Tashan-e-Ishq 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Leela says to Usha that what you thought that you can switch key and time will go back to 5years, its not like you can reverse things like that,
Usha says but characters are same, Twinkle was Kunj’s wife and is his wife, she should be with him, she says to Kunj that dont worry, i will set everything right for you, Usha says to Leela that i have arranged prayers for Kunj today evening, hope you come, she leaves. Leela says to Kunj that i understand Usha’s emotions but its about three lives and such big decisions cant be taken by heart’s helplessness, think before you do anything, she leaves, Yuvi is sad.
Pallavi burns Twinkle’s picture and looks at it like psycho, she says to Kunj’s picture that i wont let you go away from me, you are my Rocky,

i made you, after Revant’s death, you are my support, i cant lose you, i wont let my hard work of years go waste like this, just wait and watch what i do now, she cries.
All are sitting in prayers, Twinkle thinks that God you know my situation, give me some sign and ease my confusion and pain. Usha comes there and says Kunj is not in his room, i got his letter, it says i am leaving this house, i dont want to hurt Yuvi and Twinkle more, Yuvi has done alot for this house and if Twinkle and Yuvi are happy together then i wont come inbetween them, i am leaving. Usha says to Leela that now you must be happy, Kunj is gone, i tried to save everything, i got my son back after so many years but you destroyed everything, she cries, Leela says you are still thinking about Kunj only? you have to think about three kids, we have to be considerate, maybe he left house because you talked about marriage to him, Usha says i dont understand why you are so against his happiness? my Kunj will settle down with your daughter only so whats the problem? Leela says but.. Yuvi says this is not time to discuss all this, i will go and find Kunj, Twinkle says i will come with you, Usha says no Yuvi you stay away from this matter, my son because of seeing you both together, its better if you leave this house, she tries to push Yuvi away, Leela says what you are doing? Kunj has seen Yuvi and Twinkle together when he was acting like Rocky then why would he leave so suddenly? its your mistake that you started this marriage talk with him and he left upset because of that, you have problem with Yuvi living here? fine, Yuvi will live with me, she holds Yuvi’s hand and takes him from there. Babee greets guests and ask them to leave, they leave. Usha sadly sits down. Twinkle comes to her and says Yuvi lived here as your son for years and you also loved him then where did your love go suddenly? he would have found Kunj, why did you stop him? Usha says because if Yuvi lives here then Kunj wont comeback and i dont wanna lose my son again, i will call police, we have to do something, she goes to call.
Kunj is walking on road and drinking wine, he recalls Twinkle’s words how she said that Yuvi held her hand in time of need, was ready to give their baby his name, wiped his identity just so that i can live, how Leela said to be careful before you take any decision, he drinks wine.
Inspector says to Usha that letter says he left house on his own so we cant go and find him, Usha says but he is missing, you have to find him, Inspector says this is not missing case so we cant help, he leaves. Twinkle says to Usha that dont worry, i will bring your Kunj back, you wont mind if i go alone to find him? she leaves.

