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Scene 1
Yuvi says get ready to say bye to your sister Twinkle, he pulls rope, mahi falls down from cliff as other end of rope was tied on her foot, Mahi falls from Twinkle’s hand, all come near cliff, Twinkle says save Mahi, please save her, Kunj says how did this happen? Anita calls police, Twinkle says please save Mahi, anita comes there and says stop this drama, first you threw Mahi off cliff and now you are doing drama, everyone saw Twinkle holding Mahi, Kunj says how can you blame her for this? this is cheap, Anita says we dont know what Twinkle was thinking, we all saw Twinkle pushing Mahi off cliff, she asks Usha and Babee to speak up, she says no one will say anything but truth is that Twinkle took revenge from Mahi by killing her, Leela says enough, i have lost my daughter and

you are behind my other daughter? i have lost my daughter, she cries, Anita says truth is that your elder daughter killed your younger daughter, Leela says Twinkle loves Mahi alot, she cant do it, we got Mahi after so much difficulty but she is no more, she breakdowns in tears, Babee asks Anita to stop it atleat one time, Anita says till when you will keep saving this Twinke? Babee asks her to stop it and get lost, Anita ask Rt to not blindly trust Twinkle, we all saw Twinkle holding Mahi and throwing her off the cliff, she has killed Mahi, Kunj shouts for godsake dont create this drama here, we have lost Mahi and you are saying all this rubbish, Anita says truth is that Twinkle have killed her, Twinkle says no it was yuvi who has killed Mahi, all are stunned, Twinkle says Yuvi kidnapped Mahi and tied her feet with ropes and pulled those ropes, Anita says you are making false stories, Yuvi is not present here, i have called him, he is coming here, he loved Mahi, dont blame him, Kunj says we all know how innocent Yuvi is, you are involved in this plan with Yuvi right? Anita says dont you dare to point fingers at me, me and Yuvi are blamed for all the deeds but tell me did anyone see Yuvi here? Yuvi was present here then how can he do this? yuvi comes there and asks where is Mahi? Anita says Mahi is no more, Yuvi says this cant happen, she cant leave me, he looks at Twinkle and says you have done it, you have killed my Mahi, he tries to attack her but kunj comes inbetween and says stay away from my wife, Yuvi says he has killed my wife, Kunj says just stay away from her, yuvi says tell everyone how you killed Mahi, why did you kill her? Leela says stop it, its you who has killed Mahi, i had seen Mahi from many days, she used to be silent, she had some problem but didnt tell me anything, she was going through pain, yuvi says i loved my Mahi, why would i kill her? she comes to RT and sits in his feet, he says you knew how much i loved Mahi, tell me can i kill my Mahi? can i take her life? Twinkle pulls him and slaps him hard, all are shocked, Twinkle shouts shut up and says i had been bearing your cheap acts thinking that you will come on right path at the end but you have taken my sister’s life, you have murdered her, police comes there, Anita says i have called them, what you people think that Twinkle can kill Mahi and can get away from it? she tells inspector that Twinkle threw Mahi off cliff, we all saw her hand on Mahi’s shoulder, kunj says she is lying, inspector asks if she had hand on her shoulder? Kunj says yes but that is not the proof that she killed Mahi, Anita says only Mahi and Twinkle were present here when she got killed, Twinkle says why would i kill my sister? i loved her so much, i didnt kill her, Yuvi killed her, inspector says all proofs are against Twinkle so we have to take her to police station for further investigation, they drag Twinkle, Twinkle holds Kunj’s hand, policewomen drags her, Kunj comes to Twinkle and says i am with you, i wont let you stay there for much time, i am with you, police takes Twinkle from there. Leela falls unconscious seeing all this, Yuvi smirks and enjoys it.
All family members comeback home, Kunj calls lawyer and asks him to prepare for Twinkle’s bail. Leela says what is happening? Mahi died and Twinkle is in jail, Kunj says dont worry i will bring Twinkle back, Rt break things and says you will bring Twinkle back but what about my Mahi? she will never comeback, she is gone because of Twinkle, Leela says what are you saying? you think Twinkle killed Mahi? your daughter did it? RT says Mahi was my daughter too, Leela says you are saying that your one daughter killed your another daughter, Kunj says we dont know what happened there but how can you believe Anita? you know she is our enemy, RT says what about the thing which i saw near cliff? Twinkle is reason for Mahi’s death and i wont forgive her, Leela says atleast think about Twinkle, she has lost her sister too, she lost her when she was in her hands, RT says i always knew you loved Twinkle more than Mahi, you will take her side only, he leaves, Leela says he is wrong, i love both my daughters, i have kept them both in my womb for 9months, i have given birth to both, i love them equally, i can never differentiate between them, both are daughter, she breakdowns and cries.
Inspector comes to house, Yuvi says to him that Twinkle never liked Mahi, Twinkle used to love me and she was jealous to Mahi being my wife thats why she killed her, they were not in talking terms, inspector goes to do more investigation, yuvi says Twinkle loved mahi alot and now she is away from her, thats useless Mahi couldnt do anything for in her life but now she is useful for me, Anita says once inspector checks Mahi’s room then everything will be in our favor.
in jail, lady inspector asks Twinkle why she killed Mahi? Twinkle says i didnt Mahi, she was my younger sister, why would i kill her?
Kunj brings inspector to Mahi’s room, inspector starts searching it, kunj says to inspector that Twinkle loved Mahi alot, she cant do this, inspector says i got to know that they were not in good terms, Kunj says Twinkle wanted to Mahi to stay away from Yuvi as he was using her, inspector searches Mahi’s room and finds a diary, Kunj is shocked to read diary, Kunj reads Mahi’s diary, she has written that Twinkle doesnt like me with yuvi, she is trying to break my relation with Yuvi, she has crossed all limits, she even tried to throw acid on my face so that Yuvi leaves me.

