Tashan-e-Ishq 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yuvi is finding Anita. He says Anita used to tell me in childhood about her favorite place in south Goa, she used to hide there when she would fight with papa, she tricked me this time but i will find her.
Twinkle, Leela and Babee comes to police station. Policeman says we are trying to find Kunj, there were high tides at time of incident so we are not sure if he is.. Twinkle says Kunj is absolutely fine, nothing has happened to him, ask your divers to find him. Leela thinks that Anita have crossed all limits, Twinkle is bearing so much, once i find Yuvi then i wont spare him, this is all their plan.
Usha is crying and asks Manohar what happened to Kunj? why Twinkle didnt go with Kunj to beach site? why did she allow him to go alone? she cries, Manohar says they are

trying to find Kunj, dont worry, he hugs her.
Twinkle, Babee and Leela are going back to home. Twinkle sees church and asks driver to stop car, he does. Twinkle asks Leela to come with her.
Yuvi comes to Anita’a favorite place and doesnt find her there, he says she is not here too, where she can be? she doesnt know that i am her son only and i will find you at any cost.
Twinkle brings Leela and Babee to church, she says its said that if we pray with pure heart here then ours prayers are listened, we should pray for Kunj. Babee says we should go to Guradvarah, Twinkle says God is everywhere and if we pray with pure heart for someone else then God listen to our prayers in Gauradvarah and church both, lets light candle and pray for Kunj, maybe it will bring light in our lives too. Twinkle recalls how she and Kunj came to church earlier and how they fought with each other, how Twinkle said that i have got such bad husband, how will i bear him? Kunj said that i have got mad wife, give me strength to bear her, how he threw her from his arms. Babee says to Twinkle that there is peace like Guradvarah here, i have got peace after coming here, Twinkle says its said that if flower falls on your head here then your prayer is listened by God. They light candle, Leela prays that i am begging for my daughter’s happiness, send Kunj back. Babee prays that i dont know how to call you out, i have come here for first time but i am just praying to send my son back. Twinkle prays that we fought here when we came here last time but i promise i will not fight with Kunj from now on, Jesus just send my Kunj to me, i know he is fine, just send him to me. Twinkle looks at flower, Leela wipes her tears. Babee says Twinkle was saying if flower fall on head then prayer is listened but flower didnt fall on her head. Twinkle says even if flower doesnt fall on my head, i have full faith that my Kunj is alive and he will comeback soon, nothing has happened to him. Twinkle starts leaving with Babee and Leela. Wind blows and flower falls on Twinkle’s head, she gets elated and kisses flower, Babee and Leela gets happy too. Twinkle gets call from inspector, she says i will come there, she ends call and tells that they rescued someone near beach rightnow, they think its Kunj, they have called us to identity him, Babee thanks God for it. Twinkle thinks that i hope its Kunj only, i am coming to you Kunj.
Yuvi is at beach site, he recalls how Kunj got shot. How Anita said that she killed Kunj, he thinks why did mom do it? what happiness did she get after playing with so many lives? he is lying on rock in middle of sea and says i will find Anita even if i have to go to Patalok for her.
Twinkle comes to hospital and says to receptionist that my husband has been rescued, i want to meet him. Receptionist says there is another woman whose husband has been missing, you can see person rescued after inspector comes here. Usha comes there with Manohar and asks where is Kunj? Twinkle says let inspector come, we will meet Kunj then. Twinkle sits beside girl. Girl asks if her relative is missing too? Twinkle says yes my husband Kunj is missing, we are in same baot rightnow, only one’s husband is inside, one will get happy and other will be left with hope only, we should never lose hope, my Kunj says that true love never lose, whatever will happen, we have to keep up our hopes and we should never leave hope, girl says you are strong, i wish was tough as you. Inspector comes there and says we can meet rescued man now.
Twinkle comes in wardroom with girl and family. All close their eyes and prays that its Kunj. Girl prays for her husband. They open eyes to see rescued man is girl’s husband Jatin, they are dejected. Twinkle composes herself, Usha cries and says to Twinkle that i gave you my son, you promised me to protect him but where is my Kunj? she cries, Leela asks her to calm down, she says my Kunj.. Twinkle says i promised you that i will take care of Kunj, trust me we will find our Kunj soon, trust me, Inspector goes out with them.
Inspector says that if we dont find Kunj till tomorrow then we will have to close this case and we will declare Kunj as dead officially, Twinkle says how can you do this? what proof you have? my Kunj is fine, you cant close case, find him, Manohar says i dont believe this, he will comeback, we thought that kunj will comeback and will give statement but we cant wait any longer. Manohar says i have doubt that Yuvraj Luthra is behind this incident.

Scene 2
Anita calls Yuvi and says Manohar has comeback to India and he has doubt that you were involved in Kunj’s killing, you runaway from Goa else if Sarna family finds you then dont know what will happen to you, Yuvi says dont show fake concern, Anita says i care for you, Yuvi sys if you care for me then surrender to police, Anita says i will never surrender to police, you run from there, Yuvi says i will not go from here, you did what you wanted to do but now i will make sure you get arrested. Manohar says when Kunj drowned in sea, Yuvi was in same boat, go and arrest mother-son duo, Babee says he is right, Yuvi is behind all this, Manohar says arrest them rightnow, inspector we will see into matter. Twinkle says Kunj used to say that we are soul mates but soul mates never fall apart, we can never separate, Kunj will comeback.