Scene 2
Kunj shouts on road and says Twinkle what i did? i destroyed everything, he drinks more wine and cries. Twinkle is walking empty streets and calling out Kunj’s name, she says where are you Kunj? she tries to call him but says his phone is switched off too, where is he? Kunj sees church.
Babee sees news that there is storm coming, she says to Usha that why did you stop Yuvi to search for him? now Twinkle is alone finding him, Usha says i dont know, i just want my son back, Manohar says you are right, Twinkle should not be alone outside, i will go to find them, Babee says enough, now you both wont do anything, you both have done enough, now i will take charge, i am calling Yuvi to find Kunj, Usha says but Babee Yuvi.. Babee says its my final decision.
Twinkle sees church and says i should pray there. Yuvi is in his car searching for them, he says dont know where Twinkle and Kunj are?
Kunj comes to church and goes in one booth, he says to father that i did mistake, i hurt my family, i didnt trust my wife Twinkle. Twinkle comes in church and prays to Jesus, she looks around and goes in one booth behind curtain. She says to father that i am at situation where i dont know what to do, i was happy in my life, my husband used to love me alot but suddenly one accident changed everything my husband didnt trust me and love is not love if there is no trust. Kunj says to father that i should have trusted Twinkle, 5years is alot time, what if she has moved on? Twinkle says i still have love for him but pain is there too, my heart is aching, i dont know what decision to take but rightnow i am searching for him, he left house and dont know where he went. Kunj says i know i shouldnt have left house but i was feeling guilty, father looks at them in different booths and thinks that seems like they are talking about each other only. father comes out of his booth and smiles, he says i think you both should talk to each other rather than talking to me. Twinkle comes out of her booth, Kunj comes out of his booth too, Sajna ve plays, he looks at her in surprise, father says God bless you, he leaves. Twinkle holds his collar and says why you leave your family again and again? you left 5years because of misunderstanding and today too you left, there are many people in your life who cares about you then why you do this with them? Kunj says what you feel? i know it was all misunderstanding, i was at fault, i accept it. Kunj cups Twinkle’s face and says whats next Twinkle? will you comeback to me? will our relation be like earlier? will you marry me again Twinkle? Twinkle looks on, Yuvi comes there too and calmly looks at them.

PRECAP- Kunj says to Twinkle i did mistake 5years ago but i wont leave my family and you now, trust me, Twinkle says trust you? what about 5years of pain, i had to live without you, Kunj says i know its my mistake, please forgive me, Twinkle says no i cant trust you, i dont think i will ever be able to forgive you, Kunj is shocked listening this.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. jinal

    anyone can tell me?

    what happen before 5 years?
    yuvi and twinckel ne esa kya ki kunj chala gaya and wo kaha chala gya?

    • Shals

      Basically, before 5 years Kunj was thought to be dead. He was near death but he was saved by the girl called Pallavi and Kunj underwent a facial surgery which changed his looks. In the meantime Twinkle was pregnant with Kunj’s child and since Kunj was thought to be dead, everyone decided to get Yuvi and Twinkle married. Also, Yuvi had turned over a new leaf and he loved Twinkle, so he would take good care of her. Now Kunj had seen this marriage take place and he thought that Twinkle had moved on. As a result he got very annoyed and swore to seek revenge on his family who had forgotten all about him. And now he has come back and the truth has been revealed to Kunj.

      • jinal

        but why he came after 5 years… where was he? itne salo k bad use yad ayi sabki? and aj ek dilogue aya tha ki usne twinkle and yuvraj ko fere lete hue dekha tha before 5 years is liye wo jan bujke chala gya? is it true?

  2. Ami

    Omg . twinkle has fallen for yuvi,what about the true love of kunj and twinkle was it just a dream.

  3. ks

    Ya twinkle saying truth.5years she bear much pain but he came back for revenge.yuvi vajase twinkle lives again with smile.kunj will not forgivable so easily.on twinkle decision based pair.so again triangle love story 😒.πŸ˜‚ .let’s see.

  4. Carol_Ann

    Oh my God !!! My heart beat like a thunder right now. It was very beautiful feeling to know that Kunj accept his guilt that he has made 5 years in a row but sadly now its Twinkle time to pour everything and take revenge from this. I AM so sad to think about what will be going on in this sweet couple life next episode. And yeah, I’m scared to think what will psycho Pallashit doing next…

  5. Naina

    Ab ye kya nyaa drama h yar . Oh god when they reunite our twinj dono ek dosre se kitna pyar krte h i know twinkle kunj deserve punishment but etna angry bird bhi mat bano b you love him alot u know very well. Aaj kunj ko yo rota dekh bahut bora lg rha tha. Plz reunite our loving twinj to rock on the show.

  6. nrk

    sab ne jdj dekh kya.mein to sirf sid ko hi dekh reh tha.he is too hot to handle πŸ˜‰ I was so happy to see him after 2 mnth.

  7. Nupur

    I think pallavi twinkle ko marne ki koshis karega ur maybe yuvi use bacane ke lia dead ho jaiga ur fir kai sal badh dekhaiga twinj ke bete ka nam yuvi hea..like other serial..but aisa kuch toh hoga jarur..

