Tashan-e-Ishq 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj says how dare you touch her? Yuvi says she is my wife, if i dont touch her then will you touch her? he tries to touch Twinkle but Kunj slaps him hard, Yuvi laughs and says you can shout as much as you want but twinkle is my wife and i have right on her in every way you know, Kunj slaps him again, Yuvi falls on table, he smirks and starts acting like being hurt, Anita comes there with policeman and says this violence, they beat my son daily, this is domestic violence, this Kunj doesnt leave him, Babee says this is house’s matter, inspector leave, Anita says no cant you see how much Kunj has hurt Yuvi? this Kunj is behind Twinkle, he is her ex-husband, he used to torture my darling daughter in law, my son married, they are happy now but Kunj is trying to threaten my daughter in

law, Twinkle says nothing like that, Kunj is my husband, Anita says he was your husband, she says to inspector that Twinkleis afraid of Kunj thats why taking his side, they are divorced, Leela says she is lying, Kunj is not like that, Anita says i have proofs how Kunj beat my son daily, she shows inspector a video, video shows how Kunj slapped Yuvi, inspector says it shows that Kunj beat Yuvi deliberately, we have to arrest him, Twinkle says he didnt do anything, dont arrest him, inspector arrests Kunj and takes him from there, Twinkle tries to go behind him but Yuvi holds her hand and says where are you going wifey? your husband is here. Anita says to Leela that you thought only you can make videos? i have trapped your darling son in law Kunj, what will you do now? Yuvi holds Twinkle’s hand and says your savior is gone, from today we will start our married life, tonight is going to be our marriage night, Twinkle tries to slap him but he holds her hand and says keep this strength for tonight, if you want to bring your ex-husband out of jail then you have to listen to me, i want you to decorate our room for tonight’s fun, Leela says you.. Yuvi says if you both want Kunj to not suffer much then you have to listen to me, he asks Twinkle to come upstairs in 5minutes, he leaves with Anita. Leela says to Twinkle that you dont need to listen to him, we will bring Kunj back easily, Twinkle says i know Kunj will come out of jail and i promise you that i will spend my tonight with Kunj only but before that i have to teach lesson to Yuvi and his mother.
Twinkle comes in her room and looks at her and Kunj’s picture, she says i wont allow Yuvi to come near me, only you have right on me, he can try but he can never over you, she looks at rose petals dish. Twinkle takes rose petals, she says dont know how Kunj must there, i hope he is not in trouble there, she sprinkles rose petals on bed while thinking about Kunj’s safety, Yuvi comes from behind and stares her from toe to top, he says you are looking cute while setting our bed for marriage night, you must be angry but from tomorrow, you will have only love for me, he throws Twinkle on bed and lies on her, Twinkle moves back, Yuvi says are you angry? no anger, you should have only love, Yuvi comes closer to kiss her, Twinkle screams to save her, save her, Yuvi asks her to stop it, Twinkle breaks glass and shows its piece to him, she says save me from this goon, Yuvi gets afraid seeing glass piece in her hand and moves back, Twinkle leaves.
Twinkle comes to Anita’s room and sits on her as Anita is lying on bed, she shows glass piece to her and says i wont spare you today, i will kill you, Anita is afraid, Leela and Babee brings policeman there, inspector asks Twinkle to stop, Twinkle is attacking Anita with glass, police grabs her, Babee says this Twinkle is scary, i am afraid to call her daughter in law, Leela says she is my daughter but i have to say that arrest her, she was trying to kill her mother in law, if she can do this with her then what she can do with us? Twinkle says i will kill Anita then arrest me, Leela says just see Anita is shivering, if we had not brought police then anita would have died, i have saved my friend Anita, Twinkle says i will kill her, i will slit her throat, Leela winks at Twinkle and says to inspector that Anita was right that Kunj is very bad, Twinkle and Kunj have destroyed innocent Yuvi’s life, he cant sleep peacefully because of them, Twinkle says i will kill her, Anita understand their plan, Anita says to inspector that my daughter in law is not like this, she is innocent and is like cow, Yuvi says yes my wife is really nice, she is innocent, Twinkle says Anita is witch, Babee says Anita have become mentally ill, Leela says even after all this Yuvi is taking Twinkle’s side, i am lucky to get son in law like Yuvi, its my duty to protect him, she asks inspector to take Twinkle away, Yuvi says no need for this, we will handle her, Twinkle says i wont spare anita today, i will kill her, just leave my hand police, Anita says we will pacify Twinkle, this is nothing problem, Leela says if Twinkle does anything to her then we will not be responsible, inspector says we will arrest twinkle for Anita’s safety, they take Twinkle from there, Leela and Babee smirks at Yuvi, Babee says to Yuvi that your marriage night was boo.. your plan failed and my Kunj and Twinkle’s nice days have come, you thought that you will marry twinkle, will get engaged to her and will celebrate your marriage night with her and we will remain silent? Leela asks Anita if she is fine? they laugh and leaves, Anita gets angry.

Scene 2
Twinkle is brought to police station, she is put in same jail with Kunj, he asks how come you here? Twinkle says you are fine? i missed you, she hugs him, he hugs her back and says missed you too, Sajna ve plays. Yuvi comes there and sees them happily hugging each other. Yuvi asks inspector what the hell is going on? inspector asks him to lower his voice, Yuvi says why did you put my wife in same cell with Kunj? inspector says they are criminals and your culprit only, we are doing our work, he leaves. Twinkle says to Yuvi that you are outside lock-up and still unhappy and frustrated but see we are happy even behind bars too because your fake marriage, you fake divorce papers cant separate us as our love is true and even God bow down to true love, i have told you earlier too and telling you again that whenever you will try to fight with us, only you will fall behind as in war of love and passion, its always love that wins. Yuvi comes to inspector and asks him to bring them out of cell, i am taking my complaint back, inspector says this is not joke that you can complain and take it back anytime, he leaves, Yuvi stares them, Twinkle and Kunj holds hand and smirks at Yuvi, Sajna ve music plays.

PRECAP- Kunj caresses Twinkle’s face, Yuvi comes there and says Twinkle arent you ashamed of romancing other guy infront of your husband? Yuvi throws ball at Twinkle but Kunj holds it, Yuvi says wow, i thought you know only house games like girls but you know cricket too, can we have match? Kunj holds his collar and says what you want? bet on game as i will win only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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