PRECAP- Twinkle looks at Kunj’s video recording and says Kunj will knock door and will come in and say that i was just irritating you my Sayappa queen, door knocks, Twinkle opens it to find some man standing there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I missed you sidhant aka kunj..

  2. who’s the new kunj yar???kon hain???

  3. wen is d leap going to happen

  4. Seriously when i was like opened telly updates i didnt wanted to read the episode but did it anyways and now when i read this i felt like crying. ???
    Why sidhant why u left its so boring without u ??
    Some1 plz kill anita ????
    And the state of twinkle ??

  5. Seriously when i was like opened telly updates i didnt wanted to read the episode but did it anyways and now when i read this i felt like crying.
    Why sidhant why u left its so boring without u
    Some1 plz kill anita
    And the state of twinkle

  6. Sid we all twinj fans r missing u so badly …..now a days at 8 pm I don’t watch TV nd whole time is use to recall all older scenes of twinj ….miss u tei..

  7. Post Leap Yuvi will be seen taking care of Twinkle and her child. Kunj will return with a new face. He will come to meet his beloved wife Twinkle but upon his arrival he will see that Twinkle is happy with Yuvi and vows to destroy thier lives not knowing that Twinkle has a child with him and Yuvi and her are just friends but are staying in touch for the sake of her and kunj´s child

  8. writer’s get life

  9. usually when a cast leaves the show they are given fair well.did any fair well was given to sid.

  10. Will twinkle bear kunj’s child I wanna c twiraj again coz he is the hero of TEI hhhhhh

    1. No i want twinj back. plzzzzz plzzzz come back.

    2. U r ri8 dear. . Its only yuvraj luthra. .the main lead of tei. . From the very first promo. ..

  11. Kunj???????i miss u sid???bechari twinkle ????anita?????

  12. After this, the show will take a leap. Post leap, Yuvi will be seen taking care of Twinkle and her child. Twinkle will try to move on from her past, and decides to settle down with Yuvi for the sake of her child. Meanwhile, Kunj makes an entry in Twinkle’s life again, but with a new face. It is evident that Kunj is alive after the accident and he comes back to meet his beloved wife, Twinkle. But, on seeing her happy with Yuvi, he will be devastated! Thinking that Twinkle has betrayed him, he vows to destroy her life!

    1. kunj will misunderstand twinkle and want to take revenge.at the same tym another girl will fall for kunj who will give him new face.matlab kitna bakwas hone wala hain ye show age jake ki pucho mat.it will become typ of jamai raja.jr me roshni ke liye yash pagal tha.they were frnds aur isko lekar galatfami hua tha.aur badme misha sid ke liye pagal thi aur sid rohni ko alag karna chati thi.tei me v wohi hoga.kunj galat samjhega uvi-twinkle ko,aur vo neyi ladki kunj twinkle ko alag karneki kosish karegi as she will fall for kunj..bakwas..disgusting..show to sid ke jane ki bad barbad ho hi chuka hain,ab isko aur bakwas karneki preparation chal raha hai..bah..kamal hain…rip tei..RIP….?

  13. Yessss.finally, kunj is dead.that little dumbstar.

    1. kunj is not dead.he will come with a new face as sid quit tei.new male lead will play his character.didn’t u see the new promo??but as sid quit tei,tei is become so much disgusting day by day.boring and bakwas.rip tei…

  14. Wat da hell….itz beter to mke kunj character dead instead of new face…. N much more beter for twiraj to be a couple instead of friend….

  15. shruti singh

    I know kunj will come back soon. I miss u kunj plzz come back. I m a bog fan of him

  16. Hey guys anybody know who is new Kunj. Pls tell me

  17. Dear writer pls show Kunj to twinkle. The story become very interesting when twinj unite. Otherwise we can’t see this serial. Pls try to understand feelings of viewers. I hope twinj unite soon. Pls don’t unite twiraj. It’s not fare

  18. Without sid tei for me is like a body without heart… n without heart the body doesnt work. this ll be the same case here.. i have stopped watching tei. n eagerly waiting for sid’s new show..

  19. it is sure kunj will be back but we want sid as kunj.And how kunj can avenge twinkle she is his siyappa queen

  20. Hae…u guys get a life….kunj s juz a supportng role…y don’t u guys gt dat? N anu im sori bt by uniting twinj itz unfair coz dz serial started wth twiraj love story xo it must only ends wth twiraj luv story….n they r been unfair for seperating twiraj…

  21. Kunj pls!!!!!!!!! Cm back!!! That leap is ok but if our original kunj will do that tashsn 2 destroy twiraj nd his own child then it wid be much fun. Pls!!!!!!!!! Cm back SG”!!!!!

  22. Yuvle ki deewani

    Ths z sriusly so stupd if sid z quittng the shw thn y the hel they nid new kunj & rafi the mst dsgustng choic usse toh hamara yuvi btr h sriusly rafi malik z yakkk 3rd cls actor coz of hm tere sheher mein went off air i wnt my yuvle togethr i just hate tht blo*dy rafi !

  23. I hope channel will bring back sid as trp goes down

  24. Hope so sid comes back in tei.

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