Tashan-e-Ishq 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anita says that finally i got reward for coming to Goa. She smirks. Twinkle is unconscious in her room, she wakes up, Yuvi is there, she says i know Kunj is fine, nothing can happen to him. Twinkle says to Yuvi that you told us many times that Anita can hurt Kunj but we couldnt do anything for protection. Yuvi thinks that Anita has to get punished for this sin.
Babee is sleeping, she sees dream of Kunj drowning in water and calling out her name. Babee wakes and says such bad dream? i saw Kunj drowning in water and calling out my name, God please keep my kids safe.
Anita is leaving in her car when Yuvi comes infront of her car, she stops car. Yuvi brings her out of car, she says what are you doing? Yuvi says there is no time to talk, you will do what i will say now. Come with

me police station, she says why? Yuvi says are you serious? you killed Kunj, you got him killed, how could you? Anita says why you are so shocked? i did what you couldnt do in all these years, you wanted to do it right? you did acting of being mad to kill him, i dont know what has happened to you, we were always on team then what happened to you? why you are behaving like this? dont change so much that i wont be able to recognize you, yes i got Kunj killed so whats the big deal?
Leela comes to Babee and says you are staying away from Kunj and Twinkle thats why you are seeing bad dreams, everything is fine, i talked to Twinkle, she said that they are having fun and they must have done pooja too, Babee asks pooja? Leela says Babaji asked to do pooja for Kunj’s safety, Babee says this is good, she asks Leela to call Twinkle for her peace of mind, before Leela can call Twinkle, Twinkle calls Leela and tells her news, Leela is shattered.
Anita says to Yuvi that what about our suffering because of Leela? your father died because of Leela, your childhood destroyed, you lost Twinkle, she destroyed our lives, its all because of Leela, i took revenge today, today she will feel same pain which i felt when i saw your father dying, when i will see Twinkle breaking down and Leela pained seeing her only then i will have peace.
Twinkle comes to Mumbai. she Meets Leela and Babee, she asks Leela and Babee to not worry, nothing has happened to Kunj, he is missing but will be found soon. This is all Anita’s plan, she was planning all this but like always, she will be defeated this time too and Kunj will comeback, Leela says Anita has stooped so low, Twinkle asks them to sit.
Anita says finally our revenge is fulfilled, Yuvi says for God sake, you think about revenge, hatred and all this, you had put in this fire of hatred and i did everything wrong, i am not pointing fingers at you but you could have made me understand whats wrong and right, i am sorry but you were not a good mom, now i have understood that true love is not about getting but its sacrificing, the one you love, you can give life and everything for them, true love is about making your love happy and i have learned this from Kunj and Twinkle, Anita claps and says what a lecture, Yuvi says this is no lecture and i am ashamed to call you my mom, Anita says shut up, you cant see my love? i have done all this for you, i killed Kunj for you, Twinkle broke your heart so i broke her heart, i will be at peace when i will see Twinkle in white clothes and crying, i will be at peace when i will see Leela moaning and breaking down. Yuvi says its useless to make you understand as you have gone blind in your hatred, if you wanted my good then you must have listened to me, i told you that i have changed, i want you to leave Twinkle and Kunj alone, i am changed for good, you know bad things can remain for sometime but its only truth that remains in end and this time i know everything, i know truth and you have to confess truth of killing Kunj to police, she says i wont do anything like this, Yuvi says you will.
Twinkle tells everything to Babee and Leela, Babee says she planned all this to kill our Kunj? she killed our ku.. Twinkle says no, dont cry, you are our strong Babee, nothing will happen to Kunj. Leela says i am confused, what was Yuvi doing in Goa? and at site where Kunj was last seen? Twinkle says Yuvi came there to help us, he helped us many times in Amritsar too, he tried to tell us that Anita is planning something against Kunj but Kunj didnt believe him, he wanted to help us.
Yuvi asks Anita to come with him, she says you will get me arrested? he says its my duty and then i will go to Twinkle and will tell Twinkle about your truth and also will tell her that you are in jail, Anita says will she trust you? will she become your friend again? you think that you are changed so everyone will believe you? nobody will trust you, everyone will think that you were with me in this plan, everyone will think that you were acting all along of being changed, Yuvi says i dont care, Twinkle deserves to know truth and after that whatever she will do, i Yuvraj Luthra will support her and will stand by her, for now you have to pay for your deeds.
Leela says to Twinkle that you should not trust Yuvi blindly, maybe he involved with Anita, maybe one is trying to act like enemy and other is acting all good to make us fool, maybe he went to beach site behind Kunj just to make sure that Anita’s plan is successful, maybe they both are in this plan? Babee says you are right, Yuvi cannot to be trusted, dont we remember what he did with us earlier, Twinkle is confused. Babee gets Manohar’s call. Manohar says i have called my men, they are searching for Kunj, dont worry, i am coming there soon. Babee says i know Yuvi and Anita are behind all this, Manohar says Yuvi? he gets angry and says if i get to know that Yuvi is behind all this then i wont spare him, Usha is crying standing beside Manohar.
Yuvi drags Anita, anita cries and says you will take your mom to police?

