Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Temple
Kunj emotionally faces twinkle, dressed as a bride, as they both eye each other romantically. just then, her mother comes and the rest of the family. she rushes to hug her daughter, while twinkle fights back tears. while hugging she vehemently apologises, for the situation that she is in. she asks twinkle if she is okay, blaming herself, saying that she knew yuvi and his mother could stoop down to any level, but she couldnt save her daughter from becoming the ridicule of the town. she begs for forgiveness, while twinkle cries. kunj says that she shouldnt blame herself, as they are like that, and if they hadnt done it, they would have done something else, but they would have spoiled the relation. the ladies comment as to what they shall do now, as they have planned

this thoroughly, having crossed all limits of shamelessness now. she informs that they want yuvi and twinkle’s ring ceremony to happen. leela gets furious and says that they shall go to the court to prove that the marriage is a fake. but twinkle says that it wont do any good, since yuvi tricked her into marrying, and that now she shall teach him a lesson in his own language. leela asks her not to do this, as its no use, since yuvi wont understand it. twinkle says that she loves kunj and shall always be his wife, and bebe’s daughter in law, but she needs to pretend to happily be yuvi’s wife. kunj however sides with her saying that he has faith on her and their love, and shall fully support twinkle in her plan to outmsart yuvi. he begs them to be with her on this. they finally comply, and all pledge vengeance and protection of their family from the attack of yuvi and his mother. he says that he shall go through all the rituals of the marriage, and show him what it means to be tricking twinkle into marrying him.

Scene 2
Location: Yuvi’s residence
Twinkle eyes kunj’s wedding pic with hr, and gets nostalgic, as she dons the vermillion on her forehead, in his name. yuvi comes in just then, and demanding his rights as a husband, asks her to change her perfume since he doesnt like it much. she fumes but suppresses her anger, aand tries to convince him, that what happened to her was so sudden and shocking, that she needs to recuperate. she agrees to coming down to today’s function, as his wife, but he should give her space. she stoically says that she needs sometime and that she shall adjust to this new turn her life has taken. he says that she can have and take all the time that she needs, but she needs to ensure that, she doesnt try any smartness or shrewdness as then he wouldnt tolerate it. she silently complies. she asks him to leave while she gets ready. he complies.

Later at the evening party, twinkle finally descends down, dressed up for the function. yuvi smirks, and extends his hand for her, but she pretends that her sandal got untied. he bends down and gets it right, and then gives her his hand yet again, but she pretends to be oblivious of it, and walks away. he is tensed but nevertheless complies and walks after her, as they take their place on the stage. Meanwhile, leela, and bebe too arrive at the funtcion,a nd tensedly take their place. but anita, with the intention of humiliating them, purposely attends to more of her guests, and gets them to the place where they are sitting, and makes them move from there, saying that this is reserved for her special guests. they are mortified, but comply neverthelless. anita smirks with satisfaction. As the evening proceeds, anita asks leela to get the cake. she is in rage, but doesnt say anything. she silently complies. twinkle gets an idea, and intentionally, but making it look like an accident, trips anita, and she falls right on the cake, while trying to maintain her balance. the guests are amused, while twinkle and her family enjoy the fun. His mother’s face gets smeared totally with cake, while all are amused. yuvi watches the entire drama tensedly, while twinkle eyes her satisfied. he is about to rush down to his mother, but twinkle stops him. She asks yuvi to wait, as she shall help her mother in law, being an ideal bahu. she comes to her, and says that she shall clear it. while all are amused, in the garb of cleaningit, she smears cake on her face all the more. twinkle and her family is thoroughly amused. yuvi’s mother frustratedly asks them to begin the ceremony, while she herself gets tissue papers to clean her face. twinkle takes her place beside yuvi on the stage. he is tensed and looks on the side table, to see that there is just one ring box and is shocked. he asks his mother where the ring box is. she says that it was right there. twinkle is calm and cool, as she points the ring, stuck at the ceiling of the chandelier. he and his mother are surprised to see it there. she thinks that now he shall understand what it means to marry twinkle kunj sarna. the screen freezes on her determined face.

Precap: as they build a human pyramid, to retrieve it, kunj comes in heroic style and gets atop it, and grabs it, while she is amused. yuvi and his mother fume. then he comes and kneesls in front of twinkle, and adorns the ring on her finger, while romantically stating that she shall do anything for her, and getting the ring from the chandelier, is a very minor thing. they eye each other romantically. yuvi fumes as he clenches his fists in anger.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  3. Starting is emotional
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  5. that’s great…..twinkle has celebrated her ring ceremony with kunj……now i think uv has got understood that what is to be meryy to twinkle……..

  6. I like this episode & eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode….
    Love u TwinG…..

  7. superb precap luv u kunj

  8. yess..my twinj are back…now uvi will pay for his deeds.he will be defeated badly.i just cant wait to see the next episodes.it will have fun…????

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