Tashan-e-Ishq 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Guests meet Anita and asks if it will be Yuvi’s mehnd or will be like engagement? Anita says no, you know Twinkle and yuvi are going to wear color coordinated clothes and this idea is of Twinkle, Twinkle listens this. Anita thinks that i lied to guest but how wil i know what Twinkle is going to wear so that Yuvi can wear same color clothes. She sees Twinkle’s dress in Cherry’s hands and sees its color as yellow. anita comes to Yuvi and asks him to wear yellow color kurta, he says i will look like joker in it, Anita says i know but Twinkle is wearing same color, i know she has chosen it deliberately but after what happened in engagement, we have to save our respect and by seeing you matching color with Twinkle, guests will stop gossiping, Yuvi says i am wearing this for

you only.
Yuvi comes in mehndi function wearing yellow color sherwani, Anita says you look handsome, she says once people see Twinkle and Yuvi wearing same color clothes then they will stop gossiping, Twinkle come fast. Kunj and Twinkle comes there wearing blue color and matching clothes, people start gossiping, one women says to Anita that you said Twinkle will wear same color as Yuv but she is matching with her ex-husband while your son.. they laugh. Yuvi says to Anita that this was your great plan? Twinkle comes to Anita and says you became fool again, you thought that i will wear that tacky saree of yellow color? i gave it cherry to make you fool and you actually became fool, i hate that color, i will never wear that saree, its so tacky, Kunj smirks, Anita fumes in anger. Twinkle goes to get mehndi applied, Yuvi is in tension. Leela comes to Twinkle and smiles. Anita says to uvi that you have to show place to Twinkle infront of all, Yuvi shows intoxicating chemical and says i will mix it in her drink then she will do drama infront of all, Anita says then sleep with her in same room, she is your wife, if you have to show her real place then you have to convert this fake marriage into real marriage, show her that she is puppet in your hands, take out her ego, Yuvi says ofcourse i will sleep in same room. He mixes intoxicating chemical in juice and asks waiter to give it to Twinkle and not someone else. Waiter comes to Twinkle to give her juice but Leela takes juice from him, Anita and Yuvi are stunned seeing this, Leela looks at them. She gives juice to Twinkle and makes her drink it, Yuvi and Anita gets elated seeing Twinkle drink juice. Waiter comes to Yuvi, Yuvi takes juice glass and sees Twinkle feeling dizzy, he gives her juice and says soon Twinkle will start drama as chemical must have started working on her, he sees Anita missing. Song zara sa jhum loon mein starts playing, Anita comes in centre and starts dancing being inebriated, all laugh. Kunj cheers for her, Yuvi is shocked, Kunj says to Twinkle that the drink which made Anita like this was actually for you and Yuvi had send that drink fro you, flashback shows how when Yuvi was mixing chemical in juice Kunj saw it, he stops waiter and gives him money, he exchanges drink sending right juice to Twinkle and sending intoxicated juice to Anita, flashback ends, Twinkle says you are my hero, mart boy. All are laughing on Anita’s funny dance, Babee says great work anita, Anita falls down on mehndi bowl, her face is smeared with mehndi, all laugh, Yuvi says come with me, Anita says i have applied face pack, dont spoli my beauty tips, she slaps yuvi, all laugh, Kunj says nothing can be more good than this, Twinkle smirks at Yuvi, Kunj is laughing, Twinkle thinks that Kunj’s smile is so good, i just hope that he keep smiling like this always, Kunj looks at her and asks why she is getting emotional on comedy scene? she says nothing, he takes her from there. Yuvi takes Anita from there.
Kunj brings Twinkle to corner and asks why she is getting senti? she says i saw you smiling after so many days, Kunj says when i am with you, i just smile, you are my reason to smile, Twinkle smiles, Sajna ve plays, they play with each others cheek and share eyelock. Yuvi sees them romancing and thinks that they have made fun of my mom and enjoying romance here, i will destroy Twinkle now, i will celebrate my suhagraat with Twinkle tonight, i will do what after marriage is done, Kunj wont be able to bear fact that Twinkle spent night with me and will be destroyed too.

Scene 2
Yuvi is sitting in room, Anita comes there and says whats the need of this divorce papers when Kunj and Twinkle are always together? i know you are my son and all but you know how much i am embarrassed infront of my friends? Yuvi says you are giving me headache but you are right, my problem is that Twinkle and Kunj are together, Yuvi says to Anita that they are failing our plans as they are together, if we break Kunj and Twinkle apart then we will be able to control them, only then i will trap Twinkle and she will know what it is to be Yuvi’s wife and it will happen only if i have marriage night with Twinkle, he smirks.
Babee says to family that nothing can happen to Kunj and Twinkle till they are together, they are able to tackle all problems. Family is sitting around dining table, Twinkle and Kunj are sitting next to each other, Yuvi comes there and sits on otherside of Twinkle, he says till i am with my wifey, no threat can touch her other than me, he touches Twinkle’s face, Twinkle jerks his hand away, Kunj gets up being angry, Kunj asks Yuvi to leave else he will need ambulance to leave, Yuvi says good dialogue but why should i leave? i will sit with my wife and talk, you are asking me to leave? this is domestic violence, let me talk to my wife, she is looking beautiful, he tries to touch Twinkle but Kunj comes inbetween, Kunj pushes away Yuvi and says how dare you touch her? Twinkle says Kunj leave it, he is provoking you, Yuvi says this is our family matter, if i dont touch her then who will touche her, you? he laughs,

PRECAP- Twinkle is in room, she finds rose petals, she thinks that i wont let Yuvi touch me, only Kunj has that right, Yuvi comes there and says your ae looking cute while setting our bed for marriage night, he throws her on bed and lay down above her, he comes closer to kiss her, Twinkle is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. good episode

  2. Thnx for fast update.
    ..nice epi….

  3. First part was too good, good luck Anita u can’t do anything,I just hope that as shown in precap it does not happen uvi should not touch twinkle

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    2. I also agree with u

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      All are diffrent

  5. Twinj is just awesome and too good love the way they are tackling with that psycho Luthras. Love Twinj. Already trp dropped to 1.4, it’s request by all Twinj fans please unite Twinj ASAP and finish this Yuvi track very soon,and best would be make Yuvi positive , then Yuvi unite Twinj, Twinj love story back on track and happy marriage and then Yuvi love track with Mahi or some other girl, there are so many alternatives. Can’t tolerate this Yuvi mArrying with Twinkle nonsense

  6. precap is not at all gud n i no dat r hero kunj ll cum n save his twinkle luv u twinj my trust is now always wid dem aftr watching lst 2 to 3 episodes i hv blind trust on dem dey wont let anything happen lk dis only luv twinj

  7. i loved this epi very much ♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡that kunj was kissing twinkle on cheek 3 times what a hot epi and first they both look hot in pink outfit and there kiss was i was deying and going to kill them they were so hot and then they kissed uv app ka kya hua?kya hua?¤¤¤¤¤¤???????

    and about precap iam not scared because i know kunj will save her and twinj r made for each other….

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  8. I Know our hero Kunj will save his twinkle from the villain!!(yuvi)


    Nice episode… good twinkle and kunj take full revenge from yuvi… but i do not like precap…

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  13. In zee every depend upon ladies, there is no use of heroes. Pls change Ur thought. Always villans are won in every serial

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  16. atiba dear 2days episode ds any1 hv any idea ki aaj ke episode mein kya hua???????????

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