Tashan-e-Ishq 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yuvi is running after cherry. Cherry says i will hit him. Babbe comes and stops them. She says lets go for pooja. Babbe does the pooja. Babbe asks Kunj to fill twinkle’s hairline. Kunj says its already filled. Babbe says so what? Do it. Kunj is about to.. Yuvi says this sindur. He says I will do it. Let me fill twinkle’s hairline. Kunj holds his hand and says only husband can fill wife’s hairline. Yuvi says i wont do this then friend wont do it either. He throws the sindur away. Babbe says what you did Yuvi. Kunj fills Twinkle’s hairline with the sidnur in his hand. Twinkle says yuvi creates problems for us. Anita says he is a kid. Babbe says yes he is a kid that is why you should nurture him well. Babbe says he will accept twinkle as his sister. Tiwnkle put

teeka on his forehead and make him your brother. Yuvi says in heart no way I wont let this happen. Twnikle comes near him to put teeka. Yuvi says no twinkle go away. this is ugly. Yuvi hates red. He shoves away twinkle, she falls down. Kunj picks her up and says what are you doing yuvi. Are you out of your mind. Yuvi acts like he has had an attack. Anita says cherry please call the doctor.

Twinkle says to kunj yuvi said that his fav color is red and he wants to fill my hairline and when I was applying teeka he said he hates red. There is something wrong. Anita comes and grasps Twinkle’s arm. She says you have ruined my son’s life. You are the reason of tall this. I will shove you out of this house. Kunj says what you want? Anita says twinkle has to leave this house today. Kunj says she wont go anywhere. Anita says get out of this house. Babbe says shut up anita. Anita says this is about my son’s life. I wont hear anything. Babbe says twinkle wont go anywhere. If you have a problem you will go with your son. No one will stop you. Get out of this house with your son. Aniita says if you are saying this then okay I am leaving this house but this is my sasural only my dead body will go from here. She picks a knife and is about to stab herself. Anita says now either twinkle will saty here or I will kill myself. Twinkle says okay I will go. Kunj says you wont go anywhere. He holds her hand and says you wont go. twinkle says let me go. Anita says go from here twinkle. Yuvi says in heart mom what are you doing. I am acting to stay close to twinkle. and you are doing this. yuvi says twinkle wont go anywhere. Yuvi holds her hand.
Twinkle goes out. Kunj stops her and says this is yoru house as well. Twinkle says she wont be convinced. and till you yuvi is here I wont be at peace. Kunj says i will talk to her. Twinkle says its useless. I know yuvi is acting. But you dont trust me on this then why would someone else do. Everyone considers me wrong. Kunj holds her hand and says please stay. Twinkle says bye kunj and leaves.

Twinkle comes home. Leela says you left the house? twinkle says i know you are al shocked but i did what was better. I will go to chinky’s place I dont wanna annoy you. Leela says are you listening what she is saying? Kunj is my son. He will make everything all right. Raman says this house is twinkle’s. SHe can stay here as long as she wants. Twinkle says you are still mad at me maa. I thought you forgave me on my brithday. Leela says i did it for kunj and to surprise you i did that. I haven’t forgiven you. Pinni says if she is here people will start talking that she is kicked out of house. Raman says you always speak rubbish. i told you that yuvi will create problems for yuvi. Twinkle says I will go back to my house but with all the respect. Leela says she has become more mature over time. Raman says I am seeing everything. Please dont be mad at her. Leela says its not that easy.

yuvi comes and sits with kunj. he hugs him. kunj recalls Yuvi’s behavior. Yuvi says we will bring twinkle back. I miss her. Kunj says in heart I want to trust twinkle but how can someone act for so many days. He gets a call from leela. leela says twinkle told me everything. Kunj says i failed today I am sorry. I promised you that i wont let injustice happen to her i couldn’t do anything. I am sorry. she says dont apologize. Kunj says i felt helpless today. But this is enough now. I will bring twinkle back with respect.

