Tashan-e-Ishq 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Leela meets her bodyguards and says Yuvi ranaway from hotel while you people couldnt see him, now i am giving you all another chance, no one should enter Sarna house without permission and checking, they say okay.
Guards are checking everything that is going in Sarna house. Yuvi comes there and hides big drum. Guards check few things and let workers to take things inside house. Cherry asks them to take things in store room, he helps them in lifting drum, he says its so heavy, they keep drum on side and leaves from there. Yuvi opens drum cap and looks around, he doesnt find anyone around and comes out of drum, he smirks.
Yuvi comes in Kunj’s room and stares her picture, he says happy marriage Twinkle my baby, he gives her flying kiss and laughs.
Twinkle is another

room, she says dont know if Kunj reached home or not, i should call him. She calls Kunj but Yuvi has Kunj’s phone, he says if i dont receive call then she will have doubt and if i receive call then she will recognize my voice, he takes her call but doesnt say anything, he ends call and messages her that i have reached home, we will meet in mandap. Twinkle receives message and says Kunj reached home, now my tension is released, he is fine.
Kunj is tied to chair, he see goons sleeping and tries to open his ties.
Yuvi gets ready as groom and wears sehra to cover his face. Yuvi is brought to mandap, Cherry says he is getting married again, Usha says i never thought that i will see my son in sehra again, Babee says you are lucky to bless your son and daughter in law again. Usha asks Kunj to take off his sehra so that she can bless him, Yuvi stops her hand, Cherry says it seems like he is nervous, i suggest that when he is in room with sister in law after marriage then bless him.
Kunj frees himself and beat goons, he says to goon that you will stop me? he beats him and runs from there.
Twinkle gets ready as bride and says to Leela that its 7:30pm, what if something wrong.. Leela says dont worry, everything is fine.
Kunj is running from Yuvi’s den, goons comes in his way.
Twinkle is brought to wedding venue, she recalls time spent with Kunj, how they confessed their love, she thinks that today i am going to be tied in marriage relation with Kunj again and i accept this strong and unbreakable relation with all my heart. Twinkle is welcomed by showering rose petals on her, she smiles. Twinkle is brought in mandap, she stands infront of Yuvi, they take garlands, Yuvi puts garland on her, Twinkle makes him wear garland too and blushes.
Goons surround Kunj, he starts beating them all. Otherside, Yuvi and Twinkle sit in mandap and wedding rituals start. All are happy, Yuvi looks at Twinkle through sehra and smirks, Twinkle thinks that this day is special, today i am getting married to you with all my heart and consent, i will tell you everything tonight and then everything will be fine and we will have happiness in life. Kunj beat goons.
Pundit asks Leela to gadh bandhan, Usha says Leela and I will do it together to make their relation more strong, they do gadh bandhan.
One goon attacks Kunj from behind, he hits him with plank.
Twinkle starts taking pheras with Yuvi. Otherside Kunj is beaten by goons. Kunj overpowers them and beats them.
Twinkle is happily taking pheras with Yuvi, Yuvi moves his Sehra little and smirks. Kunj beats all goons and runs from there. Twinkle comes forward now in pheras. Pheras are done, Pundit asks groom to make bride wear Mangalsutra. Kunj is running to reach venue. Yuvi takes Mangalsutra from pundit and makes Twinkle wear it.
Kunj is running, he is injured and bleeding, he thinks that before Yuvi succeed in his cheap plans, i have to reach home and stop it, he starts running fast.
Pundit asks Yuvi to fill bride’s forehead with sindoor(vermilion), Yuvi fills her forehead with sindoor. Kunj is running to home, he strikes with car. Pundit announces that this marriage is done, they are now husband and wife, all are happy. Kunj comes there and calls out Twinkle’s name, all are shocked to see Kunj there, Kunj is distraught, Leela says Kunj? Usha says if Kunj is there then who is sitting in place of groom? Twinkle looks at groom, she gets up from mandap. Dhol band comes there with Anita, Anita dances to tunes, all look on in shock, Yuvi gets up from mandap, Leela says groom is.. she asks who is the groom? Yuvi takes off his sehra, all are terrified to see Yuvi as groom, Yuvi smirks at Twinkle who looks at him in shock and tears.

