Tashan-e-Ishq 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Twinkle ask Kunj so we have deal? he shakes hand with her and they smile at each other to have done deal.
Twinkle is tensed in her house that dont know how Yuvi will react knowing about deal, i didnt even ask him, he is so impatient, he can get angry and his anger, what should i do? Yuvi comes there, he ask everything clear? you told everything to your family? Twinkle says everything is fine, Yuvi ask what your family said? Twinkle says actually.. Yuvi holds her tightly and ask did you break relation or not? she says you are hurting me, listen to me calmly, Yuvi breaks her wrist watch, she gets angry and ask why you are reacting this way, this watch was gifted by father to my mother, it was his last gift, you have no patience, Yuvi ask her to speak up, Leela knocks door, Yuvi

leaves, Twinkle opens door, Leela sees watch in her hand and ask how it broke? Twinkle says i will go and it will be mended, i am sorry, Leela says okay.
Twinkle comes to shop and ask shop keeper to mend her watch, he says we cant mend it as its broken in a baed way, Twinkle says this is very important for me, please mend it, its machinery problem, Twinkle gets Chinki’s call and goes to talk to her, Kunj comes from behind, he is seeing watches, he finds shop keeper trying to mend Twinkle’s watch, he ask can i try? shop keeper says its not going to work again, Kunj says let me try, he tries to mend it and it starts working fine, shop keeper thanks him, Kunj takes his watch and starts leaving, Twinkle comes to shop keeper and ask if watch is mended? he says yes but the person who is leaving did it not me, Twinkle says i should thank him, Twinkle runs behind Kunj but he leaves, Twinklw couldnt see his face and says he did most important problem of my life, he seems nice person, hope he gets all happiness.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes to Leela who is sad, Twinkle shows her watch and says its working again, Leela gets happy, Twinkle says a magic man did it, Leela says i remember Kunj listening about magic man, he is also very nice person, he will keep you happy, she leaves, Twinkle says she doesnt know anything about our deal, i hope she doesnt get hurt by anything.
Leela is praying to Lord, Twinkle comes to her and says i wanna talk to you, Lord will not get angry with you, talk to me, Leela ask her to say, Twinkle says if i say a big lie or do a big mistake then how will you react? like if i runaway from my marriage or say no for it? Leela is stunned and ask why you are asking all this? if you try to do this then i will break all relations with you, Twinkle says dont be dramatic, tell me realistic punishment like you will not give me food or wont let me shop, Leela says i will make you stand on roof whole night, Twinkle says but its raining heavily, will you punish me in this weather too? Leela says yes, Twinkle thinks that the punishment which is chosen by mother, i will do it, Leela jokes that even if i give you this punishment, you wont do it.
Twinkle stand in porch, its raining heavily, she is drenched in water, she says i have done deal with Kunj to break my marriage at last moment and this will hurt my family so i will hurt myself too by standing under rain whole night, maybe this will nullify my sin.

Scene 3
Nana brigs rose for Preeto in garden, he says rose for my life’s rose, she takes it and says you are looking very nice, i should give you credit today, i asked you to take some tips from style Yuva Yuvraj, Nana says i can copy anyone but dont take his name, he is disrespected us alot, she says sorry, he says no need for sorry, Preeto says no one will understand our friendship, all will think it as love affair, Nana says no one has time for us, if we get friends like you in this age then we feel like living again, she smiles and gives him sweets to eat.
Twinkle is coughing, Leela comes and ask what happened? did you drench in rain? Twinkle says dont worry i will take turmeric milk and will be fine, Leela shows newspaper to Twinkle which has Kunj and Twinkle’s picture of inauguration, she says you both are looking very nice, Twinkle thinks i dont know how Yuvi will react seeing this picture.
Yuvi sees their picture in newspaper and gets angry, he throws away newspaper and calls Twinkle, she gets tensed and says i cant talk to him, he must be angry as he must have seen picture, dont know how he will react, he will not understand about our deal, i will have to meet him and tell him everything.
Leela comes in club and tells other women that she was busy in Twinkle’s relation, Usha is with her too, one women says that Leela won over Anita and she is gone from here, Anita comes there and says i cant go away like this, she says to Leela that you insulted me alot here, i am here to answer you now, Anita says to Leela that you insulted me in this club alot remember? i did only one thing in return that is.. i have bought this whole club, Leela looks on shocked.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that you have to record this, i have to give proof to Yuvi, Kunj holds her close and says i will not do it, do whatever you can, Twinkle says i will force you to record it any cost. Yuvi says to Twinkle that i dont trust that Kunj, Twinkle says you trust me right? he will follow this deal dont worry. Manohar is with Twinkle, he ask Kunj to do what Twinkle is saying, he ask you know about it? Manohar says yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hope kunj and twinkle falls in love

    1. I know right. That would be soooo nice.?

  2. Sajna ve….

  3. Kunj and Twinkle looks great together

  4. I didn’t want Kunj to be with Twinkle, I thought he deserves better than. But, now that I know Yuvi does not love her, she’s just a bet or prize, no girl deserves that. I’m happy with their deal. It’ll be hard to break afterwards. Then, Yuvi can learn some manners.

    1. I think kunj is only the lead pair of twinkle

      1. Think so too.

  5. Kunj deserves Twinkle more than Yuvi, hope they fall in love and Twinkle soons sees Yuvi’s real face. I don’t know what I am missing but I think Yuvi does not love Twinkle and has some evil motive.

  6. what is this going on

  7. i told you before

  8. good serial…. But not waching it now…..

  9. kunj and twinkle r so cute with each other nd by the look of hw thngs r gng i can only pinpoint one thing* the villian of the story is yuvi nd kunj and twinkle will fall in love……..hope so!!!!

  10. it needs to go faster,cant wait

  11. i love the show

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