Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pallavi comes with police to Sarna house, all are stunned. Babee says inspector? Kunj says Pallavi? they come to her, Kunj asks whats going on? Policeman says to Kunj that Pallavi is saying you are her husband and you are doing second marriage leaving her. Kunj says what, me? inspector says you are celebrity, it will affect society negatively, its better if you go with your wife, Babee says what are you saying? inspector says dont try to harrass her. Kunj says you are mistaken, she is my doctor, she did my plastic surgery and gave me face of her husband. Inspector says this is not Tv serial, we have all proofs against you. He shows his and Pallavi’s pictures. Kunj says why you are doing this Pallavi? Pallavi says see inspector, Twinkle says she is lying, my husband is saying

truth. Kunj says i had accident 5years back, Pallavi gave me face of her husband and even didnt tell me and i have returned to my family and my wife Twinkle after 5years. Inspector says give us proofs of your marriage with Twinkle, he says yes come with me. Kunj brings inspector to his room and gives file and says it has marriage certificate of mine and Twinkle’s marriage. Inspector checks file but it doesnt have certificate, Kunj is shocked. Kunj says i will show my passport, it has Twinkle as my spouse, he sees drawer and doesnt find it, Twinkle says i will bring our marriage album, she goes to through drawers and doesnt find it too, inspector says dont fool us Rocky. Pallavi says i bear my husband’s extra marital affairs but how can i remain silent when he is marrying another girl? she thinks Yuvi did nice arrangements. Flashback shows Yuvi putting kerosene in kitchen and set it on fire, whole family goes to kitchen to doze off fire, while Yuvi comes to Kunj’s room and says its time to remove ll proofs, he takes marriage certificates and everything fb ends. Kunj says i will prove that Twinkle is my wife.
Kunj and family comes to registrar office. Kunj asks him to check his marriage record, manager says there is no record of your marriage with Twinkle. Yuvi is hiding behind window and shows money to manager. Kunj is dejected to hear it.
Kunj and Twinkle comes to photo studio and says to photographer that you clicked my and Twinkle’s marriage photos, can you show them, photographer says i dont think we will have that much old photos, he checks files and doesnt find it, Yuvi hides behind curtain and shows gun to photographer.

Scene 2
Kunj says to inspector that my match my finger prints with Revant, Pallavi’s husband, it wont match.
Inspector brings finger print reports. Policeman says according to finger prints on ID Rocky is Revant only. Pallavi thinks that Yuvi changed Revant’s finger prints on papers, its good. Inspector says Rocky you have to go with your wife Pallavi else i will have to arrest you, he says i will never go with her. Twinkle says Pallavi you should be ashamed, you used to call Kunj your friend and today you broke his trust. Pallavi says shut up Twinkle, i am saying truth, i am asking for my right, Kunj says i was and will remain of Twinkle only, you are you to show right on me? who are you? just a psychopath who is trying to find her husband in another man? i will rather go to jail then to her, he asks inspector to arrest him, Twinkle says to Kunj that i will free you, dont worry, Pallavi cant do anything, Kunj says i know, i love you, she says i love you too, inspector arrests him and leaves with him. Pallavi says to Twinkle that i wont spare you.
Twinkle says to herself that how to prove that Kunj is not Pallavi’s husband. She recalls how Pallavi showed her and Kunj’s intimate pictures. Yuvi comes there. Twinkle says it means Pallavi showed her and Revant’s pictures who was her husband and Pallavi gave his face to Kunj. yuvi thinks that Twinkle will figure out everything, i have to stop her and win her trust. he says Twinkle, she says why did you come here? i told you i dont want to meet you, he says i got to know that Kunj is arrested, i came to help you but i dont think you need my help, Twinkle says you really came here to help me? he says you know i am always here to help you, she says i will let you know, she leaves.
Pallavi says Kunj will be mine soon. Yuvi comes there and says you think Twinkle is fool? she already figured that Revant was your husband and she has started trying to prove Kunj as innocent. They listen someone coming, Yuvi hides. Twinkle comes there and says to Pallavi that i have come to warn you, you are you going to lose, Kunj can never be yours, this is a wife’s promise and your countdown to lose starts now, she leaves. Pallavi says countdown was already ticking, Kunj will be mine soon, who are you to challenge me? you have no idea whats going to happen with you,
Twinkle calls hospital and asks about Pallavi’s details where she used to work, receptionist tells her that Pallavi studied at Chandigarh college, she thanks her and ends call. Yuvi comes and says new plans? Twinkle rolls her eyes, he says i know you dont trust me, fine dont tell me about your plans but let me be your driver and let me take you, its not safe, i am worried for you, she says fine, come with me, Yuvi smirks.
Twinkle and Yuvi comes to college’s office. She asks manager about Revant, he says there is virus in laptop, i cant open his profile. Yuvi thinks that sorry Twinkle, i had to do this because when Kunj become Pallavi’s then you will be mine too.
Its morning, Twinkle is sadly standing in her room. Yuvi comes there and says its okay, she says no its not okay. Kunj comes there. Twinkle is elated to see him, she runs and hugs him tightly, Sajna ve plays. Yuvi is miffed. Kunj comes to him and says you have started drama of helping me again? stop emotionally blackmailing Twinkle and i know you didn bail me out, she says what? Kunj says yes Babee and Leela bailed me out, they found lawyer after difficulty who has agreed to fight my case. Twinkle says i cant believe this Yuvi, when will you stop your games and cheap tactics, just stop it and leave now. Yuvi leaves from there. He gets message, he checks his phone and smirks evilly, he goes back to Twinkle’s room where Kunj and Twinkle are hugging. They break hug when they see Yuvi there. Yuvi says Wow i dont believe this, i have to accept that you are a player Kunj, you said romantic lines to Twinkle to get her but you have games on, Kunj says whats this new drama? Yuvi says to Twinkle that i can be using tricks but there is fact that i have always loved like crazy and never cheated you or thought about any other girl, see you think your Kunj is innocent but see his deeds, he is cheap, Kunj says what are you talking about? Yuvi shows video to Twinkle and Kunj, Twinkle is shocked to see Pallavi and Kunj making out and together in bed.

