Tashan-e-Ishq 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi says to Twinkle that your husband got saved again but dont worry i will not leave you, he wont ind out that we are in mumbai, he must be finding you in Amritsar and we will get married here, He sings song and gets close to her, she bangs her head on face and says be away from me, i hate you and your song, Yuvi gets angry on her and is about to slap her but stops and says maybe this is your way of loving me, Twinkle says i can never love you, i will be of Kunj’s only till death, i thank God for making me marry Kunj, Kunj isnt like you, his talks are pure, if you get rebirth even than you can never stand beside Kunj, Yuvi says dont praise him infront of you, you will have to love me, Twinkle says i am of Kunj’s only and will remain his, Yuvi says you were mine and will

remain mine, i love you, Twinkle says you never loved me, you always pretended to love me to take revenge from my mom, Yuvi says i did that drama but now i love you like crazies, my love is true, please understand, Twinkle says you call this true love? you kidnapped my, family, you kidnapped me and is trying to marry a married girl, this is your true love? Yuvi says i have tried everything to make you understand but you are not listening, i will marry you now, he goes to bring things, Twinkle prays to lord and thinks that Yuvi has gone mad.
Kunj is going to temple in taxi, taxi’s tyre gets punctured, driver says i have tyre in spare but dont have jack/tool to raise car, Kunj raise car with full power and ask driver to change tyre, we dont have much time, driver starts changing tyre, Kunj’s hands starts bleeding but he is holding and raising car.
Yuvi lights fire and stares at Twinkle who is digusted. Tyre is changed, Kunj leaves car and looks at his bruised hands, Sajna ve plays.
Yuvi says to Twinkle that everything is ready, lets get married now, she says no, Yuvi says you remember when you were getting married, my mom was dragging me from there and you were taking pheras with Kunj, you didnt think about me, i bear so much but i decided that i will win you, Twinkle says i will never marry you, Yuvi points gun at her and says you have to get married to me else we will die, i know i lost many times, your husband saved you many times but now its me and you here, what will you do here? will you call Kunj?
Kunj says to driver that i dont have time, give me car keys, driver gives it.
Yuvi plays marriage bhajan in his phone and says i know i am smart.
Kunj is driving towards temple.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that you must be afraid that Kunj will come here, Yuvi says i am not afraid of anyone, Twinkle says i know you are afraid cause you know that Kunj will come here to save me, your goons couldnt stop me, my Kunj will come here to save me, Yuvi holds her from hairs and says what is in Kunj that i dont have? Twinkle says if you were Kunj then you wouldnt have to marry me like this, Yuvi pulls her hairs, Twinkle screams, Yuvi says i am sorry, i didnt want to hurt you, i will become good boy like Kunj but after marriage, he drags Twinkle and points gun at her, he tells her to be silent, Twinkle says i dont love you, dont do this, Yuvi makes Twinkle wear chunri, he says you are looking good, he starts taking pheras with her forcefully, he drags her around fire to do pheras, Twinkle cries and says you are doing wrong.
Kunj is still on way, Yuvi says your marriage with Kunj was wrong, it was Tashan e shadi and this is Jashn e shadi, Twinkle says i dont love you, Yuvi says i dont care, i love you and see your Kuj hasnt come.
Kunj is driving car fast, accident happens with this car. Yuvi is taking pheras with Twinkle when Twinkle’s chunri catches fire, Yuvi leaves Twinkle’s hand, Twinkle pours water on fire and says i have destroyed your plans, Yuvi says i will fill sindoor in your mang and will make you mine.

