Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kunj and Pallavi are in party, Twinkle is there too. Kunj comes to Pallavi who is with Twinkle, he says you are looking gorgeous Pallavi, he kisses her hand, she thanks him and says this is because of Twinkle, she was stressed but still she helped me, Rocky says i am sorry to hear about attack in your house, lets discuss about engagement, we dont have time, Twinkle says okay, they sit to talk, Yuvi texts Twinkle asking if she is fine? she messages him back that everything is fine, if anything happens then i will message. host comes in party and says this party is given in honor of Rocky Singh and to make this party more interesting, we have drama troop with us. Kunj mixes some powder in juice, he eyes Twinkle who is sitting across table, he gives juice to Pallavi who then passes it to

Twinkle’s side and exchanges her drink with Twinkle but Twinkle doesnt see it, Twinkle turns to look at Pallavi and feels weird. Drama troop says that people still remember about Romeo and Juliet but its old, lets talk about new story, Twinkle thinks its same like Yuvi did earlier, Kunj thinks that Twinkle will you get shock more. Host asks Rocky and Pallavi to come stage, they go to stage and starts dancing with each other on dastan hai yeh song, Twinkle is getting tensed, one guy comes on stage and says i will dance with Pallavi, he acts like kid and says i will dance with her, she is my friend, Kunj says she is my would be wife, guy acts like you Yuvi pretended to becoming child mentally, guy comes to Twinkle and gifts her showpiece same like with which Yuvi used to play, it all reminds of that incident, she thinks who are these people and how they know everything? what is happening? she drinks juice to loosen up, Kunj thinks that she must be remembering old memories, it be must me making you tensed, i want you to remember everything which you forgot so easily, like i was pained, i will give you same pain, Twinkle recalls how pretended to by child and faked everything, guy comes to her and says come with me, we will play ringa ringa roses, Twinkle says i dont want to play, he says come with me, Twinkle shouts who is doing all this? she asks manager who is this drama troop? on whose saying they are doing this? manager asks her to calm down, Twinkle feels numb and falls unconscious, Rocky says to guests that she is my wedding planer, seems like she drank too much, i will handle her. Kunj lifts Twinkle in arms and takes her out from party. she makes her lie in backseat of car and starts driving while eying her.
Yuvi sees mess in office and says whoever has done this will be caught by police soon, i should call Twinkle, she must be worried. He calls Twinkle, Twinkle’s phone rings but she is unconscious in Kunj’s car, he smirks seeing her. Yuvi says why Twinkle is not taking my call? she must be busy. Kunj comes there with Twinkle in his arms, he says Yuvraj, all are shocked seeing Twinkle unconscious, Leela asks what happened to her? Kunj makes her lie on sofa, Yuvi is worried, Leela asks what happened to her? Kunj says she must have fainted because of stress, she was taking her first husband’s name, calling Kunj.. Kunj.. maube she was missing him then she started talking about past, about Kunj then she fainted, she created scene and my party was destroyed, she kept going on infront of media, is she has so much stress then take her to doctor, all are tensed seeing it, Kunj thinks that all are affected by my game, specially Yuvi, he must be sad thinking that Twinkle was taking Kunj’s name, i am not sure if you took Kunj’s name but you definitely must have remembered Kunj, Kunj says i am giving dinner tomorrow in Amritsar, Yuvi you have to arrange it but i dont anymore drama, Yuvi says i will do it, he leaves. Yuvi says to Leela that call doctor and you all know Twinkle is stressed and you what kind of person Rocky is, dont tell anything to Twinkle otherwise she will become more stressed, Usha says we will not tell her anything, take her to room, Yuvi lifts her in arms and leaves with her, Leela is thinking.
Doctor says to Yuvi that nothing to worry, she is fine, he leaves. Leela comes to Yuvi and asks how is Twinkle? Yuvi says she is fine, Leela says what about you? Yuvi smiles and says i am fine too, Leela says till when you will keep hiding your heart thing, why dont you tell her? Yuvi says she is already stressed about work, i am waiting for right time, Leela says dont think about work, jus think what if people get to know reality of your relation, Twinkle wont understand your feelings all by herself, you have to make her believe it, you have to tell her, people like Rocky have habit of playing with wounds of others, i just want you to be happy with Twinkle, promise me that you will tell her, Yuvi says you are right, i will tell Twinkle about my heart but in my style, i dont want to stress her, i just want a little space in her heart, i am sure one day i will be able to make place in her heart, Leela says i pray for same, just take first step, Yuvi nods.

