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Scene 1
Yuvi says to guests that i want to tell everyone that Twinkle is totally pure and only Kunj has right on her, Leela says son.. Babee says great Yuvi. Yuvi says to guest that i got to listen that your son’s marriage is going to break and your daughter in law has filed dowry case on you? you must have listened to not point fingers at others when you are not yourself clean, Kunj says party is over, guests leave.
Usha says to family that there is only one way to stop people’s mouth, that is to get Kunj and Twinkle married, Manohar and Babee agrees with her, Usha says i will call pundit now only, Usha calls Pundit. Babee comes to Yuvi and says i know you are feeling bad but you understand situation right? he nods, Usha says truth is that Twinkle is of Kunj’s only,

she never broke Kunj’s trust even after living with Yuvi for many years, now we just have to shut people’s mouth with Kunj and Twinkle’s marriage, its good that you signed divorce papers, now Twinkle has to sign them, Twinkle cant take it anymore and runs from there, Kunj runs behind her.
Twinkle comes to her room, Kunj comes there too, Twinkle says did you see how much i have to listen? because of you and your stupid decision, fingers are pointed at me and my relations, Kunj says i know, just give me one chance, i will set everything right, i wont give to chance to complain again, Twinkle says you think with your promise everything will change? do you know much our lives are destroyed? just by your sorry, will i forget everything that happened in 5years? will i forget how when you were not there, Yuvi took care of me, didnt let me or my family to break apart, he forgot himself, didnt fulfill his life only because of me, he did every duty of a son which you must have done and now you want me to just go to Yuvi and tell him that your guest appearance in my life is over as my hero has comeback, you want me to make Yuvi feel like we just used him and threw him out of our lives, you want me to do this with him? tell me this is you want? Yuvi comes there and says Twinkle i am fine, dont have any guilt because of me, i deserve it, i did so much against you people so if i supported in 5years a little, i will take it as redemption, i am fine, you are right i had guest appearance in your life, your hero is Kunj only, we will stay friends, you dont look good when you cry so smile, Kunj says i am sorry, this is all because of me, Yuvi says you are right, you should be sorry, we cant be friends, you know that, i accept that Twinkle is yours but i will take care of Twinkle and if you mess around with her ever then i wont take it ever, Kunj smiles. Twinkle claps and says what a drama, what you both think of yourself? you both are telling your opinions and think that i dont have one, what you think that i dont have life? i dont have a opinion, Kunj will say to get married to him, Yuvi says get married to Kunj, Kunj will say to marry Yuvi, what you both think i am? enough now, she leaves.
Leela says to Twinkle that why did you run from there, you have to face your problems, Twinkle says i have been doing in last 5years, i accepted every challenge and faced it but now i am tired, when your base is shaken then you feel crumbled, i always put others feelings first but nobody tries to listen what i am feeling, even today Yuvi and Kunj took their decisions but nobody asked me what i want, what i have in my heart, Leela says i am asking what you want? Twinkle says i am confused, i dont know what i want, maybe is need sometime to listen to my heart, Leela says take your time, nobody will pressurize you, you are at your home, dont take stress, she smiles at Twinkle, Twinkle leaves, Leela is tensed.

Scene 2
Its night, Twinkle is walking in corridor of house, she recalls how Kunj asked for another chance, how Yuvi said that Twinkle was of Kunj’s only, how everyone is happy to see Kunj back, how Yuvi is being silently hurt, jo behji thi dua plays. Kunj is punching bag and recalls Twinkle’s hurtful words, how she said that Yuvi was there for her to hold her hand, he says why i did it? Yuvi is sitting in his room and is restless too, he recalls Twinkle’s words that nobody is asking her opinion, three of them are hurt.
Kunj is sitting in tears and says i did mistake by hurting Twinkle, its unforgivable. Yuvi says to himself that i hope Twinkle forgives me, how could i not try to find out what Twinkle wants, whats in her heart.
Usha comes to Kunj’s room and sees him in thoughts, she says its all happening because of Yuvi, i accept he shut down everyone but what was the need to come in party? why he doesnt leave from here, your relation with Twinkle wont be rectified till Yuvi is here, Kunj says its not about Yuvi, Yuvi has been by Twinkle’s side, they are close friends and i dont have any problem with their closeness, i dont understand how to win Twinkle’s heart.
Yuvi says to himself that i just wanted to make place in Twinkle’s life, i thought she wanted to go back to Kunj but i didnt try to know what Twinkle wants, whats in her heart, Leela comes and says its not your fault, Kunj coming back after years made everything mess, Yuvi says i dont know what should i do.
Babee says to Kunj that i will tell you, i will tell you what you should do, you have gap between you and Twinkle of 5years, you should show your right as husband with love, pacify her till she doesnt agree, she loves you alot, she will agree.
Leela says to Yuvi that i know in all these years, you have been good son and good husband, only i know how you loved Twinkle and took care of her, you did it by your heart so i will say even now to listen to your heart and do what he is saying and then leave it on fate, she gives Ganesh idol and says he will set everything right.
Babee gives Ganesh idol to Kunj and says he will be with you, he will set everything for you, Kunj smiles. Yuvi is in tears.
Its morning, Kunj comes out of Sarna house, he sees Twinkle’s room in Leela’s house. Yuvi comes out of his room and going to Leela’s house too. They enter house again and looks at each other, Kunj says i think i should talk to Twinkle, she is my wife and i should be with her, Yuvi says excuse me i am Twinkle’s husband, Kunj says what happened to you? you signed divorce papers, Yuvi says to Kunj that i am technically Twinkle’s husband as Twinkle havent signed divorce papers and i feel i have hurt my wife alot, i mean all said and done, i didnt ask her what she wants, whats in her heart, i assumed that she wants to be with you but she clearly doesnt want to be with you so i am going to talk to my Twinkle, she is upset because of you, i have never seen Twinkle so upset in these 5years so its better if you dont meet her, Kunj is stunned.

