Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mahi bangs into some man at airport, she gets afraid, she stammers and says i am sorry.
Twinkle says to RT that i will be with her, i will make her Punjabi patakha. Mahi gets call from someone, she says thank God you called me, i was so worried, she smiles.
Twinkle says to RT that you didnt show me her photo, RT shows her photo on mobile, Kunj takes phone and says she is my sister in law so i will see it first, Twinkle says she is my sister so give it to me, she runs behind him, Kunj says see Leela, she is making her husband run, Twinkle says i will lock you in washroom, they run behind each other. Leela says to RT that its good, Twinkle accepted Mahi easily, i hope everything will become fine.
Twinkle runs behind Kunj and asks him to give phone, he says see your

cheeks, its swallow like balloon, should i pull them, Twinkle asks him to not joke, he says i will not give phone, Twinkle runs behind him, they fall on sofa, Twinkle on top of Kunj, Sajna ve plays as they share eyelock, Twinkle tries to take phone but it falls from Kunj’s hands, she says how will i see her picture now? Kunj says i will get is repaired, Twinkle says i dont need your help, i will see my sister when she will come here, Kunj says i will face her face to face too, Twinkle says its bad joke, Kunj says your taste it not good, Twinkle says i am really excited that my sister is coming, i am going to find a punjabi groom for her, she says i am going to get gifts for her, she leaves.
Twinkle is stuck in traffic. Mahi is in traffic jam too. One women is pleading everyone to break the traffic jam as her son is in ambulance, she says he is serious please let her go, nobody listens to her, Twinkle feels bad for her. Mahi comes out of car and asks one man to take his car back but he scolds her that we are stuck here too, she tries to give space to ambulance but nobody listens to her, Twinkle says its enough, nobody is helping lady, i have to do something. Twinkle comes out of car and passes by Mahi, she comes to lady and consoles her, she starts guiding cars and clears traffic jam, Mahi sees her and thinks that this girl is great, she is controlling whole traffic, Twinkle comes to Mahi and asks why she is standing in middle of road? she scolds Mahi that now will i have to clear road from people too? Mahi says sorry, Twinkle says you are weird girl, Twinkle asks her to leave from there, Twinkle goes and sit in her car, Mahi sits in her car and keep looking at Twinkle, she leaves from there.

Scene 2
Mahi arrives Sarna house, she looks at address. Cherry comes out of Sarna house, she shows him address and asks to help, Cherry eyes her and thinks who is this hot girl? Cherry says i didnt see you here beefore? you seem new here, he looks at address and says this house? he asks whom you wanna meet? Twinkle comes there, Cherry gets tensed. Twinkle says you are same girl who was standing in middle of road, is there some problem? Twinkle looks at address and says this is my house’s address, what work you have? and whom you wanna meet? Mahi gets tensed, RT comes there and says Mahi? Mahi smiles seeing him, she says Papa and hugs him, RT says what a surprise, you were coming tomorrow, you came today only? Mahi says i thought to surprise you so i came here, RT says good, Leela gets emotional seeing her, she says my daughter, RT says this is your mother, Mahi is stunned, RT points at Twinkle and says she is your elder sister, Twinkle smiles at her, Mahi is shocked.
All come in house, RT says to Mahi that its my mistake, i kept you away from your family. Mahi emotionally looks at Twinkle and Leela, she comes to Leela, Leela says Mahi? Mahi says maa.. they both cry, Leela hugs her and cries, Twinkle smiles, Leela says by daughter, she says i missed you alot, thank God my both daughters are with me, Mahi comes to Twinkle and says Twinkle di? Twinkle says you are my mahi? my small mahi? you were so small when i saw you last, you were wearing yellow color frock but now you wear suits, you have grown .so much, i am stupid that i couldnt recognize you and scolded you too, will you forgive me? she holds her ears and says i am sorry, Mahi hugs her and cries, Kunj says now our family is completed, Mahi looks at him, he says i am son of this house, i better no best half of Twinkle and your brother in law, Mahi is happy to see him and says hi jeeju, Leela says this is great day, our family is completed today, we will go to Guradvarah today.

