Tashan-e-Ishq 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
All are watching Tv in Sarna house. Media person says on Tv that Rocky denied to accept Pallavi as his wife but his intimate MMS is leaked where he is seen getting romantic with her. All watches it in Sarna family, MMS plays on Tv where Kunj is lying on bed and Pallavi lying on top him and leaning down to his face. Pallavi looks down in embarrassment. Twinkle and Kunj comes there with Yuvi, Kunj frowns seeing it. Manohar asks what is this? Twinkle says this is Pallavi’s cheap tactic, she must have morphed Kunj’s face in video, i cant believe, Pallavi you stooped low that you leaked your MMS, Pallavi says enough Twinkle, which girl would want to release her intimate MMS? atleast you people now know how close i was with Kunj, you wanna listen Truth Twinkle? When Kunj saw

you and Yuvi getting married, he got miffed and decided to move on with me, you can see how close we got. Yuvi thinks that Pallavi is of a next level, she released her MMS only. Twinkle says Kunj i trust you, Pallavi says its Kunj only in video. Kunj you remember when you cameback to Goa after seeing Yuvi and Twinkle’s wedding, you were drunk and came onto me. Babee asks Kunj what is this? Kunj says i only that i was hurt and inebriated that night and hugged Pallavi but i dont remember what happened after that, i cant see if this video is morphed or not but time and date in video proves that it was filmed on right time, Babee slaps Kunj hard, Twinkle and everyone are stunned. Babee says you should be ashamed Kunj. Twinkle says this is my fault, i had hurt you so much that you lost senses, we cant change past Kunj but we have to rectify mistakes, you have to marry Pallavi, Kunj its your moral duty, Kunj says what are you saying? Twinkle says maybe we were never meant to be, Pallav you won, i back off, she runs away from there. Babee is not in mood to listen. Kunj says to Pallavi that Twinkle is right, its my moral duty to support you, i am ready to marry you, i am sorry you had to bear all this, i will take your responsibility, he leaves. Pallavi thinks that i cant believe, i wont Kunj.
Kunj comes to meet Twinkle on terrace, she says thank God you got my hint. When you asked me to marry Pallavi and started writing on my hands, i recalled how you told me that you used to do that with Mahi to give her hint. Whats you plan? Twinkle says i believe that you were not in that video, its wifey’s instincts, Kunj says but i am not sure, maybe that video is true, she says i dont believe it, remember Anita tried to trap me in same thing, maybe is Revant in that video with her. Kunj says but how will we will make Pallavi confess it? Twinkle says Pallavi love her husband Kunj a lot so you just have to be goody goody with her and i am sure, she will spill the beans, Kunj says then Twinkle and Kunj will be together, Twinkle says we have fought many challenges, we will win this one too, Kunj says then we will have wedding bells, she hugs him.

Scene 2
Babee says to Kunj that you love Twinkle, why are you marrying Pallavi? Kunj says i have some duty towards Pallavi, i have to marry her.
Leela says to Twinkle that why did you make sacrifice? you love Kunj alot and he with you now and you are leaving him like that? you dont trust him just because Pallavi showed some stupid video, Twinkle recalls how Kunj said that he doesnt remember that night much. Leela says you are doing wrong leaving Kunj.
Babee says to Kunj that this is not good, Kunj says i have done wrong with Pallavi and i have to rectify my mistakes. Pallavi listens it and thinks that i have to control situation, everything is in my control. She comes in room and says i think we should get engaged tonight, it will be better, Kunj nods.
Leela gets call from Babee, she says what? Kunj and Pallavi are getting engaged tonight? Twinkle looks on.
All are in engagement party, Pallavi is bragging to guests. Babee says to Manohar that i dont understand. Twinkle and Kunj fights with world to be together and then just separate just when they are about to get together. Manohar agrees. Babee says Leela didnt even come today.
Yuvi comes in engagement party and congratulates Pallavi. Twinkle comes there and is in tears. She says to Kunj that how can you do this with me? how can you forget me and engage Pallavi? Kunj says you asked me to do it only. Yuvi thinks that its Kunj is taking this MMS scandal seriously. Twinkle says yes Kunj but you could have waited, i didnt ask you get engaged so soon. Kunj says when we have to separate then why wait for it? i am fulfilling my duties. Pallavi thinks that thank God Kunj is taking my side, i have to shoo away Twinkle, she says to Twinkle how dare you gate crash my party? Twinkle says you are snatching my husband, i wont let you do it, Pallavi says ex-husband, we are getting engaged, she calls guards and asks them to throw out Twinkle. They grab Twinkle and pushes her out of doors, Twinkle cries and screams for Kunj, he feels bad. Yuvi thinks that now its time to become hero to save demsel in distress.
Guards throw Twinkle out of house, she falls on floor. Kunj comes there and makes Twinkle get up, he hugs her and says i will not spare this Pallavi. Twinkle says dont worry, everything is fair in love and war and this is both, and till you are with me, nothing matters and all my pain fades away with you support, Kunj says but i felt bad when Pallavi was shouting on you and they dragged you out of house. Twinkle says its okay, atleast this way Pallavi got the idea that you are on her side and supporting her, maybe this way she will confess something to you and then we will expose her. Someone claps from behind, Twinkle and Kunj turns back to see some silhouette, it comes out of shadows and its Yuvi. Yuvi says oh my Goodness, you guys are good, i thought Pallavi was playing good but you were playing ahead of her, tricks after tricks but i have to tell everything to Pallavi but i have to agree that you both are smart, good move but i have to tell Pallavi, Twinkle says what will you get by doing this? Yuvi says you.. i will get you. Yuvi says till Kunj doesnt become of Pallavi’s, i wont get Twinkle, and i just cant lose you. kunj gets angry and punches him on his head, Yuvi falls unconscious, Twinkle says what you did? it was not needed, Kunj says dont stress, its a knock out punch, he will be conscious in 10minutes but we have to keep him tied and abducted till our plan succeed, they drag Yuvi from there.