PRECAP- Kunj says lets ask Twinkle whats in her heart, it will be cleared for once and all whom she wants. Yuvi says may the best man for Twinkle wins, they look at Leela’s house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SidMin

    How can the CV’s even think of such a crap …Its like Twinkle is a trophy and the one who wins between UV and Kunj wins it (her)
    Its really shameful that a story which had such a good story line in the beginning is turning worst ..worst then a nightmare
    I don’t care with whom Twinkle pairs up but I am sure she should not with any of the two coz One of them has hurt her and her family before but now is repenting(UV) and the other who was always by her side did not trust her and tried to defame her character twice (Kunj/Rocky)
    The CV’s need to understand that a girl is not a price that the hero’s are fighting for
    According to the spoilers Twinkle will go on a vacation type of thing wanting to spend time alone but UV and Kunj will follow her
    Now coming to the pairing look wise I think I would go with TWIRAJ coz Jas and Naman don’t look good together I mean Naman does not look bad but it is just that Zain looks more better with Jas
    Was a Fan of the show but now …..cant say

    1. U r right TWIRAJ pair is better than TWINJ

  2. Ok I’m done here !!! Lets hope twinkle choose Yuvi this time and left Kunj if that what she want by doing so much twisted drama these days !! And then Kunj accept his biggest guilt and start to moved on with new upcoming heroin… But what gonna happen after that ? Let me guess ?? Hmm… All TwinKj will mad like crazy and CVs will left with low rating !!

  3. Vovvv wht a epis… ab aaya kuch twist …..love u zain plz writers unit our heartrobbers yunkle………zain nd jasmin keep it up guys u book roockk the show..??

  4. I want sidhant Gupta back !!!! Please bring back our long lost hero to this series again…!!! I want him !! Not zain nor naman !!!!

    1. I think they are taking time to bring back sid so that he completes jdj. and they are dragging the story. if tw accept kunj then pallavi come back and Anita also will be back. by this time 6 mnth will be over and they can bring back our bunny. fingers crossed hoping for that day and all fandom going crazy.

  5. Oh yes yuvi baby just tell him as it is … Twinkle is your wife … so nice to see him fight for twinkle like that … zain acting is awesome … Jasmin emotional scene was too good

  6. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode . Dono wat going to happen who will she choose

  7. It’s not about who’ll look good with whom,true love is a true love Atlast hero meets the heroine the end game is yet to come.twinj will be forever.

  8. Kruti

    Is it a game going on where twinkle is the wining price
    If it is so then all d boys out there who want twinkle in ur life grab this opportunity

  9. I think I will stop watching this show. Marriage is a joke for the writer. All her serials are the same,double or triple marriage,crime,husband has wife and girlfriend or wife had two husband. What nonsense is that.what kind of a writer are you.reunite Kunj and twinkle

  10. Can someone clear my doubt! Please I am lost.
    1) Legally isn’t Twinkle and Yuvi marriage illegal?
    2) Legally isn’t Kunj Sarna, Twinkle real husband and not Yuvi?
    3) Does anyone from the family have a death certificate to prove Kunj Sarna is dead, and Twinkle and Yuvi marriage is legal.?
    4) Lastly isn’t because of Yuvi mother Twinkle and Kunj was separated? Why is she ignoring that fact?

