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Scene 1
Leela says to Usha that i am sorry to be loud with you but believe me Twinkle is not here, i agree i have give her luxury life and she is modern but she knows the importance of family, she has seen me struggling hard in her childhood, she knows her roots and she knows how to keep family together, we should think where she must be, Usha says i know she is here, Kunj says enough, i was telling you she is not here, dont know where she is, Usha says maybe she has runaway with Yuvi, Leela says what are you saying? Usha says maybe Yuvi and Anita were right that Twinkle had affair with Yuvi before marriage, she ask Leela why is she silent? she used to advocate Twinkle’s case before but now why is she silent? truth is that Twinkle had affair with Yuvi before marriage, she says that Twinkle

and Yuvi tried to kill Kunj, she says to Leela that now i understand why you had cold behavior with Twinkle, you came to know about their affair during marriage time only, why did you deceive us then? Twinkle cheated Kunj, Kunj says no one cheated me, Twinkle told me about her and Yuvi’s affair before marriage only, she never hided anything from me, the way Alisha’s truth came out in open, Yuvi’s evil intentions came out infront of Twinkle and us too, she knows that Yuvi is not nice guy then why will she runaway with him? he says Twinkle cant runaway with him but Yuvi can take her away and can hurt her, he can stoop so low, if he tried to hurt Twinkle then i wont leave him, Twinkle is my wife and respect of my house, i will kill Yuvi.
Anita is calling Yuvi and says he is not seen since morning, dont know where is he, Kunj comes there and ask where is Yuvi? Anita says he is not seen since morning, Kunj says this means he had done something with Twinkle, i forgave him during marriage as you took his guarantee but now i wont leave him, Anita says first you should work on your house, Twinkle left Yuvi for you and now when you dont have anything so she might have found some other guy for her, she is modern girl and maybe she is not enjoying her married life so she must be missing her old boyfriends or must have found some new boyfriend, Kunj gets angry and says i have so much less respect for you, dont lose that too, i have complete faith in Twinkle, she wont play with my respect, if Yuvi has kidnapped Twinkle then he is gone as its not about his ex-girlfriend but its about Mrs. Kunj Sarna, he leaves, Anita gets worried for Yuvi.
Leela is trying to call Twinkle, Manohar says dont know where is Kunj too, Usha says Twinkle doesnt care for Kunj, she has runaway with Yuvi, Leela says enough, i know my Twinkle is childish but she cant disrespect her husband, i trust Twinkle completely, Usha says if you trust her so much then why were you miffed with her? Leela says you wont understand this, i maybe miffed with her but i am with her at every step, our relation is like this, i can guarantee you that my Twinkle wont do anything bad, she is very understanding girl, Usha says she is not understanding but clever girl, she has destroyed my son’s life, Leela prays that God help her to find her daughter, she has to remove this stain from Twinkle’s life.
Kunj gets call from Twinkle’s mobile, he takes call and says i am so much happy to listen your voice for first time, Twinkle screams Kunj help, call ends, Kunj tries to call again but mobile is switched off, Kunj says it seems like Twinkle was in car, this means Twinkle is being kidnapped and only Yuvi can do this.

Scene 2
Yuvi is driving car, in backseat someone is tied and kidnapped, Yuvi says to her that i told you to listen to me, if you had listened to me earlier then this wouldnt be happening with you. Yuvi stops at signal, Kunj stops his car beside Yuvi’s car at signal, he sees someone kidnapped in car, he finds Yuvi driving that car, he shouts Yuvraj. Yuvi drives away, Kunj starts following his car, Kunj overtakes his car and stops him, he brings Yuvi out of his car and slaps him, he says i told you many time but you never understand, how to tell you that she is not your girlfriend but my wife, how dare you kidnap her, Yuvi says i have not kidnapped Twinkle, Kunj says lie again, Kunj brings kidnapped girl out of car and is stunned to see her face, she is someone else not Twinkle, Kunj ask who are you? she says Yuvi tried to kidnap me, Kunj ask where is Twinkle? Yuvi says you thought that i kidnapped Twinkle? i have many options than Twinkle, i am rich and good looking, girls die for me, look at you, you are a beggar, Twinkle can come to me anytime leaving you, Kunj says if you try to say rubbish about Twinkle then.. Yuvi says dont waste my time, Kunj ask why did you kidnap this girl? girl says he was forcing me to marry his friend when i said no so he kidnapped me, Kunj says to Yuvi that how much low will you become? you have broken record of being 3rd class, you have angry face but has nothing in your mind, nothing can be done with you, he frees girl and says i am taking this girl with me and if you try to stop me then it will be bad for you, he makes girl sit in car, Yuvi says to Kunj that i dont like someone involving in my matters, Kunj says i dont like to put hands in filth but i cant see girl getting destroyed so i am taking her, Yuvi tries to stop him but Kunj punches him hard and says be away, Kunj leaves with girl while Yuvi fumes in anger.
Girl thanks Kunj for helping her. Kunj gets call from someone, he is shocked to listen something.

PRECAP- Usha says to Twinkle that you ate on Karwachauth? this happens when you make modern girl daughter in law of your house, Twinkle thinks that i will prove myself as good daughter in law.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    thaks atiba for fast update.this is too much

  3. shifa(shakira)

    this is too mush usha

  4. this usha is so annoying :/
    i geel bad for twinkle 🙁
    poor girl…nobody loves her in her in laws and even her mother is upset with her.only kunj supports her but he also has no feelings for her…where is she btw?

  5. Guys jasmine who is twinkle in this serial is ill with dengue…she is in hosp and getting better. Dats why this side track. They will be showing that she went to a gurudwara met wid an accident n is in hospital. ..lets all pray that twinkle gets better

  6. I hate u usha……kunj u rock

  7. Thanks for fast updates

  8. I like the way kunj care for her and believe her…. I wish soon they will become a happy loving couple..

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  13. usha..is wry irrtetng…
    Kunj..and twinkle…so swt..

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