PRECAP- Media person says on Tv that Rocky denied to accept Pallavi as his wife but his intimate MMS is leaked where he is seen getting romantic with her. All watches it in Sarna family, MMS plays on Tv where Kunj is lying on bed and Pallavi lying on top him and leaning down to his face. Babee asks Kunj what is this? Kunj says i only that i was inebriated and hugged Pallavi but i dont remember what happened after that, Babee slaps Kunj hard, Twinkle and everyone are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Peewangmo

    TEI is nth without Sidhant..
    I still missed him ?
    Anyways m alys with twinj..
    I really hate this cheap loser Uv.. i dnt wnt to see his face anymore ?

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    ? was having little hopes but that also came to end ….
    Anyways we always wanted the ending with twinj n that will only happen but not able to see r sidmin there ..??
    But cvs done wrong they could have brought sidhant back but they didn’t………if they did that so now they were having a new track ……….anyways just happy that it is ending with twinj n hoping to see sidmin again ..but this is unbelievable that pallavi will stoop this much low n kunj will say all that so simply (as shown in the Precap) n n n they literally showed uv character like a maniac n destroyed it by suddenly showing him negative …lol ?……..he spent 5 years like a good boy n after that he changed with a sudden twinkle’s love for kunj when he came back though she always loved kunj but after back of kunj she also started showing her love towards him …….but what we can do
    Hope to get a Tashan-e-Ishq Season 2 with r sidmin
    Really miss my sidhant n sidmin chemistry hope one intelligent bring them back again on screen together ……………??

    1. jas is not going to work with him kya pata phirse chod kar jala kya tho 😉 😉 😛

    2. RiyaDcruz

      Uv felt insecure tht he will lose twinkle thts y he changed……….

      1. SIDMIN-Daamini

        Riyadcruz…..I can understand ur point very well …the feeling of insecurity of loosing twinkle made uv to turn negative…but sometimes these things really destroy a character ….made a character really like an insane ..like having no sense n temper ..no feelings …just a maniac ….sorry if I hurt anyone by using such words ..in fact even I’m also a huge fan of zain ….but cvs did that coz they r not having the further script but still ..they were just focusing at the end of the show not about the sense which should be made ….anyways….n Nrk…I really don’t know whether r sidmin will ever get a contract or project to work together ……nor I can say jas will do that with sid or not ….but dear I’m thinking positive …..n about sid …so he has already got an experience of bad result after such expectations though the jdj also did wrong but still ……now he know very well about the consequences of each moves in r life …..anyways I’m a big fan of twinj aka sidmin…hope to see them again ….together ..?