PRECAP- Anita says truth is that Kunj and Twinkle’s marriage is broken, they signed divorce papers themselves, Yuvi says calling choreographer was expansive for you all. Everybody please welcome Mr and Mrs. Yuvraj Luthra, Kunj punches him hard listening this. Twinkle is walking on isolated road alone and in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. baby

    no yr guys nt at all possible how can dey do dis its being hell dis is not wich ppl wantd its jst lk hell

  2. O fish…… I’m just hating this track……. Don’t know ab kya Hoga??…… I think I’m gonna quit watching the show but how much ever I try I can’t stop watching this show…… ??

  3. Shatakshi

    They r married but guys I have seen in SBS segment that twinkle will take revenge by troubling UV n teach him a lesson n also it would be for the last time that UV will create for twinj…it was a great twist but hoping that they will unite soon :'( :'( :'( :'(

  4. Fatarajo

    A big thumbs down for TEI not watching this show until and unless Twinj reunites, already trp dropped from 1.8 to 1.3, are makers r trying to make sure trp drops to 0? Boring Twiraj only Twinj rocks the show, only will watch it when Twinj reunites I m only reading updates these days I k so disappointed with zee and colors especially zee both channels have magical pair colors at least keep them together but too much problem in their life also but zee they love to seperate them directly

  5. zarmeen

    no its not possible this all is a dream of twinkle same this happen with sasural simar ka (colours searials)as prem married with another girl yestarday but today it reavled that its a dream of simar i think same happens withs tei allso because yestarday they had shown some other precap but they today another

    if this happens a true then i will stop watching this show this show has lost many fans…….i hate this track……

  6. I’ve been watching this serial from the time it came on screen & I’ve never felt the need to comment but i feel like I should know..To let you writers know that your sense of thinking is really disturbing.. I dnt find your mind at all creative… How could u do that to twinkle? To kunj? In my country when a married man goes & marry to another woman when he’s nt divorced, It is called bigamy.. The man can get sent to jail.. B realistic & fair…everyone wants to c twinkle & kunj together.. I feel like wht you are portraying is disgusting, the trends you’re following is disgusting.. Repetitious!!.. Do u know hw I would feel or any woman for tht matter if I/we is to b bond to an enemy, to a devil..to share my bed with a human being tht has nothing good in thoughts? It would make me feel weak, helpless, the very opposite definition of a woman…thts the story u r portraying here..All you writers do is bring forth the same damn things.. Separation
    Revenge…. Wht the hell r u ppl really trying to say? Bad ppl tht may never change their character/personality/mentality deserves something good? Someone good? Everyone deserves a second chance but those tht are stuck in the dark should remain thr..let them destroy themselves n not others.. Thts wht yuvi will do…this show will becum like satrangi sasural, jamai raja etc.. Damn it…improve or your ratings will hit rock bottom really soon…#Twinj Forever

  7. zarmeen

    i too saw a video of twiraj marriage they annoced that its a dream of uv but dont its true news or fake but i hate this track and from today iam not watching the show….

  8. loveleen

    m still thinking r they d same writers who made us mad over twinj…..nw lets see hw twinkle teaches uv a lesson…bt if i tell abt myself m taking a leave frm d serial till twinj unite again…

  9. Angel

    Really this ws heights of nonsense. ..but I think it would be fun watching twinkle torchuring uv but kunj shld be supporting her thn it would be really amazing bcz jasmine said in sbs ki ab vo uv ka shadi ka bhut utaregi so I think it would be nic let’s hope fr the good fr us twinj fans srry if I hav hurt some one n thnax atiba fr quick update

  10. twinkle

    I just hate this track to the core I can’t see twinkle with uv she is only mrs Twinklekunjsarna nd i hate Cvs for this track it would be gud if it was a bad dream nd if no twinj then no tei nd no one can see twiraj we all luv twinj only nd twinj forever