PRECAP- Kunj says Mahi cant write this, Yuvi says so what? inspector says after this diary, case against Twinkle is more strong, Kunj says this is a lie, inspector says lie will caught soon. Twinkle says to inspector that my heart is saying Mahi is alive, inspector says from where you have pushed her, its impossible for her to be alive after falling from that cliff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. RT gives an entry only to get twinkle into trouble
    Uff till then there wasn’t least sign of his presence
    God when would this prisoner track end ….

  2. whats all this i just want to kill this uv
    hate u uv

  3. felt lyk crying..???

  4. stupid RT…..is he a father??? how can he say that twinkle killed mahi??…

    yuvi= bull
    anita= shit
    yuvi + anita = bullshit…

  5. Nonsense.. Where is mahis dead body? Twinkle arrested for her murder when it’s not confirmed she is dead. Thoda toh logic use karo writers..

  6. Honey (Sarayu)

    Mahi is for more use. After dying also she gave problems to twinkle.

  7. RT u gadha u are worst character in tei how dare u! How dare u say this about twinkle! How dare u push our kunj I wanna kill u! Uv and Anita……I don’t talk about chep people!

  8. O my God my twinkle is trapped, I hope mahi is not dead

  9. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    uggg…..tht rt instead of mahi he should hve been killed

  10. Muskan{News Reporter}

    Thanks for d quick update dear nd this RT became mad how can he say about twinkle like dat…. Anyways i know mahi will surely take a rerturn entry and our hero lunj will save twinkle… ? lets just hope for d best.

  11. After a long time I am commenting… I feel sad for twinj after more struggles they confessed their love,suddenly they gonna miss each other
    I’m waiting for the END of this track
    I thing mahi will come back and say the truth
    I hope so 🙁 🙁 🙁

  12. ananya shinde

    ya..i hate diss

  13. Mahi is alive she will have a make over and come back for revenge and save her sister.I jus hope yuvi and mahi falls in love and change don’t kill him or put him in jail

    1. after all this do u think he will change….he doesn’t deserve that and no one can’t change animal behavior….yuvi should be locked in jail til his life….

  14. Making an arrest without a dead body!! Thats surely a first. And I am certain that diary would never go to a handwriting expert for confirmation.!!
    Seriously writers grow up and make it logical, or atleast a bit realistic.

  15. Rt is even worse than uv anita or anybody else

    1. I agree with u Nikki,that rt is so heartless to treat his daughter like this.??

  16. I hate this track
    I hope mahi is alive she will return and say truth
    Yaar twinj are separated oh my god no it’s too early for separation I thought se will see more romance between twinj
    Plz end this track soon????

  17. please come back mahi role
    yuvi go to jail

  18. i had a doubt whether twinj are only the long lasting pairs or yuvle …..but its now cent percent clear that after this cheap act of uv……twinkle will never accept him….cheers..yeah!!!

