Tashan-e-Ishq 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Mahi asks RT to forgive her, she cries and runs from there, Twinkle goes behind her, Leela asks RT to stop her.
Mahi starts running in middle of road, Twinkle runs behind her and saves her before car can hit her, Twinkle asks Mahi if she is fine? she hugs her and says you are mad, what if anything had happened to you? we have got you after so much difficulty, i dont want to lose you again, Mahi says i am sorry di, i have hurt papa alot, i have not seen him so much angry, i know its my fault but it all happened so fast that i couldnt get time to tell anyone, i was just looking for my marriage, i didnt think how people will be affected by it, how papa will react, i just know that i love that guy and wants to be with him. Kunj comes there and ask them if they are fine? Leela comes

there and hugs Mahi, she asks Mahi where did she go? Twinkle says what you were doing now, it would have hurt us more, you are special for us and i am sure for your husband too so dont do this again, we are not against your love, we want to see you happy and papa is angry you hided such big news from me, lets go home, we will ask you about your husband, Mahi hugs Twinkle, RT is calmed too.
All come home, Leela asks Mahi to calm down, Twinkle makes her drink water and says dont worry and tell us everything now, Mahi says i met him in psychiatrist clinic, i used to go there for counseling of my low self esteem, he used to come there too, when i saw him for first time, i thought he is different and special, the way he talked to me, the way he gave me attention, nobody gave me that other than papa, he is very nice and well behaved and decent.
The guy arrives at airport, his face is not shown. Mahi tells everyone that he is very polite and doesnt have attitude, he cares about everyone, anyone can love him. The guys throws luggage of people at airport, he sits in car and drives fast. Mahi says he takes care of me alot, he doesnt get angry, he is very down to earth and behaves well. The guy is driving recklessly and hitting people around. Otherside Mahi says i never thought a guy like him will come in my life, he treats me like princess, you all will like him, RT says i dont think that guy is so good, he must have married you for money, he must want our property. The guy arrives at house, heart shaped chain falls from his pocket, it has Mahi’s picture, he crushes chain under his feet. Mahi says to Rt that no you are thinking wrong, he doesnt want anything, he jsut loves me.
The guy(Yuvraj Luthra) comes in hall and looks at Kunj and Twinkle’s wedding photo, he throws wine at it and sets photo on fire, Yuvi says see Twinkle Yuvi is back, i have comeback once again for you Twinkle, he leaves from there.
Mahi says to family that i have told you all about him and when you will meet him then you all will realize how good he is. Babee says this means Guy’s family doesnt know about your wedding with him? Mahi gets tensed, Kunj says we should trust Mahi, we should wait till that guy arrives. Mahi says i know you all are feeling weird, she says i will call him, she asks RT to talk to him on phone, she calls him but his phone is switched off, Twinkle asks Mahi what happened? Mahi says his phone is switched off, Twinkle says we only want your happiness and as Kunj said, we trust you that guy is good but we have to meet him once, Mahi nods, Babee asks everyone to come to her house, we all will eat food there.
Family comes out of Leela’s house and is stunned to see Sarna house all decorated with lights, Kunj asks who did it? Cherry says i dont know, Surjeet and Manohar are not at house too, Kunj says lets go in and see. Family comes in Sarna house, its all dark there, Yuvi is sitting in dark, Cherry asks who is sitting there? Yuvi switches lights, he comes infront of them, all are shocked, Twinkle says Yuvi you? Mahi runs and hugs Yuvi, all are stunned, Mahi says to Yuvi that i missed you, Twinkle asks Mahi how you know Yuvi? Mahi says he is the one i was talking about, he is my husband, all cant believe it, Mahi asks Yuvi how he is here? Yuvi says this is my house, Kunj is relative of my mother, what are you doing here jaan? Mahi says this is my family, she says Leela is my mother, Yuvi acts surprised, Mahi says because of some issues, i was away from my sister Twinkle and my mother, Yuvi hugs her and says what a coincidence, Rt comes there too, Twinkle asks Yuvi to be away from Mahi, she says to Mahi that you dont know his reality,
Twinkle says to Mahi that you dont know Yuvi, he faked love with me to take revenge of his mother, he tried to break my marriage with Kunj, he even tried to kill Kunj, he can do anything and can stoop so low to get what he wants, be away from him, Mahi says i know everything, she says Yuvi told me everything about his past but he has changed now, he is not same now, Yuvi says Mahi you are Twinkle’s sister? i cant believe it, my past is coming inbetween my future, Kunj says dont act, we all know you cant change, he is about to hit Yuvi but Mahi stops him, Leela says Yuvi you cant change, first you tried to hurt Twinkle when you couldnt then you are trying to hurt Mahi, Yuvi says i didnt know Mahi is your daughter, Twinkle says you would found out that she is my sister and now you want to use her to make my life hell again, Mahi says enough di, he is my husband, you cant insult him like this, even you didnt know that i am your sister then how would he know, Twinkle says you dont know him, Mahi says i know him better than anyone,

Twinkle grabs Yuvi from collar and says you cant destroy my sister’s life, this is all your plan, you have brainwashed my sister, Mahi pushes Twinkle away and says stop it, Kunj holds Twinkle before she could fall, Mahi says i am telling you all that Yuvraj has changed, whatever happened in past has ended and now only i am in his life and we both want to start a new life, she holds Yuvi’s hand, she says i cant live without him, all are tensed.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Anita that i missed you so much, he is about to hug her but she slaps him and says you married without telling me and that too with Twinkle’s sister? i dont accept this marriage, you have to break it rightnow, Yuvi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. am missing twinj scenes..uff can’t take this drama anymore…

  2. Pls twinj scenes yaar yuvi is back with more power. Twinkle and kunj love story will start soon but when??I am waiting for it

  3. i love uv ..he so cute ..sooooo sweet ..please use vilan mat bnao..

