid. Precap seems to be interesting.

  6. No its not Anita who did kunj’s kidnapping it’s babe who did kunj’s
    Kidnapping and who’s going to kidnappe twinkle also.

    1. I think it is babe cause she is trying to get Kunj and Twinkle together.
      Hope Kunj is safe…….

  7. I think it is babe cause she is trying to get Kunj and Twinkle together.
    Hope Kunj is safe…….

  8. is it true neha sarna … how u got the news…

  9. it starts @ 8pm on zee tv

  10. I hate ANITA and YUVI , please get Twinkl and KUMJ togehter. Also let LEELA stop being stubborn and step in to help her daughter wo needs her most right now

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