Tashan-e-Ishq 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Usha asks niki what are you doing in kitchen and why are you crying? she says I have decided that i will spend time with you and help you in kitchen. Usha says what are you saying? She says you will go to jail i will miss you. Usha says jail? Niki says twinkle will be daughter in law of this house, she might file a case of domestic violence against you. Then you will go to jail.Usha leaves. Niki says i will rule this house and twinkle will do as i order her.

Kunj is trying to call alsiha. But he can’t. Usha comes in with a bag. kunj says where are you going? She says you are going. There is one way to be out of this forceful wedding. Go from here. Don’t worry about me. I will save you from this forced marriage. Run away. He says sit here you know i can’t live

without you. She says will you ruin your life for me? He says you gave your life for me. Its easy to run, facing problems is difficult. You are with me i can face anything. Usha says why are you so nice? I just want you to get reward of your good.

Scene 2
The families arrive at at the venue. Raman, Pinni and everyone dances. Bubbly says to kunj and twinkle why are you both not dancing. She brings them forward. Twinkle sees Kunj. They are both quite. Leela sees yuvi and anita there. Everyone is dazed.
Leela says anita cheap new stunt. You came here without invitation. Shame on you. Anita says leela i understand that you are hurt and you lost your mental balance. Anita doesn’t go anywhere without invitation. Sarna’s invited us here. See here are the four card of all functions. Leela says Manohar, you invited her here. Manohar says i didn’t send any invitation. Anita says Nikki has invited me and yuvi. Nikka says daddy you said invite all the high profile families of the city. I know leela and anita dont like each other. I thought maybe they can sort out issues here. I am sorry, my intention wasn’t wrong. Leela says how disgusting first call guests and then insult them. I came here so i could bless her daughter. But all this we are insulted here. Lets go. Anand says no please, Leela ji its not good for a guest to leave the venue. You and yuvi are welcome here. Niki says now this wedding will be even more interesting.

Twninkle is in her room. She says yuvi came here, i hope he doesn’t do any stunt here. Kunj sees the card and throws it away. Twinkle says who is there? Kunj says what are you doing here? She says whatever i do here. what are you doing here? He says i asked first. she says is this some new rule. He says your sense of humor has no sense. She says if i knew this room was next to mine.. He says you wont have stayed here. She says no i would have changed your rooms. She says get your room changed. He says i have settled in mine. she says okay i will change mine. He says it will stress out the family. None of us want that. We have to stay together all our lives. She says okay then make some rules. No loud music from your room. He says no your voice from your room. she says you will never touch me. He says who want to touch you anyway. They both go to their rooms.

Leela is seeing everyone having lunch. Anita says yuvi you have to ruin twinkle’s life. Do something that this leela comes on her knees to me. Yuvi says i came here to ruin this marriage and i i will.
Twinkle serves Usha. Usha says if i had to eat i would have got it myself. Don’t try to impress me after what has been done. I know what kind of girl are you.

Twnikle asks bubbly where is everyone? She says they have left. Kunj says they could wait for us. Twinkle says come with us. She says i am not well. Twinkle says i wont go with him alone. He says i dont want to go with you either. Bubbly says okay then i am telling everyone. They say no, we are going. Kunj and twinkle leave.
Twnikle is trying to cross the road. Kunj helps her, she says i can do it myself. He says i can see it. Come. He extends his hand. She says you think i will hold your hand. this wont happen. He says okay then cross it. He helps her in crossing it. Twinkle is about to slip, she holds his shoulder.

Precap-Yuvi says to twinkle you think that i will open my mouth in front of your mom. What will happen. She says you can’t blackmail me anymore. I am doing this for my mom and i will do. He says you will never marry kunj.Twinkle says i will see how you stop it. He says you are challenging me? She says yes. He says get ready to be kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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