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Scene 1
Anita brings Yuvi in room and ask if he acting? he is doing all this to destroy Kunj and Twinkle, she ask him to stop acting, he is making her tensed, she ask him to atleast say something, she ask him to hug his mother but Yuvi is skeptical and doesnt hug her.
Usha says to Manohar that this twinkle is unlucky for us, she is bringing problems for us only, usha says to Manohar that i dont know how Anita will take revenge from Kunj for Yuvi’s condition, she will not let Kunj live in peace.
Leela says to herself that what is happening, my Twinkle is facing problems after problem, first Anita came in her house and now Yuvi, she prays to Lord to give strength to Twinkle to solve everything and if Yuvi is really ill then make him fine, i feel Anita’s bad deeds are

coming infront of Yuvi thats why he is in this condition but he is very young, if he takes care of his life now then he will live good life ahead.
Yuvi says to Anita that i wanna go to my friend Kunj, Anita says i am your mom, Kunj comes there, Yuvi ask Kunj to tel this bad aunt that you are my friend and she should not bother me, Kunj says to Anita that i cant even say sorry to you, what can i do to seek your forgiveness? Anita says if i forgive you then you will sleep peacefully but what about my son? how can i forgive you and Twinkle? you both are responsible for Yuvi’s condition, Yuvi ask Anita to not scold Kunj, he is my friend, Anita is distraught to see this, Kunj says to Anita that i know you wont be able to forgive me now but this is my promise that i will take care of Yuvi till he doesnt get fine, i will take care of him even for whole life, doctors are saying that with time, Yuvi’s injury in head will be become fine and he will get back to normal till then i will take care of him, Anita says i dont need you to take care of myson, get out of my sight, Kunj starts to leave but Yuvi says i will go with you Kunj, Kunj says no you should stay with you mother, Yuvi says ok, if you are saying then i will stay here as you are my friend only, Kunj leaves, Yuvi says to Anita that i am staying here as my friend asked me but if you become bad aunty then i will become bad boy too.
Twinkle is sleeping in her room, Yuvi comes there and stares her, she wakes up and is shocked to see him there, she shouts seeing him, Yuvi laughs and says i made Twinkle afraid, he gets happy like kid, Kunj wakes up and ask Yuvi why he is not in his room? Yuvi says i cant stay in my room, its very dark, i wanna sleep here only, Twinkle says its ok, you both can sleep on bed, i will sleep on couch, Yuvi lies on Twinkle’s bed and ask Kunj to come and sleep too, Kunj lies beside him, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi can stoop to any level to destroy my marriage, the way he is behaving, is he doing drama or really injured? i wont let him destroy my marriage, i will find truth behind his madness.
its morning, Kunj and Yuvi are sleeping on bed while Twinkle is lying on couch and is awake, she is in thoughts, Kunj wakes up and comes to her, he ask why you seem tensed? didnt you sleep last night? Twinkle says i wanna talk about Yuvi, Kunj says talk in low tone else he will wake up, Twinkle says then come outside, she drags him.
Twinkle brings Kunj on terrace and says i feel Yuvi is fooling us, he faced accident but how can he become kid? i cant believe this, Kunj says doctor checked him and confirmed his state, why are you doubting him? Twinkle says the way he came to our room and staring me last night, i couldnt see kid in him but i could see mad man in him, i am not weak women, my doubt was true in goa too, Kunj says yes but this time your doubt is not true, Yuvi is in this condition because of me, Twinkle says how are you sure that he is not acting? he tired many times to break our marriage, he is staying here now, i dont want him to affect our married life, Kunj says our marriage is a joke, we dont have relation that will destroyed by yuvi, you can fake infront of family but not infront of ourselves, our marriage is just a compromise and we will keep doing compromise, nobody can destroy fake marriage, Twinkle thinks that Kunj is not understanding my point, instead is hurting me more saying all these words.
Leela is going somewhere in her car when she find JP in his car going somewhere, she ask her driver to follow JP’s car, she is tensed and thinks how this all can be true?

Scene 2
Kunj is watering flowers with water pipe, Twinkle comes there, Kunj says you never leave me alone, Twinkle says i am not disturbing you, i want your help, Kunj says i will talk later, Kunj says my fate is bad that you came in my life, what you want? Twinkle says bring Yuvi on terrace, Kunj says i wont, i know you are upto something but i am not in mood of adventure, Twinkle ask him to listen to her, she steps on water pipe mistakenly, water stops coming out of pipe, Kunj sees it, Twinkle steps back from pipe, water splashes on Kunj’s face directly as he was checking pipe, Twinkle says sorry but laughs on him, Kunj says you are laughing on me? he splashes water on her too, both get wet, Twinkle ask Kunj why he get angry so much? whats this problem? Kunj says you are my problem, he starts to leave but Twinkle holds his hand and says please listen to me, bring Yuvi on terrace, Kunj sees her holding his hand, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle takes her hand back, Kunj leave, Twinkle gets lost in thoughts.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle and Kunj and says you both are are wet? i want to get wet too, he says to Kunj that i want to pee, take me to washroom, Kunj says ok, Yuvi leave, Twinkle ask Kunj to bring him on terrace, Kunj says ok i will bring him on terrace but that doesnt mean i believe you, Yuvi is ill in real, he goes to help Yuvi in washroom, Twinkle thinks i cant see Kunj feeling guilty for Yuvi’s state and i have to save my married life too.

PRECAP- Kunj brings Yuvi on terrace and says see you can see Amrtisar from here. Yuvi mistakenly falls from roof and holds on wall of roof, he ask Kunj to save him from falling, Twinkle and Kunj are tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I also thinks yuvi acting ….
    He just want to destroy twinkle..

  2. Maybe yuvi is acting….But kunj twinkle are too sweet.

  3. umm
    seems very interesting???

  4. Yuvi is acting for sure!!!

  5. i think that yuvi is acting but twinkle will fail to prove it and kunj will lose faith from twinkle

  6. Yaaa.I also think that yuvi is acting

  7. Yuvi acting kr rha h or wo usha ediot hamesha twinkleki burai krti h
    But i love u twinj

  8. This serial is now getting bad.

  9. ??❤️?????my heart beat and love for zain imam????❤️??

    Yuvi u more and more cuter every day.no matter if you in your sense or not u will always be loved by valini(Dharshanie).soooooooooooooooooooo cute sweet loving charming to awesome amazing,omg not enough words to say how you are.hope you recover soon and that bledy kunj shoul be kill.so what you have to say yuv- kunj sarna de end.love you zain AKA yuvraj luthra❤️????????????

    1. Thats what i say every day 2 my sis and fam hes cuter everyday and much hotter love him 4 life

  10. Yuvi u are such a idiot. I hate u. U are so sick leave twinkle and kunj alone. Don’t follow your mums foots steps, she’s such a cow.

  11. Ya even I think the same yuvi is acting to destroy twinkle……..

  12. YUVI needs to grow up and then maybe he can live in peace with himself. Such a PITY he cannot find someone to love him KUNJ AND TWINKLE ROCK. To hell with the rest of the families are all drama creators

  13. the peson with no name only pictures maybe you are a stalker as well so you find pleasure in your comments. SIS on you

  14. i wish there should not be any gap btwn twinj becoz of yuvi

  15. I think yuvi is acting..and twinkle wont be able 2 prove dat yuvi is acting and then kunj will feel dat twinkle unnecessarily trying 2 blame yuvi 4 everything

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