  8. Lover


    |Registered Member

    I am thinking ki UV ne itni galtiya ki lekin twinkle ne maaf kiya aur kunj ne kuch kiya hi nahi……sirf misunderstanding ka shikaar hua tha so Twinkle uske saath aisa kaise kar sakti hai. it means UV kare to maafi but kunj kare to saaza ye kaha ka insaaf hua. aur Twinkle kya uski koi galti nahi usne goa mei ruk kar kunj ko kyu nahi dhunda kyuki agar dhundhti to usse kunj mil jata. aur I know ki usne family ke liye shaadi ki so kya ab wo kunj se family ke liye shaadi nhi kar skti .leela wo samajhti kya hai pehle kunj Kunj karti thi aur aab Kunj ki koi chinta nahi. sab selfish ho raha hai kisi ko kunj ki dukh ka aandaza bhi nahi.usne 5 saal apne family ke bina bitaye but Twinkle usse to sirf apni padi hai.kunj ne kya nahi kiya uske liye aur bas ek baar yakken nhi kiya to ye….kunj ke saath Twinkle ki bhi fault hai usse kunj ko dhundna chahiye tha.
    mujhe nahi lagta ki usse koi phark padta hai kunj ho ya na ho kyuki at least Yuvi hi uska first love tha but phir wo rocky ke peeche kyu padi thi ki kunj kunj ???Mujhe nahi samajh aata.

    • pinal

      Dil wo hai jo ek bar tut jaye to fir se nahi judta…..aur agar dil hi tut jaye to insan fir se trust kaise kar sakta hai…? aur twinkle yuvi se pyar nahi karti vo sirf achchhe dost hai isliye usne yuvi ko maf kiya….but kunj vo to twinkle se jan se bhi jyada mohabbt karta tha na…to kya hua uske pyar ko….ye nahi ki twinkle had moved on to use apni life me khush rahane dena chahhiye….insan ye sab nafrat me to kar sakta hai magar pyar me nahi…twinkle ko kunj ke marane bad jita Pain nahi huaa hoga usase kai jyada pain kunj ke revenj lene ke bad hua hoga….to twilkle ka naraz hona to banta hai na….

  9. Shals

    I really wish to see Twinkle and Yuvi together because I don’t like the current Kunj. And besides, Kunj makes the same mistake of not trusting Twinkle again and again. I always liked Yuvi; even when he was playing a negative role.

  10. Honeu

    Yay kash Twinkle aur Yuvi mil jaye.. Yeh naya Kunj mujhe kuch pasand nahin hain.. Aur Kunj kabhi bhi Twinkle ke upar vishwas nahin Karta tha.. Aur aaj bhi yeh sab huya kyunki Kunj ne phir se Twinkle ke upar vishwas nahin kiya.

  11. Geeta

    Oh my god my heart is broken. Please Twinkle don’t punish Kunj. You love only him and not that psycho yuvi. I know that Kunj hurt you a lot, but yuvi hurt both of you at most

    • Shaza

      Fine uv hurtled twinkle but wht abt the care. Love, support uv gave to twinkle in 5 years and yes if Kung came back also uv and twinkle are still married and if they divorce then it’s like twinkle used uv for these many years ..unite twiraj or no one is gonna watch this damn show

  12. stylo

    Yuvi did wrong in past dat everybody knows
    Bt wat abt kunj….he loves twinkle na
    Then why he didn’t trust her own twinkle
    And without asking the reason he left her
    I really want tairak bcz yuvi deserves it

  13. Mandy

    Seriously I also want yuvraj and twinkle to be together as meantime only yuvi has the upon her he has sacrificed and suffered enough now that they are married I hope they don’t separate them and break their marriage as we had enough of these uncountable marriages I really don’t understand what’s wrong with these people how can they take marriage so light. ? #yule luks gud unite them please otherwise the show will flop and I don’t this show to be flopped or shut down its a request