Scene 2
Its morning, Twinkle wakes up, she has headache, she looks around and coughs, she sees flowers there and smiles, she likes their fragrance, Yuvi comes there and says good morning, he brings coffee for her, Twinkle says good morning Yuvrah, if i knew there are so many perks of getting ill then i would have gotten ill earlier too, Yuvi says you are saying as if i dont pamper you, Twinkle says no you pamper me alot, you are really sweet but these flowers and coffee, its different, Yuvi says everything will be different from now on, Twinkle says who brought me home yesterday? Yuvi says Rocly brought you home, Twinkle says something is weird with him, i mean i feel uncomfortable around him, there is something weird about him, i am sure something happened in party too, i dont remember is exactly but this is all stressing me, Yuvi says so dont think about him, you are comfortable with me right? she nods, he says then just focus me, you know just forget everything about past and just live in present, just focus on me, you are understanding what i am saying? Twinkle says no, what are you trying to say? he thinks how to tell her, Twinkle asks why you are confusing me, Yuvi says focus on me, Twinkle says i am talking to you, i am listening to you, how should i focus on you more? Yuvi murmurs how to make this girl understand, he says i woke up so early in morning to make breakfast for you, brought flowers for you.. Twinkle says i am not in mood t eat breakfast, i will eat later, Yuvi says i know why you are not in mood, i know to set your mood, i am tired of being chocolate boy sweet Yuvi who is sweet to everyone,
Yuvi says i think i have to go back to my old Yuvi mode, he says i am bearing your tantrums but you are not giving up, you are so stubborn, she nods, he says you are eating breakfast or not? she says no, he smirks like old bad Yuvi, he takes out knife and points at Twinkle making her afraid, she says what are you doing?

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Twinkle that we entered in this relation 5years ago against our wills but today i accept you completely as my wife from my heart, Twinkle gets tensed listening this.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Well I’m big fan of Twinj ….but now after Sid’s exit Twinj do not exist for me in terms of serial but they will always remain immortal for me as Sidmin nd as the most beloved couple for me..
    But now Cv’s has completely spoiled Kunj’s character rather than they killed it …nd seeing this evil side of his I think Twiraj should be united as now they r looking very cute together….
    I feel like as if season 2 of TEI has started….
    ” Presenting season 2 of the popular serial Tashan e ishq….
    Dekhiye ….kunj ko protagonist se antagonist bante hue …
    R antagonist ko protagonist bante hue ..matlab Yuvi ..
    R dekhiye Twinkle ko apna sacha pyar bhul te hue….
    Toh dekhte rahiye tei nd isko enjoy kriye ..na accha lage toh bhi enjoy kriye kyuki waise bhi aap audience ke hath mein Kuch nai hai “””…….
    Hhhhaahhaa……sounds pretty good…

  2. maria

    I hate this. How could they spoil his character, how? I want rocky to turn out something else and not Kunj. I can’t accept him as Kunj.

    And anyway I only read the WU. For me TEI ended with Twinj because I can’t see Twinkle with anyone but Kunj.

  3. Mbegum

    Kunj k character Ko plz Itna bhura mat banao…Kunj aur twinkle ki Jodi phir se banado…

  4. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    fr me its over….only twinj. ..icant see yuvle. together. ..kuch dino me cvs ne sabse best show ko sabse worst bana diya…humare wo cvs kahan gai jo itni acche script likthe the…sid ke jaane ke baad cvs ka dimak hi hil gaya shayad…jaise brain kidney ke jage me aur kidney brain ke jage me fix hogaya shayad…hw they are making fun of true love. ..hahaha. ..I m feeling pity on them…come on cvs go on…go on …congrats show ko worst karne ke liye…thankyou so so much…tashan e ishq jo best show tha use worst show banane ka award milna chahiye…

  5. ankita

    pls cvs dnt spoil the track…..i wnt twinj nt twiraj…..dnt make kunj negative….thnx atiba di for update

  6. Ami

    Really,you’re right sayeeda.its seems to be a boring series now.these serial s are always like this only.