anita sees knife in car, she takes knife and puts it near her neck and says i will not confess my crime to police, my son wants me to get jailed, its better than i die, she warns Yuvi that he tries to take her to police then she will kill herself, Yuvi says i understand your situation but you have to come with me, Anita hits Yuvi with knife’s back, he feels dizzy. anita puts dust in Yuvi’s eyes and says i am sorry, she leaves from there, Yuvi cant see anything, he composes himself and looks around to see Anita gone.

PRECAP- Police says to Twinkle that divers are searching for Kunj but we havent found anyone, actually it was high tides at time of accident, Babee gets tensed listening this. Babee, Twinkle and Leela comes to church to pray for Kunj. Twinkle sits on her knees and says even if flower doesnt fall on me, i am sure my Kunj is alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Heart breaking episode ?
    Can’t bear the pain..

  2. Can anyone tell me if twiraj was confirmed? Cz from wht I’m seeing with twinkle, thr will always b a twinj…I want thr to always b a twinj…I can’t stand yuvi n twinkle together.. Sidhant I will miss u so much in this show..can’t believe you’d leave us..but I’m nt mad..you saw a bigger opportunity n u grabbed it…thts wht life is abt if u wanna move up and gt ahead…writers I dnt really like the idea of a new kunj becz sid stole my heart but if you must replace our sid plz do so with someone tht will give us the same impact as he did(sidhant)

  3. I hope kunj is dead

    1. I hope anita died long ago because i want twinj to be a live long couple.

    2. Yaar I know I wish he is dead I love YuvLe ????? I hate Twinj ????

      1. Meghna shanti

        I love twinj
        But more than that I love twiraj
        So I support for twiraj

  4. first episode without our kunj. miss u sid.please come back.the show has no life without u. waiting for ur return

  5. hey who’s the new kunj yarr??anybody got to know???

    1. It’s Rama from tere sheher main

  6. Nice episode. Yunita’s confrontation dialogues were epic.
    For dear twiraj fans. I have started ff called – u never no what destiny has kept for u…twiraj Plz be sure to read n comment. N twinj fans can read too.

    1. OmG twiraj?????? I blo*dy hate twinj ?

  7. OMG such an emotional episode I can’t tolerate it can’t imagine this show without Sid or Twinj I felt so bad for twinkle and babe today and hate this Anita a lot what’s her problem this much hatred that she literally doesn’t cares about her son?

