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Scene 1
Inspector scolds Kunj and says you were trying to take Twinkle from here? Kunj says no i just came to make Twinkle eat dinner, i dont go against law, inspector says and what about coming jail stealthily? he is about to arrest Kunj but Twinkle says he came to make eat dinner only, he didnt do anything wrong, please dont arrest him, inspector is taking Kunj from there, Twinkle falls down, Kunj gets worried and says nothing will happen to you, Twinkle says to inspector that i promise you Kunj wont come to meet again, Kunj is stunned, inspector leaves Kunj, Kunj leaves from there, Yuvi listens all this on call and laughs on Twinkle and Kunj, Anita asks him to be careful, Kunj will fight back.
Yuvi and RT comes to site where Mahi died, inspector says we are finding Mahi’s body

but we didnt find it, Yuvi says i couldnt see my Mahi last time. Yuvi says to RT that its only you and me who are here, nobody cares about Mahi, all they care about is Twinkle even Leela also, i feel bad, Rt wipes his tears listening this, Kunj comes near site, he finds Yuvi talking to RT, she hides from Yuvi and inspector and says i have to find some proof against Yuvi. Kunj comes near cliff and thinks what Yuvi would have done to make Mahi fall from here? he sees another mountain infront of cliff. Kunj comes to otherside of cliff and says this must be the place where Yuvi was hiding, he would have pulled Mahi down from here, i should find proof here, he starts searching there.
Inspector gets call that Mahi’s body is found. Inspector brings RT and Yuvi near body, face is covered with sheet, inspector says you have to recognize her, RT tries to see her face but its fully smeared, he gets shocked and scared, Yuvi says this cant be our Mahi.
Anita says to Leela and Babee that i cant believe Mahi’s body was in such bad condition, Babee asks her to not say like this, Anita says i am telling what Yuvi told me, Mahi’s body was completely destroyed, she have got such bad death, Leela stares Anita.
Kunj comes to Yuvi and says stop your drama, its enough, Kunj looks at deadbody, he says you have done all this and i have proof of that, inspector asks what? Kunj shows Yuvi’s ring and says this is Yuvi’s ring, i found it in bushes, i am sure when Twinkle and Mahi were on cliff, he was hiding in bushes, he had tied rope on Mahi’s foot, he pulled rope when Twinkle came near her, all thought that it was Twinkle who pushed her, he says to Yuvi that your game is over, i was waiting for one proof against you.
Leela says to Anita that you wanted me to breadown, you wanted me to lose to you? i have lost, she sits on her knees and says see i am bowing infront of you, you wanted to destroy me and see you have done it, my whole family is destroyed, my one daughter is dead and other daughter is in jail and my husband is not believing, i am alone, you are happy or you want something more to do?
Yuvi says to Kunj that you can bring any ring and will say that its mine and i killed mahi? Kunj says why are you tensed then? Yuvi says i havent done anything, Kunj says then wear this ring and prove me wrong, Yuvi says why should i wear it? Kunj says why you are reluctant, Yuvi says you can do anything but you wont be able to save Twinkle, she will bear punishment for sure, Kunj asks him to wear ring.
Anita says to Leela that you can blame us for everything but you can change truth and truth is that your one daughter has killed your other daughter, you wont get anything by making me look bad infront of all, Pinni takes Leela from here, Babee stares Anita and leaves. Anita says Leela was right, today i fulfilled my revenge, i have fulfilled my promise, i have destroyed and broken you like you broke me years back, i have won, she laughs.
Inspector asks Yuvi to wear ring, Yuvi says but you have got culprit, she is in jail then why i should do it? inspector says investigation is still on, we have doubt on everyone, wear ring, Yuvi takes ring from Kunj, Kunj asks Yuvi to wear it in ring finger, Yuvi wears it but it doesnt fit his finger and says this is smaller than my size, Kunj says this cant be true, he tries to make him wear it, RT says enough, this ring is smaller, your blame is rubbish, inspector says to Kunj that you are div3erting our attention, leave from here, he goes to take body for postmortem, Yuvi asks Kunj what happened? see its Mahi’s body, what will you do now? you said game over? its game over for Twinkle, save her if you can.
Yuvi comes to Anita, Anita asks ring didnt fit your finger? Yuvi shows how he had fake skin on his finger, he says i was not finding my ring and i thought if police finds my ring then i will be gone so i ordered this skin mask, Kunj was so shocked to be failed, Anita says you are genius like your mother, what will we do now? Yuvi says we will enjoy, i am thinking to go and meet my baby.
Kunj comes in jail and tells Twinkle about finding Mahi’s body, Twinkle says to Kunj that it cant be Mahi’s deadbody which is found, she cant die, its not her body, Kunj asks her to calm down and says Mahi is dead, she has left us, dont be weak for me, for yourself and for Mahi, he says i promise you i will make Yuvi get punishment for his deeds, you have to be with me, promise me that you will be with me? Twinkle holds his hand, she cries, they recall their moments spent together.