  11. Hey guyz chill twinj always rock they will unite soon and this track is amazing now we will see twkle will torture uv stay happy

    • sana

      well said
      all serials are doing too much of drama which will not be possible in real life
      they are making fun of the viewers

      it’s really pathetic

  12. andreasofia

    Hold on! What’s going on here? I returned today after several days, and I find this st*pid situation. What’s all this mess? Twinkle and Yuvi are married? ? Twinkle and Kunj divorced? ? This is insane! Wrong storyline! Does they talk with Kumkum Bhagya’s writers to make Tashan a totally irrational serie too? ? Nooooooo! ? This is heartbreaking! ☹️ I have a question, What about Mahi? Yuvi wasn’t a married man? They divorced? When? If he isn’t divorced, this married is null and void. I think that Tashan will suffer the same fate that Kumkum Bhagya, I’m bury it and will not watch anymore… ?

  13. baby

    Look guys i meant d rtrs of d show all r saying dus only abhi toh muje itna gussa aa rha hai naa dat don’t ask srsly I jst luv d couple of twinj n if said so i luv d cupl of sidmin bt yr its a hite of nonsense wat d heck r u trying 2 show it is nt at all possible i luv twinj lk don no wat if sumthing bad happens wid dem den i cry i don’t no how bt i was 2 mch attached 2 dis show 2 twinj we hd many many hopes bt now its a hell y ni i srsly fr dem didn’t use 2 hv my food my dinner sometimes sumthing bad took place in d show bt yr hell go wid it now till wen can we ppl tolerate it i m sure d trp ll go down do something twinj

  14. sathy

    today episode was awesome for me…I just love twiraj.uv acting is better then kunj..pls uv now u should be a good boy for us.

  15. nayana

    Now the time to quite waching this serial…. realy go hell with your serial….. go hell with your drama…. l cant say anything about this serial. Just say gud bayyyyyyy…. u lost your audiance……. enyway gud bayyyy……..

  16. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Ahria I totally agree with u. These people, their sense of thinking r not good..unknowingly kunj and twinkle sign divorce papers. But that still doesn’t make it good what happens. And that anita as a mom, as a woman, waw.. I have no words left to say about these people. Their thinking a just disgusting.

  17. Foggy Dawn

    yesterday and day before yesterday they had shown some precap and the the episodes are totally different full of bakwas …… i hate tashan e ishq i will not see this show until and unless twinj will be runited……….and i will only read the updates…..bye bye tashan e ishq until twinj reunite :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    • Foggy Dawn

      πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ sorry for the mistake

    • Foggy Dawn

      guyzz in entertainement tadka it is shown that yuvi and twinkle will get married and yuvi tells he want to marry twinkle again with all the rituals (like engagement:sangeet etc) and twinkle and leela will plan to yuvi and anita shameful i front of guests and also yuvi will kidnap kunj and tells him how he fooled twinkle and kunj will escape from yuvi and will sit with twinkle in the mandap and it was twinjs plan yuvi will come to know that kunjs has escape and he will go to the mandap to assure that the marriage will not happen and it is yet to be revealed that twinj will be again married by fooling yuvi or their plan will be failed………guyzz lets hope for the best and wait until twinj reunites

  18. maryam sidhatar

    What??f*****ck! I hate dis show now,we dont want yuvi,we want kunj,so plzzzz end dis track and twinj together,i dont watch dis show.bye bye tei