  8. Although UV changed for twinj.. i still hate him.. & ya i missed you kunj

  9. Risa? To hell with ur ff….karan? To hell with u…
    Whts wrong with u all? Hitting hard of character…kunj did ntn wrong.. To u all nor anyone else…
    Twiraj will bring an early end to TEI and drop the ratings before anything else….
    Whenever I check telly pages for updates twinj ffs overshadows twiraj…on every other website also….twiraj fans are 5℅…n u all are so nasty…nasty thinking (twiraj fans) bashing kunj senselessly… Twinj fans only did tht to yuvi when it was well deserved.. So u ppl plz keep the hasty comments at pause…
    Princess n karan…n the others tht r aware of themselves

    1. dude chill!!!!!!!they lyk twiraj n its totally their wish……how can u be so rude????dunno y certain ppl go beyond certain extent only 2 show they r madly in luv wid d character….its jst a story which is bound to end one day(no offence).but most importantly you cant dominate ovr any1…..welcum to 21st century……………ms..ahria!!!!!i think u shd learn to respect others opinion as every1 may not hav d same opinion

      1. xactly!
        ahria u shd seriously work on ur manners n behaviour as it can offend someone else

      2. ur sooooooo dumb n lame ahria……..dominating over others

      3. anyways it was sid’s decision to quit….so its quite natural that ppl will start liking and admiring the new pairing….

      4. merci beacoup

        luks lyk a big catfight’s goin on……anyways i support you eva

    2. Bruz chill it their point of view who they like and don’t who r u 2 tell them what 2 like and not so just keep that comment to itself if it ain’t any good

      People stop bashing these characters it not them in real life its their character in the drama.

    3. First fix your damn English and then comment Ahria

    4. Hey Ahria MendeZz. Really sorry if hurt ur feelings. My ff is for everyone to read. I humbly requested twinj fans to read. If u dont want to read then dont read. I am not bashing u. But u r bashing me. Some twiraj fans do bash kunj. But when i didnt bash anyone. Y bash me. U guys really hurt my feelings. Never bash anyone. Dont call others nasty. U r the nasty one here who bashes others opinions. Its a request again dont bash others.

  10. come on guys this is just a story….how long can thy prolong this way….thy need 2 end somehr….fst u liked twiraj n thn twinj ….as story moves on u may lik it ir wht ever..sit bck n enjoy

  11. No no!!Ahria here.I was going to comment earlier to tell u guys any mean comments coming the Ahria MendeZz account isn’t my doings.
    I lost my tab in the hospital dat I work.I haven’t commented on any epi or fan fictions for atleast 3days.I took my day off today to gt a new tab. I strongly love kunj’s character & maybe Americans are normally labelled rude but I am not.
    So sorry to whatz her name? Risa & others who might have been offended by what was said.
    I’ll read the previous epiz & maybe fanfictions that I missed and apologise for what ever mean comments was written ! So rashmi & Eva James please dontvhold me to that comment, I’m nt mean & I certainly don’t give a damn about who likes who & who dislikes what. About today’s epi, I already forgot what I wanted to say but I’ll hold on to hope for twinj.

  12. I’m so happy kunj is dead

    1. Hey Mariyah so u r a Twiraj fan oh I see okay good for u but I m a big fan of Twinj please don’t say like this sis

  13. Ok. You guys need to stop it ok.
    I did not say any of those things. Quit calling me out, I explained what had happened. I wasn’t mean to anybody. My tablet that I used was stolen at work and someone is currently using my account. I was not mean to anybody. But on my behalf since Ahria is my name I’m sorry. But stop sending insults my way now ok?!
    I’ve never been mean to anybody ever since I started to comment on telly.com.
    & trust, my mean would B so cruel, my humanity would B questioned & if I’m ever mean I never apologise so believe me & get rid of bullshit. I’m apologising now as I didn’t throw insults at anyone.

  14. Well firstly i am not happy that sidhant had to leave the show but i it would have been better if they replaced him not kill him off even though i may not watch it if they kill him off but there is a chance i might if they replace him but I’ll miss him so very much

  15. Wowww…,…. Xo finally i’ll be able to see twiraj part…… Thank God….. N i juz miss those part where they hide n date each other n romance,….. N it’d be better for da director to continue with twiraj rather then new kunj.,..,.. Ryt…wat say guys?