      2. RiyaDcruz

        U r r8……….
        Actually I’m nt a fan of Zain or sid or tei my frnds used 2 see it dey suggested 2 see bt I was nt interested 2day I just felt bored so read the whole story of tei nd 2day’s episode nd came 2 comment sec nd commented Ma point of view thts it………
        Bt I like Jasmin Bhasin thts it……..

  3. Ha ha ha uv tum kam tha jo pallavi ki help lyni pad rhi h tujhe to akely hi soo k barabr h tab bhi twinj ko duor nhi kr paaya tha or ab tum dono sath ho tab bhi hamare twinj ko duor nhi kr paaogye its too funny . I will advice both of u ki apna or doosre ka time kharab mat kro yr plz.

  4. Nishaanth Nishu

    Awwww gonna miss this show very much
    Tashan e ishq s going to off air on Sep 16
    Going to miss every character of this show

  5. sonia persaud

    this drama is giving me big dam confusion.this is just zappa.love you namin.????????
    and iv i wish u gooooooooood luck next time honey.if there is a next time.lol.well just relaxing waiting for pallavi de end.i am missssssssssssing you one million and a 1/2 sid.lol????
    love you guys

  6. sonia persaud

    soooooooory not iv but yuvraj aka uv

  7. Wow yar ab mane poora episode dekha mjaa aagya Rayna yar kunj aaj kitna smart hot and handsome lg rha tha blue jacket or white t shrit me i mean Naman he very good actor and play the character very smartly i love it and always appreciate him . And twinkle awesome and her dailog to superb or ek patni ni promise kiya h ab to jeet kunj ki tai h. Today Twinj were looking so hoty and smart love u and my all tei fans too. I gona miss this show god plz do something.

    1. Yes naina you are right.

  8. Baby

    oh god wt d hell is hpning how cn dey jst show anything
    plsssssssssss bring sidhant bck n dont end d show plsssssssssss
    i no i m stupid dat i m still sitting wid hopes bt plsssssssssssssssss
    ye hope hai toh kya krun babaji ne hpe de rkhi hai plss dont end it n bring sid bck we want tei cnt live widout twinj as well as sidmin realised it
    n its ohk bt wt d precap dis pallavi n uvraj oh god dey r jst shit ppl

  9. this Yuvi is really irritating. From the start to the end of the Series he was damn annoying as a character.
    TEI should have introduced some other villain and give VU’s character a pause for some time being.
    This show ran for a period of one year and the CV’S never showed a new story. Everytime repeating the same thing that is UV trying to ruin Kunj and Twinkle’s relationship.
    Com’on every plot in the show had this same boring track(UV trying to create rift between Twinkle and Kunj).
    This is the reason for low trp and people losing interest and thus the show is going off air.
    They cvs never showed anything other then UV becoming a kabak mein haddi.
    Same old drama everytime

  10. Waww I love Naman. Today twinj were looking so hot. I’m gonna miss this show. Miss ekta don’t end up please

  11. Yuvi and pallavi,I will kill you both.And pallavi said-jab tak pallavi aur yuvi saath hain kuch bhi ho sakta hain.Wow love this dialogue.Tum dono villain sach mein ek ho jao maza aa jayega.Dono villain ki jodi achi lagegi.
    Precap is very much irritating.Precap mein toh saaf pata chal raha hain ki kunj behosh hain aur pallavi apni manmani kar rahi hain.Bebe kunj ko kaise thappad maar sakti hain.mujhe toh dar lag raha hain ki kahi twinkle bhi kunj pe doubt karne lagi toh aur phir kunj se door ho gayi toh.twinkle woh yuvi ki help kaise le sakti hain.stupid cvs.jaate jaate bhi cvs,viewers ko maar hi daalenge.Hope that twinkle will always trust kunj and can see the real face of yuvi.Dont be mahaan yuvi.tumhe kya lagta hain ki twinkle ke samne tum uski help karte rahoge aur woh tumhe apnaa legi.Yeh baat yaad rakho ki agar pallavi ka sach saamne aayega toh woh pallavi tumhara naam bhi ugal degi.
    Sid always look handsome in jdj.But I think his decision was wrong for quiting TEI.His luck didn’t supported him on jdj.Acha hota agar woh TEI quit nahi karta jdj ke liye kyunki colors only rock the stars of their channels not of others channel.But anyways naman is doing a great job of kunj.Very nice naman.I wish sid to always be happy in your life and all the best for your future.And I don’t think that he will come back on TEI.If he come back then I will be the most happiest person.