Scene 3
All come to Guradvarah, Mahi is biting her nails, Twinkle says this is bad habit, she asks Mahi to not feel tensed, all are with her, Kunj says if you make it so obvious so she will feel conscious, he says to Mahi that i am with you, your sister has habit to get in everything, Twinkle says he started here too, she asks Mahi to not listen to him, Leela says to Twinkle that you started here too? lets go in. A lady meets Leela and says my daughter’s marriage is fixed, Leela congratulates her, lady asks about Mahi? she asks who is this pretty girl? Leela says she is my younger daughter, just returned from London, lady says she is NRI? she says i will find groom for her, Twinkle says find best punjabi guy for her, my Mahi will get married too, Lady leaves, Mahi says i cant marry, Twinkle asks why our mahi cant marry? Mahi says because i am already married, all are shocked.
In home, RT asks Mahi whom you married? you never went out of house without my permission then how did you marry? with whom? Mahi says he is very nice guy, Rt gets angry on her, Twinkle consoles Mahi and says dont worry but you took such a big decision so he is angry, dont be tensed and tell us everything about that guy, tell us how you met him? trust me Rt will not do anything, Mahi says me.. RT shouts to answer, Leela says let her answer, RT says how can she marry without telling me? Kunj asks RT to calm down, he asks Mahi to speak up. Mahi says everything happened to fast, after you came to India, i met him and my life changed, everything looked perfect, i looked perfect, it was like dream come true, the one who take me away from every problem, who doesnt make fun of me but support me, he has all these qualities, he is perfect, i still dont believe that he loves me, RT says you are mad, he fooled you, Mahi says no, he loves me and i love him too, i was afraid to tell you thats why i did court marriage, he wants to have proper marriage with me with blessing of my family, his family lives in Amritsar too, Rt gets angry, Leela says we should think about her daughter’s happiness now, Mahi asks RT to understand her, Usha asks Mahi if that guy tried to take advantage of her and she had to marry him because of that helplessness? Mahi gets silent and looks on tensed.

PRECAP- Mahi says to RT that i know its my mistake, please forgive me, RT says i will never forgive you. Mahi runs from there, she comes on road and runs in middle of road, Twinkle follows her and asks her to stop, Mahi bangs into car, Twinkle shouts Mahi…

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. mahi married yuvi only becoz he only went to london

  2. Hey to alll i wanna to b uv nd twinklee shld unit srry if the fan of twinjen feel bad bt guyss acc. To main lead of tashan a ishq twinkle nd uv was the main lead sooo i wanna them to unit sooon…….

    1. bt i think nowadays couple swapping is preferred by the writers.. so can’t help it..its sort of TRENDING!!

  3. I jusc wana know that how can uv marry mahi to take revenge how did he know that mahi is twinkle’s sis i mean no 1 except RT nd Leela knew about it. Let’s just wait and watch what the writers cone up with

  4. Lots n lots of twists but i still luv thi serial and twinj alotttt

  5. Fans of Tashan-e-Ishq will now get to see some cute romantic moments between Twinkle and Kunj in the upcoming episodes of the show.

    The two of them will be on a surprise date where Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) will decorate everything beautifully for Twinkle (Jasmine Bhasin). Twinkle will be overwhelmed seeing Kunj’s efforts.

    Kunj will make the date even more special for Twinkle as he will express his love to her with a rose.

    Twinkle will also confess her love to Kunj and the two of them will hug and spend romantic moments together.

    However, there will soon be a twist coming up where Twinkle will feel Kunj going away from her.

    Twinkle will also sense Kunj’s life being in danger. How will Twinkle be able to save Kunj and her love? Let’s wait and watch.

  6. But rakshita this news can be false i think .coz they would have shown twinj falling for each other n all . But yet theres nothing like dis .they jus show d nok jhok n they both caring for each other n all …………i hope its true…..wat i think is they ll confess there luv after they ll solve those all problems which uv is gonna create now……..?

  7. But rakshita this news can be false i think .coz they would have shown twinj falling for each other n all . But yet theres nothing like dis .they jus show d nok jhok n they both caring for each other n all …………i hope its true…..wat i think is they ll confess there luv after they ll solve those all problems which uv is gonna create now……..?

  8. this date set up and all is twinkle’s dream…i read it..

  9. one thing is clear uv turns positive at the end but we have see the girl who is reason behind his change please uv dont separate our kunj and twinki and twinj please be strong in ur tashan e shadi(ishq) not only maya even yuvi should not seperate u twinki kunj is ur hubby and dont loose him at any cost babaji please help our twinj after reading todays spoilers i really scared

  10. I also think mahi married UV

  11. I think that guy is yuvi

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