Tashan-e-Ishq 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Babee says to Twinkle that i am sorry, i couldnt stop you from going, Twinkle says elders dont say sorry to younger ones, they just order them, Babee says i dont understand what to do, you shouldnt have gone, Twinkle says when illness is more then we have to take bitter medicine, maybe Yuvi gets irritated with me leaving home and will do something foolish, Babee says i hope so, Twinkle ends call.
Twinkle is sitting alone, Yuvi comes there, Twinkle says how dare you come here? Yuvi says i am mad behind you, today’s day is special so i wanted to see your face, Twinkle ask whats special? Yuvi says today is new year’s eve so i have planned that this day will be last night of Kunj, it will easy to remember his last day then, tonight is new year’s party and i will

kunj in it then your brother in law that is me will marry you, Twinkle says i wont allow you to touch Kunj, Yuvi says you are not even allowed in that house but dont worry i will take you there soon, then no one will stop me from applying sindoor to you and you look hot in red color, Twinkle slaps him hard, Yuvi says i see love in your anger too these days, one more thing i will kill Kunj with bullet, he is going to die by my firing, he leaves.
Twinkle calls Babee and says i am outside house, i cant come in but Yuvi is planning to kill Kunj, you keep eye on Kunj and Yuvi, i will try to enter house, Babee ask her to not worry.
Twinkle finds belly dancers going in house, she thinks that its good idea.
Babee comes in Yuvi’s room and thinks to find his gun then he wont be able to kill Kunj, she finds gun but its fake, she thinks dont know where Yuvi have hidden real gun.
Kunj and Yuvi gets ready for party. Kunj gets call from his friend Dhruv, hie friend ask about beach, Kunj doesnt remember beach name, Yuvi tells him, Kunj ask how does he know? Yuvi says Twinkle was lost there, Kunj says how you remember? Yuvi says Twinki told me, Yuvi ask Kunj to come and have drinks.
Babee thinks to keep Yuvi away from Kunj, she ask Anita to stop Yuvi from drinking wine else he will create scene, Anita comes to Yuvi, yuvi says i want to be with Kunj, Anita drags him from there. Twinkle comes in party in belly dancer’s dress, she has veil on her face, she thinks that no one will recognize me this way and i will keep Kunj away from Yuvi, she finds Yuvi and Anita coming there, she bends to hide from them, Anita doesnt see her and leaves from there, Yuvi comes back and looks at Twinkle, Twinkle gets tensed, Yuvi doesn recognize her and ask if she will dance with him? Anita takes Yuvi from there.
Twinkle comes to babee and shows her face, Babee ask her to keep hiding your face, Twinkle finds belly dancers bringing rifles in party as their props, she thinks that this is Yuvi’s plan, he wanna kill Kunj in party infront of all. Twinkle is going when she finds Kunj, Kunj and Twinkle looks at each other, before Kunj can recognize her, she leaves, Sajna ve plays.

Scene 2
Mouni Roy comes as guest in party, she dances on Aaj ki Raat song. Twinkle is finding rifle which has bullets in it. Mouni dances around Kunj and Yuvi.
dancers comes to Twinkle and says come we have to dance, dancers take rifles from there before Twinkle can check them all, Twinkle thinks that i have to keep an eye on rifles.
Twinkle comes in party, she dances in veil, Babee thinks all dancers have rifles in their hands, how will Twinkle save Kunj? Twinkle keep looking at Kunj, she comes to Kunj and dances around him, she finds one dancer pointing rifle at Kunj, she thinks i have to stop that man, man is about to fire at Kunj but Twinkle turns his rifle upward, its fake rifle, another dancer tries to fire at Kunj but Twinkle turns it upward too, its fake too, Yuvi gets irritated and says i will play with these rifles, he takes rifle from dancer and points at Kunj, Twinkle is shocked, she comes to Yuvi and points rifle upward, he fires and its fake too, Yuvi laughs and says i made everyone afraid, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi can harm Kunj, i have to keep an eye on him.
Twinkle comes in room and says i checked all rifles but didnt find real one, what is Yuvi’s plan? i have to save Kunj at any cost, Yuvi comes there and says why you are so confused? what you thought that i will kunj infront of all? you have tried alot to save your husband infact wore this dancer’s dress too, Twinkle ask if he recognized her? he says when i asked you about dance, i recognized you that time only, i love you so much that i can recognize your silhouette too, Twinkle says shut up, Yuvi says listen on 31st december at 12am, Kunj will die and plan will execute, wait for sometime and Kunj will be gone.
Twinkle comes in party, only 3minutes are remaining for 12am, Twinkle thinks that i can save Kunj by taking him out of party, she thinks where are you Kunj? she strikes with Kunj, Kunj sees her as dancer as she is in veil, Twinkle drags him from there.
Twinkle brings kunj outside party, she shows her face, he ask what she is doing here? Twinkle says you will think that i have come here to execute any plan against Yuvi but he warned me today that he will kill you, Kunj puts finger on her lips and says how can you speak so much in one breath? i am sorry Twinkle, you kept saying that Yuvi is acting but i never listened to you, i was so guilty that i couldnt see anything, Yuvi took advantage of that guilt, now i know truth and i with you, we will end his drama, Twinkle ask how he got to know about Yuvi? Kunj says i called myself and talked about Goa which Yuvi answered and i got to know that he is faking everything then i saw you and Yuvi talking in party, i did so wrong with you still you kept protecting me and my family, thank you, Twinkle says dont thank me, your family is mine and you are mine.. Sajna ve plays, Kunj says on new year’s eve i promise to never doubt you and will become good husband like you are a good wife, we will end Yuvi’s chapter, will you be with me? Twinkle says always, Kunj says happy new year Mrs. Kunj Sarna, Twinkle says happy new year Mr. Kunj sarna, they smile at each other, Kunj tries to hug her but is reluctant, the both move to hug each other but bangs head with each other, Kunj laughs, Twinkle says we should bang head again as its bad luck to bang head one time and i dont want any bad luck in new year, he bang head again, Twinkle hugs kunj, they wishes each other new year, Yuvi sees them and gets angry.
Happy new year to all the readers.

PRECAP- Kunj feels suffocated, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i made Kunj each these chocolates and i promise they dont have poison in it, promised you to kill Kunj on new year’s eve and see Kunj is dying, Kunj breaths heavily while Twinkle cries for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I dont wanf Kunj to DIE!!!!! :'( :'( Nahiiiiiiiii

    1. I wish yuvi n Anita will die n the episodes will b more interesting

  2. Awesome. happy new year to ever one

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  4. happy new year . pls dont want to kill kunj if he die in searial we stop watching the show.he is very cute and we love kunj and twinkle jodi very much

  5. Nice episode
    Just a question … Y do girls hv to sacrifice always… I mean girls take up all the problem … Yet boy gets more respect

  6. Nice episode. Happy New year to all.:-):-):-)

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    Happy new year to all TEI fans

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