  19. SMC

    Seriously ill keep watching Tashan e Ishq but not for Twiraj bcoz I’ll rather puke watching them on tv(sorry Twiraj fans)I’ll watch it to see what the hell the director and cvs are gonna do when they get the news that they’re trp is going low they showed in the news that before the sindoor thingy Kunj reaches and here some other thing is happening wow congrats Tashan e Ishq for disappointing ur fans so much and I’m really angry right now I’ve always supported Tashan e Ishq but this track is not worth watching it I’ll rather read the updates than seeing that Twiraj on tv,let’s see the Twiraj fans say that Twiraj rocks let’s see for how long will the trp rating stay it wl go down even Meri Sasu Maa wl beat it,if they show Twiraj bcoz I can count the no of Twiraj fans srsly…tbh I wanna quit watching Tashan e Ishq but for the sake of the actors I’m gonna watch it and srsly I don’t know whether the director wants the trp to go to 0 with his brilliant(sarcastic)twist…I’m really angry and I would have supported Tashan e Ishq but what they have done has really stabbed my heart and I rather watch something rubbish that this I’m so sorry but I’ve never been like this but what track they are showing is rubbish..
    Aaron,Ashley,Johan,Nadeev,Najah come on let’s do a trend on Twitter that says and guys if u’ll want u’ll can join:
    #If no Twinj no Tashan E Ishq
    #If no Twinj no Twiraj!
    I literally cried as I saw the update me too Ahria I’m attached to this serial and if I see a happy moment of Twinj there are atleast tears of happiness I never cried this much in my life no even by getting low marks tbh.TWIRAJ FANS PLEASE RESPECT OUR FEELINGS FOR TWINJ ATLEAST AND IF YOULL LOVE THEM KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND ENJOY ADM DONT BRING KUNJ IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS!
    Tashan E Ishq you have a big place in my heart and wl always I Love You Tashan E Ishq

  20. Some0ne

    This is it…. I am done with this twinj seperation… Don’t think I would love to follow the show from now on…

  21. I mean wht the hell….with this drama …how they can marry uv with twinkle
    I m a big fan of twinj….bt after wtching this stupid and bl**dy hell episode…really turst me i m nt gonna wtch this episode it impossiable yar…..the cant marry uv and twinkle…
    I loved this drama when kunj and twinkle confessed there love for each other…it ws going amzng bt nw it shttared every this…m nt going to wtch this drama
    Tomorrow is going to be hell for every one…yar wht the hell
    I thought that kunj will stop the mariage nd if it is nt a dram then turst me… The drama will lose its all rating..hell

  22. I still can’t believe that This is for real. Really I can’t imagine Twiraj at all except for Zai’s ff which is awesome but in the show Twiraj no way, only Twinj is the best

  23. tara

    Great job twinkle! This is what happens when you think you can do things ALONE all the time…please enjoy your wedding night!!! Kunj I really feel sorry for…

  24. bukky

    Wht kind of stupid storyline is dis, why are all dis writers of zee tv always making d villain win everytime nd make gud couples loss always. Wht are dey really protraing to us dat bad always win over gud I just dnt understand, all their series is just going on a bad direction first: ek tha raja ek tha rani gayatri loss her husband dat she as being trying to protect since their marriage, second jamai raja sid as being protecting roshni nd dd d mother inlaw but loss both of them nd nau tash e ishq twinkle as being trying to protect her marraiage frm yuvi nau u writers are telling us dat bad always win over gud pls does any body knw d name of this writers or producer or their phone no, am really fed up with all dis series even meri saasu bad storyline, kaala teeka d same thing, kumkum bhagaya dat is d worse of all of them drag drag. Dnt even knw wht to say again but for me I knw evil can never win good, evil can only try but never succed dat is wht I hope dis writers shld we protraying to us viewers, so dat pple who hv dis evil mind or mentality will knw dat dey will never succed not d other way round.

  25. sana ahmed

    Kya yaaar..twinkle n UV ki shaadi hogayi..??kya bakwaas hai yaar…I am not liking this track….bye bye tashan e ishq I am done wid this….chaa…BTW UV n mahi ki divorce nai Hui hai abhi taakh sooo twinkle n UV ki shaadi bas bakwaas hai…..plz yaar mahi vapas ajaaa hope kuch accha vala twist ho serial me varna serial to bakwaas ho jaayega..

  26. nurensamia

    haha..i know..twinj will teach uvi a great lesson.so i am not worried at all.just wait and watch…

  27. yashu

    yeh kya h gya… sabse bda siyappa… its really tashan e ishq.. bt wt abt kunj… i hope this is a dream.. a bad dream..