Scene 2
Leela says to family that our kids are in problem and we are sitting here silently, we have to do something, Anand says i am calling Kunj but he is not picking up.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that i will wear Kunj’s name sindoor only, Yuvi says i will wipe it, he wipes her Sindoor, Twinkle cries and says dont do this, Yuvi says you have to become mine, he puts sindoor in his hands and is about to apply it to Twinkle when someone hits him with stick, Sindoor falls on floor, they look to find Kunj there, Twinkle is happy to see him, Yuvi gets angry on him, Twinkle screams Kunj, Kunj starts beating Yuvi, Twinkle says dont leave him, Kunj says to Yuvi that you will marry my wife? you will hit her? Twinkle says he wanted to fill sindoor in my mang, dont leave him, Kunj beats Yuvi, Twinkle says Yuvi your game is over, Kunj beats him, Kunj says to Yuvi that i want to take your life but i will not take things in my hand, i am calling police, no one will save you from police, he goes to call inspector, Yuvi strangles Twinkle’s neck and has bomb attached to his belly, he starts bomb timer and says if Twinkle cant be mine then she cant be of anyone, we three will die, Twinkle ask Kunj to leave from there, she cant let anything happen to him, Kunj says nothing will happen to us, Twinkle says try and understand, leave from here, Kunj says i will not go leaving you, Twinkle cries, Yuvi says dont cry and pushes her away, Kunj beats Yuvi, timer stops as wire gets disconnected, bomb is diffused, Kunj strangles Yuvi, Twinkle ask Kunj to leave him, Anita comes there and hits Twinkle and Kunj with stick, they both fall unconscious, Anita gets emotional seeing Yuvi, she hugs him, flashback shows Anita saying to Yuvi that you never told me about your plan, you slapped me, but didnt tell me that you are not mad, he tells Anita that i will kidnap Kunj, his family and Twinkle’s family, Anita asks what you are going to do with Twinkle? Yuvi says i will marry Twinkle in Mumbai, Anita says they wont leave you, Yuvi says if you cant be on my side then leave, Anita says i will be with you but you will have to tell me everything, fb ends, Yuvi says its good you came here, now you will witness my and Twinkle’s marriage, Twinkle have to become mine now.

PRECAP- Anita says to Yuvi that look at yourself, stop this madness now, Yuvi says this is not madness, i love her, i wanna marry her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. pls kunj and twinkle get up soon and kill that uv and anita hopening that next epi will roamantic of kunj & twinkle

  2. So many complications… Let twinj be happy together without yuvi…

  3. Love u kunj. Kiss from France ?????

    1. And Tunisia ????

  4. UV jst disgusting …

  5. What is happening ???now only real fight will start ????

  6. What the hell. What this stupid uv is upto
    Plz don’t separate twinj

  7. I just don’t understand why didn’t anyone come with kunj? -_-
    at least anand or raman could come with him…
    well I’m waiting for next episode eagerly…hopefully everything is gonna be fine…

  8. josphine muthoni

    in india this is what they call true lov??

    1. u asking sarcasticaly or annoyingly??
      sry fr the ques just dint understand why u askd this ques
      no offence…..

  9. Ohh this Anita is so annoying?

  10. Shraddha Sharma

    Yuvi and Anita need psychtrist help… specilly Yuvi……
    Love kunj and twinkle…..

  11. I hattttte that stupid uv????

  12. Wt the hell is this…just tired of uv’s psycho drama….plzzz stop this and save twinj

  13. Don’t separate twinj

  14. hello everyone i have been going through news channels i u know what i saw ??
    yes good new i saw the intervies of kunj and twinkle.. in the upcoming episode kunj and twinkle are going for a romantic date… yeah finally love would start blossoming between them… i hope that u all feel a little better after seeing my comment so just hoped to update u all wid the info.

  15. they are making it weird.. and surprisingly i see all fans of twinj here.. i dont find tashan in that couple .. i like twiraj more.. i still dont know what yuvi is upto lol its his pshycho love or revenge or what lolzzz anyways i like twiraj together

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  17. Kya itna kyun sata rahi ho…pls directed sahab do somethink

  18. Love twinkle and yuvi Jodi.love you guys ??❤️just need kunj to get out of the way????????

  19. Mickey Mouse

    I knew that Kunj will reach on time 2 save his Twinky, this UV has really gone crazy hating his character day by day n precap seriously uv? U always hurt Twinky and say it’s true love, oh please? True love is called what Kunj feels for Twinky not u UV

  20. ooooh dats rlly a grt nws komal…..:-) thnkssss

  21. hehe … realy Yuvi mad……!!!
    stupid yuvi…
    wt rng with u… uvi
    twinkle OnLy To KUnJjjjj 🙂

    Dont Spprte twinkle and kUnjjj …

  22. uv being smart y shld he b ignrd. I like uv as an actor. Well uv. Aftr all itz a serial nt real life

  23. uv being smart y shld he b ignrd. I like uv as an actor. Well uv. Aftr all itz a serial nt real lifet

  24. Thanks komal for the awesome news thank you so much

  25. Ohh God wtx happening… .ptaa nae abb kyaa ho gaa…..will kunj and twinkle be saved or UV fulfill his intentions..??? Hope for twinj love

  26. Thanks komal..its such a grt news….

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    2. Yes its true news

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  36. Kunj only belongs to twinkle go to hell uv

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