  14. Shamz

    I think Twinkle shud leave both of them becoz as Kunj being his husband didn’t trust her for once and let her marry someone else being alive and he shud use his cs to think that whatever happen to him then it was obvious to think he is dead…he just left his family for a stupid misunderstanding….and UV though change himself all over but still somewhere he did wrong with Twinkle in the past….and above that his marriage with Twinkle is illegal as her first wife is alive and he had not even divorced her…
    Twinkle shud leave both of them and be happy as she deserves happiness in her life……
    I donno y but these CVs just make fun of this pious relations like anything…just to grab TRP they keep on getting Leads to marry again and again….especially the female leads as if they are bell and anyone and everyone can strike it….I just think in reality do any parents cud afford to make their daughters marry so many time in a yr???? I think if any parents really want to marriage then they shud help poor ppl to make marriage properly so that they cud get blessings….and most important thing these CVS just ape each other…. If one shows something out of the box then every one will follow same and don’t pressurize their mind also to think smthing diff…I doubt there is any serial where the lead married once in their serial…nowadays I had stopped watching serial only…I think only STAR ONE was the only channel who gave us something diff stories as per I’ve seen…

    • Saby


      |Registered Member

      Ya Shamzuuu…..
      I too agree with uh….. Each and every thing uh mentioned is the bitter truth…. These ppl don’t heed attention to wat the crap they are making and specially ruining our indian culture… By making the leads marry again and again… I dnt understand 1 little thing that even though being younger ff writers has out of the box ideas… They do a tremendous job… Then y this CVS ppl… Always use the old and old trends….. I personally feel they are disrespecting the emotions and the pureness of a relation… Whether it be any relation… Love or frndshp…. Y they need to show marriages over marriages??? This is wat I called as crap….
      I do feel star one was the channel who use to give us a unque and the best serial….. At least they used to scratch there heads and boomup with ideas to impress the viewers rather than coping any other serials on going track and making hell and shit….
      Even they used to end the serial as soon as they knew they are lack of tracks further and that’s y the serials are liked by us till date… Rather then stretching the story….

      The tei was a damn interesting concept but the dhamekedar entry of Kunj really grabbed many attention…. From starting they own many heart by the dedicated work of the cast…. I really feel pity on the.
      Cast…. As they are doing so much then too ppl are not liking the serial….

      Today I really feel SIdhant (Kunj) made a right decision to leave the sshow as in one of the interview he mentioned to that he is not at all happy with the upcoming tracks…. Seriously I feel this must b the reaction of other cast ppl too.. try to respect ur culture and moralitty and especially the pureness of a relation… V are viewers bt we cnt see any shit to violate our minds…

  15. Shamz

    I really want to say to every CVs just stop aping each other and do something new and diff as ppl alwez like unique and out of the box…and plz do give Indian serial something new and out of the box and genuine…. Not crap….as far as I’ve seen TEI had done some out of the box twist but with the exit of The Sidhant Gupta this serial also lost that charm…….I donno how many of u agree but I strongly believe this……
    Plz don’t take otherwise it’s just my POV on the ongoing track of serials….
    And yah no marriage in Indian serial can happen with happiness…. there shud be some sadness waiting over there…they cud show many things but they are still following the foot step of Ekta Kapoor serial which she gave 15 yrs back and she really gave royal touch but now CVS shud renovate it as 15yrs are long tym….

  16. Fats

    Twinkle and Kunj belongs together. Love the new Kunj. It’s because of Yuvi and his psycho mother that Kunj met with the accident. Yuvi was an obsessed lover that caused so much of pain to both twinkle and Kunj. The show will flop if twinkle and Kunj not reunited. Love twinj

  17. samiarahman

    this show is totally nonsense now…it’s over when sid left it..now it’s dead…bakwas show,bakwas naman and bakwas kahani…it’s totally disgusting now…ghatiya show…without sid it’s nothing…

    • nrk

      yes u r right. but naman is good but as rocky not as our kunj.I lost the little hope that sid will be back in the show.

