Tashan-e-Ishq 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj comes in hospital, he meets policeman who tells him that Twinkle was found in Guradvarah, she did Parikrima due to which she started feeling dizzy, she fainted there so someone brought her here, she tried to call you but her mobile’s battery drained, i got to know about her and called you here, Kunj thanks him, he comes to Twinkle’s room and finds her unconscious lying down on bed, doctor is checking her, Kunj ask what happened to her? Doctor ask who are you? Kunj says she is my wife, doctor says oh you are Kunj, she kept murmuring your name, she is very weak and she couldnt bear stress, it seems like she has some stress, in dizzy state, she was murmuring me that i am with you Kunj, i wont let anything happen to my family, Kunj ask if she will become fine? Dcotor says

she prayed alot and was weak so she had nervous breakdown, it seems like something is bothering her and she is not able to come out of it, if she doesnt become conscious in next 24hours then she can go in coma too, he leaves, Kunj gets emotional and says you are a problematic girl, you are unique piece, you were praying for my family since morning, for the family which you joined just now, where you not even welcomed nicely, you care for us so much? if you can do this much for my family then even i will not move back, he holds her hand and i promise you today that i will support you my whole life, i will be standing beside you for you in every problem, i will protect you always, Kunj will always be with Twinkle in every problem.
Kunj calls Leela and tells her about Twinkle, Kunj says dont worry about her, i am with her, i will take care of her, i am your son so i will do everything, you have given her hand in my hand with faith and i will not break that faith, i promise i will be with her till death, i wont let any problem fall upon her, this is son’s promise, Leela says people think for mother, biggest moment is when her daughter gets married but more bigger moment is when she gets to know that her life partner respect her and will take care of her, i am so happy that i chose you as life partner for my daughter, have long life, she ends call and tells Usha that Twinkle went to Guradvarah and she became unconscious, she is in hospital and Kunj is with her, she says to Usha that you blamed my Twinkle easily but didnt think how much it will hurt me, i will never forget what you said about my daughter, my upbringing is not so weak that my daughter will runaway from responsibilities like this, before pointing fingers at Twinkle, do think first.
Kunj calls Roshni(Jamai raja), he ask about Sid and says i want to tell him about some MMS scandal, Roshni says tell me, Kunj says that Shabnum who is blaming Sid, i saw her in my marriage, i feel she is trying to destroy Sid and you, Roshni says she is my step sister, dont know why she is trying to destroy my and Sid’s life, Kunj says dont worry, if you are not able to see any path then God will show you some path, Roshni says thanks for motivating me to fight against my step sister and Sid is hero, no one can defeat him, Kunj says if you need anything then tell me, i am always there for you, he ends call and prays for Roshni.
Yuvi comes back home, anita ask where were you? that Kunj came and said that you kidnapped Twinkle, did you do this? Leela and Usha is leaving for hospital, Anita and Yuvi comes to her and says so finally you found your daughter,k where did she runaway? that Kunj blamed my son, Leela says i dont have time to listen your rubbish, Anita says dont you guys feel that from the time Twinkle got married, problems keep coming in your life, she is badluck for everyone, Leela says you are were badluck for Twinkle but now she is married and you cant poison her life now, she leaves from there, Anita thinks that time will tell how mych destruction i will bring in Twinkle and your’s life.

Scene 2
Doctor tells Kunj that Twinkle has dengue, Usha says we should take her home, Kunj says she will stay here till she becomes fine, Usha says after 2 days, its Karwachauth, we celebrate it together, Twinkle have to do all rituals so we can break fast, i believe in all these rituals, alot has happened in our lives and if we dont do these rituals then more problems will crop up, Kunj says this is old fashioned thoughts, Usha says your kwife is modern but that doesnt mean we will stop kdoing rituals, we will do these rituals, Kunj says if this is case then i will do these rituals this time, i will do fast for Twinkle this time, if wife can fast for husband then why can husband fast for wife? she needs it too, you used to say that husband and wife are same, Usha says this doesnt happen, Kunj says wife-husband support each other in every problem, she is in this situation because she was praying for my family so cant i do this much for her? i will fast for her, Leela says i am proud of you, i am proud that you are my son, you took her problems on yourself, now i know that nothing will happen to Twinkle till you are with her, i cant thank you enough, Kunj says mother should just bless son, i have married her and will fulfill all my responsibilities, i will try to keep her happy till death so no one will point fingers at you as i am part of your family, i just pray that Twinkle becomes fine soon, Leela says i will also pray that you do all rituals nicely, Yuvi listens all this from far and says again their emotional scene? now i will add some spice in it as always, i wont let Kunj become perfect for Twinkle.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thnx fr the update but was there no pre cap? ???

    And yuvi pls stop interfering in their lives…….. what is the reason behind Anita and leela enmity? ?

    1. As far as i know that anitas husband wanted to hook up with leela after her husband died and then leeka told the media about it and anitas husband commited suicide wen he saw it in the newspaper and anita blamed leela for the death saying that she and her husband (anitas hubby) cheated on her
      So for one small misunderstanding and suspicousness this drama has been created…

  2. Love twinkle and kunjs scene

  3. Princess roshni

    The reason is yuvi father Anita Husband tried to rape twinkle mother Lela

  4. Princess roshni

    I hope twinkle get well from the accident

  5. i hope Yuvi does not success. the guys like him always take advantage of girls for some reason and live them forever. What kind of peace he and his mother will get? Please the way you guys show romance between Yuvi and Twinkle can’t be possible for Kunj and Twinke. stories cannot be twisted by showing that she is taking care of business, fly and helping kunj for his further studies .

    i am watching the other episodes of ek tha raja ek thi rani and stories are repeating some where nothing different.

  6. Pls dnt stp to shw dis serial 11.30pm plzzz……. dnt stp we dnt wnt kaala tika on dat tym

  7. yuvi stand back

  8. The show storyline is good but the script writing is very bad……..there is nothing interesting in this show and even going worsen day by day…twinj scenes are a little hope but due to bad scipt these are also looking boring…….plz. Producer either change the writer or stop the show….plz. Plz. Plz.

  9. Nyzz kunjj and twinkle…?

    1. ikr…I love twinj!!!!!!

  10. love u twinkle and kunj

  11. the writer shd really start improving the script coz this show is getting boring day by day

  12. is my comment reviewed or something

  13. love twinkle and kunj pair… I just want them to b lovely together.
    kunj and yuvi are too opposite so plzzzzzzz take out yuvi…

  14. farida uttan

    Yuvi has a sick twisted mind – just like his father did. A shame to decent men acound. Love KUNJ supporting twinkle in spite of witch of a mother.

  15. Love twinkle and kunj and I think it is getting better day by day

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