  4. What does that mean. I came back for you twinkle. Still he wants to marry twinkle?

  5. Omg…yuvi is too much..he still want to marry twinkle ?? He is playing with mahi’s feelings…and want to destroy twinj.plzz God save twinj

  6. Twinj scenes to bilkul bhi nahi hain show mein.UV ki dushmani jitni shiddat se dikha rahe hain plzxx writerx show twinj love with more intensity…..

  7. ha ha ha all the episode as expected but yuvi smashing maahi s picture is too horrible and want his confession how he managed to know she is twinki s sis and married her i guess as anitha was behind rt and also got news about rt from london so he too know it what may happen please dont separate twinj please

  8. Sudhaa I agree .mje b aisa e lgta ah

  9. Advika sharma

    Yaar i also want to know how uv managed to know that mahi is twinkle’s sister…… its just so confusing .. jo bhi ho yaar tashan e ishq mein love is the main theme so writers should concentrate on twinj’s love story as well.

  10. Geezan……..Why they bring that idiot over actor back in this show I doNOT know…guess I’ll stop watching TEI now…one by one Zee losing me….And even if Yuvi back, isn’t there a warrant our for his arrenst for kidnapping Twinkle’s family and Twinkle and trying to kill Kunj? Why is he even allowed to come back with no consequence….this show is officially CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Plzzzz don’t sepetate twinj.plzzz plzzz plzzz

  12. Looking so cutee Nic ep

  13. Vry nice Atiba.. But no twinj scenes show little bit romance b/w twinj jaise UV ki dushmani dekha rhe hi

  14. No………. this should not happen. hate u uv. i wish you would die 🙁 let twinj live happily.

    1. Shut up.dont you dare take against yuvi???????????

      1. you hv right to say your opinion but dont insult others ms/mr.zayn malik

  15. Love this film like a shit

  16. I just hate UV n his mom

  17. Hey guys the shows name is “tashan” e ishq so first tashan between twinj and then ishq so don’t admire for love confession between twinj so soon and pls don’t call this show a crap its not a crap at all yaar ……. And yeah a serial has no meaning without a villian so I am very happy that UV is back now I hope that kunj will get possessive for her twinkle …… Love u twinj and also uv

  18. I also like twinj

  19. Just luv yuvi and hate kunj…plzz unite yuvi and twinkle

  20. Bakwas dikha rhe hain Or kuch nhi
    kal tk koi nhi phir Rt aa gya phr choti beti phr uski shadi nd ab ye k UV se…..disgusting

  21. Jeez…! My assumption about Mahi will take side of his bulls*#t husband was true!! How can’t she ever listen to her parent advice?! Oh, I hate this!!! After so much troubles in Twinkle life, here’s come the new one with the same old enemies!!! I really hate Yuvi characters and Anita evil plans!!! Remark my words, This is just the beginning of Twinkle-Mahi WAR!!!

  22. ??Carol Ann??


  23. haha UV is back 😀 twinky twinky 😛 now story is going to be interesting 😀 between if twinkle keep solving all the problems.. then when will she start loving kunj.. ufff director -_-

  24. i am going to stop watchng TEI!!!! because of uv…so goodbye zee tv

  25. Wow hear mahi say that she know yuvi more then any1 else when she will see his true reality what she with do…..
    I know from the start that she will side with yuvi maybe he brainwash or blackmail her something but she say she know everything about yuvi past that mean she been know about twinkle n leela all the time cuz to me he look like he knows that mahi was twinkle sister all the while…!!!!!????

  26. I just don’t like when some one acts so blindly for some one’s sake why mahi has to trust him so much like she knew all her life

  27. ha I feel episode is boring

  28. This show is like loosing interest and it is so crap and not realistic and not sensing any reality in the show,

  29. I love twinj please writer i hope mahi uv ka such jald hi jaan jaaye n aacha huha anita ne uv ko thappad mara

  30. I think makers r quite keen to keep Yuvi in the show, as in the beginning it was enmity between Twinkle n Yuvi’s family, and how they will fall in love, but later Yuvi is the villain himself and Kunj is the hero, so the best thing is don’t seperate Twinj make Twinkle-Kunj one pair and Yuvi-Mahi another , Mahi is also the daughter of Leela, so they can show how Yuvi and Mahi really falls in love too, n how they persuade Anita n Leela but Twinkle-Kunj love story should be the focus
    N enough of tashans in Twinj story now show Ishq n let Twinj also make Yuvi-Mahi a happy couple. The best thing that can happen.

  31. Yuvi is a loser who respects no one. His entire life revolves around his mother’s hatred for Leela & Twinkle and her desire to take revenge on them. He doesn’t really love Twinkle, he just does not want Kunj to have her. He feels that Kunj has defeated him. He is handsome and supposedly educated, yet this is the life he chooses to live. What a waste! He must be mentally unstable. I don’t think I can endure another storyline with Yuvi.

  32. I agtee with ritzee how can tashan e ishq be witht tashan nd atitde…..???

  33. no matter what, yuvi looked sooooo HAWT today!!!

  34. No twinj scenes in the show…m really missing their cute nok jhok and romantic scenes

  35. thanks for bringing back yuvi.plz make twinraj or make yuvi love twinkle same as in this till his death

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