Precap-Yuvi says to twinkle 31st december is kunj’s last day. and then he will die. Twinkle says no yuvi.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Ritzi

    Thanks atiba for fast updates….,,uhhhhh!!!!! Hated anita a lot today but what is this kunj doing I think he and bebe should also have left the house so that Anita would not hv any other option but to stop twinkle but……. What to do the players gonna play play play and the haters gonnaa hate hate hate!!! But can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode twinkle looked gorgeous in the black western dress ……

  2. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    twinj scenes were good, wow the sindoor scene was so nice but Yuvi is gonna kill Kunj :O I m sure twinkle will save her kunj somehow, finally kunj is back in his sense and started to be wise, was tired of seeing kunj’s bewakoofi what a relied

  3. Wt the hell is this..again kunj…why always he ?? I will stop watching this show if kunj is out of this serial..he is so cute …n finally he started thinking in the right way about yuvraj’s tricks …kunj must have to live…he should not die

  4. Hmmmm.but no idea wts going on in this show.. almost 8 times kunj’s murder is planned till now..plz don’t kill him…but mje lg raha hai this time he would be killed..plzz director shb don’t kill kunj..twinj chem is world class.the show will flop if kunj is killed

  5. Mad fan of Tashan e ishq

    Last episode was awsum and today such a horrible episode…. Anita is just disgusting… I hate her… Bebe should have done anything….. Bebe is also very weak… She says that she will decide what will happen and now she is allowing Anita to do this nonsense

    • Dimples

      I disagree. I love Babee’s character. She believes in Twinkle and Kunj and fights for them, but she can only do so much. She couldn’t allow Anita to kill herself in the living room, now could she?. Plus her influence goes only so far, Surjeet owns half the property and let’s not forget that Surjeet is an idiot who buys into everything Anita says.

  6. josphine muthoni

    this house is also twinkles sasural’s so herself cud say she is not leaving…they cud have let the witch auntie commite suicide…i would have been soo happy celebrating anitas death

  7. I will stop watch if kunj can’t be saved…..I don’t Wana see yuvi n twinkle married…so disgustibg…..,,,thxz fir the early updates….lol…..

  8. kripa

    leela taneja is just MAD!
    can’t she see her daughter’s state?how can she be such heartless woman?
    like seriously?!?she talked to twinkle on her b’day just because kunj told her? :/
    it’s high time she should support her daughter -_-
    I felt bad for twinj 🙁
    there are so many negetive people around them…they have to deal with problems and evil planning all the time -_-
    I’m excited for the next episode…I’m sure nothing will happen to kunj 🙂

  9. Twinkle will win in the end for sure and yuvi will get exposed. I hope kunj realises it soon before it’s too late. Can’t wait for kunj and twinkle to get closer and love and trust one another the more.

  10. pragati

    Kunj can’t die ( never ever) I watching this serial 4 twinj only if they separated I stop watching this serial I hope twinkle will save kunj if kunj is saved I’ll be so happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 #twinj

  11. Lizza

    God….. This can’t be happening ugh I hate yuvi and Anita they are so annoying AND TWINJ SHOULD LIVE ON NO MATTTER what?!?!?!!!!

  12. Kathy

    Omg….this is just too much …hw much can twinkle go thru …n kunj is he blind ….anita is such a witch ….pls bring some love n romance between twinkle n kunj

  13. Plumpyyy

    More than yuvi i hate that anita!! I cant even stand her face!! So annoying she is!! Ughhh… Dramebaaz!! Thiz yuvi.. Character dimag kharab karne wala hai but his face.. Hw shud i not love it? Inna cute face lekar ghoomta hai that i melt like butter! And zain(yuvi) dec 31 isnt kunj’s last day.. In a way it is, but last day of kunj in 2015 coz uske baad its 2016.. And zain.. Dec 31 is d last day of ur first show.. Love you forever zain.. #zainimamroxz !! Cutiepie!!
    Happy new year in advance people!
    I support bebe..

