Tashan-e-Ishq 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
All are enjoying in Leela’s house, Pinni dances on som song, then Raman comes, he drinks wine and start dancing, Twinkle thinks where is Kunj, i should call him.
Kunj is drinking wine, he recalls Alisha’s words that she cant live with joint family and he has to leave his family for her, he recalls how Twinkle told him that Alisha is behind his money, he says i was wrong about Twinkle, i need to say sorry to her, he starts to leave from there, Yuvi comes in club and says to his friend this is black night for Twinkle and Leela as i have planned everything, he drinks wine and leaves.
Twinkle is calling Kunj and says his phone is unreachable too, dont know how is he, she finds some silhouette outside house and goes to check it, she ask who is there? she ask if

Kunj is there? Yucvi is hiding behind pillar and thinks that Twinkle is thinking i am Kunj, this is more good for me, Twinkle comes out to find Kunj, Kunj sees her from far and thinks to say sorry to her, Twinkle is finding Kunj, she ask him where are you? listen to me once, Yuvi puts chloroform on her mouth, Twinkle doesnt see his face and faints, Kunj is also finding Twinkle, Yuvi says to Twinkle that nobody can save you from me today, i will cross all lines of shame tonight, you will not be able to show your face to world, you will stop going from house, Twinkle Taneja its over, you are gone, Kunj is finding Twinkle, Yuvi hides Twinkle is bushes, he takes away he dupatta and starts taking her pictures in that state, Kunj comes and calls Twinkle, yuvi hides and thinks how Kunj came here? Kunj finds Twinkle unconscious lying there, Kunj takes off his shirt and covers Twinkle with it, he falls on her, all family members come there with searchlight and puts light on Kunj bare chested on Twinkle, Leela comes to Twinkle and ask what happened to her? Kunj backs off from Twinkle, Manohar ask Kunj what you were trying to do with her? Kunj says you are thinking wrong, Leela puts water on Twinkle’s face, she becomes conscious, Kunj says you all are thinking, nothing was happening here, Pinni says enough, we all saw you on Twinkle, you were trying to take advantage of her, Usha says enough my son cant do all this, Kunj says i swear i was just covering her with my shirt, i dont know how she came here, he ask Twinkle to tell everyone how she came here, Twinkle tells them about someone making her unconscious, Kunj says tell them i was not that person, Twinkle says i dont know, i dont remember, i was just searching for you, she ask Kunj why he di that? Kunj is shocked, Manohar slaps Kunj, he says how can you stoop so low, Usha says this girl has trapped our son, can you think my son can do that? this girl is not respected at all, Usha says everyone know about Twinkle and her cheap acts, she doesnt have good reputation, Leela says enough, cant you see her state, its clear that someone has tried to force himself on her, she hugs Twinkle and cries, Kunj sit on knees and ask Leela can i do anything like that? Leela says i also cant believe but i have seen everything with my eyes, Usha says this is all drama to trap Kunj, Leela says i cant bear her talks more, she takes Twinkle from there, Kunj says Twinkle you know i cant do this with you.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Manohar that you have always controlled my life but i am taking decision of my life now, i wont marry Twinkle, he starts leaving but Manohar points gun at him and ask him to stop, Kunj stops and says you can kill me but i wont change my decision, Manohar says if you dont marry Twinkle then.. he puts on his own head only, Kunj is stunned to see this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Such a big vamp this Yuvi….how can he do this with twinkle .

  2. Yuvi stupid twinkle try to understand that kunj is a nice guy

  3. No,Yuvi you crossed all limits today…PLZ WHATEVER HAPPENS PLZ LET KUNJ AND TWINKLE TOGETHER

  4. Somehow they are going to marry each other and I am so happy about it.but feeling sad for twinkle and kunj.

  5. how uv do dis aftr 7yrs of being in a relationship he cant feel bad o wat ?cheap uv …plzzz writers do something n make kunj n twinkl fall in love

  6. D 1 who puts d updates hats off too u ,u r doin a great job..

    1. Really yar! but I think she missed intial scene and always lack of explainations.

    2. Her work ls very nice but i to feel the same.she is missing interesting and important parts.detailed update plz…

  7. Best show on zee TV plzzzz this serial soap is a keeper don’t letter the writer’s mess it up Plll

    1. Pretty princess

      Ohh twinkle jus frgt that yuvi n marry kunj yaar

  8. Kunj is a good guy… hope twinkle n her family understands

  9. Nice episode.am happy that finally kunj saw the true face of alisha and kunj, twinkle will defenetly get married atleast for the sake of their patents

  10. Good work adiba.but u missed important seen kunj talk to alisha that he will leave his family and also proparty then she will insult him.plz write full story na…

  11. Yuvi u are so cheap how can’t you play such cheap trap with twinkle

  12. Stupid uv..
    Ur a big davil iwill kill u.. ;->
    lv u kunj… 😀

  13. Yuvi is not bed one day he feeling shame himself and then he love ❤ by good heart

  14. Viewers all we can do give opnionon the writers have to give there story essence not twisting and dragging,leela n Anita should torture .let the love between torn lovers come to light.

  15. Kudos for kunji but tufluck to uv. I hate u lazy uv, but love my handsome and hardworking kunji Kisses. But pls writer and director don’t twist to spoil it pls. Only make kunji and twinkle to fall helplessly in love with each other.

  16. mantagoodcook

    So much emotional blackmailin by manohar

  17. OK yuvi so dam wicked he such a crook… He liked twikle now he such a idiot kunj I am feeling sorry 4

  18. Damn it that’s so stupid of Yuvi all I want is Kung and twinkle together

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