Tashan-e-Ishq 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kunj says to Twinkle that is your problem if you see me with a girl? Twinkle says i have problem because.. she stops and leaves, Kunj recalls her words, Kunj says i am an idiot, i made her jealous but she is upset now. Kunj looks at Twinkle’s picture and says i am sorry to hurt you, i wanted you to come to me but i was wrong and you were right, i am an idiot, i will pacify you but one thing is good that i got to know that you… he smiles and kisses her picture.
Twinkle is eating and says what he thinks of himself? he doesnt know about my anger, why i am giving him so much attention, Kunj comes there and asks if she wants more chocolates? he holds her hand says i am sorry, Twinkle says i am sleepy, she goes in room.
Kunj comes to bed, he says i will make border line

today, Twinkle says no need, Kunj says you dont want any line between us today? Twinkle takes pillow to couch, Kunj says i wont like if you sleep on couch, Twinkle says not me but you will sleep on couch, winters are gone now, Kunj says i am sorry, remember last two days were so nice, we behaved like couple before marriage, Twinkle says atleast i got to know that you are a flirt, Kunj says when you are around me then i dont need to see anyone else, you are so beautiful, Twinkle says then what it was today? Kunj says i was making you jealous, please smile now, Twinkle says i wont smile, Kunj says you looks god when you smile, Twinkle says i know that but i wont smile, Kunj says okay, you dont want to smile then let it be but you will smile before tomorrow evening, Twinkle says are you challenging me? he says yes, Twinkle goes to sleep on bed, Kunj goes to sleep on couch, Twinkle says he could have pacified me a little more but he wants to challenge me in everything, Kunj says i will make her smile for sure.
Its morning, Usha sees house getting decorated, she asks whats happening? Kunj says that is surprise, Leela’s family comes there, Pinni asks about function, Kunj says i will tell you, just tell me when did our so called family spent time together? never, this is like family get together, we will eat together and will not sleep, we will enjoy, also its Mahi’s welcome too, Yuvi says no need to do this for Mahi, Kunj says all family members are here, you can sit in corner and burn, Mahi says to Yuvi that all are here, i think we should join, Yuvi gets silent. Kunj says first game is passing the parcel, the one who will get parcel will have to sing, Twinkle thinks that idea is good but i am stubborn too, i will not smile. Yuvi says to Mahi that we should leave, Mahi says i never had any family get together, please stay here for me, Yuvi says okay for you only.
All family members sit in circle, Kunj asks Cherry to play songs, Cherry says why? i can sing so let me take part, Kunj says you are deadly singer thats why, Cherry says now you have said right thing, i will play music. Cherry plays music, music stops when cushion is in Kunj’s hand, Kunj sings Heer to Badi sad, all clap for him while Twinkle frowns, music starts again, Manohar says to Twinkle that you have changed Kunj alot, he goes to college, he is happy, you have done alot for our family, thank you. Cushion gets in Babee’s hands, Babee sings old song, all clap for her, Babee smiles, cushion is passed again, it stops in Anand’s hand, he says i will not sing, i cant sing, Cherry says you are out then, cushion is passed again, it stops in Twinkle’s hand, Cherry says its your turn now, Twinkle sings Hum Toh Bhae jaise hain wese rehengy, Kunj smirks listening this, all clap for her, cushion is passed again, it stops at Raman, Kunj says today show the world, Raman sings and dance on Blue hai Pani paini, he brings Pinni, Kunj and dances with them, all clap for them. Cushion is passed again, kunj gets is again, Kunj sings zara muskarade, he points Twinkle to smile, she makes angry face, all clap for Kunj, cushion is passed again, it stops at TWinkle, Twinkle sings Kyun aagy peeche dolte ho..kia mere dewane ho.. all clap for her, cushion is passed again, it stops at Leela now, Leela says no, Babee says you have to sing, Leela dances and sings with Kunj and Twinkle on London Tumkha, Kunj strikes with Twinkle in dance. Cushion is passed again, it stops at Yuvi, Yuvi sings Tumhe apna banane ka junoon, Twinkle angrily looks at him, Cherry says you got emotional Yuvi. Cushion is passed again, Usha gets it, she says i cant sing, Kunj says you have to sing, Usha says i cant sing, she leaves, cushion is passed again, it stops at Mahi, Mahi says what will i sing? she gets tensed, Twinkle sings mere ghar aayi ek pari.. she vcomes to Mahi but Mahi leaves from there, Twinkle gets sad. Game starts again, it comes on Manohar, he sings Yeh Sham, he dances with Usha, all clap for him, cushion is passed again, Kunj gets it, Kunj sings Inteha hogayi intezar ki, Twinkle looks on.

PRECAP- Twinkle smiles, Kunj says you are drama queen, Twinkle says just queen, Kunj says my queen, Twinkle says i want to say something, Kunj says i also want to say something, Twinkle says not today but tomorrow, Kunj says same too, Yuvi listens this and thinks i will make this tomorrow never come and till they will understand what happened, it will be too late for them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode. Let them throw yuvi from the cliff.none serial of miss ekta kapoor, wife and husband are living happily. There are always a another woman or man in their lives. The good ones always suffering so much and the villains are enjoying their evil deeds.just like kumkum bhagya.it’s a very bad serial nowadays.don’t do that with TEI,please

  2. well nowadays cherry is looking interesting too…love that part when cherry stopped uv singing – ” bhai tu bada emotional ho gaya tu rehnde, bhetja”

  3. i love yuvi and his acting.he is a good performer.only yuvi’s planning will make tashan e ishq more intresting.iam so exsited to see that what he do?but i dont want to his plan will be work

  4. i love yuvi and his acting.he is a good performer.only yuvi’s planning will make tashan e ishq more intresting.iam so exsited to see that what he do?but i dont want to his plan will be work

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Update today’s episode fast… mera aaj ka episode miss ho gya hai due to power failure, plzzz update soon ki love confession hua ya nhi

  6. Plz update today’s epi fast plz

  7. Very nice episode , twinkle and kunj u r pretty cute

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