Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle says to Kunj that i told you i will cut veggies but you hurt yourself, she punches his shoulder and says now i will cut veggies, dont even try to stop me, you boil noodles, we will work like a team, Kunj glances at her.
Babee asks Cherry to open gate, he says how can i? i havent gone to gym too in a while, Babee says you are afraid of robbers? just open door, she asks Yuvi to go with him, Yuvi says i dont have any weapon, i will bring my bat, he leaves, Babee finds iron rod there, she says to Cherry that we all will go inside together, we will beat robbers, Cherry says ladies first, Usha takes rod too.
Kunj brings noodle to Twinkle, they sit in hall, lights go off, Kunj says thank God, she says what? he says even God want us to have candle light dinner, she says lets

eat food.
Babee says to Cherry that robbers dont want us to catch them, thats why they have turned off lights.
Kunj says to Twinkle that i have read somewhere that we can test compatibility between with noodles, both partners should eat one noodle from each end and if it doesnt break then they are compatible, i think we should test it, Twinkle says okay. Kunj holds noodle from one end in mouth, Twinkle holds it from other end in her teeth, Twinkle thinks that i should have understood God’s will, we met, i kept meeting you, we got married, i have spent so much time with you, i like to be with you, i am enjoying every moment with you, Kunj thinks that you are with me from much time, i thank God that you are with me, its good to be with you, they come closer eating noodle from both ends. Family opens gate, they all come in but Kunj and Twinkle are lost in each other, all look on, Cherry asks what is going on here? Twinkle and Kunj gets conscious, Kunj says but you all went to watch movie, Babee says but a better movie is going on here, Kunj says no nothing happening, there is no light in house, Leela asks what are they eating? Twinkle sys its noodles, i didnt make it, Kunj made it, Kunj says she was saying that she is hungry so i made it, Babee says see Usha your son have become chef, Leela says its good to cook for wife, Kunj says you all left us locked here, Babee says you could have called us but you didnt, if we knew that you both are enjoying romantic noodles so we would have come later, Kunj says with her? i cant even bear her, Twinkle says yes i cant bear his company, Leela says i am happy to see you both getting closer, Mahi smiles seeing all this, she holds Yuvi’s hand romantically, Twinkle leaves, Kunj leaves too, all laugh, Yuvi jerks off Mahi’s hand angrily.
Twinkle comes in room and says to Kunj that because of your noodle theory, i got ashamed infront of all, Kunj says you could have said no to me but you were enjoying too, Twinkle says you asked me to enjoy date with you at home, Kunj says i made food for you, i tried to impress you and now you are blaming me? Twinkle says i told you that we should go to watch movie but you stopped me, you started this proposal and before marriage dates and all, its your fault, Kunj says its your fault, they bang head mistakenly, Twinkle says i will not do this date drama now, Kunj says even i dont want it, now you will come to me, Twinkle says not even in my dreams, i will never come to you, Kunj says we will see that, you will have to come to me, they both look at opposite sides.
Yuvi looks in mirror and laughs on himself, he says you cant be Yuvraj Luthra, that Kunj and Twinkle are making you fool and you are not doing anything, you are loser, you lover Twinkle is becoming Kunj’s and you are not able to do anything, you call Kunj loser but you yourself are becoming loser, he laughs on himself, Mahi comes and asks why are you laughing? he says i am laughing on some loser, she says i have brought noodles, we should eat like Kunj and Twinkle, they were looking so cute, i have issues with them but they do look good together, Yuvi sys they can be anything but why should we copy them? i dont like noodles, they throws them away, Mahi is shocked, Yuvi realizes it, he hugs Mahi and says sorry.
Its morning, Kunj’s friends come to house, Kunj meets his friend Vandy and Rishab, Twinkle comes there, Kunj introduces everyone, Kunj says to Babee that i have project so they will stay here, Babee goes to bring tea, Twinkle thinks that he introduced me as i am his neighbor not wife, Kunj says to Twinkle that Vandy is storm of college, she is really good. Kunj starts working on his project, he has to make an ad, Vandy has to play role of Kunj’s wife, Kunj sits with Vandy, Vandy holds his hand, Twinkle gets jealous and thinks when he has real wife then why he is not giving me role of wife?
Kunj is acting with Vandy, Kunj says to Twinkle that you have to say your lines too, he says i will come close to Vandy, Vandy says we will pose together, Kunj says great. Kunj and Vandy comes close and say their lines, he asks Twinkle to say her lines, he asks why she is silent? she has to say her lines, he says i and Vandy will come close and you will say lines, Kunj again enacts scene with Vandy but Twinkle remains silent, Kunj says let her be, she cant do anything, you say her lines too, Vandy says good idea, Twinkle thinks that he is coming to close to another girl infront of me and thinking that i will remember my lines? and this Vandy is coming so close to my husband, she throws water on Vandy, Kunj says what you did? she says i am sorry, Kunj asks her to bring another dress for Vandy, she says my clothes have gone to laundry, he asks if all clothes have gone? Twinkle says yes and leaves, Kunj goes behind her.
Kunj says to Twinkle that you insulted me infront of my friends, why did you behave like this with my friend, Twinkle says what you want to listen that i did wrong and i should behave and all? kunj says you didnt do good, Twinkle says i dont care, if i dont like it then i will do it again, Kunj says it was your mistake, Twinkle says and what you did was right? you were flirting with her, you were getting closer to and didnt even see your real wife standing there, arent you ashamed? Kunj says it was all fake, Twinkle says but my emotions are not fake, Kunj says what you want? what has happened to you? if a girl is coming close to me then why does it matter to you, you say that you dont care, Twinkle says i do care, i dont like any girl coming close to you, first it was maya and now Vandy, Kunj says why? Twinkle says i care because i.. she stops from confessing her feelings, they look at each other.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Twinkle’s picture that i wanted to see you jealous for me but i have upset you, now i will make up for it. Kunj comes to Twinkle and says before tomorrow evening i will make you smile, Twinkle asks if you are challenging me? he says yes, she looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Woooow how romntc
    Mind blowing epi best of tei
    Love you too much twinj
    Lots and lots and more kisses