  7. Twinj likes

    True love never dies.. It would be painful if twinj get separated.. It’s natural for kunj to feel bad but he should at least ask what really happened as eyes can be deceiving. I think kunj will understand his mistakes soon.

  8. Naina

    Idiot agr twinkle or uv ki jodi banani thi tu twinj k beech m pyar kyu dekhaya or romance bhi .show m leap kyu lay k aay agr twinraj ki jodi banani thi tu.twinkle kunj se pyar krti h aaj tak tu twinraj ka koi matlb nhi h.fir kyu writer 5 din m jabrjasti pyar kr va rha h.m twinj ki fan hu or hamesa unki hi rahu gi love you twinj forever .plz reunite our best twinj.

  9. kaynaat

    Guys kya samething repeat kre ja rhe ho kunj caractr spoil kr diya pls jst focus on the sereal or ya to sereal dekhna chodd fdo agar pasand nhi a rha h to writer n cvs know there job better then us so why jhagdoing in every time jst enjoy na

    • Aliya

      Exactly kaynaat that’s what I was trying to explain to those fans but it feels that they are taking it like a real event and not serial please take it easy enjoy take me an example for me all are favourite zain jasmin sid and naman• first time I liked twiraj just loved them then zain turned into that ve character and I still liked him at same time twinj amazing loved them too• and for now if they’ve brought that original twiraj back I am more happier even naman is a nice guy but I like him less so what do you guys think? You can share

  10. Aliya

    Owe really interesting I liked the way yuvi is trying to be the old one and I think now it’s time for twiraj ki lovestory

  11. Naina

    Yaar this is not the kunj character.why they r spoiling the very good boy character villan tu uv hi aacha lgta h.kunj twinkle ko itna dard kbhi nhi de sakta.itne dino se jo itna aacha tha vo bura ban gya or bura itna acha kese ho sakta h asa.story m koi tu sense hona chahiy kisi serial m dekha h esa.reshtey ka tu majaack banake rakh diya h.i hate this track.

  12. sathy

    Twiraj looking rocks. Why twinj fan are blame twiraj track nd you guys are enjoyed when they spoiled our uv character.now it’s trun to kunj. ……I’m always fan of twiraj..

  13. shruti rohida

    coz of twinj I hate tei but coz of twiraj I love tei. always want yuvraj to be a hero

  14. Fatima

    I love tashan ishq. And every girl is being impressed by zain imam in the drama as he is so cool and handsome.

  15. Geeta

    Nobody can take Kunj place. I’m not a fan of yuvi. I want to see twinj again.i like the new Kunj his act but he can’t take old Kunj place.TEI was one of the popular show with Sidhant but now it’s very boring . I miss you Sidhant

  16. rayna

    CVs have gone totally mad.And leela,she is only forcing yuvraj to tell twinkle about his love.Nowadays this leela is only going mad and idiot.How can she forget kunj,his son in law.
    Aur cvs ke nazar mein shaadi aur sacha pyaar ki koi ahmiyat hi nahi h.Kyu woh kunj ka character itna low kar rahe h.Aur woh pagal yuvraj aise kaise twinkle ko bol sakta h ki woh usse biwi manne ko tayyar hain.Woh v janta h ki twinkle sirf kunj ki hai aur kunj ki hi hamesha rahegi.Yuvi bas best frnd h toh bas best frnd hi ban k raho.Kunj banne ki koi jarurat nahi h.
    Hope ki twinkle yuvi ko daategi aur bolegi ki mere kunj ki jagah koi nahi le sakta.Atleast twinkle ko toh true love samajhna chahiye.Aur cvs dont make twinkle also lost her mind aur usse v yuvraj ki patni mat bana dena.
    Aur twinkle ka kunj jinda h hope ki kunj ka misunderstanding jaldi clear ho jaye aur woh twinkle ko sab sach bata de.Aur twinj reunite ho jaye.
    I am still having some hope just hope for d best.
    If cvs will start yuvle track then i will stop watching TEI.
    Love twinj.