    • Rakshita

      Happy new yr……jasmine-siddanth-zain……aka twinkle-kunj-yuvraj…….twinj rocks……Sidine rocks……!!!!

  14. Plumpyyy

    Acc. to me.. Even leela is annoying! Twinkle.. Kunj.. No! Twinkle will never let kunj die!! Never ever!! We know atleast this much about TwiNj na 😉

  15. What Kunj is gonna be killed :O if that’s the case I will stop watching TEI, I don’t think so Twinkle is always there and m sure she will once again save her Kunj , and hope this Yuvi turns positive he is actually from very bottom of is heart is a good person(he protected twinkle even though he hates her), he is influenced by his mom which is why he do this low deeds and hope he realizes his goodness and unites Twinj

  16. Nasyh

    Episode starts with Babee apologising to Twinkle through the phone because she couldn’t stop Twinkle from leaving.
    Twinkle replies, “Babee,what are you saying? I already told you that elders do not apologise to the younger ones. Elders only have the rights to give orders and the younger ones should always obey the orders humbly.”.
    Babee: “I don’t understand what I should do. I can only say that you should not have left the house in that way.
    Twinkle replies, “Babee, when a sickness is hurting, a cure should be taken in order to eliminate the sickness as soon as possible and I am doing just that. Who knows maybe with me leaving the house, Yuvi will be irritated and will do something wrong which will help us in catching him? That’s the reason why I left home. Don’t be tensed, everything will be fine.”
    Bebee: “Yes, dear. With gods’ grace, this shall happen. You, take care of yourself.”
    Bebee then ends the call.

    The next morning, Yuvi entered a room and Twinkle was seen sitting while staring into space, contemplating something.
    Yuvi: “The last year, you were also wearing the same shawl, sitting quietly, thinking about something, remember?”
    Twinkle shouted, “What are you doing here? How dare you enter my house?”
    Yuvi: “The thing is, Twinkle has made me crazy and anyway today is so special that I couldn’t stop myself from seeing your beautiful face.”
    Twinkle asked, “Special?” She gets concerned. “What is special?”
    Yuvi replies,”Very special.”
    Twinkle gets angry and demanded, “Tell me clearly what are you going to do.”
    Yuvi stood up from sitting and said, “Patience, baby. Today is New Years’ Eve. New Year’s Eve meaning the year’s last day. So I thought why waste time? Just execute the plan. Tonight will be Kunj Sarnas’ life last day.”
    Twinkle: “Yuvi! What nonsense are you stating?”
    Yuvi replies, “Tonight Mom has kept a New Year’s party in the house. There the party starts and here, will be the end of Kunj Sarnas’ life.” Twinkle gets tensed. “After your husband’s death, this brother in law will make an entry and this devar will be a hero and make you his.” Yuvi smirks.
    Twinkle gets angry and replies, “As long as I am with Kunj, you can’t even touch him.”
    Yuvi asked “Really? You will stop me? You? Have your forgotten you have been kicked out of the house? You’re not even invited to the party but don’t worry, in a few days you will be my wife and I shall bring you back into the house then in my name the sindoor shall be applied to you and no one can stop that. Anyway you look really good in red.” Twinkle slaps him hard.
    Yuvi got angry and smirked. “Today even in your anger, I can see love. One thing I forgot to tell you, how will Kunjs’ death happen. Gun! And this time, saving Kunj will be impossible cause he is going to die. Yes, he is going to die.” Kunj laughed as Twinkle started to get tensed.

    Twinkle and Bebee were talking on the phone and Babee got shocked.
    Babee: “What? Yuvi will kill Kunj by shooting him.”
    Twinkle: “Yes, Babee and Yuvi told me all this personally. I don’t understand what to do and I can’t even enter the house but still, I am outside the house, One way or another, I shall find a way to get inside. However till I am inside, please do keep an eye out for Kunj. Bebee, if anything happens to Kunj, I can never forgive myself. I…”
    Bebee replies: “Dear, don’t worry. God is with us. You just hurry.”.
    Twinkle ended the phone call and heard a man asking a group to hurry. It was a group of Belly dancers. She got an idea and thanked God for it.

