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Scene 1
Anita says to Kunj and Twinkle that if i want then i can stop your food and water in this house, servants have to follow master’s order to get food and water, she ask Kunj to go and do her work, he nids and leaves, Twinkle says to Anita that why are taking advantage of Kunj’s goodness? what has he done to you? anita says he didnt do anything with me but you have destroyed my Yuvi’s life, now see what i will do with your Kunj, in two days, i will make him my servant, she leaves, Twinkle thinks i am sorry Kunj, you have to bear all this because of me.
Kunj brings locket from shop and gives to Anita, Anita says its nice, she puts it in cupboard infront of Kunj, she gives Kunj money for doing her work, he says its not needed, i did it for my family, you and Yuvi

are my family now and if i am able to be of any help for you then let me know, Anita throws money on his face and says you can talk big but reality is that you are bankrupt so take this money, Kunj collects money thrown at him, gives it back to Anita and says you can say anything to me but dont insult wealth as it can vanish if insulted, he leaves,
Kunj comes in his room and takes off his shirt to change but Twinkle comes in room and sees this, she turns away her face and says what are you doing? Kunj wears his shirt back and says icant you see i am changing, Twinkle says you should not change infront of a girl, Kunj says i am not seeing any girl, i can see you only and you are witch(dayaan), in which world you are in? i am not 80s heroine that i will feel shame if my pallu is slightly disordered, Twinkle says i came to take my phone, Kunj says take it and leave, let me have some peace on my bed, Twinkle doesnt look at him and takes her phone, she says this bed is mine now, Kunj says its my bed, its my goodness that i have gave you my bed but its mine, Twinkle says this is my bed, she holds his collar and says dare you sit on my bed, yuvi comes there and says Twinki you are bad girl, why are you fighting with Kunj? Yuvi ask Kunj if he fine? he likes chain in his neck, Kunj says it was gifted to me by Twinkle’s family on marriage, Yuvi says this is nice, i like it, i want it, Kunj says but this is my gift, i cant give it, Yuvi says i will take it, he breaks chain, Twinkle is stunned, Kunj sees chain broken, Kunj says to yuvi that day after tomorrow is your birthday, i will gift it to you on that day, its broken now, Yuvi leaves, Twinkle and Kunj tensely looks at each other.
At night, Twinkle is thinking about Yuvi’s antics, she is closing and opening lamp, she thinks that Yuvi is acting for sure, yuvi wanted chain because Kunj got it on our marriage, my marriage is biggest problem for Yuvi, Leela gifted Kunj chain with so much, Kunj is in guilt and Yuvi wants to take advantage of it, but i wont let it happen.

Scene 2
Anita says to Surjeet that i have bought locket for Yuvi and i want you to gift it to him, he will like it, Surjeet says the respect you give to me, i like it alot, you win my heart everytime, Anita says Yuvi is your son too like Cherry is my son, she opens cupboard and doesnt find locket there, she says locket is missing, Surjeet ask her to check here and there, Surjeet finds broken chain piece on floor, Anita sees this and says this is Kunj’s chain piece, Surjeet says this means.. Anita says Kunj have stolen Yuvi’s locket, they are bankrupt so doing cheap things, Surjeet angrily goes out.
Twinkle sleeping on couch while Yuvi and Kunj sleeping on bed, door knocks, Twinkle opens door, Surjeet comes there and wakes Kunj up, Kunj wakes up, Surjeet slaps him hard, all are stunned, Surjeet says how dare you steal Yuvi’s locket? now i will show you your place, Kunj says why will i steal? surjeet says i know truth, i will just give verdict now.
Surjeet brings Kunj in hall and says he is robber, Kunj says why will i steal anything? Anita says for money, Twinkle says Kunj can die of hunger but cant steal anything, Anita says you have married him for just a month and taking so much side of him? Twinkle says yes because i know him, i know his truthfulness and honesty, he can die but cant steal anything, Babee comes there and says why would Kunj steal in his own house? you must be mistaken Surjeet, Surjeet says i knew you would not believe me but truth is that Kunj is thief, Babee says no this is not right, Surjeet says Kunj have shown his blood, his father was disloyal and son is same too, Kunj says dont say ill about my father, Manohar says first listen to Kunj, i am sure he cant steal anything, Usha says you must have lost it somewhere but Kunj cant steal it, Cherry says we dont allege anyone unnecessarily, Kunj must have doen it, Anand says no Kunj cant do it, Cherry says you shut up good for nothing man, Babee ask them to stop it, Yuvi says Kunj is nice boy, Twinkle says whats the proof that Kunj has done this? Anita says you need proof? i will show you, she shows broken piece of Kunj’s chain and says i found it near my cupboard, this is enough proof, Twinkle thinks that chain was with me then how can it be near Anita’s cupboard, Anita says i had put Yuvi’s locket in cupboard infront of Kunj, he must have decided to steal that time only, Babee says but.. Anita says i am sorry but limit is being crossed, i will tell world the reality of these Sarnas now that their son is a thief, Twinkle thinks is all happening because of me, Kunj has to bear so much insult because of me.
Anita comes out of house and calls out her neighbors, Sarnas come out too, Anita says to neighbors that i will tell you reality of Sarnas, they act like classy people but i will tell you how cheap their thinking is, this Kunj Sarna stole in his house only, he stole locket of my Yuvi’s, this is his reality, Kunj stolen locket for 1lac, have you ever thought that can have so much cheap thinking? what Kunj did today, he has made Amritsar ashamed, Babee says enough, you are disrespecting this family but you are part of it, Anita says yes i am part of it so i have to speak up, when Kunj made my son ill, you were silent but now taking his side? why you protect him in his wrong deeds? Babee says we can talk all this in house, anita says no i will tell everyone about Kunj’s reality, Babee ask Surjeet to control Anita, she is disrespecting us infront of everyone, Surjeet says she is right, Manohar was thief and his son is thief too, Twinkle says truth is that Yuvi was playing with Kunj’s chain last night but broke, i took chain from Kunj but i dont know how it reached your room Anita, anita says dont make up stories, you dont have any proof, Kunj is a thief, Yuvi says Kunj is not thief, Twinkle says to Anita that beg you dont do all this, Anita says i will not leave this Kunj easily, she ask Surjeet to call police and ask them to take Kunj from here, he nods and dials police number, Twinkle puts hand on Kunj’s shoulder to support him.

PRECAP- Babee says to Kunj that if locket is not found then you will have to accept this theft. Anita comes to Twinkle and says you were right, i hided the locket so i can blame Kunj for stealing, now police will come and will drag your husband to police station, you can cry too. Twinkle says nothing of that sort will happen, neither Kunj will go to jail nor i will cry and this is a wife’s promise, understood?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Ya me too.

  3. This serial is going from bad to worse.

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  5. This serial is going good… diff storyline…u always can’t expect any serial to be a lovey dovey wid only n only romance betn d lead pairs wid no othr topics….yah romance betn d couples is necessary bt apart from dat a diff kinda topic is also reqd…

  6. itna pyaara kyun h ye serial…?

  7. oh! god why can’t twinkle say that the chain was cut becoz of anithas ladla yuvraj

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