Tashan-e-Ishq 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jerry says lets start the game. They play passing pillow it stops on leela. Leela says no I can’t do this. She leaves. It stops on sarna, he leaves as well. It stops on Raman. Raman says first I will eat then sing. Kunj says you can eat later. He leaves. It stops on Babbe. Babbe says I am leaving, they are all there. It stops on Yuvi. Yuvi says I can’t play this boring game he leaves. Only kunj and Twinkle are left. It stops on Kunj. Jerrry says now sing Kunj. He sing and dances on ‘matargashti’. he picks Twinkle.

Anita says Twinkle has fried my brain. Whatever I try I fail. I don’t know what has her mother eaten when she was born. Plan something. They will have kids and we.. Yuvi picks glass and says don’t say that. Anita says what are you

doing? Yuvi says I am sorry mom. Mahi has ruined my day. She is so nervous all the time. I cant act anymore. Anita says you are giving up? He says I am just frustrated my plans are not working. But I have a last trump card. Anita says what?

Twinkle is laughing. Kunj says I made you laugh. She says I had mercy on you. he says you are a drama queen. She says just queen. He says my queen. Twinkle says I wanna say something. so does he. He says tomorrow and so does she. They both smile.
Yuvi says in heart I will ruin your tomorrow. I will finish your relationship tomorrow.

Scene 2
Next morning, twinkle comes after shower, the song kuch to hua hai plays in background. Twinkle selects her saari. yug approves it. Both of them smile. Kunj dances with his kurta. Kunj ties her blouse from back. Twinkle smiles. She turns back, Kunj is not there. she was day dreaming.
They both imagine dancing with each other.

Kunj comes to babbe and says achivad. She says where are you going after looking so handsome? He says this is so special. Just pray this is best day of my life. Babbe says okay stay happy. God gives you 10 kids. He says oh God you get so emotional. She says where are you going? He says I will tell you. He leaves.
Kunj is on his way. Someone knocks at his window. Its twinkle she says sir buy roses you Mrs will like it so much. Kunj realizes its not twinkle. He buys the roses. he says finally the day is here when I tell you that I love you.
Twinkle is on her way too. She says I really love you.

Anita calls yuvi and says where is he? Kunj and twinkle both have left. Leela comes in. She says why you look so worried? anita says what are you doing here? Leela says I haven’t seen you in days. You have started looking worried these days. You will look old. After your efforts twinkle and kunj are still together. You should meditate your dirty mind. Whatever you do, kunj and twinkle will live together. Anita says I am your daughter’s mother in law. Leela says I know everything. don’t forget if you try to do anything wrong to my daughters I wont leave you.

Twinkle reaches the venue and says kunj.. where are you? Its all dark. Lights turn on. Kunj comes and says hi. He says there comes a time when a stranger becomes your life. He becomes your identity. A life partner, with whom you can share everything. All happiness and sadness. Twinkle says the one who supports you unconditionally. The one who is so special to you. You can say anything to him. Fight with him. He is happy for you and sad when you are sad. The one who makes you a better person. Kunj says who changes your world. With whom you equally enjoy sun and rain. The one who makes you laugh. The one with whom silence is enjoyable. Twinkle says the one you miss all the time. Whose eyes are your mirror. The one whose heart’s doors are always open for you. The one who is made for you. Both say the one without whom you can’t live a moment. The one who is only yours. They look into each others eyes. The title song plays. Kunj says I have found someone like that. Twinkle says I too. They come close. They are about to kiss, kunj’s phone rings. He says its anand. He picks and is dazed. Kunj says what? The ring drops from his hand.

Precap-At the date venue Yuvi laughs and says Twinkle and Kunj are finished.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow today’ s episode its soooo romantic but itne romantic set up pr ,2 romatic love birds ke beec me ye rong time phone q bajta h yaar i hope jyada mellodrama na ho iss week
    And uv plan work na kare use phir se muki khhani pade
    Love u twinj ur the best ???

  2. I love you think but the hate that yuvi. Why he don’t leave twinj happily

  3. uv ‘s plan is going to work as indicated by kunj droping ring from his hand and i am dying to know what will happen in coming episodes and hope they are not separated at least stay in one room support in every prlm of course they know each others feelings after all it is tashan e ishq (ishq ke sath sath tashan be )but please show twiinj knok jok and love btw them
    u know from the time i saw precap i am so sad that my mother asked me what happend is there any problem (how can i say i am sad as twinj not confessd their love and yuvi created a new problem)……babaji please help our twinkle and kunj and i wish maahi to see real side of yuvi

  4. http://www.serialxpress.com/daily-soap-1913-a
    Read the link it shows that yuvis plan will fail

  5. Maya- http://www.serialxpress.com/daily-soap-1913-a

    Follow the link in my name to prove that yuvis plan will fail

  6. I hope unki yae date na kharab ho or uv ka plan fail ho Jae

  7. Hey guys can u accept me as your friend??
    Twinj’s love story is awesome. Finally both of them realized.

  8. episode was superb but this mad yuvi always destroy twinj confession.
    why this mad UV always put his leg in between them?

  9. Kunj i love u today u was looking awsome but pls want some mor romance between twinj

  10. Want some more romance between kunj and twinkle. They’re very cute

  11. Twinj fan...

    Guys see this link I hope all goes between twinj I just can’t tolerate their separation…
    Hope yuvi fails in his plan…

  12. I think this time uv’s plan will work as he was saying that its his last trum card but i want that twinj should win and twinj fir se ek ho jaae and this time the romance complete ho

  13. Ya, dear twinjfan me too feelng so sad

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