    Bebee entered Yuvis’ room and tried to find the pistol in which Yuvi would use to kill Kunj. Bebee then searched the room and found a gun under the blanket. She was relived seeing it. However, she looked and examined the pistol. Realising that it was the same pistol that Surjeet has given to Yuvi, Bebee got angry and threw the pistol away (presumably fake pistol). She thought to herself that she has searched the entire room yet, no pistol can be found. She wondered where Yuvi has hidden the pistol.

    Yuvi and Kunj were descending the steps when Kunj received a phone call. Kunj picked up the phone call and said,
    “Hello. Yes, Dhruv. You are going to Goa? Aye yaar, perfect time hai yaar. The beach…the beachs’ name is …. woth big rocks. What was the beachs’ name?” Kunj tried to recall the beachs’ name in Goa.
    Yuvi then answered the name of the beach and Kunj was surprised as he looked at Yuvi. Kunj asked Yuvi how did he know the name of the beach. Yuvi replied saying that Twinkle went there and thus, Kunj persisted how did he manage to know the name. Yuvi then replied because Twinkle told him. Yuvi tried to cover his mistake by talking about the New Years’ party and that they shall drink.

    Bebee saw Kunj with Yuvi and she started to worry. She tried to separate Kunj from Yuvi in order to avoid any tragedies. Bebee calls out to Anita and pointed out that her son was drinking in the bar and she should stop him to avoid any trouble from happening. Anita panicked and quickly grabbed Yuvi to get him away from the bar. Yuvi insisted to stay with his friend yet, he was pulled away by Anita.

    Twinkle entered the party as a belly dancer and was confident that no one would notice her since her face was partially covered. She was determined to save Kunj from Yuvi. She then saw Anita and Yuvi heading towards her direction. Yuvi was acting upset since he didn’t get to drink with his friend, Kunj. Twinkle tried to hide herself by bending down but the cloth covering her face dropped and she immediately covered her face again. She thanked God that Yuvi did not identify her. Just then Yuvi grabbed her hand and spun her around. Twinkles’ eyes widened and she was utterly shocked. Yuvi pretended to be a kid and asked her for a dance but Anita stopped him and apologised to Twinkle unbeknownst that the girl was Twinkle. Twinkle then saw Bebee and rushed to her,

    Bebee: “Twinkle dear, you?”. Twinkle then lowered the cloth and showed her face to Bebee. Bebee told her to be careful or people would notice her. Bebee then left and Twinkle saw the same group of man previously, carrying guns. Twinkle believed that that was Yuvi’s plan. Twinkle rushed out following the group of man with guns. While heading after the group, Twinkle felt the presence of Kunj and stopped to turn. (Sajna Ve plays). Kunj who was behind Twinkle also felt her presence and stopped in his tracks. Both of them looked at each other and Twinkle realised that she has to go. She turned back and pretended not to mind Kunj.

    The scene shifted to Mourni Roy dancing to a song in the party as Twinkle starts to check the guns for real bullets. There were three guns and she managed to check two of them. As she was about to check the last gun. the group of men returned and told her that they are about to dance. Thinking that Twinkle is part of their group of Belly dancers, they told Twinkle to hurry. The group of Belly dancers then start dancing with Twinkle being in the middle. Twinkle danced to (Mashallah, Ek Tha Tiger song). As she danced, she kept a close eye on Kunj. She then saw the three men who were part of the belly dancing group, pointing out their guns to Kunj one by one. Twinkle quickly avoided the shot targeted to Kunj by raising their guns. As the last men is about to shoot, Yuvi rushed in to take the pistol and insisted that he wanted to shoot and he shall shoot his friend, Kunj. Bebee shouted “Kunj!”. Twinkle looks on tensed and worried as Yuvi aimed the last gun towards Kunj.