Scene 3
Kunj comes back in party, Pallavi asks where were you? he says in washroom. They all get ready for engagement ceremony.
Yuvi wakes up and sees himself tied up to chair securely, he murmurs what the hell, he squirms in chair and tries to free himself but cant.
Kunj is smiling at Pallavi and is alert too. He gets call and moves away from Pallavi. He comes in corner and receives Twinkle’s call. He says ring ceremony is about to start, are you alright, be ready with everything. he ends call and turns away to see Pallavi standing behind, he is stunned.

PRECAP- Twinkle comes to engagement party again and says if I and Kunj live together then we can atleast die together. She stabs Kunj with fake knife, Kunj grabs his stomach and screams, everybody looks on in horror, Pallavi shouts Kunj’s name. Kunj falls on ground with blood stain on his shirt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Baby

    oh my god dis was epic wow
    i new it twinj ll b ttogether n she ll trust him n thnk god dey put dat fake video part bcz osm amazing yes bt d only prblm is sid i miss him n n liking it to watch i jst read it imagining sid as kunj i need sid bck n d show too pls dont ned n bring sid bck
    n dis uvvvvvvv ugghhhhhhhhhhhh………..

  2. Wow twinkle u r so smart love it is uv or pallavi ki to asi ki tasi. Uv and Pallavi go to hell. Love u twinj.

  3. Sara28

    LMFAO! I’m laughing so hard now. Idk if it’s supposed to be serious or funny. ? But atleast Twinj are together.

  4. Romaisha

    Damn awesome and seriously funny!! ????

  5. Wow love today’s episode.Very smart twinkle.You are really siyaapa queen of kunj.Twinj are together to teach pallavi and yuvi a lesson.I was also laughing while watching the episode.
    Good job twinkle.Kunj give your rocky hard punch to yuvi,so that he can lose his memory.

  6. Fan

    Lol! did uv fall unconscious just by one punch??funny episode..after so many days i found tei funny..after sid left the funny parts of tei was also gone..but this epi was too good!!

  7. yesterdays epi was so good…love twinj…
    u knw i heard tht jasmin will comeback in shashi-sumeet mittals next in colors wid sidharth sukla…bt don knw its true or nt…

  8. Yesterday episode was so good. Kunj gave yuvi a rocky punch on his head that was great he deserves it ??.i love twinj

  9. hello koi hai kya ye thoda sa bore kar raha hai agar sidhant bapas aa jayee to mazzzzzzzzaaaaaaa aa jaye par unfortunately nehi ayega:(

  10. Awesome yrrr … Sachi maza aa gya …

  11. I hate Kunj….. Kunj and Twinkle is the villain of the show. I like Yuvi.
    Everything is because of the writer.
    No more watching

  12. Why writers were changing the storyline all the time…?

  13. QueenB


  14. how can some people be so stupid to actually say Twinkle and Kunj are the villain and they hate them,no one is asking them to watch this serial ITS JUST A DARN SERIAL come on show some respect for the main character please


  16. the last episode i saw was that Pallavi told Twinkle that it was not Kunj in the video but her husband and the precap showed that Pallavi is dead

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