Tashan-e-Ishq 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi sees engagement ring missing, Yuvi says the ring box was here, Twinkle says its there, she shows him box on chandelier near roof and says its there, she recalls how when Anita fell on cake, Leela hided ring in mess and they placed it on chandelier, Yuvi says how did it reach there? Twinkle says how would i know, bring it down, Yuvi says me? how can i go there? Twinkle says you claim that you love me and you cant even bring a ring for me? dont you want to get engaged to me? bring it down, Yuvi gets tensed, Yuvi’s friends that lets show bhabhi that you have guts, we are with you, friends team and makes pyramid so that Yuvi can jump over them and bring down, Yuvi is tensed, Twinkle smirks, Babee thinks that Yuvi cant bring down ring, i will do something, she comes to human pyramid

and puts grease on floor near their feet. Yuvi climbs human pyramid, he comes closer to chandelier and is about to get ring, Babee says i just pray that he falls down and break his leg and die, all look on, people are slipping due to grease on floor, Anita says Yuvi you can do it, Yuvi extends his hand to get ring but human pyramid falls down due to slipping, Yuvi falls on them, all laugh, Babee thanks God for all this, Cherry, Anand all laugh, Twinkle makes sad to Yuvi, she shows him thumbs up to try again, she says come on what happened? you lost in such small thing? people do so much for love and you cant even do this? you were saying big things on marriage day, what happened now? are you injured after falling down? if it was my Kunj in your place then not even chandelier, he would have brought ring from sky for me. men make pyramid again, Yuvi is about to climb them but Kunj comes there, he runs and jumps on human pyramid, he holds chandelier before pyramid falls down, all are happy to see him, babee says long live my lion, Kunj is hanged to chandelier, he looks at Twinkle, Twinkle passes flying kiss to him, Yuvi and Anita cant believe Kunj’s guts, Babee says he my dharmendar, Kunj moves up and takes ring and passes flyinf kiss to Twinkle, Sajna ve plays. Kunj jumps from chandelier and arrives on ground safely, Cheery says long live our lion, Anita has her mouth wide open seeing his stunt, Kunj gets up, he comes to Twinkle and says you were right, not just this rng from chandelier, i can do anything for you, can bring anything, he sits on his knees and says may I? Twinkle extends her hand, Kunj makes her wear ring and kisses her hand, Sajna ve plays, Yuvi fumes in anger seeing this, Anita says what the hell? i will.. cake falls in her mouth, Cherry says you are spitting poison but you are eating sweets, Twinkle says to Yuvi that did you see? my relation with Kunj is not fake or not based on cheating, nothing can break our relation, listen to me carefully, you may have made relation with me by cheating but i dont accept this relation and i dont believe in its existence, i was and i am Kunj’s wife and life partner for births, listen to me, i was just faking everything till now but now i will make your life hell, i will frustrate you so much that you will plead for life, this was just trailer, get ready for full picture, Yuvi looks on tensed.

Scene 2
Twinkle is at home alone, she calls Kunj and says yes i am fine, you come after mandir darshan, she ends call, lights go off, Twinkle looks around, Yuvi comes there and says i am your husband, he grabs her hand and twists it, he says i told you to not play games with me, what you thought that you will insult me and my mom and i will bear it silently? now i will hurt your Kunj, your whole family will pay for your deeds, Twinkle takes knife in her hand and says be away from me, Yuvi says you are trying to make me afraid with this knife? will you kill me? kill me then, Twinkle instead of hurting him cuts her hand and starts screaming, all come there, Twinkle says my husband has cut my hand, he and his mom does so much violence on me, they are so cruel, she cries, Yuvi gets tensed and says to family that she is lying, i didnt do anything, Twinkle says my husband has cut my hand, what can i do? she sheds crocodile tears and hints to Leela, Leela understands she is trapping Yuvi, Babee says husband tried to beat wife? he should be jailed, we should call police, Twinkle laughs and asks yuvi how was her acting? so my fake husband think if this video leaks, what will happen to your respect? twinkle says to Yuvi that if you try to misbehave with me or my family again then i will make this video viral on internet, you both wont be able to show face to anyone and will file strong domestic violence case on you and your mother, you both will remain in jail for life and i am Twinkle, i just dont warn, i do what i say, Anita is stunned.
Kunj says to Twinkle that you are great actor, you should try acting, Babee says you did right, they should know that we are not weak, Leela says but we know they are cheap and can do anything, we cant leave Twinkle alone, Usha says she is right, Yuvi can try to harm Twinkle when we are not around, this is dangerous game, Twinkle says you both are right, he will try to do something in mehndi function but what we have, he doesnt have, Kunj says its motherly love, infact we have love of two moms, your blessing will keep us safe and, its Yuvi who should shiver in fear, he hugs Usha and Leela, Twinkle hugs them too, they have group hug when Kunj tickles Twinkle’s back while hugging everyone, Twinkle feels tickling and moves here and there, they laugh on her.

Scene 3
Guests start coming in mehndi function. Anita says to Yuvi that its time to break Twinkle’s ego, she thinks she is hero? we will show her who is real hero now, her ego will break, Yuvi shows chemical bottle to Anita and says i have a plan, this bottle will help us and will make us win game, its wild card entry, just see how i silent Twinkle, Anita smirks.

PRECAP- Anita is inebriated and dances in function like drunkard on song zara sa jhumlun mein, Kunj cheers for her, Yuvi is tensed seeing all this, Kunj says to Twinkle that her situation is showing something happened to her, Twinkle is stunned to realize he did something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Amazing luvly episode maza aa gya sach mein luvky episode ab pata chale gaa iss maa bete ko ki twinkle kunj sarna se uljhne ka kya matlab hota hai?????????? oh my god amazing n thnks a lot atiba fr d fast update

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    bechara yuvi & anita
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  5. I thought I will stop watching this show but I can’t resist myself will watch only this episode for Twinj love Twinj Twinj rocks loved Twinj scenes today the ring wala scene was so cute and Yuvi jaye phaar mein with This fake and nonsense marriage. This Yuvi don’t have any other work never seen someone so desperate for a girl n even he knows he don’t love her he just wants to get her and twinkle rocks she is acting very smart well done twinkle but I will watch this show regularly only when Twinj reunited and that Yuvi is out or if not positive. And he unites Twinj

  6. maryam sidhatar

    Best episode,good twinj,keep it up,luv u both,thanks atiba.all the best tei for next tracks.fun is more interesting.

  7. Awesome ,funny romantic ????
    Just wowwwww
    I love it
    Love u twinj??????

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    I thought I would stop reading ,but this show is becoming awesome day by day.

  16. i like this very much

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