Tashan-e-Ishq 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anita says to Mahi that Twinkle must have told you that i have allergy from dry fruits so you both planned this against me, you both want to destroy my life like your mother, she leaves, Mahi says to Yuvi that i didnt do anything, i am saying truth, i dont know who had put dry fruits in kheer, Yuvi says i know you never lie and you are not mean, i dont know who has done this, we left from kitchen for five minutes, Mahi thinks, Yuvi sys now i get it but let it be, Mahi asks him to speak up, Yuvi says Twinkle and Kunj are in house only as all other have gone to Guradvarah so logic says that Twinkle have done this but forget it, Mahi says this means..
Kunj says to RT that i know Yuvi really well and he must have planned this attack, RT says i dont understand whom to believe, i just

see Mahi, when she is with Yuvi, she has some other streak, Twinkle says i understand you like this change in Mahi but Yuvi.. Mahi comes there and says so after fulfilling your plan, you are trying to provoke papa? Twinkle asks which plan? Mahi says you mixed dry fruits in Anita’s kheer as you knew she has allergy from it so that she hates me more, Twinkle says Yuvi is doing all this, you dont know him, Mahi says enough, why are you trying to break my marriage? you are my sister, Twinkle says why would i try to break your marriage? Yuvi is not nice person, throw Yuvi out of your life, we will live peacefully, Mahi pushes Twinkle away and says stop it, all are stunned at her reaction, RT is about to slap her but Twinkle stops his hand, she asks him to not do it, he takes back his hand, Mahi is stunned, she is about to leave but Leela stops her and says you have misunderstanding, Twinkle loves you alot, she wants good for you, Mahi cries and hugs Leela, Mahi says i wish the way you love Twinkle, you would love me same way, Leela says dont say like this, you are my precious girl, i love you alot, Mahi says if you have loved me then you would have understood my love, Twinkle says dont say like this, dont call her love fake, i have seen mother cry everyday for you, we are your own people, dont be miffed with us, Mahi leaves from there.
Mahi comes out of house, Yuvi stops her and asks what happened? Mahi says papa raised hand on me for first time, Twinkle stopped him else.. Yuvi asks what happened? Mahi says RT didnt like that i alleged Twinkle mixing dry fruits in Anita’s kheer, Yuvi smirks and says he is your father, he can scold you, he has met his family after many years so he has guilt, he will not say anything to Twinkle so you adjust, Mahi says but maa.. she has also met me after many years but still she takes Twinkle’s side in every matter, i am all alone, Yuvi pulls her closer, he looks her eyes, she looks down, he moves her face to him and says save one thing in your mind that i cant see you sad, you are my life and one day i will win your family’s heart till then just smile else.. he takes water pipe and starts pouring water on her, she takes pipe from him and drenches him in water, she smiles.
Twinkle comes out of Leela’s house and recalls Mahi alleging her and pushing her away, she is sad. Kunj comes out and sees her sad, Kunj comes to Twinkle and says listen after seeing everything, i have decided that you have two choices, either keep getting sad over all this and become wrinkle from Twinkle or keep looking at me and thank God for sending such good looking husband for you, i think second option is better, Twinkle leaves from there, Kunj get upset and thinks that i cant see you like this, i know you look good when you smile. He calls some kids and starts dancing with them on Matarghasti, Twinkle looks at him, Leela comes out and sees this too. Kunj dances with Twinkle, she starts to leave, Kunj gives her flowers, Twinkle throws it away, kids bring ice cream to Kunj, Kunj offers one to Twinkle, she throws it away, he offers her his ice cream, she throws it too, Leela smiles seeing all this. Kunj rides bicycle, he comes to Twinkle and rides it around her, he teases her and dances around her, she falls from bicycle, Twinkle laughs and says see my handsome husband’s situation, you cant handle yourself then how will you handle me? Kunj asks if she is done then shall they leave? Leela thanks God for making Twinkle smile, she prays that they remain happy. Yuvi looks at Kunj and Twinkle and gets angry.
Twinkle says to Kunj that i didnt know you have singing talent too, Kunj says i have many secret talents, Twinkle says but you dont have bicycle riding talent, Kunj says i feel from it deliberately so that you can smile as your face is crying, Twinkle says my face is not crying face, Kunj shows her pictures, she is stunned and says you clicked my pictures? delete them, she tries to take phone from him, Mahi comes there and coughs, she asks Twinkle if she is disturbing them? Twinkle says no, dont be formal, Mahi gives chocolates to Twinkle and says i was rude with you, i am sorry, Twinkle says its okay, you know it was our first fight but i didnt like it, thanks for chocolates, these are my favorites, she hugs Mahi, Mahi smiles, Mahi says Yuvi told me to say sorry to you, he wanted me to ask forgiveness from you, Twinkle says Yuvi? Yuvi comes there and says i told Mahi about your favorite chocolates, i asked her to say sorry, its okay even if you mixed dry fruits in kheer, lets forget it, i just want to make everything fine and i want all of us to live together as one family, Yuvi caresses Mahi’s face and says i will be back, he leaves. Mahi says to Twinkle that i didnt like to fight with you, i just want my sister, i want your love di, i hope we dont have problems ahead, Twinkle smiles, Mahi holds her hand, she smiles and leaves. Twinkle thinks that so this is Yuvi’s game, he wants to make me look bad in my sister’s eyes but i am Twinkle Taneja Sarna, i will bring Yuvi’s truth infront of Mahi for sure.