    1. u r r8..as kunj is alive the marriage of uvle is invalid.if he back after 7 years then twinj’s marriage would nul and void.but he is back after 5 years..and he is alive and twinj’s divorce won’t happened..so still twnkl is kunj’s wife and uvle marriage is invalid

    2. Jisha

      U r 100% correct…
      All the points you have written is bang on…
      I don’t know whether mahi and uv got divorce as well…
      But the thing is there is no logic left in these serials..

    3. Well…for all ur questions the answer is yes Yuvi and twinkle are legally wife and husband!! Am neither a twiraj nor a twinj fan..just watch this serial for tympass!

      The answer for ur question is….Kunj has been declared 5 yrs back dead by the police and all the family memz wuldhave signed on it…so he is legally dead coz itz d police who cunt find him and for 5 years in spite of being in his state of mind Kunj dint come back to prove he is alive!! Obviously when police declared him dead…his belongings being found and his body not being…they wuld have definitely issued a death certificate ….and yea after that oly Yuvi and twinkle got married with twinkle’s permissn!!

      So twinkle and Yuvi are wife and husband legally!!

    4. And yea gals….am not saying this just like that…Am a doctor(intern at a govt Hosp)…and I have written and signed on many death certificates..have heard of such cases from my forensic professor…so am saying dis!!! Don’t think ki am a twiraj fan or something like that!! Am not at all a twinj or twiraj fan!!

  11. I’m damn sure that the precap is only yuvi’ trick of reunting twinkle with kunj he wants twinkle to choose kunj but stupid yuvi is making her fall in love with him(yuvi)
    Anyway this track looks nice
    Waiting for #yule and want them together

  12. twinkle aka shayna

    I too agree with sidmin that twinkle is not a trophy or property that anyone can win her nd she’s a girl nd even she has feelings¬†nd but if she chooses to be with uv then I think her decision is completely wrong nd we all know uv has changed nd he helped twinkle wen she was completely broken down so that doesn’t mean that she has to show her gratitude by living with person she doesn’t luv nd kunj did a mistake but everyone person gets a second chance to rectify it nd wen she gave chance to uv then y not kunj? Nd she luvs kunj truly nd even kunj luvs her alot nd when they luv each other they should get United nd for help that uv did he should be accepted as a fnd nd well wisher nd if she chooses uv also she will still luv kunj only nd y this fake relation? Nd i feel kunj was with her in all problems nd he only did mistake in anger but though uv changed he made their life hell earlier nd that tooo torched the family not only once but many times nd he married mahi for sake but kunj even wen he came to know abt their marriage in those five years he din marry anyone he still luvs her nd i feel that war twinkle had on uv at starting of show was just an attraction nd like name of the show tashan was btw twinj which turned into luv nd twinj r made for each other couple nd they should get united

  13. as i said before Twinkle does not know what she wants, she never allowed Yuvi to touch her only her husband Kunj did that, Kunj is not dead so whatever she has with Yuvi is null and void and for crying out loud does she really want Yuvi to also be with her like the way Kunj did and you dont have to look good together to be together looks does not counts where love is concern as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder she should never have to choose she always wanted her husband Kunj back now she has,she should be on cloud nine,instead she is being an ass and leelaji is no better she is encouraging Yuvi to be with Twinkle

  14. What the hell is going on pyar naam ki tu koi cheez hi nhi h is show m or true love vo tu shayd aaj hi suna hoga r8 . Frist love 2love kuch nhi hota AGR HUMME PHALE KISI SE PYAR THA OR DOBARA KESI OR SE PYAR HO JAY TU PHALE HUMME KESI SE PYAR THA HI NHI KYU KI PYAR TU VO HOTA H JO EK BAR HO JAAY TO FIR MARTE DUM TAK FIR KISI OR SE NHI HOTA AND THATS CALLED TRUE LOVE. And plz stoping with relations and our so called feelings r8 guys . Are kya yr wife bhi same dono ki or bhagvan bhi same beychare bhagvan ji bhi soch rhe hogy ki ab mujhe bhi nhi chuoooda inhone . Plz renuite our loving twinj soon paagloo.

  15. Starting mein to yeh show bahut nyv tha..i mean its concept…nd yr yuvraj to negative role mein hi osm lgta hai….and plzz writters…plz unite our twinkle and kunk twinj…galtiyaa to sab se hoti hai…yuvi ne bhi to bahut mistakes ki hai..ab sudhar gya hai to kya…….Aur aapne to love ka mazaak hi bna diya i mean pehle twinkle yuvi se love krti thi fr kunj se nd after leap lgta hai use fr se yuvi psnd aa gya…..i mean ye to pyaar bhi bhoolgyi…or kunj nd twinkl hi married hai unka divorce nhi hua fr twinkle yuvi ki wife kese…bahut boring story ho rhi hai…….pls pehle wali nok jhok btween twinkl nd kunj ki dikhao

  16. hahaha…the worst show ever and ever….now tei ka dusra nam hain sar dard…?kese ek accha show puri tarikase destroy ho geya…superb…?