  2. Tashan e ishq is the BEST these few daysssssss!!!!! My favorite showw!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  3. An outstandng episode……

  4. Please Donot stop 1130 pm repeat telecast. No show today. Same on Tues.

    1. yea radha I faced the same problem….I hav to watch it at 2am and u know what last time the had cut parts of the episode telecasted at 2 am and all other repeats….I just hope that doesn’t happen today

      1. ya akanksha it s k if they cut other parts but sometimes cute romantic twinj scenes are also missing like twinkle admitting she loves kunj and she applying ata on kunj face i really miss those parts and as missed 11/30 epi i hv to wait still 9,30 am really a long gap as i cant see 2am epi my mother will kill me

  5. Awesome episode butaaj maine 8 baje miss kiya toh socha 11:30 ko dekh lugi magar hua hi nhi

  6. Hi guys can I join to u in this discussion thanks for fast update atiba
    Yaa guys today’s episode was awesome awwwww scenes between twijnj was sooooo goood??? I m too happy ???awesome episode I love the scene of that noodles how they both shy??? aww they look gud together as they r made for each other
    Yaa u all r right photo frame is same but Photos are changing looollllllll?????

    1. u are most welcome to the discussion ammu

  7. Any bet in the next epiasode some drama or fight will kick up between kunj n twinkle idk why but i have that feeling instead of smiling i think it will be fighting n misunderstanding….

  8. Two words simply amazing!!!!!!!!!

  9. today’s episode was outstandig the jealous twinkle was so cute the way she said ghalti hogay was to funny

  10. I am 100% in luv with this seriel.

  11. written update is nice but why only prieview on utube. or i am not doing the correct thing. any one help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. we hv to watch a big missunderstanding btw twinj due to purvi matter it seems,,, i am so much worried for it but as usual this mu should go leving twinj more close as they love each other nothing can separate them but hope it ends soon

  13. Ya today’s epi was totally superb !!!! I loved the noodles wala ishq and also where twinkle was jealous of kunj and vandy coming closer. Really amazing. I luved it . luv u twinj u are the best couple ever.

  14. Hmmm i agreed sudha……

  15. Trp rates of tei fell again this week….don’t knw why this is happening …twinj chem is superb and the show is awsome….god plzzz tei k trp rates rise kr jayen …..

  16. This is a nice serial.Good pair and light moments..drama is less atleast between the leads

  17. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I love Twinkles oagalpan.. n Kunjs Teasing..Finally sumting loving is happening…knock out ugly yuvi…

  18. I guess trp is decreasing b’cuz of board exams… even im a bid fan of tei bt i cn read only written updates…?

  19. Guys I am afraid to have read the spoiler that kunj is going to get angry on twinkle as that yuvi will release manohar photos and land up in hospital
    Kunj will say that why she has to hide facts from him… I hope kunj realizes that what twinkle did was for him only…
    Hate u yuvi..the more yuvi gets angry on mahi the sooner she will come to know the truth..

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