Scene 2
Mahi comes in room and calls out for Yuvi, she sees her and Yuvi’s pictures torn and burnt, Mahi thinks who must have burned my and Yuvi’s photos? she sees Yuvi and Twinkle’s pictures there all fine, she looks on tensed.
Mahi comes to Twinkle who is sitting with family. Leela asks Mahi why she has tears in eyes? Mahi says to Twinkle that i thought that everything was fine between, as much as i try to respect you, as much as i try to adjust with you, you do something that ends everything, Twinkle asks what she has done? Mahi shows her photos and says you have done this, Twinkle looks on confused, Mahi says you burned my and Yuvi’s pictures while you and Yuvi’s pictures are fine? Twinkle says you think i have done this? Mahi says you are against me and Yuvi most, maybe you think Yuvi as your property still, maybe you think i have come inbetween you and Yuvi thats why you are insecure, Kunj says Mahi do you even know what are you saying? Leela says Twinkle cant do this, Mahi says to RT that ask her why she is doing all this? Twinkle asks if she thinks she is jealous of her? Mahi says yes i think you are jealous that i am with Yuvi, Anita comes there and says so new drama have started in this house? you both sister want to destroy my Yuvi’s life, she says to Twinkle that you wanted Yuvi to rot in hell but what happened now? when your sister is married to Yuvi so your old love has got awaken too? Kunj says you should not say anything Anita, Mahi knows only what Yuvi have told her but you know and have seen everything and you think Twinkle still thinks same about Yuvi? she doesnt even wanna see Yuvi’s face, he holds Twinkle’s hand and says if anyone tries to point fingers at my wife then i will not tolerate it. He says to Mahi that you are her sister, from the time she has come to know about you, she keep talking about you, Yuvi comes there and says talk to Mahi with respect, Mahi hugs her and says see my and your photos are burned, Yuvi says dont cry, i will make another copy of these, Twinkle says we all know you have done this, stop your acting, Yuvi says just stop it, you still think that i love you? and i will die without you? let me make one thing clear, i dont love you and dont wanna enter in your life, come out of dreams and see reality, Twinkle says i am seeing reality only, Yuvi says i will show you reality, he says Twinkle you were my past and Mahi is my present and you dont matter to me now, he burns her and his photos, Twinkle looks on angry.

PRECAP- Anita says to Twinkle that you also want to break Mahi and Yuvi’s marriage and i want it too, our mission is same so our path should become one too, we should handshake, Twinkle says but you and me? Anita says its better to be more than one in fight? Twinkle thinks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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