  17. Yr plzzz reunite kunj nd twinkle….siyapa queen….twinj…..nd yuvi ke liye mahi ko le aayo waapis…..they also look good.

  18. I hope twinkle realizes yuvi love. Twiraj is perfect

  19. Sara28

    What the hell is going on???? Is this the same TEI that I fell in love with one year ago? Is this the same show that was so unique and everyone loved it? I can’t even recognize it anymore. Does the writer think Twinkle is a toy that people just play with? Like what is even happening????

    1. Sara 28 you’re getting it wrong what these two boys are doing is just yuvi’s plan he just wants to make twinkle choose kunj yuvi is playing with kunj he’s being rude to show twinkle how gud kunj is that’s all sis

      1. Sara28

        Thanks! I feel relieved now. Thank u for letting me know about this. I didn’t know about it. ?

  20. twinkle aka shayna

    As u said earlier kunj deserves twinkle as they luv each other nd they both din move on in their life for the past give years nd just with one misunderstanding between couples would break their relationship means there won’t be any relationship of husband nd wife existing in this world nd they should forgive nd forget nd so I feel twinkle should forgive kunj nd give him a chance nd they should get married nd live happily nd i luv twinj forever

  21. Twinj only I think that twinkle forgot that it is because of vu and Anita she. was seprated from kunj

  22. I think Yuvi is going to sacrifice his love unfortunately. I believe he deserves Twinkle not Kunj. Who the heck walks out on family like that??

  23. I think Twinkle is going to choose Yuvi and I would be very proud of her. She is going to realise that Yuvi is the one who really loves her, not Kunj. Kunj only thinks about himself, just like his family. They are all very selfish. Let Twinkle realise that she really loves Yuvi and stay with him. They are already married anyway.

  24. Peewangmo

    From my point of view.. i pity on both of them(kunj & uv)..So i will be happy if thinkle marry with both of them.. ?
    If kunj is Sidhant dan i only i want twinkle to select him but after his exist no mata whom she unite.. the story line it slf makes us bore lol

    1. Peewangmo

      I mean i feel pity on both of them

  25. Twinkle plz choose kunj….nd guys face chnge hua hai kunj bt charactr to whi hai….and how could u say that kunj is selfish ….kunj ne hmesha twinkl ka sath diya sum misundrstandng ki wajah se….wo 5 years nhi tha uske sath…bt jb wo aa gya hai to m sure fir twinkl nd kunj ek dusre ke support systm bnenge…..nd leela maa pehle to bdi kunj beta kunj puttar ab use bhool hi gyi wo bs yuvi hi nam leti hai…..

  26. Plz twinkle forgive kunj he is your kunj to whom u love alot face change hone se kya hota h we want our twinj back. Without twinj TEI is worst . I am with all twinj fans forever .plz reunite our twinj soon.

  27. Bebee give Ganesh Idol to Kunj and Leela give US same….Now whom should help by Ganesh ji???

  28. Guys tell me who should help by Ganesh ji????

  29. wot hpnd to dis leela??She only thnkng bout UV n twinkle…wt bout kunj??hw much he had done fr dem before

  30. the Serial is going like a stray dog. no set target as to what the writer ultimately wants. very poor direction. this is the case with all zee tv serials.

  31. i heard that twinkle says that she loves yuvi only becoz this kunj become shattered and heart broken…..
    he become ready to sacrifice his love unite twinkle and uv………..
    i watch this show only twinj pair…….if it’s not existing better i quit watching this bakwas serial

  32. I’m just not going to watch,enough of shattering of twinj fans.let us say no to this serial.

    1. I said no to tei long back. after reading the wu if there is flash back scenes. then I watch repeat telecast to see our beloved kunj(sid).now there is no need of that also because he is back in tv.

  33. Sundar and ami your points of view are wrong you just want twinj but that not the way yaar think of something that can exit in real for example you have been married for 5yers and out of the blue your partner decided to leave you how would you feel. ? As

  34. Twinkle has nothing to think about Yuvi ,she was never a wife to Yuvi in the sense of being a good wife they were just good friends but with Kunj she has thoughts about Kunj lovely thoughts for crying out loud they lost their child not only she has suffered but Kunj too so there is no choosing here she blo*dy well wants both but she should realize she cant have her cake and eat it too for now i will ease looking at this blo*dy serial it is senseless now

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