Tashan-e-Ishq 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tashan-e-Ishq parts from Mahasangam of Tashan-e-Ishq, Kumkum Bhagya, Jamai Raja.

Scene 1
Kunj wakes up and sees himslef and everyone roped. He says how we came here. I dont remember anything. we were sitting and waiting for yuvi and then? He tries to wake everyone. He hears some men saying where is this voice coming from? Lets see. Kunj hits them with a rod. They faint. Kunj tries to wake rest of the people up. He throws water on anand and babbe. He unropes them. Kunj comes to house with everyone. He says i looked everywhere. Kunj says yuvi must have taken her somewhere. leela says my daughter. babbe says what if he harms her. Kunj says he wont harm her because he wants her. He will do anything to force her to marry him.

twinkle is in car with yuvi. Twinkle say please let me

and my family go. yuvi says i am your family. you and i are together now. We will go away from here and make a small little world. There is traffic jam, Yuvi says we will get late for marriage, i always used to dream about our marriage, my dream will be fulfilled now, Twinkle finds Sid’s car beside Yuvi’s car, Twinkle puts on veil and thinks that Sid(Jamai Raja hero) should not see me else he will try to stop Yuvi and then Yuvi can harm my family, Sid recognizes Twinkle and says what she is doing here? why she is hiding her face from me? what Yuvi is doing with her? i should call Kunj, he calls Kunj.
Kunj is calling inspector, he says to inspector that look in mandir of Amritsar, Yuvi will take Twinkle there only, he ends call. Sid calls Kunj and ask if he is in Mumbai? Kunj says no, Sid says i saw Twinkle with Yuvi here, Sid says Yuvi kidnapped Twinkle and has taken her to Mumbai, he kidnapped us and must have blackmailed Twinkle that if she doesnt marry him then he will harm us, Sid sys thats why she was hiding her face, he says i will send Yuvi’s car number to you and will also inform police, you come here, Kunj thanks him, Sid says no need, Twinkle is like my sister, Kunj sys i will reach Mumabi soon, he ends call, Kunj informs family that i am going Mumbai.

Scene 2
Leela prays for Twinkle and says Twinkle must be afraid in Mumbai, she must be thinking that we are still in Yuvi’s clutches and would be silent, dont know what Yuvi must be doing with her, Babee says dont worry, Leela says i know God wont let anything bad happen to Twinkle but i am worried that she is alone in new city and Yuvi is with her, he can do anything with her, babee says nothing will happen to her, God has helped us through Sid else we wouldnt know that Twinkle is in Mumbai, nothing wrong will happen, Leela says i hope so, Raman says Kunj must be reaching Mumbai soon.
Kunj reaches Mumbai, he calls Sid and ask about Twinkle, Sid says i have filed FIR in police station, last time Yuvi’s car was seen near temple, he tells him address, Kunj thanks him, he asks Sid if there is some problem as he seems tensed? Sid says i am not finding Roshni, Kunal has taken her, Kunj says dont know what is happening with us, Kunal and Yuvi will bear punishment for their deeds, Sid says Roshni and Twinkle are strong, nothing will happen to them, you go to Twinkle, Kunj says yes and ends call.
Yuvi brings Twinkle in temple, he says to Twinkle that we will get married in this temple, i have brought everything, Mangalsutra, Sindoor, everything, Yuvi ask Twinkle to wear Chunri(dupatta), she will look good, Twinkle says you can try as much as you can but i will remain Twinkle Kunj Sarna till death and i dont love you, Yuvi says you think you can go from here? you are under my control, you are alone here so become my wife, Twinkle says i wont marry you ever and i am not alone, my Lord is with me and he will protect me, you will lose, Yuvi says you are challenging me? i never lose and now you get ready to become Mrs. Yuvraj Luthra, he pushes aways Twinkle, Twinkle falls on ground, otherside Kunj is reaching the temple.
Yuvi ties Twinkle and says i know its hurting you but you dont understand, i know if i dont tie you then you will try to run from here and then i will get angry on you which i dont want as i love you alot, i am doing all this for our marriage, we will live happily, soon your anger will replace with love for me, you will start loving me too, he laughs, he gets call from his goon who informs him that Kunj and his family has runaway from their clutches, Yuvi says Kunj got saved again, Twinkle thanks Lord and thinks that if Kunj is safe then whole family must be safe, she thinks that now i have to run from Yuvi’s trap too, lord help me.

PRECAP- Yuvi tries to forcefully take pheras with Twinkle, Kunj is still on his way to reach temple. Yuvi says to Twinkle that today my dream of filling your forehead with Sindoor(vermilion) will be completed, he is about to fill to sindoor but Twinkle throws it away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i agree rakshita…..but m worried thàt agr UV apne plan mein kamyab ho gya toh…..m really worried about that…..kunj plz save twinkle and urself

  2. kya yaaarrr akhir kab khatm hoga ye yuvi ka kissa…drectrs bhul gye kya unke shw ke naam me ishq b aata h….yha to crap k alawa or kch h hi nai..v wanna c twinj tgether..

  3. where is kumkum bhagya story…???

  4. hope twinj ate together…..
    yuvi is one horrible guy, all bad words and curses to him as his character sucks..
    thanks atiba ma’am to update.. dad does not let me watch serials so written update ismy only way to know about tashn-e- ishq……………….

  5. omg i hate twinj.. the couple that started the show had tashan.. i dont know why the show is named tashan.. twinj got no tashan.. its one annoying couple ..

  6. pls recall the theme of this show lol.. enemies and their kids in love .. where does kunj and related characters come from lol

  7. Wtx wrong vd uv and anita…both of them are just disgusting….plzz God save twinj from uv and anita

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