Tashan-e-Ishq 5th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle finds Yuvi holding her dupatta, she scolds him and leaves.
In morning, Anita, Babee wishes Yuvi happy birthday, Yuvi acts like kid. Anita tells Babee to come in party at night, Babee says no i wont be able to come, you all go. Twinkle comes there, Surjeet ask Yuvi what he wants as his birthday gift? Yuvi says i want Twinki, i mean i want Twinkle to dress me up for birthday, Twinkle says i wont dress you, dress yourself, she leaves.
Kunj talks to hotel chairman, chairman says we have hired you as hotel manager but we need your help, tonight is big party in hotel’s hall and we have shortage of staff, if you dont mind can you serve food in party? this problem is for today only, Kunj says its alright, no work is small, if there is crisis in workplace where you

work then you should lend helping hand, i will serve guests in party.
Anita comes in birthday hall and finds Kunj working there as waiter, she smirks at hall manager for giving Kunj job of waiter, Sarna family comes in hall and are shocked, Anita says to Kunj that what he is doing as waiter? what days have come that Sarna family’s son has become waiter, i salute you for earning working so hard. Manohar says to Kunj that what he is doing, he should be ashamed, he ask Kunj to come with him, Kunj says you are thinking wrong, i was offered to become manager, today staff was less so i was doing work of waiter, no work is small or big, ,,
Kunj serves juices to Surjeet and Cherry. Guests starts coming in hall, Anita ask Kunj to serve them juices, he nods and goes. Leela comes in hall with Pinni, she is shocked to see Kunj as waiter, Anita says Hi, Leela i was waiting for you only, are you shocked to see your son in law like this? she says your son in law is handsome, he maybe beggar but looking awesome in waiter’s dress, she ask Leela to smile and have a drink from Kunj’s hands, he is just doing his job. Pinni says to Leela that this is so much insult to us, our son in law isw working like waiter? its shame, Leela ask her to stop it.
Yuvi cuts his birthday cake, he doesnt offer cake to Anita first, he comes to Kunj and makes him eat first, Anita thinks that my son is making this waiter eat cake, i will teach him lesson, she takes cake’s piece and throws it on her feet, she says waiter Kunj come and clean my foot, all are stunned, Kunj bows down and is about to clean her foot but Twinkle comes inbetween and cleans her foot before Kunj can, she look at Kunj, Sajna ve plays, Kunj recalls how he asked Twinkle why she took blame of stealing on herself? Twinkle said it was her fault so took blame on herself, Kunj is surprised why she did his work this time. Yuvi says to Kunj that his dress is nice, he likes to have it, Twinkle says if you wear dress like Kunj then you will have to work like him too(work like waiter), Anita says how dare you ask my son to work like waiter? Yuvi says withc aunty dont scold Twinki, i will do work like Kunj too, Yuvi takes off his jacket and starts serving cake to everyone like waiters, Anita is angry, she takes cake from him, throws it away and starts to leave but Twinkle comes to her, and says its enough of you insults for my family, i was silent as you are elder, i tried to respect you but some elders are like you who stoop so low that younger one have to show them their place, in todays world if you are silent in respect then it is taken as weakness, now i will answer you back in your language only, as they say what you sow shall you reap, Anita says its impossible to defeat me, Twinkle says i am warning you if you try to insult my husband or blame him for wrong reasons then i will not stay silent, i will not leave you, Anita leaves, Twinkle turns to find Kunj standing there, he ask what was the need to do all this? Twinkle says you are silent so i have to answer people, what was the need to become waiter? Kunj says i am not waiter but manager here and our accounts are sealed, i have to work to get money for my family my family is habituated to certain life style so i have to earn to maintain it, i cant see my family suffering, Twinkle says if i am also in this suffering list? tell me, Kunj says yes you are part of it too, i cant see you in problem, Twinkle ask why? Kunj says because you are my wife, its my responsibility to give you a good life, for a husband its most hurting when he sees his wife in tears, i just want to see you happy always, taking care of you is my responsibility, cant you understand this? he leaves, Twinkle is surprised to listen this and is impressed, Sajna ve plays.

PRECAP- Twinkle is calling Kunj but he is not picking up, Twinkle finds Anita going out of house somewhere, she thinks where is Anita going sneakingly? if she is involved in Kunj’s kidnapping?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Todays episode was superrr but there is ques is striking in my mind is really yuvi became child or he doing acting…???

    1. I think he is acting. I can tell because before when the kids wanted to play with him he had to think about and looked mad or something so in pretty sure he is faking it.

      1. Yeah true and when he was holding twinki,s dopata,,,,I could see in his eyes, he was not acting for sure…and many other times, like when subject asked what he wants as a gift and then he said twinki

      2. Surjeet**

      3. especially that he looked back to see if Twinkle was there, like if he was putting on a show for her.

  2. Awesome epi thanks for fast updates.

  3. I hate this anitha!!!!! Just gonna kill her

  4. ❤ twinkle and kunj


    superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb episodde

  6. Today’s epi was realy awesome……it’s totaly differ from yesterday’r epi……..like it:-*:-*:-*

  7. yuvi is definitely acting…. he smirked at Twinkle when he held her dupatta.. he hesitated when ask to join the kids for a match…..he kissed her on her cheek and hugged her…. he is boldly making his moves under the pretext of being ill like a coward….fingers crossed …just hoping that Anita and Yuvi will be exposed and hurled out of the house….so that Twinkle and Kunj will both have some peace…this drama is just about to get interesting…

    1. Princess roshni

      And even when he was told what do u want he said twinkle he could hv said kunj becoz kunj is his friend but he said Twinkie and then changed

  8. Am sure he is acting

  9. Ya me 2

  10. he is acting for sure

  11. nice episode

  12. Twinkle and kunj are the best on screen pairing for now but is twinkle gonna devise a plan against yuvi and anita or…

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