  28. TEI

    I think it’s good if twiraj gets married cause twinj are divorced so if u want to marry d same person dan u have to marry someone another right??? If no d track is going to be like jΓ mai raja .

  29. Sidma

    How can one make fun f Indian culture??? Ethics norms ….are marriages happen for name sake rediculous….??????

  30. TEI

    Hey guys it’s me again I got d news twiraj are married and twinkle shows to yuvi to wat happens if u play with “pavitra bhandhan”marriage .

  31. Gul

    Go to hell writers ye Uv drama ap tak jari hai..UV tum kab sodroge.twinj is super se upar twiraj is chee chee.

  32. vaashni

    Come to tink abt indian culture … what is our culture btw ? If someone puts kumkum on ur maang and makes u wear mangalsutra by cheating, will you accept him just for the sake of culture ? How pathetic is tat ?

  33. nurensamia

    i am not tensed at all.because i know twinj will solve all the prblms.they will defeat uvi.and mahi will re enter for uvi.all the prblms will sort out eventually.so i am eagerly waiting for the next episodes..where i could see uvi defeated badly.?

  34. maryam sidhatar

    Twinkle kl bi kch nhi kr paayi thi or ab bi kch nhi kr paayi gi.bcoz yuvi smater than twinkle.hahahaha!!!

  35. sumaiya sidhatar

    Twinkle kl bi kch nhi kr paayi thi or ab bi kch nhi kr paayi gi.bcoz yuvi smater than twinkle.hahahaha!!!

  36. Zai

    Guys that’s not fair to quit the serial just because of the track. Truly I am a twiraj fan from the beginning and i hated twinj but I didn’t stop watching tei, i watched it rarely but didn’t stop. And if you were a true fan of tei you wouldn’t react this way. You would continue to support your actors be it Jasmine, Siddhant or Zain.

  37. khushi

    how strange is this…..our Indian culture…….just fake……every one knows that the divorce papers are singed cheatedly so, that its easy for them to avoid it…..as twinj love each other so they can solve problem too……because if they are not agree with it of cource they can avoid it….just this episodes are making me bore…because of uv twinj had not romance just a while….this is not fair….i want twinj to be together always and always…………………………..

  38. Rishneee

    Okay.. twinkle and kunj is divorced but is yuvi and mahi are divorced….. if not this marriage of twinkle n yuvi is not legal

  39. ayisha

    Wt is this?i hate this episode kya hoga kunj our twnkle ka love story? Pls! Unku milado yar i love twnkle kunj and there love story so pls! Unku alag mad karo

  40. Sayeeda

    Till now I had never commented on TU page, bt now I cnt resist myself from commenting.
    HATS OFF CVs, commendable job fr separating our TWINIJ and spoiling d serial track and now I am just waiting fr d TRP ratings to cme. I am watching this serial since beginning despite of every track whether good or bad I had never quit watching this d show BT now I didn
    ‘t have patience to tolerate this separation track….
    Feeling so sorrowful and angry..though I UVs fan BT not a TWIRAJ fan….

  41. Miss khan

    It seems like vows and marriage are a joke that’s what Most zee TV shows make it to be. Either Someone get blackmail etc etc smh.

  42. Guys what r u talking… Your thoughts are very silly. … Tashan e ishq is a wΓ–Γ±DΓͺRfΕͺl serial… Just enjoy the story guys… This track is just doing fine… And moreover YUVRAJ IS A BETTER ACTOR THAN KUNJ .. I MEAN HE IS THE BEST… AND I THINK THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TITLE IS IN THIS TRACK…. The title is Tashan e ishq …so far the(twinj) had fight and love.. But now have only love … So where is Tashan ???
    So here is another Tashan e ishq.. I LOVE THIS TRACK AND I WILL WATCH IT… TWIRAJ YOU ROCK…

  43. I’m if I have hurt twinj fans.. It’s not tat I don’t like kunj,it’s only tat I like YUVRAJ’s acting more than kunj’s acting…

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