  17. sundari

    i don’t like this serial bcoz they making a good so bad..how can we see twinkle with yuvi.it’s imposible to forget twinj pair…..becoz of that pair we love this serial ..but i hate this show becoz the cv want twinkle to pair with yuvi it sucks……i am not going to this show better i quit.

  18. Yuvle forever

    Please unite Yuvi nd twinkle…marriage is very precious…don spoi it’s meaning..now twiraj are married..so plz!!

    As per law if husband and wife are away from each other for so long(Kunj was in good state of mind still don’t infrm her) they are no longer a married couple!?

    Sahi maayne mein Yuvi aur twinkle pati patni hai!!
    Yuvle forever!n

  19. shayna aka twinkle

    Cvs Pls stop portrating kunj as negative nd we all want twinj only nd there is no meaning if u conclude it as twiraj nd a person can go to any extent to get a girl he can even try to ruin her respect nd finally he’ll change n marry her is this true luv? Or a person who understands the girl nd respect her nd supports her in all her Keith nd kin nd luvs nd trust her more than himself is this not true luv? I don’t know watz happening pls don’t ruin kunj character Sid gave life to kunj nd now we can’t see it getting destroyed nd am not hurting anyone just saying wat I thought dry if i hurt anyone na am not talking abt zain it abt uv character so twiraj fans don’t be miffed sry

  20. theja

    I’m so happy for twiraj …. Finally the most awaited moment has cum. …. Twiraj rocks ….. They started with twiraj love story so it must ends only with twiraj love story ….n kunj/rocky should pair up with pallavi……

  21. vt (zain dia hard fan)

    I miz the old twiraj pair ,,…… Their secret dating and all….. Luv twiraj to the core

  22. kaynaat

    Miss rayna i understand u emotion bt yr leeala ek ma h aur duniya ki koi ma nhi chahegi k uski beti itne tm upset rhe aur yr kunj zinda h ye sirf kunj aur pallavi jante h aur tmhare kunj ka pyar itna hi tha k bs kuch dekha aur nikl pda apne pyar ko barbd krne k liye yr uvi jb tk bura tha jb tk usne sachche pyar ka mean nhi sikha bt now he understand loven he is really love twinkle auryha tk ki shadi k 5 saal hone k bd bhi usne kbi twinkle ko forc nhi kiya jb ki wo kitna bigda hua tha.

  23. Chanpreet0815


    |Registered Member

    Yes sayeeda u r right. After vry long time i m commenting by the way i m prit. But my name had been changed after registration. How can they show kunj as villain. And after sid exit. Show has become vry bore. I think now that twiraj should be unite. Becoz this new kunj do not match with twinkle. Usse acha toh fir uv dikhta h.
    i know sid u will not be back. But its request plzz come back. Becoz kunj role only suits u not any other person so plzzz come back

  24. nrk

    maybe twinkle can’t feel the presence of kunj because he is not kunj at all.its rocky sent by yuvi so that starts hate kunj and love uv.if A person can fake love for 7 years so 5 yrs is not a big deal to act as a good person

  25. Ragini desai

    Kunj n twinkle have been said that true love never ended. Im so dissapointed with this serial. They want to pair twinkle with uv. Supposedly twinkle n kunj will be together even though what kind of test come in front of them. They will fight. Thats meaning true love. I never hate uv. But from the beginning they started bought kunj n twinkle come closer. Believe they are ram milaye jodi. How can the writer change the what destiny set for kunj n twinkle. So sad. Will stop watch this series. Very2 disappointed.

  26. Samira

    Yuvi and Twinkle look so good together !!! Always loved #twinj but now I think #twiraj looks better specially with the new Kunj now here….Yuvi is so cute and sweet…Looking forward to seeing them unite 🙂

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