  17. Nasyh

    Yuvi aimed the gun towards Kunjs’ direction. Twinkle quickly spun around and raised the gun held by Yuvi. The gun was fired but it held not real bullets. Yuvi pretended to be happy that he scared everyone. Yuvi laughed heartily. Twinkle was certain that Yuvi could not be trusted and at anytime he can do anything. Whatever happens, she won’t let anything happen to Kunj.

    Twinkle returned to her room. She was tensed as she has checked all the rifles and there were no real bullets in them. She wondered what was Yuvis’ real plans. She prayed to God to show her a way in which she can save Kunj from Yuvi. Just then Yuvi creeped into her room.
    Yuvi started singing and said, “Poor, my baby. Why are you so confused? And what were you thinking? That I shall go to the party, shoot Kunj and then leave the party? But I shall comment, you have not spared any ways or efforts in trying to save your husbands’ life. Up till…wearing this dancers’ apparels. Twinkle was surprised.
    Twinkle replied, “You noticed me?”
    Yuvi replied, “Of course. I had noticed you when I had asked for your hand to dance and Twinkle, look, I love you so much such that with your presence, I can quickly know it.” Twinkle was angry and told Yuvi to stop with his nonsense.
    Yuvi replied that he shall stop with his nonsense but she should hear that at 12 midnight, Kunj will die. “I told you right? So alright, he will die and plan will be as it is. Just left with the time now. Tick tock!”. Yuvi looked at the clock as he exited Twinkles’ room. Twinkle cried out no to Yuvi.

    Twinkle walked around in the party and realised that it was just three minutes from 12 midnight and she decided that the only way to save Kunj is to get him away from the party. She quickly tried to find Kunj and in her urgency, she bumped into Kunj. Kunj didn’t know that dancer was Twinkle and asked her what was she doing in the party still when her group had left earlier on. He then told her to wait as he called someone to send her back with her group. Twinkle started pulling his hands to get him away from the party while Kunj is cluless as to what the dancer was doing. As Twinkle pulled Kunj away, Kunj heard her voice and pulled down the cloth covering Twinkles’ face. Kunj then asked what was Twinkle doing in the party donning that type of clothes.

    Twinkle: “You think that once again to expose Yuvi I have made a plan and have come to execute it. But today, Yuvi came to me and threatened me that he will kill you thus why, I came to the party dressed up as a dancer and I…” Kunj shut her lips with his finger and asked how she could talk so much in just one breath.
    Kunj: “I am sorry Twinkle, SO many times, you have repeated that Yuvi was acting and yet, I did not listen to you. Twinkle, whatever that happened in Goa, I was so guilty that I couldn’t understand anything after that. Taking advantage of that guilt, he has troubled me and my family. Now that I have known his truth, from today, this time and this moment with you, we shall together end his pretense.” Kunj looked stern.
    Twinkle asked, “How did you know about Yuvi?”
    Kunj took out two mobile phones and explained that he used his second phone to call his other phone.
    Flashback was shown whereby Kunj and Yuvi were at the staircase and Kunj received a call regarding his friend going to Goa. It turned out to be a pretense made by Kunj. As soon as Yuvi answered the name of the Beach, Kunj was sure that Yuvi was acting. Kunj said that initially he wanted to wait for the party to end. Kunj realised that he has done many wrong things to Twinkle.

    Kunj: “I was angry and I have done bad things yet, you still supported me. For saving my entire family, thank you.”
    Twinkle replied, “Why are you saying thank you? (Sajna Ve plays) Your family is also my family and yours, mine.” Twinkle looked down.
    Kunj replied, “Twinkle, this new year, I promise that I shall never doubt you. As how nice you are as a wife, that’s how nice I shall be as your husband and I shall show you that once this Yuvi chapter is over for forever. WIll you be by my side?”
    Twinkle replied, “Forever.” Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other lovingly. Firecrackers were heard indicating the New Year.
    Kunj looked at Twinkle and said, “Happy New Year Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna.”.
    Twinkle replied, “Happy New Year Mr Kunj Sarna.” (Sajna Ve plays)
    Twinkle and Kunj started getting closer to each other, attempting to hug. However, their heads bumped onto each other. Kunj laughed.
    Twinkle: “Let’s quickly bump out heads together. You said that Bebee said, heads bumped once is considered a bad luck. And I don’t want any bad luck this new year.” Kunj and Twinkled smiled at each other and tried once again to hug. Yet, their heads bumped onto each other and Kunj backed away. Twinkle then tried to stop him from moving and placed her head against his chest as he wrapped his hands around Twinkle. Kunj smiled and wished a happy new year to Twinkle. Twinkle did the same.

