Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Yuvi stops Kunj, Twinkle comes there too, Kunj says to Twinkle that i dont wanna marry you, dont know why you have come in my life, Yuvi says then why you were flirting with my gilrfriend that day? Kunj says so that you say no to marriage, Twinkle says even i dont wanna marry you, why did you say yes for marriage? Kunj says i didnt but my dad said yes for marriage, Yuvi sys if you dont wanna marry then tell this to your mother Twinkle, Twinkle says thank God our problem is solved, if i hadnt come here then you both would have eaten each other, she calls Leela and says i wanna talk to you, Leela says you come to hotel, Manohar has called us, Usha calls Kunj and ask him to come to hotel, Kunj says we will tell together that we dont wanna marry, Yuvi holds Kunj’s collar and says

you are doing good job but dont ever try to come near my girlfriend, Kunj ask him to cool down, i am not interested in your gf, Twinkle ask them to leave each other.
Nana’s mobile is ringing, Preeto is calling him, Pinni takes call, Preeto doesnt say anything and ends call, Pinni leaves, Nana calls Preeto, Preeto ask where were you? he says i was not in room, you have any work? she says i wanna meet you, he says ok we will meet at our meeting point.

Scene 2
Leela and family comes to hotel, Manohar welcomes them, Kunj and Twinkle comes there too, all are happy seeing them together, Manohar says i have called everyone, i have surprise for everyone, Kunj gets tensed, Manohar says this is inauguration of my first hotel in Amritsar, Leela congratulate him, he says surprise is remaining, he shows that he has named hotel as “Twinkle Internationals”, all are stunned, Leela is happy, Nikki (manohar’s elder daughter in law) says to her husband that this is going beyond limits, why Manohar is so much crazy for Twinkle, he says Manohar thinks Twinkle is lucky for him, Leela says to Manohar that this is great, my daughter is lucky to get family like you, Manohar says no Twinkle is lucky for us, Manohar ask Twinkle to cut ribbon and inaugurate hotel, Leela says one minute, the respect you have given to Twinkle, i wanna give same respect t Kunj, i want him to cut ribbon alongwith Twinkle, Manohar says why not, Kunj and Twinkle come forward, look at each other, Twinkle takes scissor, Kunj holds her hand, she angrily looks at him, both cut ribbon together, everyone clap for them, photographer click their pictures, Guruji comes there, Manohar says i have one more important work, he takes everyone in hotel.
All are seated, Manohar says to Leela that i have called Guruji to fix Kunj and Twinkle’s engagement and marriage date, Twinkle points Kunj to speak up, he is tensed, Guruji see Muhrat, Manohar ask is there any problem? he says no, we have Muhrat that their marriage should happen in 3 months only, if marriage doesnt happen in 3 months then they cant marry each other or anyone else till one year, Leela says we will do marriage in 3 months only, Manohar says yes, tell us dates, Kunj thinks that i have to speak up, this is about my life, i have to speak, he says one minute, i wanna say something.. i cant marry Twinkle as i love someone else, Pinni says what are you saying? all look at him shocked, Manohar slaps him hard.. it turns out to be Kunj’s dream, Manohar ask Kunj to speak up, Kunj says actually Twinkle wanna say something, Twinkle is stunned, Pinni ask what it is? Kunj says Twinkle doesnt wanna marry me, Leela says what? Manohar says to Twinkle that if you have any doubt regarding this marriage then say it without any hesitation, Twinkle says yes i don want to do this marriage, Twinkle thinks that this Kunj has put me in problem and saved his life, now i will tell him, she says i dont want a boring wedding, i want everyone to see our marriage and remember it for years, right Kunj? Kunj looks on shocked, Manohar says your marriage will be more good than royal families, Leela says yes it will be grand marriage, Guruji says that Twinkle and Kunj can do engagement after 20 days from now, and marriage at end of 3rd months from now, all are happy, Pinni says first bride and groom should share sweets, she ask them to feed each other, Twinkle and Kunj feed cake to each other angrily.

PRECAP- Yuvi ask Twinkle why you didnt say no for marriage? she says we didnt get chance. Twinkle says to Kunj that we should talk to our families alone, he wishes her luck. Yuvi says to himself that i have promised someone that i will get Twinkle at any cost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what the hell….

    1. his friend

  2. whom yuvi had promised

  3. Hope dey dn’t get married..engagement is ok but marriage no no..it shudn’t happen any how

  4. did yuvi promise to his mother?? than hell with yuvi.. i didnt think tht u wuld fall so cheap… i hate you… i hate each and every person whu plays with the hear of girls.. yuvi i thought atleast u have a heart.. bt i guess iwas wrong… i feel sad for twinkle…

  5. i hope they will bring a new person for the carector of yuvi.. not my zain imam… u are ruining his image…

  6. I think uv promise to his mother.he and his mother want to spoil twinkle’s life .

  7. yuvi becomes a negative roll wtf….i feel hes workin wit his mom

  8. What men I wanted twinkle & yuvi to b a happy secretive couple no negativity plss

  9. I thought this was going to be a nice serial with a good storyline and no rona dhona but it seems like it will be the same as the others. Why are they ruining the show by making yuvi the villian?? i think that kunj and twinkle will get married in the end. They are not doing any good to themselves and they will only get less trps and fans!!!

  10. Dn’t wnt current track….plzzzz dn’t spoil twinkraj’s relation..wnt thm togethr..if u(writers) make Yuvi’s chrctr s a -ve one thn ur trp for sure will drop lyk nything..i lyk kunj too but he shldn’t pair wit twinkle..plzzzz

  11. Wat is yuvi hiding????

  12. WHAT BS IS THIS!!!!!….why does yuvi have to be a villian….so stupid…..BS

  13. I like yuvi n twinkles pair hope dat yuvi is not taking his mums side to take revenge. I like kunj too but yuvi and twinkle rock d show. Dea love story is so nice chup ke chup ke miting fighting n make up love it all.. Hope writers of show do something……..

    1. ishveer and swsan forever

      Same here. If UV turns villain than few like maximum 15 will only c this serial so writers mk uv and twinkle together.

  14. Someone stop yuvi from ruining this marriage. Yuvi is a dog!!! No respect for women. Kunj pls marry twinkle. N twinkle pls realize fast that is d guy for you!!! Not yuvi!!!

  15. Wat is this new twist in the story. …

  16. I also hope that kunji marrys twinkle

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