PRECAP- Yuvi puts rats in Twinkle’s cell. Twinkle is taken to court, they are on their way to court, Kunj stops their car and says to inspector that i want to show you this video, please see it, inspector says what is this way to stop?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. thanks a lot to all for helping me 🙁 . Becoz of me u r bearing so much 🙁 , and haan prit u r ryt, i will never ever evr do this again, i got hyper xcited knowing dat sid no. Is available, 🙁

  2. and col him at 6:30 he will b free at that time, he had said,

  3. Type that no in Google n see.it shows that the no.belongs to east UP …it is absolutely fake ..then those profile pics have been copied from SIDS instance account …check it if u want

  4. Type that no in Google n see.it shows that the no.belongs to east UP …it is absolutely fake ..then those profile pics have been copied from SIDS insta account …check it if u want

  5. Guys all of you just stay calm! I have requested him to reply on this note I have sent him on Twitter. You guys can go view it on my profile @Anisha_Tellybug. I have full faith that he will reply as he goes through all his tweets. Just stay calm! I shall post his reply as soon as I get it. Meanwhile get ready for today’s episode as Kunj will manage to bail out twinkle❤️❤️❤️

  6. guys hi am new here

  7. guys I think he is really sid I messaged him on whatsap thinks like he is really did I messaged him but he just reply few messages then he seemed me like six pictures of his and he asked for mine as I wasn’t sure if he is real sid or not so I didn’t send him my full PIC

  8. then he sensed me like six pictures of his*

  9. pallavi don’t worry dii even if he is not Kunj I think like he is not a bad person

  10. even I sended him my PIC but thank god not full picture just half PIC as I was hvng a doubt that he isn’t kunj

  11. Ok guys! Just please stay calm! We shall continue with this discussion in today’s episode update column. Sid will hopefully reply to my tweet and then everything will be sorted out! The other guy also has a ringtone right! I really doubt it to be Sid! You guys just stay calm. I’ll try talking to him…

  12. Girls it’s not sidhant’s no. (Kunj).. I messaged him on instagram and asked him about all this he told me ” it’s not my number please don’t entertain such numbers and id’s ” so girls stop messaging on that number

  13. Yes that is very true ruby_ryan guys if I were u I would report him,plz be careful as well.

  14. bt i hav alredy send my pic to dis guy 🙁 . What shud i do now

    1. Pallavi dnt wry yar sb thik hoga.aap mje batao jb 11min aap ki baat hue unhu ne kya kha mai kun hu aur movie bdmshya ka kya kha…

  15. ya ur right pooja just let stop messaging on DAT number if it’s not him

    1. Yeah… ? ayda

  16. when I messaged him he was replying as if he is sid😜😜

  17. when I messaged him he was replying as if he is sid😜😜 so proudly lol😂

  18. Listen guys till now u dont get any information. Should i talk to him or what. Should i try. Plzzz

  19. Guys till now u dont get any information. Should i talk to him or what should i see who is he.

  20. pallavi dii don’t be worried even I have already sended him my pic

  21. the only difference is DAT I sended him half PIC but u can recognise me also

  22. dii I don’t think he will any harm with our pictures he might be a decent man maybe

  23. sorry guys I frgt to introduce myself am an arab and u guys love to be friends with u all

  24. jasmine meri usse 11 min nahi 23 min baat hu he. 11 min ka mene col kiya or fir uska mobile swich off ho gaya then usne col back kiya 12 min ka 😮 .
    At 1st wen i introduce myself he that i hav msgd u on wats app n vo bola itne msg aate hein pta nhi rehta den vo bola k mere 4 thousand (then corrected) 4 crores fans h, and me kisse baat karu ye mere fans ki wish nahi balki meri wish h. Den i hv asked if i hv disturbed him, he says no he is free till 11, den at 6:30 then at 12 at night. Then usne pucha tum rajasthan se ho(may he got state of which my sim belongs) den mene bataya ,den usne kaha vo b jaipur aaya he uske bhai (name b bataya tha bt not clearly audible :sorry:)and bhabhi name himani gaur ki wedding me. even when i asked his brother name twice he say mera name sidhant and uska sh…..(not clearly audible). Den he told i have just came from london, and his family also used to live there and sonu nigam is also his relative, den he enquire about my family. I tell him den uska fon swich off ho gya, den after 15 min he col me back and den say he was colling some1 else by mistake he cold me . I asked him if he can continue d col , he say yes he is free, he say i m very down to earth, in real life too i m same as in role, than i say i m die hard fan of his, even my family kno dis,he den asked me to i can make him tok wid my family, he say i m not dat type of guy who only tok wid girls, i respect their family too, den he ask me my hobbies , likes dislikes, and ask how u find my perfomance in tei. He tell k usne india aya tb 3 films ki , he asked if i hv wached bdmashiyan , i replied in no. Den he say wach it den i wil bcome mch more fan of him, den he say u text me in night also, i reply in yes, he say whom u were chating dat tym, i said just text u , den personal info mangi, mene topic chang kr diya tumhe jab baat karni ho kr liya kro , me apne fans ka khyal rakhta hu, den connection problem aa gyi gaya

  25. and ayda i have sent him my full pic 🙁 dat too hd clear 🙁

  26. Girls either u don’t understand or you don’t want to understand… As I said he told me its not his number toh kyu send karr rhe ho apne pics….and prit just leave that thing cut the crap and don’t call on that number may be he is hacker or something girls thought about your safety first…

  27. don’t worry pallavi he won’t do any bard I think he is not a bad guy at all myb he is just faking sid but he isn’t bad

  28. ya ur right pooja I HV deleted DAT number already and even I HV stopped messaging him

  29. lol every time he keeps changing Sid’s pictures on his do😂😂

  30. Guys guys! I talked to sidhant on insta. He told that it’s not his number. Please please try to avoid it. He was like please don’t entertain such fake profiles and numbers. He didn’t even know that this kind of number is viral on internet and some anonymous person even fakes out to be him. So please get some sense and don’t send your pics to any stranger. PLEASE.

  31. unfortunately I can’t even post screenshot of that convo

  32. ya Kristie we HV understood u guys we even deleted his number already now this topic Sid’s number its over

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