Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle and Kunj comes in hotel room to talk, Twinkle loses balance and falls on Kunj on bed, both share eyelock, she tries to get up but again falls on him as her bracelet get stuck in his jacket, he frees it while Twinkle is busy staring him, Sajna we plays, Twinkle gets up and says you are clever fox, you put blame on me downstairs and didnt say anything, Kunj says i didnt say anything because i was afraid.. i mean i thought about Dad’s respect so couldnt say anything, Twinkle says you are clever wolf, Kunj says i am not interested in animals like you, she says you are calling me animal? she beats him with pillow, he says if i couldnt do anything then why didnt you say anything? what you said? that you want lavish wedding, he fight with each other, beating with pillows, pillows

are torn and its all fur around, they look at each other, Yuvi calls Twinkle and ask why you didnt say no for marriage? Twinkle says i couldnt get chance, Yuvi says you dont need chance, you just have to say no for marriage, are you making me fool? are you playing with me? mom was right, you Tanejas are big players, Twinkle says dont talk to me like this, Yuvi ends call, Twinkle get in tears, Kunj sit beside her and says i read somewhere that you should marry a person who can make you laugh, you wanna marry Yuvi who brought tears in your eyes? Twinkle says its between me and Yuvi, i dont need your suggestion, i love him, Kunj says i read somewhere that love hurts, Twinkle says we should think how to end all this mess, you talk to your dad, while i will talk to my mom.
Yuvi calls someone and says Twinkle is mine, Kunj will be soon out of her life, he ends call and says i have promised someone to make Twinkle mine and as she love me so much so she will help me in my plan, right my baby doll? he smirks.

Scene 2
Leela is sitting in restaurant, Raman comes there with food, he says we should have lunch of Twinkle international hotel, Twinkle comes there too, napkin falls from table, waiter is about to put shoe on it, Leela takes it from floor, Raman says he could have stepped on your hand, Leela says he was about to put foot on napkin which has Twinkle’s name and i cant bear it, i love her alot, Raman says you won challenge of Anita too, Twinkle has got good boy Kunj, Leela says i am worried about Twinkle, she was trying to malign Kunj, everyone now knows that Twinkle is committed to Kunj, if this time she does some mistake and end this relation then everything will end, i will have to marry her this time else Anita will disrespect her alot, even if i have to beg i will do it but make her marry this time, Twinkle is tensed listening this.
Manohar is with his elder son Anand, he says to Manohar that you know Kunj’s blood, he doesnt seem happy about this marriage, Manohar says Kunj doesnt understand that Twinkle is very lucky for me, Guruji said that she is laxmi for our family so Kunj have to marry her even f he doesnt want, i will make sure that this marriage happens, Kunj listens all this and thinks that dad is hell bent to me marry Twinkle.
At night, Kunj and Twinkle are together, Kunj says this marriage is our death warrant, Twinkle says we have to do something, i cant marry anyone else than Yuvi, he says i will die but not marry you, she says then we must think some way to break this marriage, Kunj says my dad have decided that this marriage will happen at any cost, Twinkle says my mom is also hell bent to do this marriage, she sys i have one idea, there is one place where we can find solution, he ask where are you taking me? she says dont worry i will not take advantage of you alone, he says you cant as i have not allowed you.

Scene 3
Twinkle and Kunj comes to Grudhvarah, Twinkle prays that we love someone else and want to spend our lives with them so solve our problem, Usha calls Kunj so he leaves from there. he takes call, she ask where are you? i know you must be sad about marriage, i will do something but wont let you marry Twinkle, this is all about fate but these its drama, i know a relative, he wanted to divorce his wife but court ordered him that he has live with her for 3 months, Kunj says i will talk to you later, he ends call, Twinkle comes there and angrily stares him, she says i am praying for our lives and you are busy on call, he says it was mom’s call, she says ok fine, what was she saying? he says mom was telling me that my uncle want to divorce his wife but court has ordered him to stay with her for 3months then verdict will be given, Twinkle gets idea, she says i found solution, you said that they will live for 3months but who knows what will happen after 3months, we will do same, your dad and my mom will make us marry by hook or crook, your guruji said that after 3months we cant marry anyone else so we should do drama for 3months, we will behave good with each other, will do all rituals but in end we will say no for marriage, Kunj says but we cant lie to our families, Twinkle says i also dont like it but we have no other way, Twinkle says to Kunj that this is only way to get rid of all this, in 3months muhrat will be over too then we will be with our respective lovers, so deal? he says your face is nice but you have little brain too, Twinkle says i am beauty with brains, she extend her hand and ask deal?

PRECAP- Twinkle ask shop-keeper if her watch is working fine now? he says a man did it, it was kunj who did it, Twinkle thinks i should thank him, Kunj leaves shop. Yuvi comes to Twinkle and holds her tightly, he ask why you are avoiding me? Twinkle says you are hurting me. Anita says to Leela that you won challenge but did a mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate dis uv yA he is always hurting twinkle n showing fake concern

  2. Whom is Yuvi talking to?? may b Alisha..

  3. So it’s confw, Yivi does not love Twinkle, she’s just a trophy or whatever Yuvi thinks she is. I didn’t want her marrying Kunj, he’s sweet but it looks like they’ll end up together.

  4. Twinj make a good couple

  5. What is yuvi up to

  6. l like yuvi for twinkle

  7. storyline was real good with Yuvi and Twinkle:( not so much with kunj

  8. kiya purohit

    MATSH ki storyline………..
    ……………so saddddddddddddddddd

  9. Kunj and Twinkle are the lead pair.. They are made for each other

  10. I’m loving d show now. Twinkle n kunj.

  11. I want twinkle n kunj to married 😉
    yuvi is using twinkle for some selfish purpose :@
    he doesnt love her 🙁

  12. I also like kunj and twinkle. They so cute together. Love it.

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