    Precap: Yuvi said, “Yes, Twinkle, I was talking about this gold gold chocolate. There was poison in this.” Twinkle panicked as Kunj was struggling. Twinkle called out to Kunj to get up. She assured Kunj that
    nothing would happen and that Kunj should listen to her. Yuvi pulled Twinkle away and said, “Yuvi had said right? That on 31st December, Kunj will die and look, that is happening. Kunj is dying.” Twinkle shook her head as she couldn’t believe what was happening. Kunj continues to struggle after consuming the poisoned chocolate. Twinkle calls out to Kunj.

  18. Plzz dont kill kunj.. Just tired of it…..i think the director has not any other track to continue the show….in precap again kunj is near to die….plz don’t do this ….plzzz…kunj is superb in this show and twinj chemistry is beyond the world….

  19. Wts wrong…..abhi to kunj ko yuvraj ka sach ptaa chla aur kunj aurr twinkle mein abb he to sb thkk huna thaaa…but the wicked uv done this…..no no no…kunj should not die

  20. Mad fan of Tashan e ishq

    You’re right kripa… Leela is just disgusting…. Twinkle love her like mad and she is just protecting her ego…. In today’s episode Twinkle was looking really glamorous in that belley dress… At last Kunj believed Twinkle… I liked just a single thing about the fake illness of UV that is he call his mum churel aunty… I think that Kunj will not die bcoz he is in male lead.. Friends I’m wishing you all A very Happy And Prosperous New Year ????.. If Kunj dies then the show will be a flop one.. It will convey a wrong message.. Well friends… I am using my mom’s phone to comment… I am just 10 years old… Not joking.. This is my mom’s phone and Email… Not joking.. Believe me

  21. Mad fan of Tashan e ishq

    Thik bola tumne R , Itna marne maarne ka shock hai to khud bhi mar ja aur apne saath apne ma aur Cherry ko bhi lete hua jana….
    Surjit,Mahohar aur Usha kahin dhikh nahi rahe… Mar gaye kya?

  22. zayn malik

    Thumbs up to you yuvi you have done a wonderful thing by killing kunj ???you have shown that you are a true person.you show twinkle that even though she marry to kunj you still love her.and I am a little sorry for kunj?? but he should have get out of yuvi way at first.RIP kunj?.yuvi and twinkle??? live happily ever after.de end??

  23. Rakshita

    Guys…I think today’s episode was ossum. Thnx nasyh for such a fast update……the last part was cool……. At least now,kubj knows the truth and will b with twinkle. And I am sure twinkle will save kunj and twinj will b tgthr… Btw happpy new year to all twinj and tashan-e-ishq fans…..may did yr be lucky foru, for show Ñd for twinj..they look prfct tgthr…lv u Jasmine-Siddanth.. 🙂 :* 🙂

  24. Rakshita

    I hate yuvi…he is not worth twinkle but it is coz of him that twinj r tgthr so he is necessary……. Btw I knw twinj won’t b sprtd and they shldnot b….:)

  25. komal

    this comment is to all those mad cases who are saying kunj must die.. especially for zayn malik… i think u r on the verge to die… yuvi must die nd u must die nd nt kunj nd u 2 know that he was faking his love for twinkle since the beginning so you cant just say anything about kunj.. never eva dare to say that kunj would die nd u dnt know how many of twinj fans are planning to kill u after ur comment on kunj nd twinkles luv story… so u better shut ur mouth alright

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