  16. Mariyah I think you’re a villain just like yuvi

  17. Hi guys now this story going to in tragedy way.pls show that new Kunj to twinkle. If she cries then her fans are also feeling sad.pls reveal this twist in this week pls.if want to drag this story carryon but pls unite twinj. They are wonderful couple. We can’t see twinkle married another person. Pls don’t write Ur script like that pls

  18. I hope somehow that new Kunj turns out to be a fake one and then Sid enters as actual Kunj I hope that happens but only when a miracle will happen miss Twinj a lot

  19. I luv u so much twinj….we all miss u sid…sid I love you alot….n I hope u got alot of sucess in ur life…bt remember no one can take ur place…u were the best, u r the best, n u will always be the best…I really pray that u come back…we are ur fans we luv u therefore waana see u in this show. ..but we are not so mean that we r not happy with ur sucess…we all hope that entertain us better than this show…u rmy prince n I luv u to the square of infinity

  20. Heard the upcoming twist twinkle wil b havng baby of kunj.nd Uv wil take care of both.twinkle tries 2 adjust wit Uv thinking dat she is doing evrythng for kunj…kunj returns wit new face in negtve role,heart broken wit union of twiraj.nw kunj wants 2 ruin uv nd twinkle..thank god bcoz i cant c sidhant as villain,nw whoevr kunj may b..al the best 2 tei.mis u sidhant gupta…

    1. Meghna shanti

      That was sooo cool

  21. forever fan of twinj

    Yo great
    Good haan
    Nice begiining of war
    I m happy fr u

  22. forever fan of twinj


  23. forever fan of twinj

    And mariyah like seriously u r happy wid someone’s death.

  24. siddhant your kunj

    Hi guys I m siddhant….. Hello my dear fans….I know u all are missing me very badly but what can I do ….I will try to come back let’s see what destiny has kept for me

    1. Ooo hello nakli sidhant aka kunj..
      Jarkhad se cmmnt kiya na
      V know that
      Stop fooling all

      1. lolzzz hahaha

  25. gys..now twiraj fans will watch the show and most of twinj fans have quited ..so plzz stop bashing each other..my request to twiraj lovers plzz dont say like this..
    we enjoyed twinj now u enjoy twiraj.. no harm bt stop saying such things..

    1. Yes Tara after kunj’s death I stopped watching the show I just follow updates I don’t have problems with Twiraj but the thing is I m a big fan of Twinj (Sidmin)

      1. i know jo..twinj means sidmin.. and nothing else.. i guess its better to see twiraj than that rafi as kunj!!

      2. Yes Tara actually I don’t like Rafi much I only liked him in his first show as I was a big fan of the female lead I don’t remember the name of show but was in sony and the character he played afterwards indirectly seperated the couples I like first manya from TSM n now Twinj poor Rafi 😛

  26. Atleast replace sid with good hero who can make justice to the role of kunj bcz sid was such an amazing actor and he gave his 100% to tha role of kunj i don’t think rafi will rock in tha role of kunj

  27. Guys if im nt wrong…..twiraj shuld b da main lead role instead of twinj ryt……coz in da starting n even before da show started it was all about 2 families (taneja n luthras) hating each others bt wats wrong wth da drctors…..from where did dz sarnas came from…. Itz like they appear from nowhere….. Bt i like twiraj pair more than twinj…… N luv TWIRAJ to the core….. <3

    1. Then u will surely like ma ff- u never no what destiny has kept for u… twiraj- read n comment.

    2. Even though they started them off, he wasnt the main lead. It was a twist and a good one at that, he was suppose to be the villian they even said it

  28. forever fan of twinj

    Fatarajo the name of d show in which Rafi was seen before in Sony was desh Ki beti nandini and d actress opposite to him was kirti nagpure and is currently seen in nagarjuna.:-) 🙂 🙂

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