    1. hey rayna in one interview sid said jdj is one of the reasons he Quit jdj.there is 2 to 3 things in mind which he doesn’t want to reveal.
      I have no fb account. will miss u all.we can meet in next sidmin projects 🙂 🙂

      1. I mean quit tei not jdj

      2. It’s okay nrk.We will meet again.

  12. Yes madal I completely agree with you.

  13. Hey naina,geeta,baby,raven and other twinj fan.If you all use facebook then plz give me your id so that I can add you all on facebook.I have got very nice frndz here and I don’t want to end our friendship and get separate from you all after the ending of TEI.So plzzz give me your fb id and tell me about your dp of facebook so that I can find you easily.And if anyone is having any problem in sharing their id then take my id.
    My id is Waiza Rayna and having a dp of sidmin.If anyone is hurt with me for asking about your id then so sorry.But I dont want to get separate by you all.I want to be your frnd forever.
    Lots of love for you all.Hope that you all will understand my feelings.

  14. And if anyone is adding me on facebook then plz inform me.Taaki main tumhe pehchaan paon.

    1. I mean if anyone is adding me on fb then plz inform me here so that I can identify you and can accept your frnd request.

      1. Hey Rayna yar m fb pr to nhi hu pr m instagram pr hu. Agr yar tu instagram pr ho to plz mujhe bta dena ok kyu ki m tum se alag nhi ho na chaahti. Miss u guys and love u.

  15. Sorry naina,I am not in instagram.I don’t want to get separate from you.What to do now.Ok wait I will make my id on instagram.

  16. Oh how sweet of u yar thank u so much love u yar.

  17. debangana sarkar

    All of u are bashing yuvi..no doubt but do u realise that why he turned negative again coz he got little hoprs of being with twinkle as he looked after her so carely but again kunj came back and yuvi in order to show his love became negative again..but just for one sec recall the time when there was no one with twinkle..how yuvi managed to take care of her….

    Cvs u are really THE BIGGEST DUMBS on earth…………..then there was no point of changing yuvi for the 5 yrs..seriously..good its ending..idiotic drama???????????????

  18. So sweet of you Rayna but I don’t use fb.only whatsapp ?

    1. Ok,I will miss you all a lot mostly naina,you,geeta and nrk.

      1. Sorry I mean I will miss you all a lot mostly Naina,you,BBB,and nrk

  19. So sweet of u Rayna nd thank u very much.i miss u all the twinj fans…

  20. So sweet of u Rayna nd thank u very much.I miss all the twinj fans, mostly Rayna,Naina,nrk….

    1. gonna miss u too dr.god knows when sid and jasmin come back with new project. so that we can meet.
      did u guys saw jdj. sid got eliminated. 🙁
      sid ki ankon mein tears tha.stupid rangeela broke his heart.his speech made me cry :'( :'(

    2. Thanks BBB,Do you use fb?I will misd you too dear.

    3. Thank u BBB i also miss u guys and all twinj fans and TEI fans yar.

  21. Hey nrk,did sid really got eliminated.Can’t believe this.I fall sleep yesterday before 10 pm.So I couldn’t watch.Can you tell me the timing of repeat telecast of jdj.Plzzzzz.

    1. yes dr sid got eliminated. 🙁 🙁
      there is repeat at 11.30 am and evening I think from 4pm.he got only 23.
      are u there in twitter all r fighting for justice for sid.

      1. Yes nrk,I am there on twitter.Colors only rock the star of their channels and not of other channels.
        Stupid colots tv.

      2. Yes guys u r right ye colors wale apne hi channel k hi star ko or star banane m lagy rhte h. Sid ne ek galt fasla liya TEI chod ne ka vo bhi jdj k liy bat luck ki nhi bat in logo ki bhi chare ki h or ye log dosre channel k star ko sirf apni TRP badane k liy bolate h or os k bad puchte tak nhi. Yar salman kitna acha dancer h or ose shakti jitne ya ose kam marks diy jate h i hate them sab fixing h ye show hi gatiya h. Ye log audisation kyu nhi lyte isly hi tu. But i wish jo bhi ho sid kush rhe. Na to sid show chod ta or na TEI end hota.

    2. We too miss u a lot my dear Rayna.

  22. I will miss you all guys. I hope that twinkle and Sid or twinkle and Naman come with a new project. So sad for Sid he got eliminated.

  23. Main fb per nehi hnu.so sad.sid got eliminated.

  24. whatt sid get eliminated what why nehi

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