  18. Rayna

    I hate you twinkle.jab yuvi ne itni saari galti ki thi toh twinkle ne apne life ke sabse bade dushman ko maaf kiya tha.
    Lekin kunj toh uska pyaar hain toh woh kunj ko maaf kyu nahi kar rahi hain.She cant see pain in kunj’s eyes.How much in pain kunj is.
    If yuvi can be forgiven then why not kunj.stupid twinkle plz forgive your kunj.he cant live without you.
    Leela is also stupid,kunj ko woh apna beti kehti thi.Toh abhi uska beta kaha gaya.Woh kaise bhul sakti hain ki kunj ne uske pariwar ke liye kya kya nahi kiya tha.woh leela ko apni maa ka darza diya tha.aur yuvi ne 5 saal mein aisa kya kar diya jo yuvi uska beta ban gaya.Neither she is happy with kunj’s return nor she cares for him
    Selfish and stupid leela.
    Plz unite our twinj.

  19. rayna

    But naman sir have done a great job today in breaking down with tears.Day by day he is doing great job and winning our hearts.
    Nice job…..
    Love you a lot naman sir.
    And now it’s time for you to win back your twinkle trust and reunite with her.You love twinkle a lot so you will get your twinkle back.Aur twinkle ko kunj se jyada pyaar koi nahi kar sakta.Neither leela nor yuvi.
    Hope that you will win your twinkle trust.love you.
    And love twinj.

  20. anu

    Pls unite uvi and twinkle true love is about trust only uvi trust twinkle and love her more than kunj plsssssssss unite uvi and twinkle plsssssss

  21. anu

    Pls unite uvi and twinkle true love is about trust only uvi trust twinkle and love her more than kunj plsss5ssssss unite uvi and twinkle plsssssss i love they both so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz😒😒😒😒uvπŸ’“i twin

  22. nrk

    but I have a doubt where did that birthmark of kunj gone.plastic surgery to sirf face mein kiya tha na Pura body par tho nehi πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  23. nayana

    Agar twinj ko ek nahi karna hai tho kunj ko Zinda hi kyuo kiya. Whaaa twincal ko uv kitna pareshan kiyahai. O uv ko maf harsakti hai. Uv ke samne kunj ki galti 20%bhi nahi hai. Pir bhi nahi. Very bad.
    Isi tara twinj ko alag karte hi hai thoo trp 0 banjayega. I hate leela.

    • nrk

      thank u;-) with a stupid hope that he is not our kunj.meri dil maan nahi rahi hei rocky is our kunj.I can never accept anyone in the place of sid.revant ka piche Kuch to raaz hai.I wish my stupid hope come true.but day by day I’m losing my hope

  24. Suma

    Please reunite twinkle and Yuvi love both of them if Kunj gets back to show v all will stop watching . It won’t be good at all 😭😭😭😭

  25. Aarshi shaikh

    I think yuvi and twinkle jodi is nice not this one kunj i just love seeing yuvi and twinkle don’t seprate them plzzzzzz plzzzz πŸ™…πŸ™†

  26. twiraj rocks

    woww..precap is awesme..twiraj are d beauty of dis show n dey shud be one..lovvvv yuviβ™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  27. twinkle aka shayna

    Pls don’t seperate twinj let them be together nd clear the misunderstanding between them nd they should get United nd i think kunj din do that much wat uv Did wen he was mad nd kunj was only angry nd wen uv can be forgiven y not kunj nd pls twinkle forgive kunj nd accept him nd start a fresh life again with ur love

  28. varshitha reddy

    Once I love twinj 😘 but it was when sid was kunj but frankly I just watch the show only and only for yv and I just love you Zain 😘😘😘😘😘😘.you are such a brilliant actor I should say I love your acting and expressions you are simply superb deserve the best Zain hope God gives you success love you hope for twiraj…. 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

  29. Ami

    I read that this twinkle to choose yuvi over kunj,and stay as his wife,im shattered with the news.quitting to watch tei

  30. Somona

    Kunj is pathetic as ever . I just love twiraj to the core . Love u zain . Twinkle realise who is ur real and true love…..yuvi

  31. Salia

    Twinkle is still married to rocky because she never divorce rocky so she is not married to uv okay

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