  19. you know what i loved it some how truth will be out and finally maahi will be allright even my sixthsense saying it

  20. kathleena lall

    i have a strong feeling that mahi is not dead she will come back at the right time to save twinkle and get back at yuvi.but still im sad about twinkle yuvi setted all the evidence against twinkle.when kunj gets yuvi i hope he kills him.get him jailed for life.

  21. I am sure Mahi is alive she can’t die and she will be the one to expose Yuvi along with Twinj, this Yuvi deserves to be jailed now

    1. yaa. also think so, plz unite twinj writers…………….

  22. Uv mahike badle me RT ko marna chahiyeta…… stupid……

  23. Stupid RT how can he say to a mother that she had loved twinkle than mahi……..

  24. I think mahi is alive. So sad for twinj

  25. Baisali Jagyanseni

    How can they prove it dt Mahi died without finding Mahi’s dead body. And no one opposed it at that moment

  26. fatarajo jail is a paradise for yuvi he needs to be severly punished for all the wrong deeds he and his accomplice his mother are doing ATTEMPTED MURDER no way he needs to feel the heat in his ass he is to bold face if someone do not love you you cannot force them to and that is what he is all about and his mentality is if he cannot have what he desires no one else must have it by now you know that anita has produced an unstable boy so both need to be put out of their misery they are way too evil I say kunj it is time to take revenge you are way too soft and forgiving we need to bring yuvi to his senses hang his ass over the cliff with anita holding the rope trying to save him let them both go where they should be and that is over the cliff straight to HELL never to return it is time their characters be written off they have had their time on the show and now it is all over the storyline is dragging too much with yuvi and his mother

  27. Exactly…they can’t put twinkle behind bars until they find Mahi’s dead body…
    N whats wrong with this idiot RT???? He did such a big mistake n is showing attitude too…??


  29. Hmmm…..???

    Well, My feeling says that actually Mahi is still alive
    – she been saved by villagers nearby or some kind person.
    – she hope she can recover as soon as possible to help her sister…

    On the other side, Yuvi will enjoy his victory and
    – try to put so much hatred and poison in Kunj family member especially to Usha.
    – RT as always will hate Twinkle even more and dont want to bail twinkle
    – He (RT) will use his own lawyer to fight agains Twinkle.
    – Anita will put poison words agains Twinkle all the time.

    Kunj will…
    – Go back&fort from police station to his house to make sure Twinkle alright.
    – He can’t find anything agains Yuvi and start to be MR.Self-Detective.
    – he find clue and happily told Twinkle about this, but as always…, Anita/Yuvi knows about this news too.

    That’s my made-up story…?
    Hahahahaha ??????

  30. I think Mahi is still alive and will come back for revenge from uv,(jamai raja ,sid will die then will come back for revenge from shabnam),anyone agree?

    1. Yeah! I agree

  31. Quibool hai,kum kum bhagya,ek tha raja,jamai raja,this show all got one thing in common people felll off cliffs.

  32. I also think that mahi is alive.
    Hate this rt,yuvi and anita.
    Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  33. I feel like killing that uv l wish kunj should get twinkle out soon nd that uv should be behind tha bars and twinj should be happy forever??? wat said guys?

  34. Guys ur giving ur suggestions but i think that mahi’s role must be over now .kunj will prove twinkle innocent. As twinkle had save kunj many times. In rajjo part also how she trust kunj and help him. So now its kunj’s chance to help twinkle and prove her innocent. But for proving her innocent, first kunj have to trust twinkle. Plzzz kunj dont leave twinkle alone this time

  35. oh no mahi… i miss u… you are always an innocent. that cheapo (yuvi) made you this much arrogant.. pls writters i plead you pls bring my mahi alive. i cant accept that she was died. i want her back. she is the cute girl ever for me. i loved her innocence. i feel very bad about her current situation. i hope as many of all comments will become true i.e. mahi will come alive. i almost cried while mahi fell off from the cliff. she is my favourite character. nowadays she suffered alot by crying and self blaming. now she died. i cant tolerate this. i want her back… i want my mahi back… pls pls pls pls bring mahi again…

  36. I hate this rt UV and Anita

  37. ya Allah! Mahee can’t b dead. Dz hve only prved dat uv wld b pnsh soon 4 his evil deeds.

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